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NFL Blitz

 Onside Kick After you score the P.A.T. or a field goal, hold down A, B, and Up. You will perform an onsides kick. Play as Emerysville Eclipse To play as the Emerysville Eclipse, enter the password 00606744. Play as the Midway Blitzers To play as the Midway Blitzers enter the password 06267545. Play in a Parking Lot At the Exhibition Mode Matchup screen press Start, Start, Start, B, B, A, A, A, Down. Predator Mode At the Exhibition Mode Matchup screen press Start five times, B five times, A, Up. Random Select Instead of choosing, now you can let the computer choose for you! Simply press B+Left for a random play. Start in Overtime At the Exhibition Mode Matchup screen press A six times then press UP. Super Star Team Start the season with the Bills by going to the password screen and entering: 75566677. Brick Field in Deep Space At the Exhibition Mode Matchup screen press Start, Start, A, A, Right. You cannot use Night Game when this is in effect. Fast Turbo Running To enter the fast turb... Read More

Extra Bases

 7-0 Record To start the game with a 7-0 record, enter the password 2CCZ. [send by:Bern ]... Read More

Q Bert

 WATCH MOVIE On the Title screen, press Right, Up, B, A, Down, Up, B, Down, Up and B. This lets you view all the between-level cartoon segments in one long scene (a movie).... Read More

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

 Invincible Buffy: At the Press Start screen, press B, B, A, A, L, R, Down, Up. Unlimited Lives: At the Press Start screen, press L, L , L, R, R, R, Right, Right. Start with nine object: At the Press Start screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, B, A. Level Password 1 3NKFZ8 2 9MD1WV 3 XTN4F7 4 5BVPL2 5 9D6F0S 6 TSCNB4 7 CSJTQZ 8 BNPXZ9 End GH9MR... Read More

Army Men 2

 Level Password 1 Mortar, Tank, Mortar, Jeep 2 Jeep, Jeep, Mortar, Plane 3 Tank, Grenade, Tank, Mortar 4 Rifle, Mortar, Jeep, Plane 5 Mortar, Rifle, Plane, Jeep 6 Mortar, Grenade, Rifle, Chopper 7 Plane, Grenade, Rifle, Tank 8 Grenade, Mortar, Chopper, Mortar 9 Tank, Mortar, Rifle, Tank 10 Jeep, Chopper, Tank, Mortar 11 Rifle, Mortar, Grenade, Mortar 12 Jeep, Chopper, Grenade, Chopper 13 Plane, Plane, Grenade, Mortar 14 Plane, Rifle, Plane, Chopper 15 Rifle, Chopper, Chopper, Tank 16 Chopper, Chopper, Rifle, Grenade 17 Rifle, Tank, Plane, Mortar 18 Rifle, Rifle, Grenade, Jeep 19 Rifle, Jeep, Chopper, Grenade 20 Chopper, Grenade, Rifle, Jeep 21 Mortar, Grenade, Chopper, Jeep 22 Rifle, Tank, Chopper, Rifle 23 Plane, Jeep, Tank, Mortar 24 Chopper, Rifle, Jeep, Mortar 25 Tank, Grenade, Plane, Grenade 26 Plane, Tank, Rifle, Mortar 27 Tank, Tank, Jeep, Tank 28 Jeep, Tank, Jeep, Mortar... Read More

Wizards And Warriors X: Fortress Of Fear

 Six lives: Enter W[HearW as initials at the high score screen.... Read More

Lion King

 STAGE SKIP While playing, pause the game by pressing Select, then press B, A, A, B, A, A and the game will automatically skip to the next level... Read More

Final Fantasy Adventure

 Break Down Walls Without A Mattock, Cave Of Medusa, Finding The Dime Tower, How To Defeat Golem, How to get "Un-Moogled", Lots of Money & Level Up Fast, Break Down Walls Without A Mattock: If you have the weapon "star" you can break down walls in dungeons with out wasting a mattock. Cave of Medusa: The Cave of Medusa (this is when you have to find the special oasis) is located at the oasis where there are 2 palm trees with 1 space between them. When you find this oasis, walk a figure-8 pattern around the trees, and be sure you're NOT riding your Chocobo. Try going both directions. Finding the Dime Tower: To find the Dime Tower, go to the land with the crystal plants. You need the Blood Sword and the Magic of Nuke. Go to the screen at the water's edge where there are only two crystal plants East to West apart from each other. WARNING: you may lose hit points at this part. Use the Magic of Nuke and shoot the crystal plant that is to the right of the screen. A hole... Read More

