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Gameboy Color


The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons

 Super passwords: Enter the following password into a new file under the "Secrets" selection. Your name will be Link, and it will be just like a brand new file of a Seasons "Linked" file, except this password will not have the Bipin and Blossom kid as a teen because he does not have a name. Your sword is already with you at the start screen. t b Heart f b Y Left Arrow t D Club Square Circle N ( ! y $ s ~ 3 Enter the following password into a new file under the "Secrets" selection. A Triforce will be next to Link at the main screen. You will start with the Victory Ring (Triforce Ring) showing you beat Ganon. t b Heart S b $ g s Square / Square f 4 ( ! Y $ ? ~ 7 100th Ring This Ring shows that Vasu has appraised 100 rings. Buzz Blob comments Use a Mystery Seed on a Buzz Blob (the enemy that shocks you if attacked with the sword) and he will turn into a Cukemon. If you paralyze him with the boomerang, he will say funny things to you. Change an enemy Find one of the green cactus-like enemie... Read More

Harvest Moon 2

 Hint: ez money when fishing To get easy money all u need is the fishing rod, a bridge, a horse, a saddle for the horse and some lumber. When u get the bridge put wood around the bridge to its like a fence and when u go fishing bring ur horse on the bridge, so when u catch a fish just put it in the saddle of the horse, and the fence is there so the horse cant get away and u dont have do go running after him do put the fish in, ive been making 3000 dollars a day with this. Note: Dont put rocks to block the horse cuz u cant jump over rocks but u can jump over the fence. submitted by: Chris C 1000 gold Move next to your dresser near your bed, then press A. Always have a sunny day Note: This trick works only if you have not obtained all the building extensions. Go to the builder, and ask him to build something. The next day will always be sunny, no matter what weather forecast appeared on the television. Get a cow: I have an easy way to get a cow. They are your money makers. Plant grass all... Read More


 Boy Level 1 F+51 Level 2 3DTS Level 3 F80W Level 4 9N87 Level 5 WX-0 Level 6 1-SN Level 7 H1WR Level 8 C2VX Level 9 1-KS Level 10 GTCP Level 11 X9M- Level 12 8Q63 Level 13 8NRR Level 14 1KK2 Level 15 -07L Level 16 VTGT Level 17 ZHNK Level 18 X3FB Girl Level 1 KN4K Level 2 1-QB Level 3 GND9 Level 4 JV-B Level 5 CR73 Level 6 RPD9 Level 7 JNTX Level 8 F-T- Level 9 3BWX Level 10 DS+Q Level 11 TB81 Level 12 7R+D Level 13 59GN Level 14 R4PX Level 15 9NWN Level 16 92B0 Level 17 5SNC Level 18 N0-3... Read More

Oddworld Adventures

 Level Passwords 2-0: JCBCM 2-1: JMBCC 2-2: JMCCB 2-3: JPCCD 2-4: JTCCJ 2-5: STCCS 2-6: SBCCT 2-7: TBFCQ 3-1: TBKCL 3-2: TBTCB 3-3: TBTDC 3-4: TBTGF End: TBTBT... Read More

Black Bass Lure Fishing

 Level 2 Enter K as each character of the password.... Read More


 Enter the codes at the Armies/Check Code screen: Level select NQCFFY Beast ending VGLYDWRVS Human ending LVCKQVYYN Goblin Poker GQBLYNPQKR Puzzle mini-game SLYDRS View credits WRYTRS... Read More

Mario Tennis

 Walk faster Hold B while walking. Castle Court Play Luigi's Shooting Star mini-game and win both levels. When you get to the third level, beat the high score of 60. You can now play on the Castle Court in linked play and exhibition modes. Wario Warehouse court Defeat all the Mario characters in exhibition mode, including the Nintendo 64 characters. Tropics Court Play Baby Mario's Target Shot mini-game and win both levels. When you get to the third level, beat the high score of 60. You can now play on the Tropics Court in linked play and exhibition modes. Nintendo 64 characters Use the Transfer Pak with the Nintendo 64 version of Mario Tennis. Select "Transfer" at the main menu, then select "Game Pak Check". After it checks, an icon that says "Transfer N64 Characters" will appear. This will allow you to play as Bowser, Waluigi, Wario, and Yoshi. Silver and Gold Rackets Make sure you have the Iron Racket equipped, then go to the training courts. Go up to the lake and follow it until you ... Read More


 Level - Helicopter - Jeep 1 - RPBR - SPBR 2 - SHPT - HFBT 3 - LJFF - CLBW 4 - LPNG - FJRF 5 - BJMS - PLBN... Read More

Portal Runner

 Level Passwords Level 2 NBNT Level 3 FDRD Level 4 NVJV Level 5 NBRD Level 6 PDTG Level 7 NTGT Level 8 NBGL Level 9 PDJP Level 10 NVJC Level 11 TJDH Level 12 VLGL Level 13 TJGL Level 14 VLJP Level 15 NTJV Level 16 NTTG Level 17 PBRD Level 18 TCVJ Level 19 VJDG Level 20 TGCF Level 21 NVLC Level 22 TGCG Level 23 VJGL Level 24 PBDP Level 25 NBDG Level 26 PDGK Level 27 PBGR Level 28 TGKR Level 29 VJNV Level 30 TCMT Level 31 VJRF Level 32 PCHS Level 33 TGMC Level 34 VJRJ Level 35 TGKB Level 36 NTRJ End PDND... Read More

