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Gameboy Color


Puzzle Master

 Level passwords: 01: - KING 02: - FAIRY 03: - WIZARD 04: - MOUSE Unlimited tools password: CHEAT... Read More

Power Rangers Time Force

 Codes Ammo (Mini-Boss Level) 9405bbd0 Inf. Energy Blue Ranger 9214bdd4 Inf. Energy Green Ranger 9214c0d4 Inf. Energy Pink Ranger 9214bfd4 Inf. Energy Red Ranger 9214bcd4 Inf. Energy Yellow Ranger 9214bed4 Inf. Health Blue Ranger 9206b8d4 Inf. Health Green Ranger 9206bbd4 Inf. Health Pink Ranger 9204bad4 Inf. Health Red Ranger 9206b7d4 Inf. Health Yellow Ranger 9206b9d4 Infinite Health (Megazord) 943b0ed0 Infinite Lives 9109fcc5 One Hit Enemy Kills (Megazord) 94000fd0 Stop Timer 9200b4d4... Read More

Bust-A-Move Millennium Edition

 unlock Hidden mode: Press Left, Right, B, B at the title screen.... Read More

Commander Keen

 Level select Enter TSRQ PNML KJHG FDCB as a password. Unlimited lives Enter BCDF GHJK LMNP QRST as a password.... Read More

Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite

 How To Get Cappy Back To The Clubhouse You need to go to the ruins to ,ake the hamster move to the big hamster and get in the dish and he will pull you to the top and then get out and go to the left there is a pole go up the pole and there will be a family of hamsters eating a picnic make them move by telling them the weather then they will move then go in the hole and your in you need to get above 130 points. submitted by: Kendra Where spats weakest spot in his robot Well when you do hamscope you hit him in the mouth first when i tryed it took like 3 hour or pretty much a day but i restarded it and it took me not even a minute os i beet the whole game if u have any questions yoyu can ask at submitted by: Amanda Bolero song: Go to the Ruins and Tack-Q the clock twice. A hamster will appear and do ballet. Keep saying Clap-Clap to get the song. Young 'n' Wild song: Go to the Sunflower market and help the hamster stuck between the two boxes with Tuggie. He will ... Read More

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3

 Airport: Startle security Do a grind on all of security trucks. Airport: Hidden tape Go up the ramp at the beginning (not the one behind you), turn up once, and jump over it. There should be a rail. Grind it until you see the tape above you. Then, do a long grind and a 360 Ollie off the rail. Rio: Bring on the music Grind on all of the speakers Canada: Summon the ships When you start, turn twice until you get to the big piece of wood on the floor. Get enough speed, hold A, and just before you get to the top of the quarterpipe, release A. You should go forward instead of jumping. Do a grind on the bell and the ships will arrive. Foundry: Hidden tape Go to the last ramp when you first start. Go all the way over to the left and get big air. You can grind a silver rail and jump off. The tape will be located there. Do a 50-50 Grind to get down. Foundry: Light the furnace Go to the end of the ramp and go right. Turn right again on the second ramp. Head for the ramp and go to the top. When yo... Read More

Asterix: Search For Dogmatix

 Level Passwords 02: CQPSJ 03: MLSPS 04: RSFMS 05: TPPGN... Read More

ECW Hardcore Revolution

 Raven Password Status QCHMHHFG 1 win SFKPKKCJ 3 wins MGBQBBJC 4 wins LHCACCKB 5 wins PJDSDDGF 6 wins NKFHFHD 7 wins HLQBQQNA 8 wins GMACAAPQ 9 wins KNSDSSLT 10 wins and TV Title JPTFTTMS 11 wins and TV Title CQLGLLSM 12 wins and TV Title BRMHMMTL 13 wins and TV Title FSNJNNQP 14 wins and TV Title DTPKPPRN 15 wins and TV Title RLGLGGDH 16 wins and TV Title QMHMHHFG 17 wins and TV Title... Read More

Chicken Run

 Press Down the indicated number of times to change each of the four medals. Invisibility: Medal 1 - 6 times Medal 2 - 0 times Medal 3 - 4 times Medal 4 - 2 times Level skip: Pause, then press Select to skip the level Medal 1 - 4 times Medal 2 - 2 times Medal 3 - 0 times Medal 4 - 3 times Unlimited Time: Medal 1 - 7 times Medal 2 - 4 times Medal 3 - 1 time Medal 4 - 6 times... Read More

Survival Kids

 Alternate title screen Note: This game is also titled Stranded Kids. Successfully complete the game and answer "Yes" to start a second round. The title screen will have a new background.... Read More

Smurfs Nightmare

 Level Passwords Lvl. 2 Brainy, Handy, Shy Lvl. 3 Astronaut, Shy, Brainy Lvl. 4 Shy, Baker, Handy... Read More


 cheats: Venom H4BBC Venom defeated GVCBF Venom and Lizard Man defeated QVCLF Lab G-FGN Final S8KR6 Unlock bonus level: First, defeat Lizard. Then go back to Downtown, take a left at the Daily Bugle. On the pipe, press Down + A.... Read More

Kettou Beast Wars

 Debug mode Highlight the "Sound Test" selection at the options menu, the hold Left and press A. A "Soft DIP" section will appear, allowing you to set a virtual DIP switch by turning 0s to 1s.... Read More

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

 Level Password 2 DLT3QYBY 3 GPLDMSRC 4 MMCFGWXJ 5 BGQTVKJP 6 RTJBWN43... Read More

Top Gear Pocket

 All cars and tracks Enter YQX-%Z as a password. Better cornering Hold Up and repeatedly tap A, B during the turns. Type-AR and Type-MN cars and Pole course Enter YQX+%Y as a password.... Read More

Bust-A-Move 4

 Bonus levels: Press A, Left, Right, Left, A at the "Press Start" screen. Hidden characters: Press Up, Down, Left, left, Right, Up, A, B, B, A at the main menu.... Read More

Quest For Camelot

 Full hearts Obtain at least thirty jewels. When down to your last heart, save the game, then restart and load that saved game. Your hearts will be restored to full. More money and energy Use the shovel to dig at every location to increase your money and energy. Defeating Bosses Maneuver a Boss against a wall, then keep hitting it with your sword. Print intermission scenes Press Select during an intermission scene to print it on a Game Boy Printer.... Read More

Matchbox Caterpillar Construction

 Level select password: BG6S... Read More

Card Hero Trading And Battle

 Display game ID Press Select button at the "jouhou" status screen.... Read More

Ganbare Goemon: Hoshizorashi Dynamites Arawaru!!

 Replay mode Successfully complete the game, then start a new game to select any level for replay. You can also replay any of the mini-games by paying a fortune teller.... Read More



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