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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2

 Adept difficulty: Unlock sixteen playable characters. The Adept capsule will appear in the capsule shop. Advanced difficulty: Unlock all twenty nine characters. The Advanced capsule will appear in the capsule shop. Babidi's Ship: Complete Dragon World and have all seven Dragonballs. After the credits, the Dragonballs will glow and Shenron will be summoned. The first option is "Babidi's Ship". City Stage level: Defeat Super Buu with Gohan to unlock the City Stage level. Information in this section was contributed by jared garcia. Babidi's Mind Control (Majin Vegeta): Defeat Majin Vegeta the first time you fight him with Goku. Alternately, defeat Majin Frieza or Majin Cell in the same manner. If you defeat someone when the dizzy symbol is over their head, you will take away two life points. This is what makes it possible to get Babidi's Mind Contol (Majin Vegeta). On the level were you must stop Majin Buu from being resurrected, kill Cell or Dabura to get Babidi's Mind Control for Vegeta... Read More

Mortal Kombat: Deception

 Krypt locations AA - 221 Sapphire Koins - PA: Quan Chi Attack AB - E-2/Netherrealm - Arena: Golden Desert AC - 63 Sapphire Koins - Koins: 297 Gold AD - 148 Platinum Koins - PA: Edenia Realm Map AE - 137 Platinum Koins - Koins: 371 Jade AF - C-6/Orderrealm (Punch Mokap) - Video: Chou Jaio AG - 121 Ruby Koins - PA: Puzzle Fighter Ladder AH - 159 Ruby Koins - PA: Torture Concept AI - 201 Gold Koins - PA: Kabal Story Board AJ - 186 Sapphire Koins - Bio: Sindel Alt AK - 127 Sapphire Koins - PA: Konquest Layout AL - 227 Platinum Koins - PA: Liu Kang Tomb Render AM - A-4/Netherrealm - Costume: Nightwolf Alt AN - 179 Sapphire Koins - PA: Noob Story Board AO - 612 Onyx Koins - Video: Scorpion Kata Test AP - 202 Platinum Koins - PA: MK4 Scorpion Render AQ - 352 Platinum Koins - Bio: Jade Alt AR - 192 Ruby Koins - PA: Ermac Early Concept AS - C-3/Earthrealm - Bio: Sub-Zero Alt AT - 155 Platinum Koins - PA: Sindel Story Board BA - 193 Sapphire Koins - PA: Kira Story Board BB - 681 Platinum Koins -... Read More

Zoids: Battle Legends

 How to get the geno breaker on v.s mode First have a memory card for the gamecube. first start a game on the meneu screen called zoids battle. then sell the attk cat and the molga. then beat the fierce tigers. then you should have enough g.p to by the geno breaker. then you save the game on the memory card. then go to the v.s mode. then you have to go to entry. go down to the load saved zoids or something like that. anyways its the red little box below your charecter. know you can use the geno breaker or any other zoid you save or buy. good luck Submitted by: blouman1 Mega Deathsaurer Select the "Voices" option in the "Config" menu, then play the following in order: 000, 007, 077, 041, 054. Submitted by: Zaniel Liger Zero Pheonix Select the "Voices" option in the "Config" menu, then play the following in order: 021, 001, 018, 006, 023. Submitted by: Zaniel Energy Liger Select the "Voices" option in the "Config" menu, then play the following in order: 004, 044, 019, 066, 034. Submitted ... Read More


 Unlock the vault The code to unlock the vault is 1940 which is the year that Catwoman first appeared in the comics. This will unlock new galleries as well as a new comic book cover. Kitty dance Allow the game to idle and Catwoman will do a dance. Finding Cat Eyes If you have problems finding Cat Eyes, press Y to use your cat vision. Some of them are hidden behind posters and other objects. Midnight the cat When Catwoman comes across this little feline she is in luck. Finding Midnight gives Catwoman nine lives. Hold Z and look around for its paw prints to help find it. Level 1: Dodging bullets While on the level 1, there will be a hail of bullets. To dodge them, hold L and run around. The chances of you getting hit will be decreased. To dodge the bullets you need to roll. To do this, hold L while running around then press R to roll. You can also roll to break some objects.... Read More

Lotus Challenge

 "Sorry no Cheats or Hints Yet"- We will soon submit the Cheats or Hints for this game !!!- Found any Cheats or Hints for this game then please send them..... Read More

