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 Hidden Footage The scene is from Episode 106 “Angel Dark, Demon Bright” where Tyr enters the bridge of the Andromeda Ascendant and recounts the Nietzschean legend of the “Angel of death” who destroyed their fleet of “overwhelming numbers” at the “Battle of Witch Head”. Box Set: A.2 Disc: A.04 (U.K PAL version) Depending on your system, the location may be labeled in various different ways. The most common being: Title: 1 Chain: 15 Angle: 1 Chapters: 1 - 8 Cell: 1 or Title : 1 Streams: 25 - 32... Read More


 Hidden Trailers From the disc's [Main Menu], select the Trimark logo in the lower right corner and press [Enter]. You will now see trailers to "Slam" and "Another Day In Paradise".... Read More

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

 Bonus Clip From disc one's [Special Features], move the cursor to [Episode Commentaries], then press [Righ to highlight Carl's medallion. Press [Enter] to see a clip of Frylock talking to a "GIRL" on the internet. Short Film "Assisted Living Dracula" From disc two's [Episode Selection], move the cursor to the [Revenge of the Mooninites] episode and press [Up], highlighting the numbers 103 above the door. Press [Enter] to see the short film "Assisted Living Dracula". Short Clips From disc two's [Main Menu], move the cursor [Righ from [Play] to highlight Frylock's eyes. Press [Enter] to see a clip of MasterShake and Meatwad talking to Carl. From disc two's [Main Menu], move the cursor [Lef from [Play] to highlight Master Shakes straw. Press [Enter] to see a clip of Meatwad trying to help the leprechauns.... Read More

WrestleMania 20[XX]

 Shawn Micheals's roof top entrence Insert Disk 2 and enter chapters. Then highlight option for the world heavy-weight title match and press right right submitted by: Cody Promo Insert Disk 2 and go to extras and highlight WresteMania 20 promo then press left left submitted by: Cody Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Micheals in a ladd Isert Disk 3 and enter Mania of WrestleMania. Highlight "The Prolodgical Son Has Reterned" and press left 1 time. submitted by: Cody... Read More

American Psycho

 Hidden Games (REGION 5 ONLY) Go to [Extras]. There press the [Up] button and then [Enter]. Now you can test yourself with two hidden games.... Read More

Sleepy Hollow High

 Hidden Footage From the disc’s [Main Menu], go to the [Special Features]. Once you get there, press the [Lef arrow key on your remote control to highlight one of the eyes of the Jack-O-Lantern. The words "Hidden Footage" will also appear inside the eye. Now press [Enter] and you will get to see some footage from the world premiere of the movie in April of 2000 and from the George 2000 Awards.... Read More

Scooby Doo

 Extra Trailer At the main title screen, wait until Scooby runs by and drops the bone. The bone can then be selected, so select it quickly, and open up a new trailer.... Read More

Assault on Precinct 13

 Note from John Carpenter From the [Main Menu], select the [Audio Selection] menu entry and on the following screen highlight the [Play] menu entry. Now, press the [Lef arrow key on your remote and the icon of a lightning bolt will appear next to the movie's logo. Press the [Enter] and you will get to see a note written by John Carpenter, about the making of "Assault On Precinct 13" and its effect on his career.... Read More

Butthole Surfers: Blind Eye Sees All

 Gibby Godiva Go to the [Special Features] menu and select [Butthole Karaoke]. Once there, select song title, "The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave" and then push [Lef to light up the moon in the clown's hat. Push [Enter] and enjoy a couple of additional live songs from very early in the Butthole Surfer's career.... Read More


 Hidden Trailers Go to where you would find the theatrical trailer for the movie and you will see movie posters in the background. Highlight them and press enter to view the trailers for Ghostbusters II, Stripes and Groundhog Day. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Play the movie and then use the subtitle button on your remote until you get to number 3 or 4 (both work). Three people will appear at the bottom of the screen and it will look like Mystery Science Theater 3000.... Read More

