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 Extra lives: Level 3 Collect the extra life at the far right end of the first level of the museum. Jump onto the rising platforms. Jump back down when reaching the third platform or when the screen scrolls up to collect the extra life again. Level 5 Reach the second platform at the top of the level. Move off the left side of the screen and fall in a straight line to collect three extra lives while losing one life. Easy driving/flying levels: Stay in the upper left corner of the screen to avoid all enemies.... Read More


 Get More 3-Pointers Here is a trick that will increase the odds of making a 3-pointer. As player 1, go to the halfcourt line and hold down the shoot button until your player lets go of the ball. Not only is he making halfcourt shots, but he is making them easier than he would if he was closer to the basket. Play your friend and make them think you are great. Tip-off To win the tip-off every time, hold A Start before the game begins... Read More


 HOW TO ENTER LEVEL 17 Level 17 can only be accessed if: You have explored levels 1, 2, and 3 in order. You have not enabled the cheat codes during these levels. Read the Doom Level 3 to enter it GOD MODE You need a six button controller. Pause the game and press Up, Mode, X, and Z all at the same time. WEAPON CODE You need a six button controller. Pause the game andpress Up, Mode, A, and C all at the same time TRICK These codes are pretty hard to do so keep cool and try it. The best way I have found to do it is to put the cursor on the music on/off, then hit the buttons 10 or 15 times. Now exit andyou should see your ammo increase to 500, your shield at 200%,all weapons, and the little face should have white eyes. This mean you can now play as you like. It is so cool to kill Baronsof Hell with just the Chainsaw or Hands. You can do the weapon code many time in the same level if you run out of ammo. Also, to get the Color Key Cards if you don't find them because each time you end a leve... Read More


 Level Code 2 = AFHT-CAA8 3 = AKHT-CAA8 4 = APHT-CAA8 5 = AZHT-CAA8 6 = A3AT-CAA8 7 = A7HT-CAA8 8 = BFHT-CAA8 9 = BKHT-CAA8 10 = BPHT-CAA8 11 = BZHT-CAA8 12 = B3HT-CAA8 13 = CBHT-CAA8 Green Belt At the Title screen, press A, A, Down, C, B, A, Up, Up, Down. Red Belt At the Title screen, press A, Down, Down, B, B, B, C, Left, Right.... Read More

Brutal: Paws of Fury

 Play As Karate Croc At the title screen press Up, Down, A, B, C, C, B, A, D, Up. Play as Dali Llama At the title screen, press C, A, B, A, Left, A.... Read More


 Sound Test At the title screen, somultaneously press and hold A, B, and C, then press Start. When the music selection screen appears, use any button to change the music.... Read More

Road Rash II

 Bike Passwords Shuriken 400 ( 26GH 100A ) Panda 500 ( 27GH 120D ) Shuriken TT 250 ( 26HH 14OF ) Diablo 1000 ( 26HG 1S06 ) Bike Select To get your pick of bikes in any race, try this. Go to "Mano A Mano", then have both players select their bikes. Return to the Options screen and set the game to "Take Turns". If you did this right, both players should have their chosen bikes. For a one-player game, perform the same procedure, but when you leave the Options screen, go back to it and set the game to "One Player". Bonus Bike At the title screen, press and hold Up + A + C or Left + B + C, then press START. You'll receive a super bike, the "Wild Thing 2000." Alternatively, enter the password "00DA 1V0N." Creating Passwords The Structure Each of the eight password characters is a 5-bit value represented by the characters "0" (00000) through "V" (11111). The first four characters of the password how much money you have in units of $10. Only the high-order 4 bits of each of these characters are... Read More

Revenge of Shinobi (Super Shinobi)

 Defeating Neo Zeed As you already know it is almost imposibal to get through the maze. Well those of witch who have know of a stash of jujitsu & power ups. Save these untill Neo Zeed. As soon as you start to fight,use lightning jujitsu, and crouch next to him and fire at will. As soon as the sheild is gone, use it again, and reapeat, Zeed is dead in 5 seconds. Extra Life On the first level, enter the second building and find 2 spikes near each other. Use the "ninjitsu of mikin". An extra life will appear between the spikes. Special Bonus Finish any level with enough shurikens to equal 11 times the number of lives remaining, and you will receive 30,000 bonus points (i.e., if you have 7 lives left, finish the round with exactly 77 shurikens.) Unlimited Men In round 4-2, there are many power-ups hidden that are revealed only by shooting them. On the first platform, jump and shoot and you'll reveal a 2-up on the platform across your position. Get it, die, and repeat! There's another 2-up o... Read More

