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DVD Video


On the Road with the Dropkick Murphys

 Bonus Footage On the [Main Menu], select one of the following featurettes: "65 Days of Hell" or "Behind the Scenes". While viewing the selections, watch for a "DKM" logo to appear in the bottom right of the screen. When you see one, press [Enter] on your remote control. This will pause the feature and play some bonus footage. Once the bonus is finished, the feature will resume. The bonuses all occur at chapter breaks, so they can easily be found by just hitting the skip button.... Read More

Nightmare on Elm Street, A

 DVD Development Credits From the disc's [Main Menu], press the [Righ arrow key to highlight the New Line logo. Then press [Enter] and you will go to a credit screen that shows you who was involved in the development of the disc.... Read More

Evil Woman

 Bonus Outtakes Go to the [Extras] section with Jack Black and his other co-stars in bottom right hand corner. Go [Down] to the lowest option and press [Righ once. The picture of the character changes to one with a raccon on his head. Press [Enter] to access the scene on how they did the Raccon jumping section. Press [Righ again, and Jack Black's character will be replaced with an Eagle headed football mascot, pressing [Enter] will take you through to a scene where Jack is practicing his Mascot routines.... Read More

Beastmaster, The

 Hidden Footage (WARNING: R-RATED MATERIAL) From the [MAIN MENU], go to [EXTRAS]. Once there, highlight [MAIN MENU] and hit the [Righ on your remote. Click on the highlighted circle for some deleted Tanya Roberts footage.... Read More


 Flight Plans Highlight [Scene Selections] from the main menu and press the right arrow key to highlight the other window. If you press [Enter] now, you will see the flightplans of the Nostromo and extensive crew information. Kane's Transmission Go to the [Extra Features] submenu and arrow down until you highlight the acid puddle at the bottom of the screen. If you press [Enter] now you will be able to see Kaneís transmission of the alienís lifecycle. Original Sound During the film select audio track 6 and hear the original dialogue recorded for the film. Crew Dossiers At the [Main Menu], move [Lef to the portal (octagon shape). A square appears around the pointer. Click [Enter] and you are then taken into the crew dossiers detailing their careers and past.... Read More

Lethal Weapon 4

 Bonus Featurettes, Trailer On the [Special Features] side of the disc, select [Special Features]. Go [Down] to the dynamite icon and press [Enter]. This gives you three featurettes and a trailer.... Read More

Carnival of Souls

 Hidden Trailers On the disc's [Main Menu], select the Trimark logo and then press [Enter]. You will now see trailers to a couple of other Trimark releases, Dead Alive and The Dentist.... Read More

Matrix Revisited, The

 Keanu Preparing for Battle On the [Go Further] menu screen, select [Continue] at the bottom of the screen to go to the second page of features. Here, press the [Righ arrow key on your remote. You will change Keanu Reevesí pose in the picture. Press [Enter] to see a clip of Keanu Reeves preparing for his stunt scenes. Agent Smith Gets Wounded On the [Go Further] menu screen, press the [Righ arrow key until Agent Smith becomes visible. Press [Enter] now to see a clip about an incident during which actor Hugo Weaving got injured. Lady in Red Clip On the [Go Further] menu screen, press the [Righ arrow key until the Lady in Red becomes visible. Press [Enter] now to see a clip about the character from the movie. Matrix Jukebox From the [Languages Menu], press the [Lef arrow key until a phone booth appears. Press [Enter] to access songs from the documentary. Hidden Trailer Within The Matrix [Jukebox] menus, continue to the second screen of songs (numbers 11-20). When the cursor is next to any... Read More

Fargo: Special Edition

 Alternate DVD Menu On the [Special Features] menu, press [Lef on your remote from anywhere in the list and you'll highlight the a bell on the desk. Press [Enter] to get alternate menus for the DVD.... Read More

Better Place, A

 Hidden Menu Go to the last chapter of the movie and watch until the credits end. Go to [Special Thanks] on the [Main Menu], go to the second page, highlight the "pizza guy", and push [Enter]. This will bring up a hidden menu with a "Big Helium Dog" preview, and bonus commentary.... Read More

Alien: 20th Anniversary Edition

 DVD Production Credits From the main menu, highlight 'Extra Features' and then press the left arrow key to highlight the left window. Press 'Enter' and-- presto-- you will see the production credits for this DVD.... Read More

Negotiator, The

 Hidden Trailers To access the trailers for "Sphere", "A Time to Kill", "L.A. Confidential" and "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", simply click on [Reel Recommendations], and then click on the A for Actor. On the first page, highlight the film reel to access the first of 4 trailers. Press [Righ to access the rest.... Read More

Beast Wars: The Complete First Season

 Hidden Stuff Short Film: Insert disc four of the box set. Select the Special features and play the Bob Forward Interview. In his interview he talks about a short film he did with his children called Agent 12. The words "View Agent 12" will appear on the screen as he talks about it. Press Enter on the remote control and the short film "Agent 12" will play.... Read More


 Hidden Features Insert either of the discs from the 2-disc set, and in the [Main Menu], press [5] followed by the [Enter] key on your remote control. This will highlight the letter "V" in the "Ultraviolet" logo, which gives you access to the "Cove V Area". There you can find brief descriptions of all the main characters, a "UV Dictionary", and a two-part interview - one part on each of the discs - with the series' creator.... Read More

Monster Club, The

 Bonus Interview From the [Main Menu] go to the [Special Features] section and there highlight the last menu entry on the page, [Production Credits]. Now press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control and a figure will be highlighted at the bottom right of the screen. Press the [Enter] key on your remote control and you will be treated to a 12-minute interview with one of the guys who played an extra ghoul in the last story. He happens to be a slingshot expert who also helped with the film.... Read More

Dr No

 MARTINI Enter the Special Features menu, press Down to highlight the martini glass. Press Enter to view the history of the Martini.... Read More

Cry Freedom

 Hidden Trailer Click on [Filmography] and then [Kevin Kline]. When you see the [Fierce Creatures] in the film list, press [Up] and the line under it will highlight. When you click on it their will be a hidden trailer for "Fierce Creatures".... Read More


 Opening of TV Show Go to [Cast and Crew] on the [Special Features] menu. Go to the [Righ of where it says "Cast & Crew". There you will find a highlighted police badge. Click on it to open up what would be the beginning of the TV show that was in the movie.... Read More

Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

 Bonus Behind-the-Scenes From the [Main Menu], choose [Special Features]. "A Croc in Shot" will be highlighted, push [Up] and the word "Features" will be underscored and it will bring you to extra behind the scenes footage. From the [Main Menu] push the [Up] button and it will take you to the bottom left picture of Steve and will bring you to another behind the scenes bonus clip.... Read More

Firefly - The Complete Series

 Adam Baldwin Sings From the last disc, go to the second page of [Special Features]. Highlight [Joss Sings the "Firefly" Theme] and press [Righ. A design to the right of the picture should become highlighted. Press [Enter] to watch Adam Baldwin sing.... Read More



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