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Gameboy Color


Star Wars Episode I: Racer

 Faster racer: Enter your name as ANAKIN.... Read More

Austin Powers: Welcome To My Underground Lair

 Fun messages: Enter on of these words at the FAB-DOS emulator: EVIL LASER BIGGLESWORTH MOJO Mini-Me in Space wallpaper Enter OIL RING in the EVIL-DOS emulator. A message will confirm correct code entry. Alpha-Dog wallpaper Enter SWALLOW in the EVIL-DOS emulator. A message will confirm correct code entry. Springer Evil wallpaper Enter ELVIS in the EVIL-DOS emulator. A message will confirm correct code entry. Mini-Me Hands wallpaper Enter DRIVING in the EVIL-DOS emulator. A message will confirm correct code entry. Evil-Stein wallpaper Enter TASTY FEMBOT in the EVIL-DOS emulator. A message will confirm correct code entry. Moving Logos screen saver Enter GRACE in the EVIL-DOS emulator. A message will confirm correct code entry. Evil And Mini-Me wallpaper Enter BANGERS in the EVIL-DOS emulator. A message will confirm correct code entry. Mini-Me Hehe sound Enter MINI LAUGH in the EVIL-DOS emulator. A message will confirm correct code entry. Evil CCTV wallpaper Enter IVANA YUM in the EVIL-DOS... Read More

Wendy: Every Witch Way

 50% complete: Enter STAR, SQUARE, SQUARE, STAR as a password. 100% complete: Enter PLUS, MINUS, PLUS, MINUS as a password.... Read More

Little Nicky

 Far Better Place: Evil Ray, Evil Ray, Inner Light, Possession Revolution Anyone: Fly High, Fly High, Suminrock, Evil Ray... Read More

Carrot Crazy

 Stage skip Enter Taz, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck as a password. Press Start to pause game play, then press Select. Press A on this new screen to advance to the next stage. Easy difficulty passwords Name Level Treasure Island 1 Crazy Town 2 Space Station 4 Hard difficulty passwords Name Level Crazy Town 2 Space Station 4... Read More

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

 Unlimited Ammo ZXLCPMZ Unlimited Lives FJVHDCK Level skip XCDSDFS Lvl 2, Easy SDFLMSF Lvl 3, Easy DVLFDZM Lvl 4, Easy VFDSGPD Lvl 5, Easy CSDJKFD Lvl 2, Medium VLXCZVF Lvl 3, Medium DPSDCVX Lvl 4, Medium ZMGFSCM Lvl 5, Medium HWKLFYS Lvl 2, Hard CJSDPSF Lvl 3, Hard CMSDKCD Lvl 4, Hard SPFPWLD Lvl 5, Hard TPDFQGB... Read More

Maya the Bee

 Level Passwords 2-1: CBTHPM 3-1: MDGKMQ 4-1: GMQTCK 5-1: NLBRTC 6-1: FBLHCH 7-1: PFPQFM 8-1: LHHDBT 9-1: QTTCSN... Read More

Grand Theft Auto 2

 Level 2 Password: YZ0MCBDJMHR YCZYC0KV63R... Read More

Powerpuff Girls: Bad Mojo Jojo

 Enter the codes at the "Enter Secrets" screen: GIRLPOWER Unlimited Super Attack CHEMICALX Unlock Buttercup EBWORLD Power-up BROCCOLOID Mayor graphics and super attack TOWNSVILLE Powerpuff Girls suburban home trading card ROACHCOACH Roach Coach trading card SEDUSA Sedusa trading card BOOGIEMAN Bubbles graphics and super attack DOGMODE Unlimited Lives IGOTWINGS Unlimited Flight BENSNAILS Butch Graphic USESNIPS Boomer Graphic TAILSRULE Brick Graphic DUSTBOOMER Secret Boomer Level GOGETBUTCH Secret Butch Level RICHARDKIM Secret Pictures BILLSGIRLS Secret Pictures... Read More

Shrek: Fairy Tale FreakDown

 All characters: Enter VGHVGTVRQ or LDHCJMSXG as a password. Play as Gingerbread Man: Enter TFGKWLSJJ as a password. Play as Dragon: Enter VLLZSYYZK as a password. Mirror Room: Enter BFLZSYZPX as a password. World Champ: Enter VLVDGTXMW as a password. Level passwords: Village (as Thelonius) LRSVGTLXM Dungeon (as Thelonius) YFSVGTLXK Village (as Shrek) SMHTVKCQR Dungeon (as Shrek) TQDFNHGGM Swamp (as Shrek) TFGKWLSJJ Dark Forest (as Shrek) KDNBQGKVY Bridge (as Shrek) KWJPYXCQC Castle (as Shrek) YNNHLBMBY... Read More

Yoda Stories

 Lvl. 2 XKJ Lvl. 3 GJP Lvl. 4 TDM Lvl. 5 WTM Lvl. 6 ZBV Lvl. 7 QTC Lvl. 8 TGR Lvl. 9 VDP Lvl. 10 BFG Lvl. 11 FNP Lvl. 12 STJ Lvl. 13 FTG Lvl. 14 BLP Lvl. 15 YSF... Read More

