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DVD Video


Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

 Bonus Music Track When the DVD starts up, get to the [Main Menu] and let it sit there for a while. After that, an extra music track starts playing (one of the tracks from the production feature).... Read More

Girls Will Be Girls

 Bonus Clips On the [Main Menu] highlight the [Play] option and press the [Up] arrow key on your remote control. This should highlight one of three clips available on that side of the screen, all of which can be activated by pressing the [Enter] key. Now, highlight the [Subtitles] option on the [Main Menu] and then press the [Up] button once more. This will give you access to two more hidden clips. Finally, go to the [Special Features] sub menu. Highlight the [Commentary] option and then press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control. This will allow you to view even more clips... Read More

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

 Disc 1 Go to Special Features and select Zorak's...underwear and you'll will see a clip from Cartoon Planet with the Councel of Doom singing The Twelve Days of Christmas. On disc 2 Go to Special Features and select Moltar's visor, you'll see a LIVE-ACTION Space Ghost dancing and doing other weird stuff!!... Read More

Kama Sutra

 Hidden Passages From the disc's [Main Menu], go to [Subtitles] and then press the [Righ arrow button on your remote control to highlight the bellybutton. If you press [Enter] now, you will see some hidden passages from the real book of the Kama Sutra. There are more passages hidden in the disc's [Production Notes] when you highlight the rings, flower and other objects.... Read More

Napalm Death: Punishment in Capitals

 Bonus Video From the [Main Menu], go to the [Extras] menu. Press the [Lef arrow on your remote once. The eyes of the statue on the left should now be glowing red. Press [Enter] on your remote. Enjoy the video of Napalm Death performing one of their tracks.... Read More

South Park: The Complete First Season

 Menu Animation On Disc One, go into the [Languages] section, highlight [Espanol], then go [Lef. Wendy's mouth will go red and her eyes will close. Press [Enter]. Same thing on Disc Two, go into the [Languages] section, highlight [Espanol], then go [Lef. Death's hand will turn blue. Press [Enter]. On Disc Three, go into the [Special Features] section, highlight [CableACE Awards], then go [Righ. Damien's eyes will turn yellow. Press [Enter].... Read More

Into the Arms of Strangers

 Integrated Commentary Prompts While watching the commentary, occasional prompts come up to press [Enter] for additional commentary. Doing so switches play to a seperate mini commentary including video and stills, then it returns to the regular commentary track.... Read More

Linkin Park: Frat Party

 Hidden Footage Use your dvd remote to manually go to Title 3, Chapter 1. There's 12 minutes of backstage footage and a few clips of live performances. Points of Authority LIVE at DragonFest Go to Disc Set-up. Wait for about a minute. Enter [1489712] and hit the [Play] button between numbers. "A Place for my Head" Before Linkin Park was Famous In the [Beginnings] chapter, a little bit after Chester starts talking about his bite marks, it shows Brad with the captions "From the beginning" on the bottom, when you see that hit [Enter]. One Step Closer, BACKWARDS Go to edit setup and click "yes" to turn on the directors commentary and then watch OSC. One Step Closer, REMIX Go to the normal "One Step Closer" video on the DVD, when Chester says his last "SHUT UP", hit [Enter], and it will go to the audio of the Remix version.... Read More

Night of the Bloody Apes

 Bonus Trailer & Freakshow Gorilla Girlt:] For both eggs, just move your cursor [Down] to the [Special Features] button and move your cursor [Lef or [Righ. Both times you'll highlight a blue face. The one on the left is a trailer for "The Curious Dr. Hummp" which is available on disc from Something Weird, and the right one pulls up a bit of film concerning a freakshow gorilla girl.... Read More

Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock

 Bonus Featurette On disc 2, click on [The Star Trek Universe]. Arrow [Down] to [Main Menu] and then arrow to the [Righ and highlight the strange Vulcan type of floating chair. It will access a 7-minute featurette on puppetry used in the film.... Read More

Fists of Fury

 Bonus Scenes At the [Main Menu], select the [Bonus Materials] option. Press [1127] to unlock a "Secret Area" option at the bottom of the screen. Select the new option to view more scenes from the movie and a photo gallery.... Read More

Dream Theater: Metropolis 2000

 HIDDEN EXTRAS Go to the Setup menu and you find an entry that will take you to a picture of SMPTE color bars that are used to calibrate TV sets. If you show some patience however, you will be rewarded with some cool extras. After running the color bars for a while, you will be treated to video clips of actors auditioning to play the part of the Hypnotherapist for the concert.... Read More

Silent Steel

 Bonus Bloopers You have to successfully play and win the game in order to get access to this feature. After having won the game, wait until the closing credits are over and the Graphics company credits appear. After this you will get 4-5 minutes of footage entitled "Silent Steel Bloopers".... Read More


 Bonus Credits Screen Go to the [Special Features] section from the [Main Menu] and you will see a Dreamworks logo hidden in one of the grass leaves on the right hand side of the screen. Select it by pressing the [Lef arrow and then the [Down] arrow key on your remote control, and you will be treated to a credit sequence with more music.... Read More

On The Line

 Paper Airplane Challenge At the [Main Menu] select [O'Hare Airpor on the Orange Line. Star Emmanuelle Chriqui and Director Eric Bross race to see who can make the best paper airplane.... Read More

WWE Divas - South of the Border

 Whole bunch of goodies Easter Eggs: Main Menu - Press right four times on the main menu while "extra" is highlighted Chapters Menu - Press left four times when "Lita" is highlighted. Press right four times when "Molly Holly" is highlighted. Extras Menu - Page 1 - Press left four times when "Sable Invitational" is highlighted. Page 3 - Press right four times when "Stacy Keibler" is highlighted. Page 4 - Press right four times when "Stacy: Stuff Magazine" is highlighted. Possible Easter Egg: Torrie & Sable Sing during credits.... Read More

Beyond, The

 Original opening sequence Enter the "Audio Setup" screen and highlight the "Resume" option. Press Left to highlight the Eibon symbol. Press Enter to view the original opening sequence of the movie. Hidden trailer Enter the "Images From The Beyond" screen and highlight the "Menu" option. Press Left to highlight the Eibon symbol. Press Enter to view a trailer from Cat In The Brain.... Read More

Dark Blue

 {tBonus Featurette: On the Main Menu go to Special Features. Arrow Down to Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery and press Right. This will highlight the Police Shield. Press Enter to see a bonus featurette called "The Fire Next Time".... Read More

Cat in the Hat, The

 Dog in the Hat Featurette From the [Main Menu] select Sally. Then highlight the hat icon. Press [Righ and a purple silhouette of Nevens (the dog) will appear. Click it and you will be taken to "The Dog in the Hat" featurette.... Read More

Two Weeks Notice

 Two Bleeps Notice In the [Special Features] section, it mentions accessing outtakes from the movie by activating the "Two Bleeps Notice" feature. When a small pink heart appears on the screen, you press the [Enter] button to view them. If you don't want to watch the whole movie but want to go directly to the outtakes, here are the locations based on the time in the movie (hrs:mins:secs): 18:32, 20:04, 23:38, 24:13, 26:38, 28:14, 33:02, 37:28, 41:36, 47:16, 57:50, 1:13:01, 1:24:29... Read More



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