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Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls

 Boss Mode At the main menu press C, Right, A, B, A, B, B, Left. You will hear a laugh if you did this right. Extra Reserve Points At the main menu press Up, C, B, A, Down, A, B, C, Left, C, B, A, Right, A, B, C.... Read More

Task Force Harrier

 Level Select and More Get the Force on your side with these new options. Hold A as you turn on the Genesis, then release the button when the title screen appears. Next, press Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, A, C, B. Finally enter Config and you'll have a few new features. "Muteki" is your ticket to invulnerability, and "Window" adjusts the game's screen to a new shape. Level Skip To skip a level, press A + Start simultaneously. Slot Motion For slow motion, pause the game, then press B rapidly.... Read More

Shining Force II

 Configuration When the SEGA logo appears, quickly press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, B. You'll hear a short tune if you entered it correctly. Now hold Start through the witch's opening menus. Continue holding Start while you choose to begin or continue a game. The witch should bring you to Configuration mode. Difficulty Select For a harder game, use the Configuration code to complete the game, then reset and choose to begin a new game. After you name your character, you're given the option to change the game difficulty. Choose from Normal, Hard, Super or Ouch! Easy Weapons Here's a little cheat to get those powerful weapons faster. Here's what you have to do. First activate the configuration mode and select yes when ask if you want to control enemies. Next enter a battle with enemies that have those rare weapons. When you take control of the enemy, make him discard his weapon(if he has one). After that you can either cast Egress or finish the... Read More

Road Rash III

 Cheaper Repair Cost During the game when your bike has no more hp DO NOT go back to your bike and let it wreck when you touch it. Instead start jogging up the road. After a while a police officer (like OFFICER 11 etc...) on a bike will come up and arrest you. You will still have to pay the ticket, but when you start the race again your bike will be as good as new! PS If you do so you will discover that paying the ticket is a lot cheaper then paying the repair cost. Easy Money To start on level 5 with $45,000, enter the password "SPU1 5903". Fast Bikes and Loose Cash For a hot time on a hot bike, go to the password screen and set the fourth digit to '2' and the sixth digit to 'U'. Fast Bikes, Loose Cash, and Level 5 At the password screen, enter "r7ef-tu0r" for $250,000 and a fast bike on level five. Faster Times at Ridgemont High Tom Cruise, eat your heart out. The password "15s9 puo3" will give you $200,000, all upgrades, and the best bike in the game! Unlimited Cash First put it in 2... Read More

Lion King

 Unlimited Roars Press Right, A, B, C, Start at the options sceen. The sound of Simba as an adult roaring will confirm correct code entry. Cheat mode In the options area press: Right, A, A, b, Start and the cheat area screen will apear... Read More

Toy Story

 Invincibility Make your way to the second stage, then put all the toys away and get 7 stars. Finally, jump into the toybox and press DOWN for 7 seconds. Level Skip At the "Press Start" screen, press A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A quickly. If you did this right you'll hear a laugh. Begin a game as normal, but whenever you want to skip a level, press Start, A. Max Coins Inside The Claw At the start of the game, enter AB Right ACA Down AB Right A at the start screen. When you have to put all of the Aliens back into the bin, in the level Inside the Claw, press Start to pause, then A. Partial Invincibility To avoid being hurt by airplanes, trains, and other enemies, simply keep hitting B (whipping the pullstring) as the enemy hits you. This code even works on Buzz's laser. However, it does not save you from time limits or falling.... Read More

NHL 95

 Easy Goal When skating as a right winger, skate up the boards,stop exactly on the (your right side up ice) right goal line, cut hard across the crease outline, and slam home a back-hander when you have the goalie off the least bit. Please do not try this with any team except Detroit because everybody else is so bad it will not work.... Read More

Batman Returns

 Level select: Pause game play and press Left, Right, A, B(2), A.... Read More

Universal Soldier

 Invincibility: Enter PWRZS as a password. Reveal hidden items: Enter SHBXZ as a password.... Read More

Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs

 Easier Game For an easier game against the computer, press C while displaying your team's statistics screen. This will display your opponent's statistics. Put the worst players into your opponent's lineup. During the game, the computer will replace its bad players with its best. When this happens, repeat the same sequence between quarters or during a substitution, and put the weaker players back into the computer's lineup.... Read More

