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Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final Edition

 Easy Time-Outs Any time you want to call time out, but don't want to waste time by doing it the long way, just push start in the huddle (where you select your play book). Infinite Trades Set the game mode to trade schedule and enter. Do as many trade weeks as you wish, then reset the Genesis. Go to Regular Season, then Game Start. You will have all the players you traded, but will start from Trade Week one if you enter the free-agent area. If you reset after Trade Week one, you will start at trade week two.... Read More

World of Illusion

 Level Skip To skip to a certain stage in the game, go to the "passwords" card and flip it over by hitting C. Then enter the following cards for the following stages: Stage 2: Mickey: King of C,Queen of H,King of H, King of D. Donald: King of S,King of D,King of C, Queen of S. Both: King of H,King of D,King of S,King of C. Stage 3: Mickey: King of H,King of S,King of D,Queen of S. Donald: King of C,King of H,Queen of H, King of S. Both: Queen of S,Queen of H,King of C,King of S. Stage 4: Mickey: Queen of H,King of D,King of S,King of C. Donald: ? Both: King of D,Queen of S,King of H,Queen of H. Stage 5: Mickey: King of D,King of C,King of H,King of S. Donald: ? Both: King of C,King of D,King of S,King of H.... Read More

Eternal Champions

 Be strong When sega appears press:c,down,up,b,b,b,a,c,c,c,b, when you play the game you will be very strong so now the game is very wimpy and can`t kill you... Read More

Wolverine: Adamantium Rage

 Passwords Sink your claws into the game with these passwords. Level Password 2 Mariko 3 Silver Fox 4 Department H 5 Madripoor 6 Asano 7 The Hudsons... Read More

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers

 Change Color Hold C while choosing a character to change his or her color. Easy Ending To view the ending the easy way, set the difficulty to 2. You'll breeze through the game. After you defeat Bison, hold B + Up to view the normal ending. Easy Wins in Super Mode To get easy wins on one player mode, press START before or during a fight on the second controller. Then, select the character you want to beat as your opponent. Beat this uncontrolled opponent. You no longer have to fight this character later on in the game! Do this all you want. Select Same Character To select the same character multiple times, go to the Battle Mode screen and press A, B, A, B, A, B, B, A on Controller Two.... Read More

Terminator 2: The Arcade Game

 Never Overheat If you have a rapid-fire controller, enable rapid-fire for the game's fire button. When you shoot your machine gun, the heat indicator will not move. Level Skip At the title screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right. If you've done this correctly, you will hear "Excellent!" Now start the game. To skip a level, pause the game and press B + C simultaneously.... Read More

Asterix and the Great Rescue

 Passwords Level Password 2 = INSULA 3 = CONDOR 4 = VIENNA 5 = AVALON 6 = DULCIS... Read More

Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine

 End of Practice Mode Yes, there actually is an end to Practice Mode. Practice Mode will freeze at level 60. Try it as many times as you like, but it will never get past 60. Jumping Beans At the title screen, press A, B or C to make the beans on the title jump up and down.... Read More

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron

 Credits To check out the names of the game designers, enter the password "TOEJAM & EARL". Submitted by - Robert Knickerbocker Higher Jump To get a higher jump press jump and up together. Level Warp On Level 1 jar all the earthlings and visit the secret place to the left of the water. Return to the start of the level and do a funk scan. A secret door should be revealed. Enter it and you will enter a level warp. From left to right the doors are warps to the 3rd, 4th and 5th levels. Lil' Big Kid Enter a password for level 7, 9, 11, 13, or 15. When the game begins, press Reset and set the new Lil' Kid option to "On", then press Start on the password screen. If you did this right the earthlings will take only two jars!... Read More


 Change Car Colors When selecting a car, use up or down to change a color. Passwords Level = Password Kenya = KNCPG9D0F3M6-B6Y Sweden = 3R4PD8LRTQNQ0-LP... Read More

Doom Troopers

 Invulnerability For invulnerability, enter the password SOUTHPAW. Watch out for pits, though. You can still die if you fall. Level Select To choose your starting level, enter the password ARGONATH. Warp to Nero To warp to Nero, enter the password CYBERTOX. Warp to Pluto To warp to Pluto, enter the password DOOMLORD.... Read More

Wings of Wor

 Easy Mode Go to the Options screen and highlight Game Level. Now hold down A + B + C and press Start. Level Select Go to the Options screen and highlight Control. Now press and hold A for about ten seconds. Unlimited Credits When the "Game Over" message appears, hold Left + A + C until the continue screen appears. This will allow you to continue without losing any credits!... Read More