Mad Monster Party

 Bonus Trailers From the disc's [Main Menu], go to the [Extras] menu and then press the [Lef arrow key on your remote control. This will highlight a test tube. If you press [Enter] now you will get to see trailers for the Rankin/Bass movies "The Wacky World of Mother Goose" and "The Daydreamer", that were released as part of a three picture deal made with Joseph E. Levine.... Read More

Tigger Movie, The

 History of Pooh Complete the trivia game with no wrong answers and you will get to view a five-minute documentary on the history behind Winnie The Pooh and friends and how they were inspired by real stuffed animals.... Read More


 Hidden Clip; Sketches The first is found in the trailer and TV spot section. Move the cursor to select the rose pattern in the background. This will take you to a short clip with another Marvel superhero cameo. The second is found in the Art gallery. Select the Wolverine Dogtag. This is a small gallery of sketches for 2 characters that were not used in the movie.... Read More

Rules of Attraction, The

 Bonus Trailer Click the Lions' Gate icon at the bottom of the screen and you will access the trailer for a new film.... Read More

Undercover Brother

 Hidden Movie Quotes Go to [Special Features], push [Righ on [Comments], push [Down] on either [On] or [Off] and a "UB" will appear to the right of the catagories. Go to [Scenes], push [Up] then [Lef and a "UB" will appear to the left of the scene selections. These are more "Classic Quotes" from the movie. Go to the [Languages] section, then go [Down] to [Espanol] and press [Lef. Another "UB" will appear in between Undercover Brother's legs. This lets you access even more movie quotes... Read More

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

 DVD Production Credits On disc two, select [Sacred Relecs] from the [Main Menu]. Once the [Sacred Relecs] menu comes up, arrow over to where it says [Main Menu]. Then arrow [Up] to highlite the Grail. Click on it to see the DVD credits.... Read More

How High

 Hidden Bonus Go to [Bonus Materials]. Highlight [Music Videos], push the [Lef arrow to highlight the number "420", push [Enter]. On the second [Bonus Material] page, scroll [Down] to highlight [Universal Showcase]. Push the [Righ arrow to highlight the number "420", push [Enter]. On the last page of the [Bonus Material], scroll [Down] to the bottom of the page to highlight the back arrow. Push [Up] to highlight the number "420". Also on the last page of the [Bonus Material], scroll [Down] to highlight [DVD Newsletter]. Push the [Righ arrow to highlight the number "420". In [Bonus Materials], on the first page, go [Down] to "Hide the Stash". Press the [Righ arrow button and you will see a red lighter. Press [Enter] to access the egg.... Read More

Beauty and the Beast

 DVD Production Credits Insert the second disc of the set and from the [Main Menu] select [Cogsworth and Lumiere] to enter their library. From there, highlight the [Main Menu] entry at the bottom of the page and then press the [Up] arrow key on your remote control to highlight the chair by the fireplace. If you press [Enter] now you will be taken to a series of screens with the production credits for this DVD. Game Solution Go to the locked door that can be found under the [Rose] menu entry in the [Main Menu] of the second disc. To unlock the door, press the Star, Moon and then the Cloud symbols. Then, to get through the table of candles, press [Lef, [Righ, [Lef, [Righ, [Lef and [Righ again. Next up is a menu where you can select two options. Select "True beauty comes from within" to proceed. In the next part of the game you will have to select the correct shadows to move on in the game. First select the second one from the left, then the fourth one, then the first and finally the third... Read More


 Bloody Play the move, then advance forward to the ending credits. After they end, the screen will turn black briefly and be replaced by a scene featuring a bloody Carrie and her mother.... Read More


 Hidden Trailers Press the [Righ arrow in the [Main Menu]. This will highlight the Trimark logo. Press [Enter]. This will present you with 3 trailers from Trimark’s 'Slam', 'The Curve' and 'Carnival Of Souls.'... Read More



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