Jungle Strike

 Start with 4 lives and a choice of all 4 co-pilots Enter code BNSH3N6MHJK.... Read More

Alien 3

 Level Skip On Options screen using joypad #2, press C, UP, RIGHT, DOWN,LEFT, A, RIGHT and DOWN. You will kear power-up sound. After you begin thegame you can skip levels by pausing the game and pressing C, A, B before unpausig the game. You will see a row of small green dots all across the screen. Press START to skip to the next level.... Read More


 Dedication Screens To view three dedication screens, pause the game and enter one of the following codes: Screen #1: A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down + A, Start Screen #2: A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down + C Screen #3: A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down + A, A, A Energy Regeneration While playing, pause the game, and press A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, Right, B, A. Unpause the game and your life bar will rise to 100 percent. Invulnerability While playing, pause the game and press A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, Left. Note: This code will expire if you pick up a Shield or exit the level. When this happens, simply reenter the code and resume play. Reset To reset the game, pause and hold A + B + C then press Start. Restore Health To recover your health, pause the game and press A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Left, A. Skip Level To skip to the next level, pause the game and press A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A. Throw Fireballs To hurl a fireball, pause the game and press A, B, Right,... Read More

Intersector X

 Unlimited Continues When your game is over and the timer is counting down, hold LEFT and UP, then press C. With every press of C, the number of continues increased by one... Read More

Road Rash 2

 Bike Passwords Shuriken 400 ( 26GH 100A ) Panda 500 ( 27GH 120D ) Shuriken TT 250 ( 26HH 14OF ) Diablo 1000 ( 26HG 1S06 ) Bike Select To get your pick of bikes in any race, try this. Go to "Mano A Mano", then have both players select their bikes. Return to the Options screen and set the game to "Take Turns". If you did this right, both players should have their chosen bikes. For a one-player game, perform the same procedure, but when you leave the Options screen, go back to it and set the game to "One Player". Bonus Bike At the title screen, press and hold Up + A + C or Left + B + C, then press START. You'll receive a super bike, the "Wild Thing 2000." Alternatively, enter the password "00DA 1V0N." Creating Passwords The Structure Each of the eight password characters is a 5-bit value represented by the characters "0" (00000) through "V" (11111). The first four characters of the password how much money you have in units of $10. Only the high-order 4 bits of each of these characters are... Read More

Adventures of Batman and Robin

 Level skip: Pause game play and press B, A, Down, B, A, Down, Left, Up, C. Level select: Hold Start and press B, A, Down, B, A, Down, Left, Up, C during game play.... Read More

Techno Cop

 Life Regeneration While in a building searching for the criminal, pause the game and press C ten times, A five times, B twice, and A ten times. Press Start to resume the game.... Read More

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

 Bonus Points Here is a handy hint to boost your score. Go through the hold stage without using your shurikens. If you manage this feat then you will be rewarded with 30,000 points in your Shinobi Bonus. I have been told you get a 50,000 points for not using your sword but I haven't pulled that one off yet. Invincibility At the title screen, choose Options. In the Options menu, move down to the "S.E." command and use the B button to play these songs in order: "He Runs," "Japonesque," "Shinobi Walk," "Sakura," and "Getufu." Exit the Options screen and start your game. You are now invincible! Unlimited Shurikens At the Options screen, set SHURIKENS to 0, then set SOUNDS to "Shuriken". Highlight SHURIKENS again and the 0 will change into an infinity symbol.... Read More


 Bunny Land In the first level of redwood forest (the level after the first boss), climb the tree where the bird is dropping eggcorns. At the top there is a knife. Get the knife, go down the tree and cut the brige. Fall down and go right. After you beat the level in the play area you will see a ?. Enter it to play in Bunny Land. Exit level When you are in a level and want to leave but you're stuck or can't find the exit, hit start then press A B and C at the same time and you will exit the level. Final Boss tip If you stand to the far right of the screen when the Final Boss shoots his lasers, he can't hit you. Passwords All but 4 levels completed (including lighthouse) 040 277 404 304 304 567 073 717 514 All Levels Open 600 276 007 314 325 663 037 356 576... Read More


 Cheat Codes Enter these codes at the password screen. Level Select ILOVEU System Setup MAGURO Time Attack DOFEEL Boss Mode MUSEUM Harder Game SUPER or SUPERB View Credits AGES Reset Codes XXXXXX... Read More



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