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Dirt Bike

 Begin at any point on the track Hold [Shif + [Option] and click on any track position before the race begins. (Note: The race will begin at –1 lap.) Turbo boost While the bike is still airborne, shift into first gear. Keep the throttle up as it touches down. (Note: The rear tire must land first.)... Read More

Hellcats Over the Pacific

 Down enemy fighter without shooting it Press [Ctrl] + X during game. Submitted by gung ho Faster movement Press [Ctrl] + S during game and direct aircraft with numeric keypad arrow keys – 2, 4, 6, 8.... Read More

Chaos Overlords

 1,500 credits Enter “SMGFUNDAGE” as a name. All gangs have a health level of 10 Enter “SMGMILK” as a name. Five additional “Right Hand Man” gangs Enter “SMGSPANK” as a name. Five fully equipped “Ground Zero” gangs Enter “SMGKICKASS” as a name. Ground Zero gangs will wear battle suits carry empathic enhancers and plasma generators. No vacancies for new hires Enter “SMGMILD” as a name. Police are harsher in unoccupied sectors Enter “SMGISLANDS” as a name. See all gangs on map Enter “SMGHUBBLE” as a name.... Read More


 Disappearing Rabbit Trick Whenever you see a rabbit, type in "wolfdog" and it will chase its tail then disappear. Flying Pig Look for a pig, zoom in on it and type "bacon". "Everyone knows a dog needs a home A shelter from pigs on the wing." -- Pink Floyd More resources Pause game and type “cheatercheaterwhimpwhimp”. Toaster Simply type toast when you are in the middle view and you'll see a trailer. The trailer will turn into a toaster and toast will pop up.... Read More

Railroad Tycoon II

 Display console window Press the tilde key [~] to display the console window. $1 million for Player Type “cattle futures” at the console window. $1 million for Railroad Company Type “slush fund” at the console window. $100 million for Player Type “king of the hill” at the console window. $100 million for Railroad Company Type “powerball” at the console window. Access all territories Type “let me in” at the console window. All engines are AMD103 Type “amd103” at the console window. All trains are available Type “show me the trains” at the console window. Cities grow faster Type “viagra” at the console window. Competitor’s trains crash Type “casey jones” at the console window. Double industrial center output Type “overtime” at the console window. Double maximum train speed Type “speed racer” at the console window. Lose scenario Type “bobo” at the console window. Sk... Read More

Escape Velocity

 Extra Patrol Ships To recieve extra patrol ships in your patrol ship bay, get the forklift and wait until you find a cruiser. Then fly away from the cruiser until it is off of your radar screen. Turn around, and fly towards the crusier, firing 7 forklifts at it sop they all hit at the same time, disabling the cruiser. Then board the ship, and patrol ships should be listed under the wepons category. Take them, and they should then be in your patrol ship bay. If you do this with a regular ship(not a cruiser), and u get the patrol ships, they will still be in your ship, making it worth more, so you can get better ships sooner. submitted by: Alex S. Display “Happy Birthday Matt!” message Set the Macintosh system date to June 30 and load game. Escape from pirate attacks Press A + O + L (case-sensitive) during game. Expand fighter capacity (version 1.00) After gaining possession of a Kestrel, demand contributions from planets that use Lightenings for defense. Forklift option (version 1.01) H... Read More


 Cheat mode When any of the cheats below are activated, high scores will be disabled. 50 lives and gommers Hold [Command] + [Option] + Z while warping to a new level. Slow motion Hold “1” during game. Weapon power-up Hold [Command] + [Option] + S during game. Yummy shower Hold [Command] + [Option] + G during game.... Read More

Operation Intercept

 Auto fire Select [Caps Lock] as the fire button. Then press [Caps Lock] during game to automatically fire weapon.... Read More

Marathon 2: Durandal

 Bonus audio tracks Play track 2 in an audio CD player to hear the theme song; play track 3 to hear Jingle Bob’s, a rendition of “Jingle Bells”. Submitted by Scott Petrie Select level Hold [Command] + [Option] and choose “Begin New Game” or “Gather Network Game” option.... Read More


