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 QUICK CONTINUE Lose all your lives and continue, then take the Iron and drop it in the Pool of Fire to get the Glass Key. Go down the passage and use the key to open the door. Continue down the passage to find the Vitriolk. Pick it up and use it to be warped back to where you were before you were defeated. LEVEL DROP Call up the Map, then press B, Select and Down simultaneously. This allows you to drop down a level from the level you are currently on. PASS KEY PLUS Call up the Map, then press A, B, Left and Start simultaneously. When you check your inventory, you will have an item called the "Pass Key" which can open any door in the game. Drop it into a pool, and it will transform into a "Downlevl" which will allow you to drop down a level in the dungeon. Drop the "Downlevl" into a pool, and it will transform into an "Uplevel" which will allow you to transport up a level in the dungeon. Drop the "Uplevel" into a pool, and it will transf... Read More

Play Action Football

 Team Passwords Los Angeles = 8HNHGFC98 Chicago = DDNCFPJB9 Houston = GBLK89F87 San Francisco = 8BLK8MG87 Denver = DHNRLG898 New York = 85FD34932 Miami = FVCDVMJDC Washington = CKPBM6776... Read More

Aliens 3

 1 EE26-37D4 Slower fuel consumption for flame thrower 2 7D26-37D4 Faster fuel consumption for flame thrower 3 FD36-44D1 Start with more rifle clips 4 4D36-44D1 Start with even more rifle clips 5 D036-44D1 Start with fewer rifle clips 6 FD3B-4F01 Start with more grenade clips 7 4D3B-4F01 Start with even more grenade clips 8 D03B-4F01 Start with fewer grenade clips **CODES 9 THRU 12 WORK ON EXTRA CLIPS ONLY, NOT THE ONES YOU START WITH** 9 742A-44A4 Less ammo in rifle clips 10 CD2A-44A4 More ammo in rifle clips 11 D923-3D64 Less ammo in grenade clips 12 F023-3D64 More ammo in grenade clips 13 3C28-44D4 Infinite ammo for pulse rifle 14 3C22-3D64 Infinite ammo for grenade launcher 15 3C25-3704 Infinite oil for flame thrower 16 D464-1D60 Take less damage 17 DD6D-1700 Maximum energy from med-kits 18 D76D-1DA0 Less energy from medi-kits 19 EE6B-CD00 Longer invulnerability after being hit 20 DD64-1D60 Most attacks do no damage--can switch on and off... Read More

X-Men: Mutant Wars

 Level Password 2 0KNG6HWB 3 0LNG6HXQ 4 0LNF7HYP 5 0KPF7HZG 6 1KPF7H0D 7 1KPG7H19 8 1KPF7J2C 9 1KPF7J3L... Read More

Operation C

 EXTRA LIVES On the Title screen, press Up four times, Down four times, Left four times, Right four times, A, B and Start to begin with 10 lives. STAGE SELECT On the Title screen, after it stops "waving," press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, B, A and Start. S OUND TEST On the Title screen, after it stops "waving," press Up, Down, Left, Right and Start. "Sound Test" should appear on the screen. Change the selection by pressing A and cancel by pressing B.... Read More

Terminator 2 Judgement Day

 SLOW DOWN TIME In stage three of this game, you must rewire circuit boards within 50 seconds. You can hold Select to slow the timer down.... Read More

Daedalian Opus

 Level Select Password: ZEAL... Read More

Mega Man 3

 Passwords Enter the password A3, B3, C3, C2, D2 the start with Shadow Man, Spark Man, Gemeni Man, and Snake Man beaten Enter the password A2, B1, B2, C1, D2 to start with Shadow man, Spark man, Gemini man, Snake man and Dr. W's first guy beaten. Enter the password A0, B0, C1, C2, B2 to start on the last stage with only Sawman left to fight. .... Read More

Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris

 Cheat Mode Go to the main menu and highlight continue then press Down, Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Down, Start. Levels Put in the password Blue, Green, Green, Blue Enter password Menthu,Isis,Isis,Menthu. Get Cassandra Put in the password Mathayus, Menmon, Isis, Mathayus... Read More


