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Rampage World Tour

 2-Player link option: Hold select and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up at the options menu. Play as Tiny: Die as Ralph, then press Select, A, B, B, Up, Down, Right, Left. Float in mid-air Hit a neon sign just as the building that your monster is standing on begins to collapse. If the building falls down while your monster is still being shocked, it will remain in mid-air.... Read More

Game And Watch Gallery 2

 Museum Earn 10 stars during game play. This also will allow the music room to be accessed. Donkey Kong Jr. Earn 50 stars during game play. Spit Ball Sparky mini-game Earn 80 stars during game play. Classic Ball mini-game Earn 10 stars during game play. Note: A star is awarded for every 200 points in a game. Toggle music Press Select at the mode selection screen. A musical note will appear when music is enabled. Note: Music only is played in modern mode games. View credits Earn 50 stars during game play. After the credits appear once they can be displayed again by holding Down and pressing A at the gallery screen. Bowser Ball mini-game Earn 100 stars during game play. Green House Earn 30 stars during game play. Avoid misses Press A and B to move around easier and to avoid more misses. Modern Ball mini-game Earn 25 stars during game play. Wario Ball mini-game Earn 45 stars during game play. Rain shower Earn 70 stars during game play. Star mode Earn 1,000 points in modern mode to unlock S... Read More

Return of the Ninja

 Level Select: Enter 2PQQ651 4P43ZQZ 0ZSD as a password. See the ending: Enter 5TKWFDT 7VFY0M1 H1NT as a password.... Read More

Motocross Maniacs 2

 Pick up hitchhikers Do back flips off certain ramps in any level to pick up hitchhikers on skateboards. Once you crash, you will lose your hitchhiker(s).... Read More

Dance Dance Revolution GB

 Hidden modes Press Select on the "Select Game Mode" screen to display more options.... Read More

Top Gear Rally

 Passwords All cars & gold trophies YQX-%Z All cars & courses YQXW-H Type-AR, Type-MN cars & Pole course YQX+%Y... Read More

Puzzle Bobble 4

 Hidden levels Press A, Left, Right, Left, A when "Push Start" appears at the title screen. A game character will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen to confirm correct code entry. Hidden characters Note: This game is also titled Puzzle Bobble 4. Press Up, Down, Left(2), Right, Up, A, B(2), A at the main menu.... Read More

Dragon Warrior 3

 All spells To get almost all spells, keep changing everyone to a different class and fight around Gondo to level up. For example, change to Dealer, then Thief, then Jester, then Sage. Zenith After you defeat Zoma and you have the title as Loto, go to the Queen Dragon's Castle. Go all the way to the north where the elf is locatedand stand in the beam. Note: You should be at least level 45. Better characters When you are getting your allies, do not get the ones that are pre-made for you. Instead, go upstairs and make a warrior, a mage, and a cleric. For the Warrior, use three Str seeds and two Vit seeds. For the Mage, use three Int seeds and two Str seeds. For the cleric, use three Wis seeds and use two Int seeds to increase your mana. Defeating Lord Baramos When you first come in contact with Lord Baramos, immediately cast Stopspell or he will hit you with Explodet and Blaze Most. Then, have one person that knows spells use Twin Hits on your two best fighters. Then, have that same perso... Read More

Mega Man Extreme 2

 Fourth Guardian stage: Zero's part After you get the Ride-In armor, drop down and go to the left. Hop out after you have gone the farthest you can. Use the lightning attack to break down the blocks to find the capsue. Get Laser Enhancer for X without getting his head part If you want to get everything but the head part for X (you do not need to get the head part), you need to have the machine which enables you to switch between X and Zero. With X, jump, then jump again on the side of the blocks that break. While you are on the side still jumping, switch to Zero. Zero must have his head part in order for this to work. Start jumping and crushing the blocks with Zero, then change to X and get the Arm Enhancer.. This useful because when you get fourth armor, you can only hold two parts. However, if you have every piece of armor except the head, you can still hold four parts. The head is only useful for getting the arm enhancer. It is much easier to defeat Bosses holding four parts. Xtreme ... Read More

Tom And Jerry In Mouse Attacks!

