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Beast Wrestler

 Sound test: Hold A + B + C and press Start at the title screen. The word "Test" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Press Up and Down to change the sounds, A to select a sound, and B to exit sound test mode. Passwords: SP Attack Magnum Dash (Act 1) vs. Voulsine MONSTERRQYQYQMQQQFAQQK vs. Airhohle MONSTERRQYQYQMQQQVAQSA vs. Ventor MONSTERRAAQYQMWQIGAQSU vs. Dycoon MONSTERRAAQYQMWQPYAQKA vs D-Biton MONSTERRAAAWQMWQPYAQKA SP Attack Magnum Dash (Act 2) vs. Unknown MONSTERRAAAWQMWQPYAQKA vs. Ulvolos MONSTERRAAWADRDIHZQEF vs. Allowena MONSTERRAAAWADRDIUZQRM vs. Octii MONSTERRZXAWADRDIUZQRM vs Ploguraz MONSTERRZXAJADRDIJXQHI vs. Hax-004 MONSTERRZXZXADRFDMXQBK vs. Maclha MONSTERRZXZXADRFDIZQKX vs. Ominos MONSTERRZXZXAJRTWOXQIH vs. Blenadan MONSTERRZXZXAJRTWOXQIH... Read More

Chakan: The Forever Man

 1-Ups To get an extra man, make sure Chakan is moving. Then pause the game and hold A, B and C buttons before pushing Start. Change into a Surfer To change Chakan into a surfer dude, press A, C, UP, DOWN, A, B, A, and C at the demo screen when Chakan is in the lightening storm. Clear Level To clear the level, pause the game and press A + B + C. Earthquake Attack If you stab the ground with the Earth Elemental Sword, you will cause a small earthquake, damaging all enemies on the ground. You will lose the elemental power, but this move is great for emergencies. Easy way to get to the end First,select PRACTICE option, and start. Go to the platform above the air portal and use potion to open the doorway. You will be in the elemental stages with unlimited potions. Keep yourself invulnerable and you can zip right to the end. Elemental Plane To get to the elemental plane, you need the potions for teleport alchemy. Take these potions to the little ledge above the air portal. Use the potions he... Read More

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

 Avoid Bosses To continue the game without having to play scissors-paper-stone, go to any boss and, as soon as the chit-chat is out of the way, press Start to get the Select screen, then press Start again to proceed. Defeat the Gorilla You can defeat the Gorilla in Janken by using the signs: Paper, Paper, Scissors, Rock, Rock, Scissors, Scissors, Paper. Extra Money When in Rookietown, jump repeatedly until you break the ground. Destroy the treasure chest to the left, destroy all the bad guys, blow the treasure chest all the way to the right, then go back again. All the bad guys will be back. Destroy until you get the desired amount, then spend it all on bracelets... Read More


 Level select Level Taxing Mayhem 1 fzbmd squmd 2 gdhkp hzjsg 3 jlbdf sfbkf 4 khhkp qdjtg 5 bfbgh vkbcr 6 hmjcb kmjms 7 ktbwq vybyr 8 lqjcb sxjjt 9 yhbvh pnbxj 10 zlhxs jmjwf 11 ctbrj trbmd 12 dqhxs rqjwf 13 vmbtr rsbln 14 bghpw gvsvp 15 dnbjm wlbcr 16 fkhpw tksms 17 jfbjd gdbcv 18 kjhlp vmjjl 19 mqbff gsbyj 20 nmhlp drjjl 21 fkbnh ppbsm 22 lrjdb drslp 23 nybxq pdbqn 24 pvjdb mcjzp 25 cnbwh jsbnf 26 drhys cgjpk 27 bybsj nlbfj 28 hvhys lkjpk 29 yrbvr lmbds 30 lrhsw znjnt... Read More

Saturday Night Slam Masters

 Special Moves El Stingray Jalapeno Comet -- Down Forward +A Titanic Tin Titan Breaker -- Forward Down Back +AB The Great One Neck Wrecker -- Forward Down Back +AB Jumbo Blow Turn -- Back Down Forward +A Scorp Tiger Driver -- Back Down Forward + AB Titan Choke Slam -- Back Down Forward + AB Jumbo Heavy Press Slam -- press Back Down Forward + AB... Read More

Comix Zone

 Invincibility At jukebox go to and press C on these numbers. 3,12,17,2,2,10,2,7,7,11.... Read More


 Unlimited ammunition: Enter BRN521 as a password. Level Passwords 2 = STJNNN 3 = GRBCHV 4 = BBYLND 5 = BMBRMN... Read More


 Cheat Before you turn on the sega,take out player 2con.Then hold A,C and down. Now turn on the sega.keep holding these buttons. When it says press start hold start too. When it says the skill level you can let go.then pick a person. Then go to your right and there will be pannals on the wall.go to one of them and crouch down and hit c. Each panel will warp you to a different level.... Read More