Test Drive 6

 Bonus cars Win all of the tournaments to unlock the Mega Cup tournament. Win the Mega Cup to unlock the BMW V12 LMR and Panoz Roadster at the "Purchase Car" screen. These cars are the fastest in the game and have unlimited power bursts.... Read More

World Bowling

 Recommended color palette: Press Up at the Game Boy logo when playing this game on a Game Boy Color system.... Read More

Power Modeller

 At the Capcom Logo, press Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down to enable cheats. Then, enter any of the following: Select own character in versus mode Hold Left Music test Hold Right All bonus characters in versus mode Hold Left or Right and select Start Watch mode Hold Right and select VS... Read More


 Unlock: Stealth Unlimited Clear all primary and secondary objectives on Super Agent. Unlock: Turbo Unlimited Clear all primary objectives on Super Agent Cheat List You need all three save files empty to pull of this unique cheat. To clear all saved games, press LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, R, R on the copyright screen. Name the three save files as follows: #1 - BEST #2 - GAME #3 - EVER Use file #1 for the cheats. Once the cheat is activated, files #2 and #3 can be erased for these other cheats: EDACRA - Unlocks Arcade Level G6155 - Unlocks all alternate vehicles SUPERSPY - Invincible and infinite ammo Bloody Chicken Start a game on Special Agent and pause it. Press LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, A. Delete High Scores Get a fresh start, press UP, UP, DOWN, L, R, L on the copyright screen.... Read More

Austin Powers Oh Behave

 Hidden messages Access the FAB-DOS emulator in the game. There are "Drives" to choose from, with inaccessible files to view. Enter one of the following words to display a hidden message: SHAG SHAGADELIC HORNY RANDY BABY... Read More

Amar Story

 Level Passwords 1 LISUEURD 2 NINTENDO 3 ROBSONIC 4 OUTRUNST... Read More

Super Mario Brothers Deluxe

 Yoshi's Eggs: When you find one egg, go to the toy box and you unlocked a code to find any of the eggs.To find the first egg go to 1-1. Then, go to the two pair of steps, jump in the middle and move to the left and jump and an egg should pop up. 10 Lives: At the Menu screen, select the toy box and play the card game. Continue to play the game until you get a card with the princess on it. Now exit and start a game. You will start with 10 lives. Level Warp: At level 4-2, go to the right of the first falling platform (under the 3 boxes) and jump under each one of them to get the 3 hidden blocks. Use these blocks to hit the first blue block to get a beanstalk. Climb this beanstalk to warp to level 6, 7, or 8. Switch Marios: To become a more powerful Mario, select Boo from the main menu screen. Then when you're at the level select screen, keep pressing Select until you find the mario you want to be, such as: Super Mario or even fireball Mario! Super mario for super players cheat: First you ... Read More


 Level Passwords 2-3: BZBCM 2-4: ZRPBD 2-5: TBJRS 2-6: KSMTK 2-7: CCKFD... Read More

Killer Instinct

 PLAY AS EYEDOL Choose any character on the Player Select screen, then, on the versus screen, hold Right and press Select, Start, B, then A.... Read More

Mortal Kombat 2

 Kombat codes Player 2 at 25% power 000-707 Player 2 at 50% power 000-033 Enable Reptile 192-234 Random Fighter At the Character Selection screen, hold Up and press Start. Play with only One Credit At the Choose Your Destiny screen, press Down, Down. Fight Against Smoke Continuously use the uppercut move against your opponent on the Bridge stage until the "Toasty" face appears. Immediately hold Down and press Start. Fight Against Jade Win the stage immediately before the "?" stage using only kick attacks without blocking.... Read More

Tiny Toon Adventures

 PRACTICE BONUS GAMES To practice bonus games before jumping into the action, hold Down and the B Button and press Start at the main menu.... Read More

Game And Watch Gallery 2

 Reset saved game At the main screen, press Up(2), Down(2), Left(2), Right(2). Ball mini-game Earn 15 stars in the game. Note: A star is awarded for every 200 points in a game. Modern Ball game Earn 25 stars in the game. Play as Wario Select the Helmet game and begin on the easy difficulty setting. Intentionally lose before accumulating 100 points, then select the "Retry" option. The game will restart with Wario as a character. Change border Pause the game and press B.... Read More



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