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Rocket Knight Adventures

 Harder Game On the Konami logo screen press Down,down,up,up,down,down,down,down,down. Record Your Own Demo Start a new game and play normally, but DON'T pause until you're ready to record your demo. When you're ready, pause the game and press UP seven times, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT. When the word "Pause" reverses, press RESET and enjoy your demo.... Read More

Crue Ball

 Skip Level Choose Music Demo from the title menu and select #6 (Twisted Flipper). Now press A, C, A, B and begin the game. Before you launch the ball, hold B + Up to advance a level or B + Down to backup a level. Sound Test Enable the Skip Level code. You'll be able to enter a full sound test at any time during the game by pressing A + B + C.... Read More

Revolution X

 Get Your Wings! Wing 1: Once inside "Club X" kill off the skate troop and the guys in the windows. When you choose to go left or right choose either one you never know where the wings will be. When you see the phones shoot the sign above them. You'll be in the restroom. When you approach the stalls shoot into every one. In the stalls are N.O.N Troopers. Kepp shooting and you might see Brad Whiteford shoot him and get wings. Wing 2: In the bar wait till the third pass. Shoot the two swordfish then the gray screen. Shoot the switch, go up, and shoot Steven Tyler for Wing 2. Wing 3: Select Middle East after finding the car. If you fight long enough you'll see the drummer and two trucks from the cover of "PUMP". Shoot the drummer to get Wing 3. Wing 4: Go to the Amazon level and go on all of the lifts. Find the room with 4 or 5 chicks and hit the gutter on top. You'll see a guy jumping and shot him.... Read More

Aero the Acrobat

 Cheat mode: Press C, A, Right, Left, C, A, Right, Left at the main menu. Begin game play and pause when Aero appears on screen. Press Up, C, Down, B, Left, A, Right, B, then hold A + C to display the cheat menu. Options such as unlimited lives and level select may be enabled. Unlimited stars: Enable cheat mode and enter the level selection screen. Press Left, Right, A, B, C, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right. Press Up and throw a star simultaneously to fly.... Read More

ESPN National Hockey Night

 Brutal Menu For two extra options, press C, Right, B, Right, C, Right on the "Turn Up the Heat" screen. Extra Teams Press Left, Right, C, A, B, B at the game setup menu to gain access to four new teams. Octopong At the setup screen, press A, C, B, Up, Right, Up for an enhanced version of the classic pong. Editor's Note: Entering these codes produces a sound, but doesn't seem to do anything. Can someone tell us what we're missing? Pong At the setup screen, press B, C, C, C, Up, Down for a classic game of Pong. Editor's Note: Entering these codes produces a sound, but doesn't seem to do anything. Can someone tell us what we're missing?... Read More

Addams Family, The

 Extra lives: Move to the left edge of the screen instead of going through one of the two doors at the "Continue/Quit" screen that appears when a game is over. You will enter a secret room that contains four extra lives.... Read More


 Level Select At the "Game Over" screen, press and hold DOWN and LEFT while pressing A, B and C, then press START until the music repeats. Sound Test To enable the sound test, you must first beat the game. At the ending screen, press and hold A, B, C, DOWN and LEFT. While holding these buttons, press START until the Sound Select screen appears.... Read More

Dick Tracy

 Level Select To select levels, press UP, DOWN, A, A, B, C, C and Start at the options screen.... Read More


 Cheat Code Passwords At the Warning screen, press B, A, Down, A, Start, Start. Now go to the password screen and enter any of the following codes. These passwords can be combined by re-entering the password screen. Effect Password Bald Player BALD $2,000 MONEY Best 3 Weapons THRASH Grade 5 Equipment ARMOR 3 Nitro Bursts SPEED Washington DC CAPITAL New York LIBERTY Chicago PIZZA Detroit CARS Vancouver TOTEM San Diego BEACH San Francisco HILLS Los Angeles STARS Toronto JAYS Miami PALMS Liberty NEW YORK Denver BRONCOS Submitted by - Lawrence Hall, Rob Schember , Kurt Roeyer and others Easy Money For $10,087, two electric rods, one chain, and 100% health, enter the password "0YZ4FOSQPAYK".... Read More

Radical Rex

 Level Select To start the game at any level, skip past the first title screen until you get to the screen with the One- and Two-Player options. From here, use Controller Two to enter A, C, Down, Right, Up, B.... Read More

Red Zone

 Asteroids mini-game: Enter ABCACACBCAC as a password.... Read More

Whip Rush

 Playing Tip Just before you reach the boss of stage 4, you'll come across a group of three enemy ships worth 100,000 points each. That's an extra life for each of these ships!... Read More

Bugs Bunny Double Trouble

 Extra life In the first level choose to run fast. When bugs gets tired and stops, pause the game. Then hit A, Up, Right, B, Up, B. Un-pause the game and you should have an extra life.... Read More

Pirates of Dark Water

 Full Sword To start the game with a full sword, enter the password "DSILLER". Passwords If you're stuck, use these passwords but be sure to explore all the terrain of this fantastic game. The Port of Pandawa = IITBDIA The Citadel = RITAZIM Bobo Mountain = JESSICA Janda Town = SCOOBYD Sunken Bridge and Andorus = STOYODA The Maelstrom = ALARTUS Dark Dweller's Lair = RADARAL... Read More

Gadget Twins

 Level Select Go, go, gadget twins! To warp to any level, press C, A, Right, Left, C, A, Right, Left at the title screen.... Read More

Revenge of Shinobi

 Unlimited Knives At The very beginning of the game go to the options menu and change the number of weapons to 00, then do not do ANYTHING for ten seconds, then the 00 will become an infinity sign and your weapons will never run out.... Read More


 Passwords Level 1: NASHWAN Level 2: COYOTE Level 3: FOXX... Read More


 Extra Territories Choose Password and enter zeros for all the number positions. When you start the game, the map will be covered with territories you own.... Read More


 Extra Continues For three continues, press A, C, B, C, A, Start at the intro screen. Infinite Lives Note: This trick requires a copy of Altered Beast. Insert Altered Beast into the Genesis. As soon as the title screen appears, remove Altered Beast without turning off the system. Insert Strider and press Reset, then start a game as usual. Invincibility At the start screen press up, down, right, left, a, b, b, a, c, start, and you'll be invincible. Permanent Robots Grab two robots. Find a container with a robo-panther. Open it but do not touch it. Get hit on purpose so you lose a robot. Activate the robo-panther by touching it. After a white, it will go away and leave you with two robots that will never leave, even if you die from hits. Secret Room In level two, fight your way past the corilla to the part with the spinning gears. Jump onto one of the containers, then jump into the rocks above. If you time it right you'll get caught in the rock and be pulled into a secret room. Keep tryin... Read More

Bio-Hazard Battle

 1-Ups Follow this guide to find all the 1-ups in Bio-Hazard Battle. 2nd level: After the steep incline you will start to go down. Stay below the track and you will get the first 1-up. 3rd level: After passing the inkblot guys in the jungle, stay towards the bottom. The 1-up will appear just before the incline. 4th level: After the guys that look like lips stay towards the top of the ceiling. When you start going up stay towards the back of the screen and the 1-up will appear. 5th level: At the part when the boulders are shooting up at you stay at the top and the 1up will appear just in front of you. 6th level: When you are at the 3rd stage of the plane blow it up and then pull backwards. The 1-up will appear. 7th level: When you are going through the part with the pipes and the stuff coming out of them, stay at the back, always charged. The 1up will appear at the end. 8th level: Just after the mini boss and you are crashing through the walls, stay to the top/back. The 1-up will appear.... Read More



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