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Gameboy Color


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

 All weapons DLVTRKBWPS Fly mode DLVTRKBBRD (hold Select, press A Level skip DLVTRKBLVL (pause, press A+B Infinite energy DLVTRKBNRG Infinite lives DLVTRKBLVS Lvl. 2, Easy: DVYLWKVYYZ Lvl. 3, Easy: GRYLWKWVVN Lvl. 4, Easy: DRYLSRWVVZ Lvl. 5, Easy: GVZLSRSQVV Lvl. 6, Easy: DVZLBVSQQT Lvl. 7, Easy: GRZLBVBQQQ Lvl. 8, Easy: DRZLBVBQQT Lvl. 9, Easy: GVYNBVBQWC Lvl. 2, Medium: QVYLWKVYYC Lvl. 3, Medium: TRYLWKWVYY Lvl. 4, Medium: QRYLSRWVPT Lvl. 5, Medium: TRZLSRSQPS Lvl. 6, Medium: QVZLBVSQVN Lvl. 7, Medium: TRZLBVBQVL Lvl. 8, Medium: QRZLBVBQVN Lvl. 9, Medium: TVYNBVBQQD Lvl. 2, Hard: DLTLWKVYYC Lvl. 3, Hard: GNYLWKWVPP Lvl. 4, Hard: DNYLSRWVPT Lvl. 5, Hard: GLZLSRSVPW Lvl. 6, Hard: DLZLBVSVVB Lvl. 7, Hard: GNZLBVBQVL Lvl. 8, Hard: DNZLBVBQVN Lvl. 9, Hard: GLYNBVBQQD... Read More


 Level Passwords 01: STR 02: HNM 03: KST 04: TRT 05: MYX 06: KHL 07: RTS 08: SKB 09: HNT 10: SRY 11: YSK 12: RCF 13: HSM 14: PWW 15: MTN 16: TKY 17: RGH 18: TNS 19: YKM 20: MWS 21: KTY 22: TYK 23: SMM 24: NFL 25: SRT 26: KKT 27: MDD 28: CWD 29: DRC 30: WHT 31: FLT 32: SKM 33: QTN 34: SMN 35: TGR 36: WKR 37: YYP 38: SLS 39: THD 40: RMN 41: CNK 42: FRB 43: MLR 44: FRP 45: SDB 46: BQJ 47: VSM 48: RDY 49: XPL 50: WLC 51: TMF 52: QNS 53: GWR 54: PLT 55: KRW 56: HRC 57: RPN 58: CNT 59: BTT 60: TMP 61: MNS 62: SWD 63: LDM 64: YST 65: QTM 66: BRP 67: MRS 68: PPS 69: SWT 70: WTM 71: FST 72: SLW 73: XWF 74: RGJ 75: SNC 76: BKP 77: CRN 78: XNT 79: RNT 80: BSK 81: JWK 82: GSN 83: MMT 84: DNK 85: HPN 86: DCR 87: BNS 88: SDC 89: MRH 90: BTF 91: NSM 92: QYZ 93: KTT 94: FGS 95: RRC 96: YLW 97: PNN 98: SPR 99: CHB 100: LST... Read More

102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue

 02: Dice, Bone, Bone, Dice 03: Dice, Key, Bone, Machine 04: Dice, Bone, Food Bowl, Toy 05: Bone, Dice, Dog, Bone 06: Bone, Dice, Machine, Food Bowl 07: Bone, Bone, Paw, Dog 08: Bone, Bone, Paw, Toy 09: Bone, Toy, Key, Bone 10: Bone, Toy, Key, Dice 11: Bone, Toy, Bone, Machine 12: Bone, Machine, Dice, Toy 13: Bone, Machine, Toy, Key 14: Bone, Toy, Paw, Food Bowl 15: Bone, Toy, Toy, Machine 16: Bone, Paw, Toy, Toy 17: Toy, Bone, Key, Bone Extra level 1: Machine, Dice, Dice, Dice Extra level 2: Machine, Dice, Dice, Machine... Read More


 Level Passwords Level 2 M1A1, W, K, 3, Y Level 3 R, W, H, M1A1, Z Level 4 R, M1A1, K, X, S Level 5 7, W, M1A1, L, W Level 6 8, Moto, J, 5, 9 Level 7 7, Moto, G, H, 4 Level 8 K, Moto, 9, N, 8 Level 9 Moto, V, R, Moto, F Level 10 X, Z, Q, M, T Level 12 V, Z, Q, N, L Level 13 C, Z, 9, R, 9 Level 14 F, Z, S, V, 5 Level 15 D, X, 6, Z, 6... Read More

