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Gameboy Color


Magi Nation

 HINTERAMA Once you beat the game, the door on the starters screen will be opened for you. submitted by: DILLON SIMONSON Basic Help Leaf & Timber Hyrens: Go into the entrance above Gia's house. Go past the green stuff at the beginning. As you start going, cut through the first bit of green stuff. Keep going past it, and you will find a staircase. You will find two things: A path going down to the Cald, and up there is an indent in the wall. Use a Blast-Urn. Keep going up until you find the forest. Mush & Cave Hyrens: Go into the place with those pipe things North-East of the Cald. You will see beside most of the paths that there is blue ground beside it. Every so often you will see stairs that enter the blue ground. Stand on the blue and wait for some orange-swirls to appear. Enter the orange swirl. Flame & Magma Hyrens: West of the Cald (to the left) there are two green volcanoes. You can walk through the highest one. You will see the hyrens in the battles. Deep & Coral Hyrens: Go to t... Read More

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

 Levels Level :1-2 Easy :Square, Diamond, Moon, Triangle Challenge : Plus, Diamond, X, Triangle Level: 2-1 Easy :Square, Diamond, Triangle, Circle Challenge: Plus, Diamond, Plus, Circle Level: 2-2 Easy :Square, X, Moon, Plus Challenge: Plus, X, X, Plus Level :3-1 Easy :Square, X, Triangle, Star Challenge: Plus, X, Plus, Star Level :3-2 Easy :Square, Square, Moon, Moon Challenge : Plus, Square, X, Moon Level :4-1 Easy :Square, Square, Triangle, Square Challenge : Plus, Square, Plus, Square Level: 4-2 Easy :Square, Moon, Moon, X Challenge : Plus, Moon, x, X Level :5-1 Easy :Square, Moon, Triangle, Diamond Challenge : Plus, Moon, Plus, Square Level :5-2 Easy :Square, Star, Square, Triange Challenge :Plus, Star, Diamond, Triange Level :6-1 Easy :Square, Star, Circle, Circle Challenge : Plus, Star, Star, Circle Level :6-2 Easy :Square, Plus, Square, Plus Challenge : Plus, Plus, Diamond, Plus Level :7-1 Easy :Square, Plus, Circle, Star Challenge : Plus, Plus, Star, Star Level :7-2 Easy :Squar... Read More

Mummy Returns, The

 Level Passwords NTSC Level 1 71P 4KW Level 2 8K3 71J Level 3 P3C 664 Level 4 CXS 0N0 Level 5 1N0 F1N Level 6 7B4 L6S Level 7 814 8W4 Level 8 TNM N5Q Level 9 HTS 0ZX Level 10 1RD 10V PAL Level 1 1PW K47 Level 2 K3J 178 Level 3 XS0 N0C Level 4 NON 1F1 Level 5 B4S BL7 Level 6 144 W88 Level 7 NMO SNT Level 8 T3X ZOH Level 9 RDV 011 Level 10 64P 51T... Read More

WWF Attitude

 Cheatcodes: At the main menu, select Password. At the password screen, enter any of the following passwords, then press Start to unlock victories for the corresponding wrestler. If you entered the code correctly, you’ll immediately go to the wrestler’s career screen. 13 Victories With Sable: RLHLQJGH 15 Victories With Stone Cold Steve Austin: SHRKNBK 18 Victories With Edge: RSQLPNHK 18 Victories With Kane: HPGFKSKK 18 Victories With Taka: CSHSNNKK 18 Victories With The Godfather: MTJMKCJK 18 Victories With The Rock: KSGNDQDK 18 Victories With The Undertaker: RTGQDSJK... Read More

Madden NFL 2001

 Avoiding short passes Do not wait too long to make a pass or else it will come up short. Field goal block Use the field goal block on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down to stop the opposing in their tracks. Onside kick If you are losing the game and have to punt after a touchdown, press Select and do an onside kick. You can even do this at the beginning of the game. However, do not use the onside kick all the time. Getting away from the opposition Zig zag very fast to get away from the opposing team. Avoid tackles Rapidly tap B and it will be harder to tackle you. 4th down play If you just did a play and realize that it is 4th down, do not use a timeout and do a field goal or punt. Press Select and do a Hail Mary. If your team is average, you catch it 90% of the time.... Read More

Pocket Bowling

 Level Passwords 02: GKHI 03: AECJ 04: GKJG... Read More

Toy Story Racer

 Cheat mode: Enter Toy Cube, Falling Star, Rocket, Rocket, Ball With Star, Spiral as a password.... Read More

Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine

 Level Name Password 1 Canyonlands (none) 2 Babylon LGSXRTNR 3 Russian Border MDTSVTTP 4 Tian Shan River MGVWVZNX 5 Shambala Sanctuary NGVSV2S2 6 Palawan Lagoon SDWXWTJM 7 Palawan Volcano RDSPRZZP 8 Teotihuacan RGWTQTNX 9 Olmec Valley RCQQR2TX 10 V I Pudovkin NLPXSVJP 11 Meroe NJNRXVZM 12 Nub's Tomb PLVWXVNX 13 Infernal Machine TJWRTZJM 14 Aetherium QHTVSTTP 15 Return to Peru SLPSRWPT... Read More

Polaris Snocross

 All snowmobiles and tracks: Enter TFX- as a password.... Read More

Muscle Ranking GB 2

 Game Maker The less you bounce the ball, the higher your score. Sasuke: Final Sasuke Hold Up while pressing A and B to go faster. Superdive EX Defeat Superdive 97. Little boy participant Defeat Struck Out 2. Little girl participant Defeat Superdive EX. Superdive EX tips All are same as Super Dive 97, with the following exception. To get 4 and 6, you have to go in the five lane. When you stop pressing A and B when you see the red carpet, hold Down (or Up) until you fall off the platform.... Read More


