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Road Rash

 Get Wild Thing 2000 To get the Wild Thing 2000, at the bike selection you have to hold UP, A, C, and hit SELECT. You will hear someone go "Yeah". The bike goes 200 MPH, and 255 with turbos (to perform a turbo, tap B twice and hold it down on the second tap). Passwords Try these passwords to give you a top bike and a large sum of money for each level. Level Password 1 00000 07DJ1 12G9A 1786E 2 00000 07O71 13IJJ 2N7SR 3 00000 07QF0 03JS3 37GL5 4 00000 083O0 12NIK 473FC... Read More

Adventures of Mighty Max

 Level Codes Inca = DBBLGLLFCD Water = DBCLFGBDF2 Jungle = DBDKKJJLKR Volcano = DBFGCDMBTG... Read More


 Cheat mode: Quickly press A + B + C on controller two when the phrase "Foley High Tech Systems" appears on the opening screen. A chime will confirm correct code entry. Unlimited lives, all weapons, and all remotes will be available after game play begins. Level skip: Find a location that contains life recharge power-up above a lava bed. Intentionally lose almost all your life. Jump into the lava and simultaneously use the life power-up. Game play will resume at the next level.... Read More


 Level Select and More Go to the Options screen and move the pointer down to "Exit." Hold Down and press A, B, B, A, B, A, A, B, A, A, B, A, A. There will be a screen from which you can get infinite lives, continues, weapons, and more.... Read More

Vapor Trail

 Codes Master code (must be entered): AJBT AA5G Invincibility: P4FA AA28 Start with 8 ships: RG8T A604 + FW8T BA06 Infinite ships: C4FA AA5G Start with weapons at full power: RGYA A6WY + ACYA BAW0. Very fast roll power recharge: ACTA AAFW Start at Mission 2: SG6T BEXA + SG6T BEXG. Start at Mission 3: SG6T BJXA + SG6T BJXG Start at Mission 4: SG6T BNXA + SG6T BNXG. Start at Mission 5: SG6T BTXA + SG6T BTXG Start at Mission 6: SG6T BYXA + SG6T BYXG.... Read More


 99 Balls At the title screen, press A, C, Left, Start for 99 balls.... Read More

Dino Land

 Bonus Points While playing, press B 23 times then aim your ball at the slot machine. If you hit you will instantly win 100,000 points and an extra ball. Color Test When the Wolfteam logo appears, press A + B + C for a color test. Level Select Pause the game and press Down, Up, Down x 6, Up, Down x 6. Hold B and press Start to resume play. Press A to go to another level. Morph at Will To change shape at will, pause the game and press Up, Down, Up x 6, Up, Down, Up x 6. Hold B and press Start to resume play. To change form (from ball to dinosaur and vice versa), press B.... Read More

Evander Holyfields Real Deal Boxing

 Secret Boxer Start a new career. Create a new boxer and enter his name The Beast. After you do all the stuff ( hair, skin, trunks etc. ), he will be green with blue hair and all Atributes will be full.... Read More

ATP Pro Tour

 Super Serve Stand at the end of the court. Serve while holding the d-pad to the sideyou are standing. If you do it right you should get an ace 90% of the time.... Read More


 Super Jumps Press Up(2), Down, Left, Right, B, Start at the title screen... Read More

Last Battle

 Continue When "Legend of the Final Hero" appears, hold A + B + C, then press Start. Press Up or Down to select the chapter you wish to start from, then press Start to begin play. This only allows you to select a chapter up to the highest chapter you last played, so in effect it's a continue.... Read More

Vectorman 2

 Change into Fireant, Shield Bug and go Invincible Start a game and press Start to pause the game and enter C, A, L, L, D, A, D repeatedly until you hear the sound of the orb weapon. Do not unpause the game yet!!! Enter C, A, L, L, D, A, D until the sound stops. Press Start and you will be a fireant. Pause again and enter the code once more, and you will be the shield bug. This tip can be used to achieve invincibility in the bonus rounds as well. While in the bonus round, enter the code until you become the shield bug. Unpause the game and when the shield wears off you should be invincible. Change Weapons While playing, pause the game and press C, A, Left, Left, Down, A, Down. Extra Life For an extra life, pause the game and press Right, Up, B, A, Down, Up, B, Down, Up, B. Health Refill To refill your health, pause the game and press B, A, B, A, Left, Up. Level Select While playing, pause the game and press Up, Right, A, B, A, Down, Left, A, Down.... Read More

Aero the Acrobat 2

 Invincibility At the title screen, press Left, Left, A, B, C, Left, Up, Down, A, Right, A. If you did it right you'll hear a strange sound. Level Select On the Options screen, use Sound Test to play sounds 8, 4, 19, 71. If you did this correctly, the screen will flash. Exit the Options screen and begin a new game. Press Start to pause, then hold Down A C until a Level Select screen appears... Read More


 Cheat menu For a great cheat menu, press Down + Start, then release Down and press Right four times, Left four times, Right three times, Left three times, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left. Select the Cheat option that appears and choose to begin the level again. You will have 50 keys, all the scrolls and spells and 50 of each spell ingredient!... Read More

Rolling Thunder 3

 Extra Lives At the password screen type ANNOY and you will receive 5 lives instead of 3. Harder Game For a real challenge, enter the password "RISKY".... Read More


 Debug mode: Press Start at the title screen to display the player selection screen. Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B. Several additional options will appear. Select the "Debug" option, begin game play, and press A. The screen will split and reveal the game code.... Read More

Combat Cars

 Cheat In the options menu, highlight exit and, while holding down buttons A, B, and C, press the start button. when you press it, you will see "cheat enabled" under the picture. exit out, and when you see the screen which tells you what course you are on, press the mode button to change the course. the only thing is that you need a 6-button controller for the mode button. You can now choose between all 24 courses.... Read More

Ready Aim Tomatoes

 Extra accuracy points To get more extra accuracy points, shoot at the "End of Level" sign at the end of each level. Level Skip on Level 4 After completing level 4, rapidly press the START button on the gun (it's the very bottom button on the front hand grip.) As soon as the screen reads LEVEL 4, rapidly press START to skip ahead 2-4 levels. If your timing is good enough you can skip all the way to the final level.... Read More


 KARAOKE MODE To enable karaoke mode, put the game in Arcade mode,go to the Track Selection screen, and hold Up + C.... Read More

Wiz n Liz

 65536 Stars! First use the password HSSN RLLL. Enter the shop and buy a potato and a banana(use the shop discount cheat seen above). Leave the shop and mix the fruits. the hint shop will appear. Enter the hint shop and use your stars on a hint( any hint, but -A- is good). Enter and re-enter the shop holding Start and C. The screen will keep flashing. When you have used all your stars, the counter will roll over to 65536 stars. Buy all you want. Harder Game For a real challenge, wait for the Sega logo appears and hold A + B + C, then press Start twice. You'll hear a voice say "Yeah" and a new "Super Wizard" setting will appear on the Options menu. More Passwords Enter the password MRCF RSCD and you'll start the game with all the gems, 500 stars, and opens random doors! The passwords CBSK LGQD,BBBB BBBB, TTTT TTTT, and MQHS PKDN give the hints W,X,Y,Z(respectively). Open Shop/Star Bonus To start the game with the shop open and 100 stars to spend, hold START and press C while entering the... Read More



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