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 Level Select Select "New Game" and start to enter a password. Hold down B while you scroll through the letters and numbers will appear. Now put in a number five times the level you want to play (i.e., to play on level 10, enter 50).... Read More

Afterburner 2

 Level Select Hold A + B + C and press Start on the title screen. You will now be able to choose your levle Unlimited Continues Once you have lost the game return to the title screen, then Press Left(3), B(3), C(3), Start.... Read More

Shadow of the Beast

 Invulnerability Play the game and get a high score. Enter your initials as ZQX. At the title screen hold A+B+C and press START. Your life meter will count down, but will wrap around from 0 to 11.... Read More

Arrow Flash

 Invincibility At the options menu, change the "Arrow Flash" setting from Stock to Charge. After the story demo, wait for the gameplay demo to begin then press Start and begin the game. Now whenever you hold the C button for 5 seconds you will be invincible for 10 minutes... Read More


 Easy Wins To defeat Tetsuo Okabe (Match 5) and Miyuki Hirose (Match 8), select the Bo as your weapon. When the match begins, press A, B, or C and hold Left. You will block all of your opponent's attacks. Wait until you have maximum Ki, then strike your opponent for a one-hit win!... Read More

Jungle Book

 Level skip To do the level select code, pause the game and hit "BAABBAABABBAABBA"... Read More

Burning Force

 Ten Lives Press B, A, B, A, A, C, A, A and start your game. You can also use this sequence to continue with 10 men.... Read More


 Cheat Password Enter the password "LTUS" to start at World One with infinite lives.... Read More

Rings of Power

 Chest of Plenty Go to Magenta, the town in the top middle, and then get to the docks. Go into the top boat shop and open the chest. When you exit the shop, the chest will reset. So, go back in and open the chest again. Continue this until you have enough money/gold/items. New Logo For a new look, turn your Genesis off, then hold A + B + C + Down-Right + Start and turn it on. Unlimited Experience Between the temple of the moon and sun there is an underground passage used for one of the ring quests. The priests will ask you to show an object found during the game, and if chosen wisely you get 250 experience points. If you talk to them again you can answer the question again as long as you like, gaining 250 experience each time.... Read More

Contra: Hard Corps

 All Weapons (Japanese Version) Pause game play and press Up(2), Down(2), A, Up(2), Down(2), B, Up(2), Down(2),C. Hidden Endings To view the hidden endings, go underground in the Junkyard stage. Climb the wall with mounted guns, instead of blowing it up to descend further. Once atop the wall, find a man who will allow you to fight three bosses in consecutive tournament matches. Defeat the opponents to view the hidden endings. Infinite lives To get unlimited lives, just before you start the game press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, B, A. This code need to be entered quickly and will take some practice. Secret level In Stage 3,the garbage dump, right before you fight Noiman,in the room with 3 turrets, jump up and climb the wall. A guy will ask you if you want to enter the battle arena.... Read More

General Chaos

 Secret Cheat Mode Pause the game. Press and gold buttons A and B on Controller 1 and button C on Controller 2 at the same time; you'll hear a bubbling sound. Now, while paused, you can access the following features: Maximim Medics - Press and hold A and C on Controller 1 and B and Down on Controller2. Battle Advance - Press and hold A, C, and Up on Controller 1 and B on Controller 2. Full-Scale War Advance - Press and hold A, C, and Up on Controller 1 and B on Controller 2. These cheats give the victories and/or Medics to the Chaos Army. To give Havoc the benefits, simply reverse the commands: e.g. for max medics, press A + C on Controller 2 and B + Down on Controller 1.... Read More

Toki, Going Ape Spit

 Invincibility At the title screen press Up, A, Right, B, Down, C, Left, Start Warp to 8-3 Enter the Options screen and switch the controls to A and C for Fire and B for Jump. Return to the title screen wait for the demos to begin. Watch the demos until you see an extremely dark level. The demo will run for a while and then pause. Press Start to unpause and enter the game. You will die and begin at the Volcano level. Keep spitting to light up the place, otherwise it will be totally dark.... Read More

Wonder Boy in Monster World

 Legendary Gear Can't find all the Legendary Gear? Your prayers have been answered: Legendary Sword - After getting the Old Axe in Dark World and the Fire Urn from the Volcano Dragon, take it to the dragon blacksmith. Legendary Boots - On the track, jump off and find the treasure chest. Legendary Armor - In the pit the pulleys pull you across just drop down and open the chest. Legendary Shield - In the area with the anemones and the door-beside-door deal, in the only treasure chest. Note: You CANNOT beat the game without ALL the Legendary Gear. Secret Level When you've finished fighting Gragg and Glagg, get the trident and press Down, Down, Left, Left, Down, Down, A, B, A, B. If you did it right youll be teleported to a new level with 10 treasure boxes!... Read More


 Play Data Screen At the title screen, press A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C. Sound Test When entering a high score, enter "ZTT" to see the Sound Test screen. To exit, press Reset. Free Play At the title screen, press B, B, B, C, A, A, A, B, B, C, C, C. Harder Game At the title screen, press C twelve times. Level Select At the title screen, press C, A, C, B, C, A, B, A, B, C, A, C. The words "Zone Select" should appear at the bottom of the screen.... Read More


 Nine Continues Get to the Chapter 1 screen, then press C, A, B, A, C, A, B, A.... Read More

Shining in the Darkness

 Rename Characters At the name entry screen use all five space to enter your name (eg., BRIAN) then use the FWD button. The screen should change to show another character. Repeat this process until you've named them all. Weapon Tips Flails: These weapons arent always the strongest weapon for Milo, but they will ALWAYS attack twice per turn. Unlike the whips, the flail can not only attack more than 1 enemy in the same group, but it can also attack enemies in other groups and hit the same enemy twice on the same turn. The "Great Flail" is the best of the flails and is technically the "best" weapon for Milo to use throughout the game. Whips: These weapons will attack EVERY enemy in a single group (groups can have up to around 10 monsters each). The best of which is the hex whip, which must be made for Pyra from a Dark Block - it will be cursed, but it's still worth keeping equipped. The curse causes you to be tangled up in the whip AFTER an attack 30% of the time. You will not be able to m... Read More



Grind Stormer

 Unlimited Continues At the title screen, hold A + B + C. While holding these buttons, go to the Options screen and quickly press Start 100 times. Return to the Options screen, go down to Credit Limit, and select a new option titled "FREE PLAY." This will allow you to play with unlimited continues in both versions of the game (Grind Stormer and V-V.)... Read More

Pink Goes to Hollywood

 Level Select This trick requires two controllers. Turn on the Genesis and simultaneously press A + C on Controller One and B on Controller Two. If you hear a crash sound after the TecMagic logo fades, the trick worked. When the game begins, press Start to pause the game, then press C to view the cheat menu. Press Left or Right to change the level, press B to become invincible, or press A to restore your health. Press Start... Read More

Rolling Thunder

 Passwords Level Password 2 AKEOP 3 KFEOF 4 FSEOA 5 KFEPZ 6 SSELS 7 FAEOI 8 HSEPL 9 HKEPP 10 HFEPN... Read More



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