Tetris DX

 In-game reset: While playing, press Start + Select + A + B. Continue game play Press Start to pause game play in single player mode, then turn off the Game Boy. A continue screen will appear when the Game Boy is turned on again. Screensaver Remain idle at the main menu for about 20 seconds. A demo game will begin. Press [A] and remain idle for another 20 seconds. Fish will appear. If you repeat these steps, flying triangles will appear. Expert mode Press Start to pause game play, then press [Selec. The preview window will not show the next piece when game play resumes. Reverse movement Hold Left or Right while any piece except a straight bar or block is descending until it is against the wall. Then, keep holding [Lef or [Righ and rapidly tap [A]. Alternate screens Allow the game to remain at the main screen until demonstration mode begins. Press Select to display a screen featuring swimming fish. Press [A] to return to the next part of demonstration mode, then press [A] again to displa... Read More


 Unlimited apples In the first level when you are Cassie, you can get your life back as often as needed. Go in and out of the zoo and eat the same apple repeatedly.... Read More

All-Star Baseball 2001

 Hit a chopper Press B + Left to hit a chopper to third base. About 70% of the time, you will hit an infield single. If you do not hit a chopper, you will hit a short grounder (slightly longer than a bunt). If it goes to third base, you have a better chance of getting a single then when it goes to the pitcher and/or first baseman. Easy homeruns Press B + Up to hit easy homeruns. This also works with pitchers.... Read More

Harvest Moon 3

 Unlimited fruits and vegetables Go to the grassland and pick all the fruits and vegetables there. Leave, then return. The fruits and vegetables you just picked should be there again. You can pick them until your inventory is full. Go home and put them into your storage area to sell. You can repeat this several times. Secret Power Berry Wait until the mountain/volcano erupts. Go to the mountain. Go inside the mountain and look on the far right side to see two pillars off the screen. Try to go in between them, and keep going to the right in the dark until you get to a point where you cannot walk any farther. Then, go up until you see a Harvest Sprite from the original Harvest Moon game. Talk to him and he will asked to be left alone and give you a Power Berry. Note: Do not try to give him anything, as it is a waste of time. Free movies When you have enough money to see a movie, go to the movie theater and save the game. Then, pay for the movie and watch it. After its done, shut off the G... Read More

Game And Watch Gallery 3

 Museum Earn five stars to unlock the Museum. Reset saved game Press Up(2), Down(2), Left(2), Right(2) at the main screen. Lion mini-game Earn thirty stars to unlock the Lion mini-game. Music room Earn two stars to unlock the Music room. Note: 200 points equals one star. Flagman mini-game Earn ten stars to unlock the Flagman mini-game Donkey Kong 2 mini-game Earn fifty stars to unlock the Donkey Kong 2 mini-game. View ending credits Earn fifty stars.... Read More

Zebco Fishing

 Reel in fish faster Hold B while reeling in a fish.... Read More

Roswell Conspiracies

 Level Passwords Level 2 BFBBBFBH Level 3 BGBBBFBJ Level 4 BHBBBFBK Level 5 BJBBBFBL Level 6 BKBBBFBM Level 7 BLVVBFBM Level 8 BMVVBFBN Level 9 BNVVBFBP Level 10 BPVVBFBQ Level 11 BQVVBFBR Level 12 BRVVBFBS Level 13 BSVVBFBT Level 14 BTVVBFBV Level 15 BVVVBFDB... Read More

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters 3

 Card passwords Enter the password to get the corresponding card. Password Name 89631139 Blue Eyes White Dragon 15025844 Mystical Elf 76184692 Hitotsu-me Giant 88819587 Baby Dragon 15303296 Ryu-kishin 41392891 Feral Imp 87796900 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 14181608 Mushroom Man 40575313 Shadow Specter 87564352 Blackland Fire Dragon 13069066 Sword Arm of Dragon 40453765 Swamp Battleguard 72842870 Tyhone 18246479 Battle Steer 45231177 Flame Swordsman 71625222 Time Wizard 08124921 Right Leg of Forbidden 44519536 Left Leg of Forbidden 70903634 Right Arm of Forbidden 07902349 Left Arm of Forbidden 33396948 Exodia of Forbidden 70781052 Summoned Skull 06285791 The Wicked Worm Beast 32274490 Skull Servant 69669405 Horn Imp 05053103 Battle Ox 32452818 Beaver Warrior 68846917 Rock Ogre Grotto #1 04931562 Mountain Warrior 31339260 Zombie Warrior 67724379 Koumori Dragon 94119974 Two-headed King Re 30113682 Judge Man 66602787 Saggi the Dark Clown 46986414 Dark Magician 29491031 The Sn... Read More

