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Gameboy Color



 Connect the movies: At the title screen, press Right, Up, B, A, Down, Up, B, Down, Up, B to connect all movies into one.... Read More

Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror

 Level Passwords King Homer XQRFJWRBTWP Nightmare Cafeteria NPKYGBKTFWQ Homer Vs Dracula NPSPTTQBWQX If I Only Had A Body WSQJLTQFYWK Plan 9 From Outer Space SKCFKPJTFSJ Vlad All Over GFTFSRTNWQC Marge CJFWYTQTTPR Maggie PRLTRYSFYSW... Read More

Monster Rancher Explorer

 Unlimited number of a monster Note: This trick may take some time. Decide what monster you want. They are in the following order: Suezo, Mocchi, Hare, Tiger, Golem, and Gali. Make sure that you do not get the bonus stage in stage 6. Go through the game finding the bonuses until you get the monster just before the one you want. Then, go to the bonus stage in stage 6 to catch the monster just after the last one you caught (according to the list). Keep restarting the tower and going to stage 6 repeatedly until you get as many as needed. As long as you also collect the mystery disk pieces you should not run out of them. Items Alf Doll (Changes all monsters in the level to Suzurizos) Aya doll (Unknown) Battlecard (Unknown) Bell (calls Susurizo) Big Bomb (big fireworsk attack) Blue Crystal (Fireworks range increases) Blue Diamond (5000 points) Blue Hourglass (sets time to 10000) Cake (100,000 points) Cox's hat (extra life) Disc Stone Piece (collect four of them for a full disc stone) Duck Do... Read More

Halloween Racer

 Unlock advanced tracks: Enter 2!!MT9 as a password.... Read More

Mario Golf

 Hidden man in Links Club If you are Joe, the last man (besides the other two people found in Palm Club and Tiny Tots course) is found in Links Club. Walk up to the second big tree to the right when you enter through the field. Press Down and press A. Kid will jump out of the tree and tell you that he is voting for you. Play as Putts Select a custom character, and select Putts as an opponent. Defeat him at any club to unlock him as a playable character. Play as Gene Yuss Defeat Gene Yuss in a match game to unlock him as a playable character. Power-up mushroom locations The bookshelf in the room to the right of the director's room. The cabinet in the Club Makers Hut. The bushes to the left of the entrance point outside of Peach's Castle. Easy win Use the following trick to win a match game or tournament. Play a match game or tournament as long as you want, being sure to do well. If you happen to make a mistake hitting the golf ball or putting, save the game before finishing the hole. Whe... Read More


 Bargain buys Land on an unowned property and place a bid instead of buying the deed. Enter a low bid and select the up or down arrow to buy the property at that price.... Read More

Ultimate Paintball

 Level Passwords Lvl. 2 9GSMJY2K Lvl. 3 16FWJJET Lvl. 4 1B5WJWTO Lvl. 5 130WJBOY Lvl. 6 CXXWJROB Lvl. 7 C3SWJXIA Lvl. 8 665WJQIU Lvl. 9 9Z0CJTAK Lvl. 10 13DQJIAU... Read More


 Pause the game then enter the codes. 99 Lives A, Right, B, Up, A, Left, B, Down, A, Right, B, Up, A, Left, B World map A, Left, A, Left, A, B, Right, B, Up, B, A, Left, A, Down, A Full energy B, Right, A, Up, B, Left, A, Down, B, Right All powers Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, Up, Down, Down, B, Right, Right, Left, Left, A... Read More

Wacky Races

 Unlock all characters and tracks: Enter MUTTLEY as the password.... Read More

Harvest Moon

 Extra money You can get extra money by plowing the ground. When you find money remember that location plow it again the next day. This only works once a day. Put a fence on top of where you plowed, then take it off so you can plow again. Refill water can Water a big mushroom (right above a big mushroom where a piece of wood is sticking out) to refill your water can. This is useful when you are not near a pond. Note: This trick only works if you have a watering can because the sprinkler does not need to be refilled. You can also refill your water supply by watering the rocks in the left room of the Harvest Sprites' home. Extra crops and seeds Choose to be a girl character to receive extra crops and seeds. Unlimited eggs Obtain a watering can and water an egg that is near the shipping box. It will turn into a fence. Pick up the fence and it will change into an egg. However, the fence will remain allowing unlimited eggs to be obtained. Go to your chicken coop. Put all your eggs in the shi... Read More

Dragon Warrior Monsters

 Unicorn Breed a Fangslime with any beast. To get a Unicorn without using Fangslime, breed Gulpbeast (pedigree) with Drakslime. Mirudraas Breed Esterk (pedigree) with Goldslime. Orochi Breed Greatdrak with MedusaEye. Mirrudras 2 First, get two Metal Kings. You could breed two Mettables, but an easier way is to breed a King Slime and a Metal Drak. After that, breed the two Metal Kings to get Gold Slime. Get a Lava and Ice Man and breed them to get a Gold Golem. Breed the Gold Golem with a Centaur to get Durran. Get Sky Dragon and Orochi and Breed them to get Divinegon. Breed Durran and Divinegon and to get Pizzaro. Get a King Leo and breed it with Pizzaro to get Esterk. Breed Esterk with Gold Slime to get Mirrudras. Get a Spikerous and breed it with Mirrudras to get Mirrudras2. Warabou To get Warabou, you must have a Darkdrium that is +100 and breed it with a Watabou that is +40 (all Leaf monsters must be in its family tree)/ Watabou must be named Wata and Darkdrium must be named Dark. O... Read More