 Shoot down a HIND Fire guns or cannons through the rotor from the high six o’clock position.... Read More


 Decrease supply rate Press [Enter] during game and type “!!cut” at the chat window. Disable cheats Press [Enter] during game and type “!!suspend disbelief” at the chat window. Extra resources for ship building Press [Enter] during game and type “!!payup” at the chat window. Increase supply rate Press [Enter] during game and type “!!raise” at the chat window Ship becomes invisible to enemy Press [Enter] during game and type “!!dont mind me” at the chat window.... Read More


 Collect items beyond walls Use the Feather of Levitation to pass over walls and collect items.... Read More

Secret of Monkey Island

 Kill GuyBrush without using potion When Fester throws you into the water in Part 4: GuyBrush Kicks Butt, don’t do anything. After 10 minutes, GuyBrush will change color and drown. Submitted by Pink Floyd Things To Do These aren't really codes, but they are fun little secrets: In the town of Melee Island Get the fortune teller to tell you your future. Talk to the pirate in the white shirt and ask him about Loom in the Scumm Bar. Talk to the dog in the Scumm Bar. Ask the Important Looking Pirates about what is in Grog. Play with the rat for a while near the Men of Low Moral Fiber. Walk into the alley when you hear someone calling from it. Try to steal from the store several times. Look at the sign near the clock and look at the clock 3 times. Walk through all the doors in the store. Let the rat out of the prison. Let yourself drown when you get thrown off of the dock (be sure to save first!) Outside the Town Look at the stump in the forest. Talk to Meathook before Elaine is kidnappe... Read More


 Select level At the New Game window, type the desired day using a letter from the alphabet. (A=1, B=2, and so on) Then hold [Command] + [Option] + [Shif + [Caps Lock] and click “Ok”.... Read More


 $500,000 Hold [Shif and type “fund” or “funds”. (Note: Earthquakes will result if cheat is enabled more than eight times.) All buildings Hold [Shif and type “oivaizmir” during game.... Read More

DinoPark Tycoon

 999 food Press [Apple] + 1 during game. Cheat the Auction Auction off one of your dinos. Attend the auction. When your dino comes up, bid for it, then go to the dino information screen. Hit cancel there, and you will be able to bid again. You can keep doing this until someone bids higher. Find Money For easy money go to the realtor and buy real estate. Then go to the general store and buy a chain-linked fence. Leave the store and come back. You will find that your net worth has been increased by $10,000! Profit from Real Estate The easiest way to make money is to purchase real estate from the realtor... and then return it! You’ll cash in on escalating property values.... Read More


 Select level Hold [Command] + [Option] and choose “Begin New Game” option.... Read More

Lord of the Bears Volume 1

 Extra gold Select “Leave Town” option during game. Then click to the left of the armor shop to find Mr. Bear and collect 2,000 gold pieces. Submitted by blink Slay Lord of the Orgs easily Click on the Lord of the Orgs’ sword while fighting him in the final quest, “Dark Castle”. Your character will wield a weapon that is useless against normal opponents but potent against Bosses.... Read More

Beam Wars

 Near Invisibility Before beginning your game, go to Options and change your beam color. Slide the pointer until the color is pretty much the same as the background color. This makes it easy to sneak up on other players, but even you might have a hard time seeing yourself!... Read More

Leisure Suit Larry 5

 Larry’s phone numbers Residence Phone Tramp Limousine Service (Atlantic City) 553-4468 Dr. Pulliam’s Hygiene Heaven 554-3627 Contact to obtain a Green Card 554-1272 Miami Limousine Service 554-8544 Fabulous Checkers Limousine Service (New York) 552-4668 Patti’s phone numbers Residence Phone Control Room-B * random FBI Contact 556-2779 Mr. Krapper’s office * 45954 * Access code.... Read More



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