Viewtiful Joe 2

 Infinite V-Points In the first few levels, there are some puzzles that involve hitting three blocks using Sylvia's Replay power. However, don't be too anxious to get past the puzzle yet. If you shoot the blocks with Sylvia's guns, the blocks will toss out V-Point Coins. Keep shooting until you've gotten all the V-Points you want! Chambers Unlock the following chambers by completing the indicated task: 1: Complete Reel 1, Act 4. 2: Complete the slippery floor scene in Reel 5 Act 1 with over four lives remaining. 3: Get killed by a Rocker. 4: Complete any scene with one life remaining. 5: Clear Reel 2, Act 3. 6: Complete Chamber 1. 7: Collect all 250 Film Canisters in any Reel. 8: Get a game over and do not reset. 9 : Complete Reel 3, Act 1. 10: Complete Chamber 1 and enter the bonus scene in Reel 4, Act 2. 11: Complete Chamber 2 with at least an "A" rank. 12: Get a "V" time rank in five consecutive scenes. 13: Use only one life from start to end in a scene. 14: Complete Reel 4, Act 2. 1... Read More

Battle Houshin

 S1 Rune Successfully complete the first group of four levels in survival mode to unlock the S1 bonus. The S1 Rune helps your MP regenerate. S2 Rune Successfully complete the second group of four levels in survival mode to unlock the S2 bonus. The S2 Rune helps you move faster. S3 Rune Successfully complete the third group of four levels in survival mode to unlock the S3 bonus. The S3 Rune helps your HP regenerate. S4 Rune Successfully complete the first group of four levels in expert survival mode to unlock the S4 bonus. The S4 Rune doubles your physical defense. S5 Rune Successfully complete the second group of four levels in expert survival mode to unlock the S5 bonus. The S5 Rune doubles your physcial attack. S6 Rune Successfully complete the third group of four levels in expert survival mode to unlock the S6 bonus. The S6 Rune gives you infinite MP. M1 Rune Successfully complete the game on the easy difficulty setting to unlock the M1 Rune. M2 Rune Successfully complete a versus mo... Read More

Ghost Recon

 Easy mission completion: Use the following trick to complete Missions without doing the objectives. Play the mission like firefight mode. Once you kill everybody, the mission is automatically complete with all objectives done. Submitted by: Zach Medals: Purple Heart: Get wounded or killed in action. Bronze Star: Get 15 kills Silver Star: Get 20 kills Distinguished Service Cross: Get 25 kills Congressional Medal Of Honor: Get 30 kills All heroes: Successfully complete the first twelve missions in campaign mode to unlock all twelve heroes as playable characters in quick mission and campaign modes. They include Henry Ramirez, Nigel Tunney, Will Jacobs, Jack Stone, Guram Osadze, Susan Grey, Klaus Henkel, Buzz Gordon, Lindy Cohen, Astra Galinksy, Scott Ibrahim, and Dieter Munz. Submitted by: Zach Enemy calls for backup Usually when you kill every enemy except for one, he will either shoot his gun straight up, or shoot a wall. If you wait about two minutes, about three or four more people wi... Read More

Dream Mix TV World Fighters

 Unlock Manjimaru Beat Story Mode with any Hudson character (Bomberman, Momotarou, Master Higgins/Takahashi, Yugo) Unlock Megatron Clear Story Mode with all Takara characters (Licca, Takao/Tyson Granger, Optimus Prime, Microman, Asuka) Unlock Moai Cleat Story Mode with all Konami characters (Power Pro-Kun, Simon Belmont, Twinbee, Solid Snake). Unlock Asuka Beat Story Mode with any default Takara character (Licca, Takao/Tyson Granger, Optimus Prime, Microman) Unlock Bimbougami Clear Story Mode with all Hudson characters (Bomberman, Momotarou, Master Higgins/Takahashi, Yugo, Manjimaru) Unlock Solid Snake Beat Story Mode with any default Konami character (Power Pro-Kun, Simon Belmont, Twinbee). Unlock All Library Materials All library materials can be unlocked for a particular character by getting an A rank in Story Mode (top choice). A rank requires you to maintain a high TV rating through various parameters. Unlock New Stages Unlock the Artificial Sun stage by clearing Story Mode with Mo... Read More

NHL Hitz 2002

 Cheat Codes: Enter these codes on the versus screen. The numbers tell how many times press the X, Y and B buttons. For example, 5-2-5 means: Press X 5 times. Press Y 2 times. Press B 5 times. Result - Code Infinite turbo - 4-1-3 Right Turbo boost - 0-0-2 Up Big hits - 2-3-4 Down Late hits - 3-2-1 Down Hitz time - 1-0-4 Right No crowd - 2-1-0 Right Pinball boards - 4-2-3 Right Show shot speed - 1-0-1 Up Show the team's hot spot - 2-0-1 Up No fake shots - 4-2-4 Down No puck out - 1-1-1 Down No one-times - 2-1-3 Left Big puck - 1-2-1 Up Huge puck - 3-2-1 Up Bulldozer puck - 2-1-2 Left Tennis ball - 1-3-2 Down Big head player - 2-0-0 Right Huge head player - 3-0-0 Right Big head team - 2-2-0 Left Huge head team - 3-3-0 Left Snow mode - 1-2-1 Left Rain mode - 1-4-1 Left Domino effect - 0-1-2 Right Win fights for goals - 2-0-2 Left Skills versus - 2-2-2 Down First to 7 wins - 3-2-3 Left More time to enter codes - 3-3-3 Right Disable previous code - 0-1-0 Down... Read More