Triple Play Gold

 Easier Home Runs Start a season and select any team. Choose your settings and start the game. When you bat, wait for the pitch and use the aggressive swing (C button) to drive the ball in the same direction you bat. If right, left field, if left, right field. If you did this you should get a homerun if you don't, keep trying. Easy Way to Steal Bases Here is an easy way to steal a base in Triple Play Gold. First in a one player game, get on base, then switch the control so the yellow star is under the base runner. Push the D-pad to the direction of the base. This will give you a big lead. The pitcher will throw it to the base that you were already on. If your runner is fast enough, you will make it by a mile. Works for all bases and even HOME! Hidden Players Enter any of these names to reveal their stats. The * denotes the best players from this list. Chris Taylor* Kevin Pickell Jan Tian* Eric Pauker David Hards Conan Reis George Ashcroft Margaret Livesey George Samilski David Adams Mik... Read More

Outrun 2019

 Harder Game Highlight "Options" and press C ten times and press Start. You will now go to a VERY hard hyper level.... Read More


 Level Passwords 2 = Deer + DLX11 3 = Squirrel + 7TXH6 4 = Eagle + JNMKN View Ending To view the full ending, enter the password "Wolf + GLRSN".... Read More

Sir Gallahad

 Skip Level Enable Unlimited Lives. While playing, press A + Start to skip the current level. Unlimited Lives Enter the starting world in the Options screen as "LTUS." When you die, you will always come back with nine lives.... Read More


 Hyper difficulty: Press C(10), then enter the options screen. A new "Hyper" difficulty level that allows faster acceleration will be selectable under the options screen.... Read More

Garfield: Caught in the Act

 Codes NR2A-EAD4 = Start with 99 shots RHCA-E6Y2 + RHCA-E6Y4 = Infinite ammo when standing RHYT-E61T + RHYT-E61W = Infinite lives ADZT-EACC + RGZA-A6YJ + RGZA-6AYL = Infinite Health Passwords Garfield may have been caught, but you won't if you use these passwords. Boss 1: Teacher, Garfield, Odie Boss 2: John, Pooky, Arlene Boss 3: Teacher, Pooky, Garfield Boss 4: Odie, Odie, Arlene Boss 5: Waitress, Pooky, Garfield... Read More

Shadow Blasters

 Beat Ashura There is an easy way to beat Ashura, the final boss. When you reach Ashura start spinning in circles and blast him when you get the chance. You'll take some hits but if your ship is high you'll blow Ashura away in no time at all. Invincibility Select a two-player game and choose your characters. When the game starts let player one's energy drop down to 1 block, then hit Start rapidly on Controller Two while player one loses the last energy block. Player one will reappear at the center of the screen flashing, and he'll be invincible until he grabs energy. This can be repeated for each character.... Read More

Batman: Revenge of the Joker

 Level select: Enter 5257 as a password. Six objects that resemble mushrooms will appear along the bottom of the screen to confirm correct code entry. Enter one of the following passwords to begin game play at the corresponding level. 1-1 = 1100 1-2 = 1200 Level 1 Boss = 1300 2-1 = 2100 2-2 = 2200 3-1 = 3100 3-2 = 3200 Level 3 Boss = 3300 4-1 = 4100 4-2 = 4200 Level 4 Boss = 4300 5-1 = 5100 5-2 = 5200 6-1 = 6100 6-2 = 6200 Level 6 Boss = 6300 7-1 = 7100 Final battle = 7200... Read More

World Series Baseball 96

 Easy out First walk the batter that is at the plate. then when the batter is walking to first base throw the ball to the first baseman and he will be called out if you do it before the runner reaches first... Read More

Double Dragon 3

 More Options As the brick wall scrolls past at the beginning, simultaneously press A + B + C. A new menu will appear, where you can select more options, including the ability play as different characters.... Read More

Maximum Carnage

 Hint When you get a chance to be Venom,pick him.Then play untill you get to the ATM machine. Press your power hits... Read More

Earthworm Jim 2

 Assorted Codes To use the following, just pause the game and enter the code (or codes) desired. Effect Code Screen Dim Off A, A, A, A, B, B, B, B Config screen A, C, C, A, B, A, B, Left Jump to Unzip C, A, C, A, B, A, A, Up Debug Mode A, B, C, C, B, A, B, B 1 UP A, B, C, C, C, A, A, B 1 UP (once) A, B, C, C, C, A, A, A Energy A, B, C, A, B, C, A, A Energy (once) A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B Ammo C, B, B, A, C, B, A, A Ammo (once) C, B, B, A, C, B, B, A Money Worm C, A, B, A, B, A, C, A Money Worm (once) C, A, C, A, C, A, C, A Continue A, A, C, C, B, A, Left, Right Continue (once) A, A, C, C, B, A, Left, Left Extra Ammo For extra ammo, follow these instructions. Either go to the level you want or start from the first level. Enter the code for the weapon of your choice. Skip to any level desired. Return to to the level you were on at #1. If completed correctly, you should have 1000 shots with the weapon you selected in Direction #2. Invulnerability To save Jim from the early birds, pause the g... Read More



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