Streets of Rage 2

 Extra Lives At the beginning of level 1, go to the left corner of the screen and press the PUNCH button. In Stage 2, after leaving the truck, go to the upper left corner and press the punch button. On Stage 3, after you defeat the dragon enemy, search the bushes on the bottom of the screen for a 1-up. Level Select To do this you will need to have two controllers. Make sure you're on the screen that says 1 player, 2 players, Duel and Options. On the second controller move the cursor arrow down to Options then hold buttons A and B and press start. On the first player controller, you should be on the Options screen with an extra option. That's the option where you can select your stage. More Options - PAL version When the title screen appears, select Option. Then simultaneously press A + B on Controller Two. You will now have a level select and two new difficulties (Mania and Very Easy.) You will also be able to increase the number of lives to nine. The game itself reveals this trick when... Read More

Road Avenger

 Level select: Enter the options menu and highlight the "Players" selection. Press A(6) and exit the options menu. The level selection screen will be displayed.... Read More

Battle Frenzy

 Level skip: Press Up, A, Up, A(2), Down during game play to jump to the next level. Tribolt gun: Press A(3), Right, A, Right at the title screen. Red key: Press Up(2), B, C, Down(2) at the title screen. Yellow key: Press Down(2), B, C, Up(2) at the title screen.... Read More

Rolling Thunder 3

 Expert mode: Enter RISKY as a password. Play as Ellen: Enter GREED as a password. Five lives: Enter ANNOY as a password.... Read More

Phantasy Star 4

 Combos One of Phantasy Star's special features is the ability to combine spells. Here is a list of all known combinations. Unless otherwise noted, you can use the stronger or weaker version of a spell component (i.e., Foi instead of Nafoi.) Fire Storm = Zan + Foi, Foi + Hewn, Flaeli + Zan, Flaeli + Hewn Blizzard = Wat + Zan, Wat + Hewn Silent Wave = Phonon + Airslash Triblaster = Wat + Foi + Tsu You cannot use the more powerful versions of these spells for this combo. Grand Cross = Crosscut + Efess Shooting Star = Burstroc + Nafoi Paradin Blow = Rayblade + Astral Lethal Image = Death + Illusion Black Hole = Negatis + Nagra Circuit Breaker = Hijammer + Tandle Only works on mechanical creatures. Holocaust = Savol + Diem Only works on biological creatures. VOL cannot be used for this combo. Destruction = Deban + Megid + Legeon + Posibolt This one must be done in the order stated. Purify Light = Holyword + Efess Conduct Thunder = Nawat + Tandle Music Test After you've finished the game, yo... Read More

Beavis and Butthead

 level select While at the option screen, (where there are two people trying to play sega) put the cursor on "password." Press "A" and type in the code 5huOY io2iF GY1Tr. Put cursor on letter or # you want to select then press "A." If you make a mistake press "C" put eraser on mistake then press "C" again push "A" to continue. When done press start.... Read More

Tiny Toons: ACME All-Stars

 Easy Goal Pick Hampton on your team. Use his super and hold down A or B. Then run into the goalie. The goalie is most likely to get knocked out and you will get an easy goal. Best Defense in Soccer Choose Hampton as your goalie. Drain goal-keeper's energy Choose Fifi for your team. Use her special, when the ball hits the goal-keeper, he will lost all his energy, and you can hit the ball easily.... Read More

Mortal Kombat

 Fight Smoke To fight Smoke, select Vs. Mode. At the Vs. screen, press A, A, C, C, C on both controllers. After the first round the winner will fight Smoke. Play as Smoke Turn on the game. Wait for the MK3 logo to appear. When you hear the bell, press A, B, B, A, Down, A, B, B, A, Down, Up, Up. Extra Menu On the options menu, press Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down. This will cause an extra menu to appear. enable blood, cheat mode, fight against Enable blood: Press A, B, A, C, A, B(2) at the "Code of Honor" screen. The screen text will turn yellow and Scorpion will say "Get over here" to confirm correct code entry. Cheat mode: Press Down, Up, Left(2), A, Right, Down at the opening screen with "Start" and "Options" selections. The phrase "Cheat Enabled" will appear to confirm correct code entry. The following cheats may be activated. Player one Select the player on the left in the scrolling side bar, the medal display, and the "Test Your Might" screen. Player two Select the player on ... Read More



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