Army Men: Air Combat

 Level Passwords 02: Box, Cross, Box, Box 03: Rocket, Rocket, Rocket, Cross 04: Patch, Rocket, Box, Box 05: Cross, Patch, Cross, Rocket 06: Helmet, Rocket, Patch, Helmet 07: Box, Cross, Rocket, Cross 08: Rocket, Patch, Cross, Helmet 09: Patch, Patch, Rocket, Rocket 10: Cross, Helmet, Cross, Helmet 11: Helmet, Patch, Cross, Helmet 12: Box, Cross, Patch, Patch 13: Rocket, Cross, Helmet, Helmet 14: Patch, Cross, Box, Patch 15: Cross, Box, Patch, Helmet 16: Helmet, Cross, Rocket, Patch... Read More

Worms Armageddon

 Level Passwords Jungle Pink worm, Banana bomb, Skeletal worm, Pink worm Cheese Pink worm, Banana bomb, Blue worm, Dynamite Medical Skeletal worm, Blue worm, Banana bomb, Banana bomb Desert Red worm, Pink worm, Skeletal worm, Blue worm Tools Banana bomb, Pink worm, Pink worm, Blue worm Egypt Skeletal worm, Pink worm, Red worm, Banana worm Hell Pink worm, Blue worm, Red worm, Dynamite Treehut Red worm, Skeletal worm, Dynamite, Blue worm Garden Banana bomb, Red worm, Skeletal worm, Dynamite Snow Dynamite, Pink worm, Blue worm, Blue worm Constyrd Pink worm, Pink worm, Banana bomb, Banana bomb Pirate Dynamite, Blue worm, Dynamite, Skeletal worm Fruit Skeletal worm, Red worm, Banana bomb, Skeletal worm Alien Dynamite, Blue worm, Red worm, Red worm Circuit Red worm, Dynamite, Dynamite, Dynamite Medieval Blue worm, Dynamite, Skeletal worm, Blue worm... Read More

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters 2

 Card passwords Enter the password to get the corresponding card. Password Card 89631139 Blue Eyes White Dragon 13723605 Man-eating Treasure Chest 46474915 Magical Ghost 49218300 Sorcerer Of The Doomed 46986414 Dark Magician 66788016 Fissure 41218256 Claw Reacher 33396948 Exodia (Head) 48365709 Ansatsu 54652250 Man-eating Bug 13039848 Giant Soldier of Stone 12607053 Waboku 15025844 Mystical Elf 28279543 Curse of Dragon 91152256 Celtic Guardian 877969 Winged Dragon 50930991 Neo The Magic Swordsman 66672569 Dragon Zombie 36304921 Witty Phantom 83764718 Monster Reborn 13429800 Great White 70781052 Summoned Skull 40374923 Mammoth Graveyard 17814387 Reinforcements 04206964 Trap Hole 91595718 Book Of Secret Arts 93221206 Ancient Elf 32452818 Beaver Warrior 87557188 The Stern Mystic 47060154 Mystic Clown 86325596 Baron Of The Fiend Sword 04031928 Change Of Heart 16972957 Doma The Angel Of Silence 72892473 Card Destruction 90357090 Silver Fang 41392891 Feral Imp 06368038 Gaia 68005187 Soul Exch... Read More

Space Invaders

 Classic mode Enter "CLSS1281999DBM" as a password. Venus - RTJNPBKCX2RJPW Earth - WWYXTC2NQW79VY Mars - ?WZ4VCLN4W81V? Jupiter - RSSN3QJ78?GJMC Saturn - WSPZMSO8N?H8NF Uranus - CV1?QWKGJ3X8R5 Neptune - HV27RW1GN3YOR7 Pluto - MV7HRCLHS3ZSR9 Invader Home - RV8RRC2HX3?RJC Classic mode - CLSS1281999DBM... Read More

Force 21

 Level Passwords 02: LXCR 03: LSGY 04: DUSM... Read More

Pokemon Pinball

 Unlimited balls To keep your ball from dropping, repeatedly tilt the table as the ball starts to fall down the hole. If done correctly, the ball should pop back out. Easy 10 million point bonus Upgrade your Pokeball all the way to a Masterball by turning on all the lights on the top half of a board. Then, try to upgrade it one more time. This is much easier than having to evolve a Pokemon with a star next to its name.Easy points Go to options, then enter the Key Config. section. Set all of the controls (Left Flipper, Ball Start, Right Tilt) except "Menu" to A (or any other preferred button), then start playing. Finding rare Pokemon On the third ball, light up all the "GET" lights and enter the hole. This will increase the chance that rare Pokemon will appear. Great, Ultra, and Master Balls To get a Great, Ultra, or a Master ball, light up the three lights at the top of either table. You do this by touching the small rectangles directly under the lights. The lights can be moved by press... Read More

Star Wars: Yoda Stories

 Level Password 2 XKJ 3 GJP 4 TDM 5 WTM 6 ZBV 7 QTC 8 TGR 9 VDP 10 BFG 11 FNP 12 STJ 13 FTG 14 BLP 15 YSF Invincibility: Press B, A, Left, Right, A at the title screen, then start a new game. Level select: Press Up(2), B, Down, A at the title screen, then start a new game.... Read More


 Level Passwords 02: K6T@1 03: 1QT@@ 04: KQYXY 05: 1@FVQ 06: K@FVP 07: @JFV4 08: KJFZR 09: 16TJV... Read More

Tomb Raider

 Enter the codes at the title screen. Breaking Lara's bones A, A, B, A, A, A, A Blow up Lara A, B, B, A, A, B, A, A Lara and Winston at the mansion A, A, B, B, A, B, B, B, A... Read More



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