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Gameboy Color


Mortal Kombat 4

 Kombat codes: Fight Reptile 205-205 Disable throws and max damage 110-110 Big heads 321-321 Dark Kombat 688-422 Explosive Kombat 050-050 Multiple weapons 555-555 Switcharoo 460-460 Weapons never dropped 002-002 No blocking 020-020 Noob Saibot mode 012-012 CPU 50% life 000-033 Player 1 50% life 033-000 CPU 25% life 000-707 Player 1 25% life 707-000 Play as Reptile 192-234 Disable throws 100-100 Disable max damage 010-010 Psycho Kombat 985-125 Random weapon appears in match 111-111 Random Person Kombat 333-333 Silent Kombat 666-666 Start with random weapon 222-222 One hit win 123-123 Programmer's message 987-666 Programmer's message 123-926... Read More

Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M.

 All levels & weapons password: BBBBBBBB... Read More

Mat Hoffmans Pro BMX

 McCoy passwords Password Level C0BRSBNVBW 1 F0B0SBNBBW 2 F0B85BNBBW 3 KWBHSBNBBW 4 KYBHSBNVBW 5 KFBHSBNVBW 6 TFB0SBNVBW 7 TFC0SBN3BW 8 FC0SBN3BW 9 DC8SBNBBW 10 NCRSBNBBW 11 NCRSBNLCW 12 NCRSBNLWW 13 NC0SBNL0W 14 NW0SBNL0W 15 NW0SBN32W 16 NY8SBNL2W 17 NY8TBNV2W 18 NYRKBNV2W 19 NYR2BNV2W 20 NY00BNV2W 21 N280BNV2W 22 N280CNL2W 23 N2H0HNL2W 24 N200RNL2W 25 N2008NL2W 26 Final password Enter .N.3W.WL2W as a password to begin game play on the last level as Mat Hoffman. Enter .N.3W.WV2W as a password to start at the last level minus dirt jump. Other passwords Password Status GOBNSBNVBW 0 medals and 1 cover .H0BLSBNLBW 0 medals and 2 covers .N0LSBNBCW 1 medal and 12 covers .N0LSBNBWW 1 medal and 14 covers .N0VSBNV2W 2 medals and 16 covers .N.V.41N3.W 2 medals and 23 covers .N.B0.WB.9 5 medals and 32 covers... Read More

Mickeys Racing Adventure

 Character gallery Win first place in a character race and defeat Pete's henchman to unlock their picture.... Read More

Lucky Luke

 Level Passwords Train - Lucky Luke, Jolly Jumper, Jolly Jumper, Thief, Lucky Luke Ranch - Lucky Luke, Jolly Jumper, Rintincan, Thief, Rintincan Rapids - Jolly Jumper, Jolly Jumper, Lucky Luke, Rintincan, Thief Prairie - Thief, Lucky Luke, Lucky Luke, Rintincan, Jolly Jumper Cheyenne Mtn. - Thief, Rintincan, Lucky Luke, Jolly Jumper, Rintincan Buffalo - Rintincan, Jolly Jumper, Lucky Luke, Thief, Thief Jail - Rintincan, Jolly Jumper, Lucky Luke, Thief, Rintincan Stagecoach - Rintincan, Thief, Jolly Jumper, Lucky Luke, Jolly Jumper Painful - Gulch Rintincan, Rintincan, Thief, Thief, Lucky Luke... Read More

Action Man

 All levels password: 7!B!... Read More

Flintstones: Burgertime in Bedrock

 Level Passwords 02: Fly, Blue Dinosaur, Gazoo, Snaggletooth 03: Alligator, Alligator, Snake, Gazoo 04: Frog, Fly, Snake, Gazoo 05: Alligator, Snaggletooth, Snaggletooth, Snake 06: Gazoo, Dinosaur, Fly, Crocodile... Read More

Marvin Strikes Back!

 Avoid getting shot Play as Elmer Fudd, then go by one of the bad guys who shoots at you. You will notice they will not shoot at you because you are dressed up just like them.... Read More

Perfect Dark

 Take weapons After you kill an enemy, walk over him and press Select to see if you can steal any weapons from them.... Read More

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

 Level Passwords 01: 3NKFZ8 02: 9MD1WV 03: XTN4F7 04: 5BVPL2 05: 9D6F0S 06: TSCNB4 07: CSJTQZ 08: BNPXZ9 End: GH9MR... Read More


 Easy experience After first starting the game, go to the field above the first town and defeat the monsters. Then, go in a cave or go back in town. Return to the field and fight the monsters again to gain easy experience.... Read More


 Level skip: Pause, then press A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A... Read More

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

 No combo pauses: Press Left, A, B, Up at the opening screen. Faster game speed: Press B, A, Left, Left at the opening screen.... Read More

Vigilante 8

 View opponent locations Press Select + A + B during game play.... Read More

Lufia: The Legend Returns

 Shops In every shop with a door behind the shopkeeper, you can go behind the building and get in through that door by pressing A. This allows you to get the items in the treasure chests. Also in Majari, if you enter through the back door, talk to the innkeeper and he will let you stay for free. Buying new items in Ancient Cave Go to the Ancient Cave. Every five or ten floors, you will meet an old man who sells items that are just in your price range. Exit his menu, then go back. He will have new items for sale based on your new income. Gades Bracelet and Gades Blade Defeat Gades the first time to get a Gades Bracelet, which boost your attack by 100 and defense by 200. This is very helpful throughout the game because it can be used in the Ancient Cave. If you defeat him a second time, you will get a Gades Blade. Note: You must be at least at level 20. This is very hard to obtain but will help in the long run. Dragon Scale armor Defeat the older Ancient (A.) Dragon, to get a Dragon Scale... Read More

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000

 Unlock 250cc Class: Enter SHJBBCGB as a password.... Read More


 Sudden Death Match Play a game of UNO with three CPU players and first to 100 points. The winner will be the first one to run out of cards and no other rounds.... Read More

Dragon Warrior 1 + 2

 Best equipment (Dragon Warrior 2) Prince of Lorasia: Thunder Sword, Loto Armor, Loto Shield, Loto Helmet Prince of Cannok: Falcon Sword, Magic Armor, Shield Of Strength Princess of Moonbrook: Bolt Rod, Water Cloth. Betray the kingdom (Dragon Warrior 1) Rescue the Princess before you fight the Dracolord. Take her with you to the final battle and the Dracolord will ask for her. You have now have the choice of answering "Yes" or "No" to his request. Changes from NES version (Dragon Warrior 1) The legendary hero is named Loto instead of Erdrick. The game is much easier in the Game Boy Color version. Princess is named Lora instead of Gwaelin. The keys were called Magic keys in the NES version. The main villain is called Dracolord instead of Dragonlord (hence Dragon Warrior). Stairs required you to select a menu option to ascend/descend in the NES version. The battle messages have been shortened significantly. The world map has shrunken . 50 instead of 100 levels. Enemy names have been chang... Read More


 Level Passwords Lvl. 3 4F627 Lvl. 4 XVJRL Lvl. 5 NMVN3... Read More

Addams Family

 Max Energy: When you have lost a life, hold A + B + Select + Down and press Start.... Read More



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