 Level Password 1 F1SG 2 BQBW 3 3CFQ 4 DZZ4 5 XTC3 6 NFTD 7 TNWQ 8 XHCX 9 1G1L 10 4JF0 11 W4LC 12 FQT3 13 QBRW 14 3CW4 15 X4FD 16 0VBC 17 DFRB 18 VVF3 19 SPVC 20 HNF3 21 1F4B 22 JBVC 23 K3SX 24 LSBT 25 QTBR 26 GBDR 27 0WRH 28 1TSC 29 WNDB 30 QB3W 31 SWTX 32 4SDB 33 BTD4 34 BCSQ 35 FHT3 36 XCBF 37 NFWV 38 ZNDW 39 D4SW 40 CD4Z 41 VBN3 42 DV3W 43 NTBF 44 XGCB 45 HVZB 46 BJTD 47 Q0PD 48 3BDS 49 TDBQ 50 SXBZ... Read More

Bomberman Max Blue: Champion

 Charabom combinations Aqua Dragon: Fire + Water Pommy Dragon: Fire + Electric Thunder Kong: Earth + Electric Thunder Shark: Water + Electric Rock Snakey: Water + Earth Fire Force: Fire + Earth Charabom locations Shell: 1-10 Pommy: 1-1 Seadran: 2-2 Panther Fang: 2-10 Sea Balloon: 3-10 Beast Pommy: 3-3 Puteladon: 4-4 Unicornos: 4-9 Iron Squid: 5-8 Animal Pommy: 5-15 The Legendary Shardra This Charabom is in the Bonus Stage that requires you to follow a certain path where there are three items and a dragon Charabom. That Charabom is Shardra. He starts out at level 50 with an attack of 50, a defense of 30, and a special of 35. Its stats may vary from game to game.... Read More

Shadowgate Classic

 These lead to death These lead to death. 1. Take the books from the pillar. 2. torches go out. 3. hammer the left or right mirror. 5. go down in doors on the floor. 4. go up to the dragon's lair. 5.take lots of the item's in the dragon's room including the sheild but you melt.(when in the dragon's room no harm).6. step in the green slime. 7.touch one of the wall mirrors. 8. burn in the fierey room. All these reasons cause death. submitted by: Adam In-game hints: Press Select for a hint in most rooms. from Note: The reader must be used to view this file. A HTML preview version is also available for direct viewing through the service. Secret key When you start you will notice a small skull use open to open the skull inside you will find a key then open the door below the skull then use the key on one of the locked doors in the hallway. submitted by: Adam... Read More

All-Star Baseball 2000

 Invisible players: When you have a man on base, hold A for ½ min. Then, hold Up for approx. ten seconds. Then press A, B, Up, Down, Start.... Read More


 Level Passwords Lvl. 2 Cross, X, Moon, Cross Lvl. 3 Vertical Lines, Vertical Lines, Maze, Swirl Lvl. 4 X, Moon, Triangles, Cross Lvl. 5 Triangles, Triangles, Moon, Vertical Lines Lvl. 6 Swirl, Maze, Cross, Triangles... Read More

Pokemon Trading Card Game

 Familiar faces: When you go to the Psychic Card Club there is a person in green. He is your character in the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions of Pokemon. Gene the Rock Club Master looks very similar to Professor Oak when challenged to a match. Walking faster: Hold B while walking to move faster. Ishihara's disappearance: After you trade Ishihara all the cards she will disappear. Go to the Rock Club and a woman will tell you that Ishihara left. Faster card shuffling: Press B if you do not want to wait for the cards to be done shuffling. Start challenge cup faster: Defeat a few people (works best with a few club leaders), then save the game by writing in your diary. Turn off the game. Repeat saving a few more times, then go to Challenge Hall. Note: This does not always work. Check your prizes: When you defeat your opponent's Pokemon, you can draw a prize. Draw a prize then turn off your game. Turn it back on, then press Start at the title screen. Select "Continue Duel" and resume just befo... Read More

NBA Hoopz

 Enter these codes at the Play Match Screen: Infinite Turbo Ball, A, B, Up Show Hot Spot A, Ball, Ball, Down Disable On Fire B, B, B, Left Unlock Island court N, B, A, Right Unlock Stadium court B, B, N, Left Unlock Factory court N, A, B, Down Unlock Future court Ball, N, B, Up Unlock Night Club court N, Ball, A, Left Unlock Oil Rig court B, A, Ball, Right Unlock Practice court A, A, B, Down Unlock Prison court B, Ball, N, Right Unlock Rooftop court N, N, N, Up Unlock Volcano court A, B, N, Left... Read More

Land Before Time, The

 Level Passwords 4 - Yellow, Gray, Blue, Gray / Green, Gray, Yellow, Red 8 - Red, Yellow, Yellow, Red / Gray, Green, Gray, Green 12 - Gray, Green, Green, Red / Green, Gray, Yellow, Blue 16 - Red, Red, Yellow, Gray / Blue, Red, Green, Green 20 - Green, Blue, Red, Green / Yellow, Blue, Gray, Yellow... Read More

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

 Hightlight Arcade mode, then enter the codes. Unlock Damien Black Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left Unlock Kemo Claw Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right Unlock Nat Daddy Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left... Read More

Grand Theft Auto

 Unlock all cities: Change the name of any character to LEVELS or WENDY Unlock Bonus characters: Change Kelly's name to SUMNER. Get Unlimited fuel: Change the name of any character to FULL.... Read More



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