Legend Of The River King

 Bait and hook guide Use the following bait and hook sizes for best results. City: Torrent (level 1) Fish: Trout Hook: Small, Medium Bait: Worm, Insect, Small Fish, Frog Fish: Char Hook: Medium, Small Bait: Worm, Insect, Larva, Small Fish, Frog Fish: Cutthroat trout Hook: Small, Medium Bait: Worm, Insect, Larva, Small Fish Fish: Bullhead Hook: Small Bait: Larva Fish: Rainbow Trout Hook: Large, Medium Bait: Worm, Grub, Larva, Small Fish, Frog, Dough Ball Fish: Gila Trout Hook: Large, Medium Bait: Worm, Grub, Insect, Larva, Small Fish Bonus level Catch at least one of each type of fish before catching the guardian. The phrase "Funland Unlocked" will appear after the credits. Restart the game and stay at any of the Inns on level 1 to reach level 5. It contains just an inn and a small lake that contains every type of fish.... Read More

Army Men 2

 Unlock all fields & assault levels: Chopper, Jeep, Grenade, Rifle Level passwords: 01: Mortar, Tank, Mortar, Jeep 02: Jeep, Jeep, Mortar, Plane 03: Tank, Grenade, Tank, Mortar 04: Rifle, Mortar, Jeep, Plane 05: Mortar, Rifle, Plane, Jeep 06: Mortar, Grenade, Rifle, Chopper 07: Plane, Grenade, Rifle, Tank 08: Grenade, Mortar, Chopper, Mortar 09: Tank, Mortar, Rifle, Tank 10: Jeep, Chopper, Tank, Mortar 11: Rifle, Mortar, Grenade, Mortar 12: Jeep, Chopper, Grenade, Chopper 13: Plane, Plane, Grenade, Mortar 14: Plane, Rifle, Plane, Chopper 15: Rifle, Chopper, Chopper, Tank 16: Chopper, Chopper, Rifle, Grenade 17: Rifle, Tank, Plane, Mortar 18: Rifle, Rifle, Grenade, Jeep 19: Rifle, Jeep, Chopper, Grenade 20: Chopper, Grenade, Rifle, Jeep 21: Mortar, Grenade, Chopper, Jeep 22: Rifle, Tank, Chopper, Rifle 23: Plane, Jeep, Tank, Mortar 24: Chopper, Rifle, Jeep, Mortar 25: Tank, Grenade, Plane, Grenade 26: Plane, Tank, Rifle, Mortar 27: Tank, Tank, Jeep, Tank 28: Jeep, Tank, Jeep, Mortar 29: ... Read More

Project S-11

 Level Passwords 02: H0!3 03: 3!!F 04: SZPP 05: 0237 06: G!ZT 07: GFGF... Read More

Konami GB Collection Vol. 1

 Kontra, level select: Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, B, A, Start at the title screen.... Read More

Turok: Rage Wars

 All weapons 5LM2FB Lvl. 2, Easy K14QF4 Lvl.3, Easy 3T5L31 Lvl. 4, Easy SMJ54M Lvl. 2, Medium 3MQTL1 Lvl. 3, Medium Z1KMQ1 Lvl. 4, Medium 2TQCMR Lvl. 2, Hard DT5JV1 Lvl. 3, Hard 2F5QZM Lvl. 4, Hard MQ5LRS... Read More

Tin Tin: Temple Of The Sun

 Level Passwords Lvl. 2, Easy 41253 Lvl. 3, Easy 23514 Lvl. 4, Easy 52143 Lvl. 5, Easy 34125 Lvl. 6, Easy 24351 Lvl. 7, Easy 41352 Lvl. 8, Easy 15432 Lvl. 2, Medium 14235 Lvl. 3, Medium 53421 Lvl. 4, Medium 41532 Lvl. 5, Medium 54321 Lvl. 6, Medium 31245 Lvl. 7, Medium 31542 Lvl. 8, Medium 35124 Lvl. 2, Hard 21345 Lvl. 3, Hard 51243 Lvl. 4, Hard 25134 Lvl. 5, Hard 35412 Lvl. 6, Hard 43215 Lvl. 7, Hard 43152 Lvl. 8, Hard 21354... Read More

Mega Man Xtreme 2

 Free Boss Attack Mode Beat the Extreme mode. Free Extreme Mode Beat the game on both X and Zero modes. Armor in Boss Attack Mode As you enter Boss Attack mode, press Selec for X to have all his armor equipped. Free Extreme Mode/Boss Attack When you have enough Soul Chips to buy either of these modes from Iris' shop, buy whichever one you want, but DON'T SAVE. Instead, turn off the game, then turn it back on. When you get to the mode select screen, the mode will be there, but you won't have lost any Soul Chips.... Read More

Super Robot Wars Link Battler

 Same robot match: Place the desired robot in the first position. Hold Up while the robots are rearranged before the battle. You can now select the same robot.... Read More

Planet of The Apes

 Level Passwords Desert 2 1C6YPT Cave 0RK01D Jungle 1 6PC49G Jungle 2 JMF69J Medical Center 0F1BR8 Ape City 1 LY7VRQ Ape City 2 2TMQ1V Ape City 3 V!TG14 Beach DTRZ1L Mountains XZPFR0 Underground City 1 06H91V Underground City 2 G!WN9Z... Read More



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