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

 Ghoul's chains when at rons house before you degnome the garden you can look at the pantry/thing by the door. go to it and press A and you will get the ghouls chains(if you have already talked to the ghoul you know he wants chains) b now you go up to the attic (the last set of stairs after rons room) and go talk to the ghoul. give him the chains and nyou will get a card submitted by: Natalie Kill the basilist You have to get loads of grand wiggen weld potion up to 15 if you want it to be easy. to get the money do battles it wont take many. Also do dueling to win stuff like dragon skin gloves e.t.c (you dont get anything until you go aggainst the 3rd person in from the left a boy. submitted by: andrew hayes How to get the skurge spell On the day after the first day go into Flich's room if he's not there then go around the back of his desk and press the A button and you'll recieve quick spell and it will say you learned the skurge spell. submitted by: ryan Secret passages A secret passag... Read More

Warriors Of Might And Magic

 Unlimited items Items that are found just outside of a building, such as potions or hearts, can be collected an unlimited number of times. Collect the item, enter the building, then exit. The item will reappear.... Read More

X-Men: Mutant Academy

 Unlock Phoenix: Press Down, Right, Down, Up, Left, Right, B + A at the title screen. Unlock Apocalypse: Press Right, Left, Up, Down, Left, Up, B + A at the title screen.... Read More

NBA Showtime

 Unlimited turbo: Up, B, A, Up, B, A, Up, B, A Unlock bonus courts: Left, Left, A, A, Left, Down, Right, B, A Unlock bonus teams: Up, A, Down, B, Right, Left, Right, Left, B, A... Read More

Razor Freestyle Scooter

 Level Passwords Lvl 2 Y2QXMZNHNLLQLBLM9L Lvl 3 GJ9ZP35TR0QQLBCV1N Lvl 4 YWGBRDTTT00LLBHXWS Lvl 5 H0SQTNVTW000VBHYNS Lvl 6 2111YQ7TY010ZBHVFS Lvl 7 M2D98XBT00202BHWBS... Read More

X-Men: Mutant Academy

 Apocalypse: Press Right, Left, Up, Down, Left, Up, B + A at the title screen. A message will confirm correct code entry. Use rage meter: Press A + B to use the rage meter. Phoenix: Press Down, Right, Down, Up, Left, Right, B + A at the title screen. A message will confirm correct code entry.... Read More

Army Men

 Level Passwords 1-1 Mortar, Plane, Machine Gun, Plane 1-2 Helicopter, Jeep, Grenade, Tank 1-3 Machine Gun, Helicopter, Helicopter, Jeep 1-4 Mortar, Helicopter, Machine Gun, Jeep 1-5 Plane, Tank, Plane, Machine Gun 2-1 Machine Gun, Tank, Helicopter, Jeep 2-2 Machine Gun, Mortar, Plane, Mortar 2-3 Mortar, Machine Gun, Grenade, Mortar 2-4 Plane, Machine Gun, Grenade, Machine Gun 3-1 Mortar, Mortar, Grenade, Machine Gun 3-2 Helicopter, Grenade, Jeep, Machine Gun 3-3 Jeep, Mortar, Machine Gun, Machine Gun 3-4 Helicopter, Jeep, Grenade, Plane 3-5 Plane, Tank, Mortar, Jeep 4-1 Grenade, Machine Gun, Helicopter, Jeep 4-2 Jeep, Helicopter, Helicopter, Jeep 4-3 Machine Gun, Grenade, Machine Gun, Grenade 5-1 Machine Gun, Helicopter, Jeep, Machine Gun 5-2 Grenade, Grenade, Helicopter, Helicopter 5-3 Machine Gun, Jeep, Machine Gun, Helicopter 5-4 Jeep, Jeep, Grenade, Machine Gun 6-1 Machine Gun, Plane, Jeep, Helicopter 6-2 Tank, Helicopter, Jeep, Machine Gun 6-3 Mortar, Tank, Helicopter, Jeep 6-4 Ma... Read More

Legend Of Zelda, The: Oracle Of Ages

 Super password: Enter the following password into a new file under the "Secrets" selection. A Triforce will be next to Link at the main screen. You will start with the Victory Ring (Triforce Ring) showing you beat Ganon. t b Heart S b $ g s Square / Square f 4 ( ! Y $ ? ~ 7 Hints: Extra hearts: If you are in a dungeon and low on hearts, find some hearts in bushes, then go to another room and return. Get the heart at the same spot that you originally found it. Repeat until all your hearts are full. In some cases this also works for other items. Note: This only works in certain parts of the game where anyone would place them (if they could). Extra Rings: When the red snake in Vasu's shop lets you say a secret, enter the first fourteen letters/symbols of the secret that the red snake gives you. Then, go through every letter/symbol in the fifteenth spot in the secret. Many times the secret will be wrong or it will give you no rings. However, if you want to spend the time, it does work. Whe... Read More



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