Speedy Gonzales: Aztec Adventure

 Level Passwords Lvl. 2 6483 Lvl. 3 2397 Lvl. 4 9853 Lvl. 5 5629 Lvl. 6 5141... Read More

Sabrina 2

 Level Passwords sabrina, sabrina, salem the cat, jem - get level 1-2 sabrina, salem the cat, salem the cat, red head boy - get level 1-3 sabrina, harvey, salem the cat, harvey - get level 1-4 salem the cat, cloey, sabrina, salem the cat - get level 2-1 harvey, salem the cat, red head boy, red head boy - get level 2-2 harvey, harvey, red head boy, sabrina - get level 2-3 harvey, cloey, red head boy, salem the cat - get level 2-4 cloey, jem, jem, harvey - get level 3-1 jem, harvey, cloey, sabrina - get level 3-2 jem, cloey, cloey, salem the cat - get level 3-3 jem, jem, cloey, salem the cat - get level 3-4 red head boy, red head boy, harvey, cloey - get level 4-1 sabrina, cloey, jem, salem the cat - get level 4-2 sabrina, jem, jem, harvey - get level 4-3 sabrina, red head boy, jem, cloey - get level 4-4... Read More

Road Rash

 Super passwords Enter =7159**0 as a password for $47,250 in cash and trade in value under bike shop mode within the first level, first bike, and after completing the first race. Note: The most expensive bike in the game is $38,000. Enter D7159**0 as a password for the maximum money.... Read More

Heroes Of Might And Magic

 Random magic spells: Enter a battle and cast a spell. Press B at the targeting screen to cancel the spell. A new random spell will now be available at the end of the spellbook. Note: Do not use the "Teleport" spell if it appears, as it will crash the game.... Read More

Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors

 Gokule(Goku + Hercule Fused) Don't unlock Vegito until the third round of story mode. If you have, then start a new game, and play through it twice unlocking everyone except Vegito, Hercule, Android 17 and Android 18. Then on the third round unlock all of these characters. Then on the fourth round of story mode, when you play against Buu-Gohan, kill him with Hercule. Then against Kid Buu kill him with Vegeta normal. Then in Battle mode, with Android 18, restart the gameboy until Android 17 comes up in Battle Mode. Kill him and then finally, Gokule will be unlocked. submitted by: fa146 Hercule: Unlock all characters in the game, then when you are in Story 22, win the fight versus Trunks with the Ginyu Force (once with Guldo, once with Recoome, once with Burter, once with Jeice and once with both Ginyu forms). Hercule will now be unlocked. Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Super Saiyan 2 T The first time once you get Gohan back on Earth. Beat Buu as Super Saiyan Gohan. When it's over he will be a ... Read More


 Unlock Klax myth Square, Pillar, Diamond, Green alien Unlock Klax history Yellow alien, Pillar, Pillar, Green alien View credits Pillar, Yellow alien, Diamond, Diamond Unlock Snake mini-game Circle, Diamond, Square, Green alien Unlock Furd Herder mini-game Green alien, Green alien, Square, Green alien View programmers pic Green alien, Green alien, Circle, Square Level passwords: 01 Yellow Alien, Pillar, Pillar, Circle 06 Circle, Yellow Alien, Square, Yellow Alien 11 Yellow Alien, Yellow Alien, Square, Green Alien 16 Diamond, Yellow Alien, Green Alien, Diamond 21 Diamond, Square, Diamond, Green Alien 26 Pillar, Yellow Alien, Square, Pillar 31 Green Alien, Circle, Pillar, Pillar 36 Circle, Circle, Yellow Alien, Yellow Alien 41 Pillar, Diamond, Diamond, Circle 46 Yellow Alien, Diamond, Circle, Pillar 51 Square, Diamond, Yellow Alien, Square 56 Pillar, Square, Square, Yellow Alien 61 Circle, Square, Circle, Green Alien 66 Circle, Diamond, Diamond, Green Alien 71 Circle, Square, Square, Pil... Read More

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

 Level Passwords 02: BBVBB 03: CVVBB 04: XBVBB 05: YVVBB 06: GBVBB 07: HVVBB 08: 3BVBB 09: 4VVBB 10: LBVBB 11: MVVBB 12: 7BVBB 13: 8VVBB... Read More

Evel Knievel

 10 lives: On the Title screen, go to the option screen. Go to lives. When you click on 10 lives, it will say it won't be avaliable but it is anyway.... Read More

Austin Powers: Oh Behave!

 Fun messages: Enter on of these words at the FAB-DOS emulator: SHAG SHAGADELIC HORNY RANDY BABY... Read More

Xtreme Sports

 Cheat Mode: At the title screen, press Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Select, Select, Select, Select, Select. View ending: Enter 'staff' as name. You can find the ending sequence at the snack shop. Close-up When the title screen comes up, press left 5, up 5, right 5, down 5, and select 5 times. Go to test image. Whoever you have for a character will come up in a close-up version.... Read More

Rampage 2: Universal Tour

 Bonus charcter passwords: George: SM14N1230 Lizzie: S4VRS4560 Myukus: N0T3T3210 Ralph: LVPVS7890 Alien 1: B1G4L3210 Alien 2: SRY3D3210... Read More



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