 Level Passwords Lvl. 2 Mouse, Mouse, Cat - Mouse, Cat, Dog - Duck, Cat, Mouse Lvl. 3 Cat, Duck, Cat - Mouse, Mouse, Mouse - Duck, Dog, Cat Lvl. 4 Duck, Duck, Cat - Mouse, Cat, Mouse - Duck, Dog, Dog Lvl. 5 Dog, Dog, Cat - Mouse, Dog, Dog - Duck, Cat, Mouse... Read More

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver

 Unlock all cars and tracks: Press Down, Left, Up, A, Down, Right as a password.... Read More

Sabrina -The Animated Series: Zapped

 Open Level Select Menu: At the password screen, enter the boy with brown hair, the dark-skinned girl, the black-haired girl and the boy with a red crew-cut. Open Music Menu: At the password screen, enter the cat, the blond-haired girl with a pink bow, the black-haired girl and the Cat.... Read More

Bomberman Pocket

 Level Passwords 1-5: 1893 2-5: 8649 3-5: 8146 4-5: 9156 5-5: 3752... Read More

Road Champs BSX Stunt Biking

 Passwords Unlock all modes QGF7 Cheat mode PG7. Training 1 completed TH0D Training 2 completed THBH Training 3 completed SH6K Training 4 completed SHJN Training 5 completed SHWQ... Read More

Bionic Commando

 Exit level Note: This is the Game Boy Color game, not to be confused with the classic Bionic Commando. Hold Select and press A + B during game play. Unlimited lives A map screen will appear between levels. Move your character around until you run into an enemy unit. Battle the unit until you defeat the tank at the end. After you destroy the tank, an extra life icon will appear. Collect it and exit the level. You can repeat this until you have a total of eight lives.... Read More

Crazy Castle 3

 Final level password: 6JX*GL... Read More

Rugrats: Time Travellers

 Level Passwords Lvl. 1 PVCJFJFR Lvl. 2 BVBYMJLK Lvl. 3 TPJCKLFS Lvl. 4 TQYCLQWN Lvl. 5 DJDJ*STW Lvl. 6 DJVPFRSS Lvl. 7 SPJKFDQG Lvl. 8 FLWFFJFS Lvl. 9 SVNDPJTS Lvl. 10 PHJL*LJL Lvl. 11 CQQKJFSS Lvl. 12 CRVWLJNG Lvl. 13 PLVYPFNS Lvl. 14 TQYBQXFS Lvl. 15 TRVJNAFT... Read More

Rockman X2: Soul Eraser

 Flame Mammoth stage: Mega Man X's arm upgrade There is a point in the level where you approach a pit from the left. On the right is a health restore. Go down the pit and walk a little farther to see some blocks. Using the leg and helmet upgrades, break them to find the capsule. Xtreme mode Note: This game is also titled Rockman X2: Soul Eraser. Successfully complete the game with either Zero or X. Iris will talk to you and the game will end. When you load that saved game, you will be in Xtreme Mode. Xtreme Mode will also be one of the options in the mission selection screen. In Xtreme Mode, you start with both X and Zero and can go to any of the levels. You can get different weapons if you defeat one of X's Bosses with Zero and vice versa. Flame Mammoth stage: Easy Souls for Parts As X, go onto the conveyor belt and kill the laser robot or the trashed robot for easy Souls. It is possible to do it with Zero, but you must start a regular game, get the X/Zero switch, and use that there or... Read More

Donkey Kong Country

 Expert mode Get an 81% or higher completion by completing all levels (including bonus levlels) and getting all the coins at Candy's. Enter the options menu and turn off the DK barrels. This will allow you to increase your percentage by playing the game again at a harder difficulty. Gorilla Glacier: Secret transporter Enter the Slipslide ride. When in the level, walk along until you find a kind of pointy object or a rope. Wait for the creature to appear and jump on it to get the height needed to grab the rope. When on the rope jump off to find a barrel. Throw it against the wall and go inside. Spell "Kong" and get an extra life. When finished are outside the cave, jump to find a secret transporter which transports you half way through the level. Hidden sticker packs Hidden sticker packs are found under, near, or around green banana bunches. To obtain these hidden treasures, find a green banana bunch, and use Donkey Kong to slam the ground (hold Down and press B). You should see a tiny r... Read More



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