Bart vs the Space Mutants

 Extra Lives On level one, get a rocket and shoot the E in Kwiqi-E-Mart. This will give you up to 6 extra lives. Jump Further To jump further than normal, hold A and B simultaneously. Level 1 tips If you are stuck on the first level it is probably because you did'tfind the 3 almost hidden goals: 1. call Moe on the telephone right next to histavern, you'll tell him a joke and he'll come out wearing something inPURPLE, spray him and his clothes will become red. 2. Buy a wrench in thetool shop and use to open the water source in front of the tool shop(youshould've already sprayed it)and it will spray water on the top of the doorso it will become from PURPLE to Red. 3. In front the Jebediah statue there a man wearing a purple suit will appear, spray him and he will become red. Warp In level one: First you got to buy a key. Then if you want to warp gotothe doors at the "Springfield Retirement home". Then use the key in frontof the doors. If done right, it'll have warped you to the white door... Read More

Robocop versus The Terminator

 Blood Code Does your version of Robocop vs Terminator have blood? If it doesn't, press C, B, A, B, B, C, B, B, C, B, B, C, C, B, C, B, C, A, C, C, A, A, A, B, B, B, A, C, A at the title screen. Drop Through The Floor Pause the game and press A, B, C, C, C, B, A then unpause the game and hold DOWN while pressing C. Extra Lives On level 2 there is a secret portal that will transfer you to the OCP Underground Offices. When you get there you will be fighting against Red Terminators. If you succeed you will receive some extra lives. To get there, ride the second tightrope and fall. Walk behind the building and jump. If you did it right you will be teleported. Invincibiliy Start at the game's Trainer level and enter TurboCop mode. Now move RoboCop to the far left and press UP and C to jump up. You're now in the immortality level where you'll receive another secret message from the game's designers and invincibility! More Extra Lives For even more lives, begin a game, then pause. Now press C,... Read More

Ecco 2: The Tides of Time

 level select At beging of the level there should be 2 rocks. Face up toward them and press B (they will break). Swim through and you will be in the first level. Turn so that ecco is looking at you. While he is looking at press start and quickly press A, B, C, B, C, A, C, A, C, A, B.... Read More

Incredible Hulk

 Hulk-Out Moves These moves work when you achieve Hulk-Out status in the game. Bear Hug - Grab enemy, then press A Pile Driver - Grab enemy, then press A + B Shoulder Charge - Forward, Forward, C, Forward... Read More


 Cheat When sony appears hold a+b+c Gabe should appear in the place of sony now when the start screen appears there`ll be a new option this lets you through snowballs at enemies, make a snowman and mountain climb.... Read More

Jurassic Park

 code for raptor At the PASSWORD type in M21G0O12. This gets you to the volcano for the raptor. These things are relentless and you cannot kill them. Watch out for the guys near the end of the level, they will kill you. Defeat The 2 Raptors Go to the PASSWORD and type in C12G0OG12. This is a good code for Grant.... Read More

Earthworm Jim

 Cheat Push start frist then put the cheat in acbacbac this will only work one time in one level. Debug menu During the game pause and press left and a then b,b,a,then right and a , then,b,b,a and the screen will say stuff like level select and invincibility... Read More

John Madden Football

 Recover the Ball If you are kicking off, here's how you can recover the ball. Make sure the indication arrow is on the kicker, then press C repeatedly. When the kicker is about to make contact with the ball, press A. Stop Opponent from Making Extra Points While your opponent is trying to kick a field goal, keep going offside until the ball is on the goal line. When your opponent tries to kick the ball, it will be too low... Read More

Awesome Possum

 Secret Menu When the title song ends, press C, B, C, Left B, C. You'll hear a sound if you did this correctly. To access the secret menu, press A.... Read More

Championship Pro-AM

 Bonus Cars While racing, collect enough letters to spell NINTENDO. If you do you'll get a new set of cars.... Read More

Tommy Lasorda Baseball

 Easy Out When a left batter for the computer comes up, always throw the ball inside. He will automatically swing at the ball. Invisible Players For an invisible team, enter the password "Zb6jpqrnmGnYWQXaHuFFAB".... Read More

Final Fight

 Super Combo This super combo can be easily executed with Cody or Guy, but it's a bit tougher with Haggar. To begin, initiate a punching combo (press attack, attack, attack for Cody or Guy) or (attack, attack for Haggar.) While you're pressing these buttons, hold the d-pad AWAY from your enemy. Before you do your final ending combo blow, you will throw the enemy, delivering massive damage! NOTE: You can also start this combo with a jumping knee (jump and hold down, press attack) to deal even more damage! (This will not work for Haggar.)... Read More



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