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DVD Video


Lord of the Rings, The: The Return of the King

 DVD Production Credits On disc one press [Up] twice and at the bottom of the screen, above the "New Line Cinema" logo, you will see Aragorn's crown highlighted. Press [Enter] for the production credits.... Read More

Lawnmower Man, The

 Hidden Animation Go to the [SPECIAL FEATURES] section. Then go to [THE CAST] and press the [Lef arrow key on your remote. Click to start a game. If you win the game, you will be treated to a small bit of animation. (answers: select in the following order -- upper center, middle left, lower right and upper left)... Read More

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

 DVD Production Credits Arrow down to the [Special Features] option. Push either the [Righ or [Lef arrow on your remote and an HBO logo will appear. Press [Enter] to select it. Hidden Interview (REGION 4 ONLY) From the [Main Menu] screen, click [Previews] (extras) and click the [Lef button to highlight the Windex label on the bottle. You'll get an interview with Tom Hanks followed by recipes for Mousak etc.... Read More

WWE - Divas Tropical Pleasure

 Bonus Segment On the [Extras] menu, highlight [Gravy Bowl Match] and press the [Lef arrow. An animated "Come Inside" will appear. Press [Enter]. A bonus segment will play.... Read More

Roughnecks: The Tophet Campaign

 Storyboard Evolution Go to the [Special Features] menu, highlight [Play Movie] then press [Lef. A blue spot will be marked in the reactor picture. When pressing [Enter], the evolution of a scene from the storyboard to the final shot will be shown in a short presentation.... Read More

John Q

 DVD Production Credits On the [Main Menu], push the arrow [Down] button, then arrow [Righ. Click on the "New Line" logo to see the DVD production credits.... Read More

Joe Somebody

 Bonus Deleted Scene Go to [Scene Selection]. Once in there, select scenes [13-16]. Highlight scene 13 and push [Up]. This will give "Joe" a muscular arm. Select the arm. This will give you a deleted scene entitled: "Callie Visits Joe at Night". It features optional commentary by Joe Pasquin.... Read More

ECW: Hardcore History

 Hidden Clip From the disc's [Main Menu], go to [Special Features] and select [Wrestler Biographies]. Once there, highlight the entry for [Joey Styles] and then press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control followed by the [Up] arrow key. This will take you to a reel in which Shane Douglas and Francine are shooting a promo clip. Shane accidentally sprays the camera with a paint can and some heated discussion ensues over the incident.... Read More

Ultimate Fights

 Pro Wrestling Women Hidden Movie Look in [Fighter Profiles] in the [Special Features] menu. Locate Rowdy Roddy Piper's bio and on the first page, go to the [Back] button and press [Up]. Hidden Movie #2 Go to [Scene Selections] and scroll down to [10. The Players Club] then press to the [Lef and the second movie "Atlas" will light up.... Read More

KISS: Exposed

 View All Video Sequences Without Interviews In [Special Features], press [Righ until the skull turns green. Select it, and you can watch all of the music spots without the interview segments.... Read More


 Hidden Clip At the [Main Menu], select the [Language] option. Highlight [English Dolby] or [English Dolby 5.1], then press [Righ, [Enter].... Read More

Chill Factor

 Alternate Ending The alternate ending is shown after finishing the trivia, but it can also be directly accessed. Use your remote control to get to the disc's title 14, chapter 1.... Read More


 DVD Production Credits From the [Main Menu], select [Publicity]. Highlight [Publicity and Merchandising]. Go [Down] from there and on the left side of the screen, "DVD Credits" will show up in red.... Read More

Bad Company In Concert - Merchants of Cool

 Saving Grace Video From the [Main Menu], select [Special Features]. Arrow [Down] the list to until you are on [Web Links], then press the [Lef Arrow once. Alternatively, if viewing from a PC, you can move your mouse cursor over the "Red Star" on the [Special Features] screen until it turns Yellow to activate the clip.... Read More

Slipknot: Disasterpieces

 Bonus Backstage Footage (REGION 4 ONLY) When watching the song "Left Behind", about half way through the song subtitles will apperar at the bottom of the screen, when this happens press the [Enter] button on your remote to view backstage footage of guitar techs, drum techs and more.... Read More

Revenge of the Pink Panther

 Clouseau Changes Disguises From the [Main Menu], press the arrow [Up] until the "Revenge of The Pink Panther" title lights up. Select it and you will see a short clip of Peter Sellers as Clouseau in different disguises used in the movie.... Read More


 Hidden Interview From the discís [Main Menu], select the [Special Features] menu entry. Once you get to that submenu, press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control. This will highlight Ian Bannenís eye in the background image. Press [Enter] now and you will have the chance to see an interview clip with star Honor Blackman, about the making of the movie.... Read More

Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen

 Extended Title Sequence From the top of the [Main Menu], press the [Up] button to highlight the "Doctor Who" logo. You will access an extended title sequence. Audio Trailer From the [Audio Options] page within [Special Features], press the [Lef button to highlight the "Doctor Who" logo. You can now access an audio trailer for the next story, "The Abominable Snowmen". Hidden Video Sequence From the top of the [Main Menu], press the [Up] button to highlight the "Doctor Who" logo. Now press the [Righ button so that a Cyberman head symbol appears. Then press the [Lef button so that the Doctor's head is circled in green. You can now access a hidden video sequence.... Read More

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

 Get through the Forbidden Forest: If it works correctly, the pattern for it is left twice, right three times, left three times, and right three times. If it is done correctly, when the car takes the last turn before you have to go left or right, go the opposite of the way you turned. I.e., when you are at the last turn, before you have to go left or right, go the opposite of that. The best way to get through the forest is to watch the road. Spiders will appear on one side of the section. When the intersection appears, chose the arrow pointing to the side that did not have spiders on it. Easy way to get to the Chamber of Secrets: Insert Disc 2. At the beginning, highlight the "X" at the bottom left of the screen. Then, press Up and you should see an arrow that points to the left.... Read More

Bride of Re-Animator

 DVD Credits / Production Stills From the [Main Menu] of side A (the R-rated version), go to [Special Features]. Highlight and click on Dr. West's syringe to see a DVD credit screen. Press [Lef on your remote again while in this credit screen to see two production still galleries.... Read More



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