 Level Name Password Miami 1 Bank Job --Face, Face, Face, Face 2 Hide the Evidence --Tire Tread, Badge, Cone, Red Siren 3 Boat Chase --Stoplight, Key, Key, Blue Siren 4 Hit 5 Restaurants --Cone, Cone, Cone, Badge 5 Superfly Drive --Key, Red Siren, Red Siren, Stoplight 6 Bait for Trap --Key, Badge, Tire Tread, Blue Siren 7 Take out DiAngelo ---Badge, Cone, Badge, Red Siren Los Angeles 8 Steal a Cop Car ---Red Siren, Badge, Key, Tire Tread 9 Get Lucky to Doctor ---Cone, Blue Siren, Red Siren, Red Siren 10 Beverly Hills Getaway ---Badge, Badge, Stoplight, Cone New York 11 Grand Central Station ---Blue Siren, Key, Key, Key 12 Trash Granger Car ---Stoplight, Tire Tread, Red Siren, Badge 13 Stop Grangers gang (5 cars) ---Key, Badge, Badge, Cone 14 Chase down Grangers Boy ---Red Siren, Blue Siren, Red Siren, Blue Siren 15 Crosstown Race ---Tire Tread, Key, Cone, Stoplight Elude police in Survival mode Use the following steps to get a rank with a best time of up to 1 hour: Miami Drive north unt... Read More


 Power-Up Ship Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.... Read More

Pipe Dream

 Level Passwords 5 HAHA 9 GRIN 13 REAP 17 SEED 21 GROW 25 TALL 29 YALI... Read More

Cosmo Tank

 SOUND TEST On the subscreen at the beginning of the Quest Mode, simultaneously press and hold Down, A and B. While holding these, press Start. If this is done correctly, the message "Sound Test 01" will appear.... Read More

Legend of Zelda Links Awakening

 Defeat just 1! When you are going to face the Dodongo snakes,try just defeating 1, then retuurn to the screen below.When you go back to the Dodongo's place,the second one should be gone. NOTE:If it does not work for you,sorry. It worked for me! [send by:Ma1112] WEIRD WARP Pay to play the fishing game and reel in just one fish. When asked to continue, select "No." When it says "You have to have more passion," simultaneously press A, B, Start and Select for the quick-end. Select "Return to Game." You will be at the empty fishing pond. Jump in and swim off the left side of the screen (You must have Flippers). The graphics of the Raft Shop will be scrambled. Go down 1 screen to go outside and the graphics will return to normal. Note: There is no advantage in doing this code, it is just for fun. CHANGE THE MUSIC Select an empty file and enter ZELDA as your name. It must be all capital letters to work. The background music of the Player Select screen will change... Read More


   Level select Enter "PQHPBFDHJB" as a password. Game Shark Codes Note: You must have a 2.1 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes in a Game Boy Color system. Infinite Lives - 0199AEC0 Max Gobbos - 0199AFC0 Max Crystals - 0199ADC0... Read More

Pokemon Pinball

 Get Infinity Doubles: Beat one of the gyms. Then go to where you first started. Go on the PC. Click on e-mail. If you see it flashing click on it. It will give you cards. Then go to another place. Come back and it will be flashing again and blammo; infinity doubles. Moving Pokemon in Pokedex: Select basic Pokemon, then Press Start to watch an unevolved Pokemon move in the Pokedex. *Note: This trick only works when the game is played in a Game Boy Color system. Pokedex Record: Enter the Pokedex and press Select to view how many Pokemon have been obtained and seen. *Note: The ones you have seen in your Pokedex are shadows. Faster ball upgrade When the Pokeball hits the first three lights at the top, press Left to move the light. It can also be moved by pressing A. Moving Pokemon in Pokedex Select an unevolved or basic Pokemon, then press Start to watch it move in the Pokedex. Note: This trick only works when the game is played in a Game Boy Color system. Pokedex record Enter the Pokedex ... Read More

Boomers Adventure in Asmik World

 STAGE SELECT For your password, enter "ANCIENT." Change the number of the stage by pressing Up or Down. If you select a stage with a punctuation mark after the number, the stage numbers will decrease. If you select a stage that has no punctuation mark after the number, the stage numbers will increase.... Read More

Game Boy System

 In-game reset While playing a game, press A + B + Start + Select to reset most Game Boy games.... Read More

Mega Man 4

 Better Buster To get a better buster (gun), go into any level, and keep getting killed until asked to continue. Then do continue and do that again. After about the fourth time, you will go to Dr. Light's lab and you'll get a better gun (it deactivates when you turn the gameboy off). Fast Boot To skip the Dr Light sequence and get to the robot selection screen faster is to when you first start the game and you are in Dr Light's laboratory, When Dr Light starts talking, reset the game by hitting Select, Start, A, and B simultaneously. When you are back at the Title screen. select Start game and hit start. You should now be at the Robot Selection screen. Password This password gives you all weapons, B-E-A-T, W-I-L-Y, 4 Energy Tanks, 4 Weapon Tanks, a Super Tank, an Energy Balancer, and 999 P-Chips. It's hard to lose with this arsenal! --RRB- -E-RE- B---E- -BR--B... Read More

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Second Edition

 Game Shark Codes Note: You must have a 2.1 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes in a Game Boy Color system. Infinite Time - 014550C2 Always Have All Lifelines - 010014C2... Read More



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