 How To Defeat The Blue Blob Monster When you get all 3 pikmin go to the first level climb up the box and you will find a rock monster, attack it till it dies.Cal it a day.Come back again(make sure you have alot of blue pikmin) when you go back up the box their should be a blue blob, only attack with the blue pikmin keep capn Olimar away from after about 5 min of fighting you will kill it. submitted by: Patrick Find Smokey Progg worth 100 pikmin: Go to the Distant Spring after day 15.Go to the southern lake area until you find a cluster of islands that looks like a flower.Attack the egg in the center until it opens and the Smokey Progg will come out.Try to destroy it and take it to an onion and it will be worth 100 pikmin! CHALLENGE MODE: Save the game once and go to the main menu Get FIREWORKS!: press D-down to see fireworks Take Down the Evil Fat Mushroom (turns your Pikmin against you): First, you need 50 red Pikmin for this, when you get to the circular area that he is in, dismiss 3... Read More

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - Master Quest

 Zora's Domain: Orange Rupee: Note: It is recommended that you would get at least the Adult's or Giant's Wallet before doing this. In Zora's Domain, go to the top of the waterfall as a child and talk to the Zora there. Accept the mini-game and he will throw Rupees in the water below. Rarely, if you are lucky, he will throw an Orange Rupee worth 500 Rupees. Keep playing the mini-game at anytime if you want the Orange Rupee again. Submitted by: Master Pulled through gate: In the Water Temple, there is a passageway that leads to a gate with a torch, two boxes, and a gold Skulltula behind it. As the passageway breaks off in two directions, hookshot the torch while the gate is closed. You can be pulled through the gate without getting hurt. Unfortunately, there is no way to leave once you are here, but you can get the Skulltula. Submitted by: Master Baby Ghoma Whenever you see the Baby Ghoma, make sure to take them out before they hatch out of their eggs. The slingshot is recommended. Some r... Read More

Beach Spikers

 Alternate costumes: Enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding costume: Virtua Cop costume - JUSTICE Daytona USA costume - DAYTONA Fighting Vipers costume - FVIPERS Space Channel 5 costume - ARAKATA Phantasy Star Online 2 costume - PHANTA2 Sega costume - OHTORII Play against Dural team: Finish ranked first overall in world tour mode. Completion bonuses: Complete the tasks below to unlock that bonus. Block Tutorial Easy Clear As soon as the match starts run directly behind your computer controlled partner and she'll run to the front and perform the block. See Performance Meter In the world tour mode, hold L + R while team names and round number are being announced. Task - Bonus Complete arcade mode as Japan - Uniforms 103 and 104 Complete arcade mode once - Uniforms 87 and 88 Complete arcade mode twice - Uniforms 90 and 91 Complete arcade mode three times - Uniforms 93 and 94 Complete world tour mode - Uniforms 96 through 102 Complete world tour mode - Sunglasses 86 throu... Read More

Bratz: Rock Angelz

 Unlock ringtones and stuff At Bratz office computer : PHOEBE - 2.000 blingz DANCIN - 2,100 Blingz ANGELZ - Ringtone 16 FIANNA - Ringtone 15 BLAZIN - Ringtone 12 ROCKIN - Change paris boy STYLIN - Change Cameron YASMIN - 1000 Blingz... Read More

Fight Night Round 2

 Extra fight store items Although you can turn pro at any time, winning an Amateur title belt will unlock equipment you cannot find elsewhere. Submitted by: Peter Better ring performance Pimp out your ring entrances. The more extravagant they are, the more the crowd will like you and the better you will perform. Small Fighters Hold Up at the venue selection screen until the sound of a bell is heard. Select a venue to begin a fight with both fighters small. Submitted by: Zenon Unlockable Ghetto Fabulous Enter Getfab as the first name of a created boxer. Unlockable Lil' John Enter Liljon as the first name of a created boxer. Unlockable Little Mac Enter Macman as the first name of a created boxer. All Venues Unlocked At the game mode selection screen hold Left until you hear a bell Apollo Creed created boxer (Rocky 1) Name: Apollo Creed Home: Washington D.C height: 6'7" Nickname: Master Of Disaster Style: Orthodox (balanced) Heavyweight Skin: Dark Increase muscle so that the six pack is ve... Read More

