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Lock n Chase

 Warp across screen: Stand inside the upper tunnel and continuously move back and forth while partway off the screen. Your character will eventually disappear and re-appear on the other side of the screen after a period of time. Extra points: Pick up a coin or other bonus and simultaneously lose the last life. Alternate exit: Clear all the coins from a maze, then lock the door directly below the top exit. Run into this locked door from above to freeze to it. Press Up to complete the level without touching the exit.... Read More

Night Stalker

 Run and shoot simultaneously: Use controller one to shoot while using the D-pad on controller two to move or vice versa. Easy robot kill: Robots can only shoot one bullet on the screen at one time. Expose part of your character to a robot so it shoots badly, then destroy the robot before its bullet leaves the screen.... Read More

Triple Action

 Extra point (Biplanes): Although the game is supposed to end when a player scores fifteen points, any shots already in air at that time will still count if they hit their target. This allows a player to actually win with sixteen points. Shoot through the tower (Biplanes): Note the narrow spot on the upper half of the tower. Shooting at that location horizontally will sometimes result in the bullets passing directly through the tower.... Read More

Star Strike

 Freeze ship: Hold the D-pad on controller one in any position and press either Top Action Button. The ship will remain at the same screen position. Release the D-pad to resume normal game play.... Read More

Super Pro Football

 View credits: Press 0 at the title screen.... Read More

Beauty and the Beast

 Extra points: Climb to the top of the first building, then intentionally fall off instead of moving to the next building. Although one life will be lost, game play will be easier, allowing an extra life and more points to be gained when the first building is climbed again.... Read More

Auto Racing

 Drive to other tracks: Intentionally drive off the current track and steer between the trees to reach one of the other four tracks or a hidden drag strip. Basketball mini-game: Hold 4 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 0 then press Bottom Left at the title screen. Note: This code requires the white labeled version of the game.... Read More

Sword and Serpents

 Programmer credits: Walk around the interior of the dragon's lair and avoid getting killed by the black knights and evil wizards. The initials of the programmer will eventually appear.... Read More

US Ski Team Skiing

 Strange timer: Face your skier horizontally and ski into the edge of the screen while the timer is on screen. Allow the game to remain at this screen to force the timer to eventually roll over the numeric characters and being to display text and graphic blocks. View programmer name: Stop just before crossing the finish line. Garbled characters should appear at the bottom of the screen that include the name of the game's programmer.... Read More


 Hidden message: Successfully complete level 99 to view the message "Congratulations. You are very good."... Read More



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