Lord of the Rings, The: The Return of the King

 Hint:to kills at once When in multiplayer, do the move bane of sauron warrior bane or orc bane. While the move is on, the other player will kill the person that the move is being done to. Both players will get a kill for this move. submitted by: Billy Kill trolls quickly Throw pikes or shoot/throw/fire your long ranged attack at the troll. submitted by: Someone Unlock Four-Hit Combo For Aragorn Pause the game and hold both triggers. Then press UP, B, Y, DOWN. Shoot Faster Get out your ranged weapon, press and hold Y, R, and A at the same time, and then you should fire faster. Perfect mode: Pause game play, then hold L + R and press X, Down, Y, A. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: The game must be completed first before this code can be enabled. All attack upgrades: Pause game play, then hold L + R and press Up, Down, Y, B. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: The game must be completed first before this code can be enabled. Invincibility: Pause game play, then ho... Read More

Looney Tunes: Back In Action

 Duck Danger costume Enter "DANGERD" as a code to play the entire game with Daffy Duck in his Duck Danger costume. Submitted by: Zach Hen grenades Enter "HENSAWAY" as a code to give your toon a new attack option called "Hen Grenades". Level select Enter "PASSPORT" as a code. Invincibility Enter "TOUGHAGE" as a code to make Bugs and Daffy invincible. They will still get hit by enemies, but will not lose their lives. Submitted by: Zach Free costume doors Enter "SUITSYOU" as a code. Show Gossamer Doors in the Warner Bros. Studios. Enter "GOBBLE" as a code. Cannon Ball costume Enter "CANNON" as a code to play the entire game in the Cannon Ball costume. Hen grenades Enter "HENSAWAY" as a code to give your toon a new attack option called "Hen Grenades". Slappy Fish Enter "SLAPPY" as a code. Submitted by: Zach ACME Shrink Ray Enter "WEENY" as a code. Submitted by: Zach Additional $500 Enter "AMUNKEY" as a code. Submitted by: Zach Duck Danger Battle Enter "OUTTAKE" as a code. Submitted by: Zach... Read More

RTX Red Rock

 CheatCodes Select the codes section on the options screen, then enter these codes for their effect. If entered correctly, a message will appear. Note: For the Level Select Code, after using it, go to the main menu and hold R1 to display the level selection screen. Code - Effect: Right(5), Left(3), Up(2) - All items Left, Down, Up, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down - All special features Up, Down(8), Up - Easy mode Down, Up(8), Down - Hard mode Down, Left(2), Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Down - Level Select Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down - Normal mode Right, Up, Down(2), Up, Right(2), Up, Down(2) - Old soul super weapons... Read More


 View all animals and items Start a new game then go to "Help". You can see all the animals and items. Submitted by: Halden Ending bonuses: Successfully complete the Pacific Ocean level under the classic difficulty setting to unlock the gold difficulty setting the Gulf Of Mexico bonus level. Unlock Gold Difficulty: Beat the Pacific Ocean level on Classic difficulty. This also unlocks the Gulf of Mexico level. Unlock Platinum difficulty: Beat the Pacific Ocean level on Gold difficulty. This also unlocks the Gold difficulty for the Gulf of Mexico level. Unlock Warp Speed: Beat the Pacific Ocean level on Platinum difficulty.... Read More

Lost Kingdoms 2

 Unlock Kendarie Warrior In Versus Mode Defeat the Kendarie Boss in the Kendarie Fortress in Area 1. Unlock Rashiannu In Versus Mode Clear the Royal Tower Upper Floor on single player mode. Don't forget to save the game! Unlock Thalnos In Versus Mode After you beat Leod and Helena in Scared Arena 2 (after clearing the game once), fight Thalnos in the north most doorway of the arena. Deck him and save the game. Unlock Urbur Cultist In Versus Mode Defeat an Urbur Cultist, clear the stage and save. This selection is listed as "Unknown" on the Versus mode screen for some reason. Card List 001 Skeleton 002 Ghost Armor 003 Red Dragon 004 Lizard Man 005 Mandragora 006 Elephant 007 Red Lizard 008 Unicorn 009 Hobgoblin 010 Sand Golem 011 Jack-O-Lantern 012 Man Trap 013 Sand Worm 014 Mummy 015 Cockatrice 016 Sasquatch 017 Wraith 018 Orc 019 Fairy 020 Vampire Bush 021 Catoblepas 022 Kraken 023 Water Reaper 024 Fenril 025 Lich 026 Carbuncle 027 Flayer Spawn 028 Golden Goose 029 Zombie Dragon 030 Fi... Read More



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