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The Amazon Trail

 Access Management menu Type “dream” during game.... Read More

Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse

 Crab Invaders Mini-game The arcade console is located to the left of the sea urchin on top of a cliff. Doodle on Chalkboard Click on the chalkboard in Mrs. Croaker's classroom to draw, print and erase the writing on it. Sliding Tile Mini-game Click on the tiles above Neptune's statue. Stage Show Click on the curtain outside of the Hall of Fame and Pulley Emporium to begin an act.... Read More

Kung Fu Chivalry

 Continuation password Enter “90179240” password.... Read More

Mars Rising

 Christmas music Set Macintosh system date to December 25 to hear Christmas music. Select level Hold [Option] while select 1P or 2P game.... Read More

Heroes of Might & Magic II

 Five Black Dragons for selected hero Type “32167” during game. (Note: You must have at least 5 units in your army to enable cheat.) Full map Type “8675309” during game. Lose level Type “1313” during game. Win level Type “911” during game.... Read More

Loony Labyrinth

 Special menu Type “tiltowait” during game to enable the Special menu where options such as “Interpolated 11khz Sound” and “Direct Screen Memory Access”.... Read More

Magic Marble



 Change difficulty setting While talking to Alaric, type: “easy”, “normal” or “difficult”.... Read More

Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle

 Classic Maniac Mansion Have Bernard “use” the computer five times in Weird Ed’s room. X-Wing mini-game Type “dog-fight” during game.... Read More


 Passwords Level Password 04 FACT 08 BEAM 12 LIPS 16 HORN 20 WAVE 24 GREY 28 FIST 32 TASK... Read More

Ishar 2

 Heroes may enter shops Press [Ctrl] + [Option] + A. Restore health (International version) Press [Ctrl] + [Option] + V. Restore health (North American version) Press [Ctrl] + [Option] + L.... Read More


 Cheat Codes To enter cheats, you must first enable Cheat Mode. (Press [Enter] and type "CORWIN OF AMBER" before pressing [Enter] again.) To activate a cheat, press [Enter] and type its corresponding code before pressing [Enter] again. Cheat Code 10,000 gold (and 5,000 lumber) POT OF GOLD All wizard spells EYE OF NEWT Defeat screen* YOURS TRULY Display cheat menu SHOW MENU Final campaign sequence IDES OF MARCH Increase production CHRONOS Increase production (of trains) HURRY UP GUYS Level select (human)** HUMAN <1-12> Level select (orc)** ORC <1-12> Invincibility* THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE Map SALLY SHEARS Victory screen* YOURS TRULY * 1P game only ** Enter a value within given parameters.... Read More

Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

 Cheat Codes Press [Esc] during game to display the options menu. Then type "glazed donut" to activate cheat mode. Press one of the following key combinations to activate the corresponding cheat. (A tone will confirm correct entry.) Cheat Hotkey 5 extra lives * [Command] + [F12] Alternate appearance [Command] + [F7] or [F8] Beach ball [Command] + K Cloak [Command] + B Invisio power [Command] + I Morph [Command] + T Previous level [F3] Skip level [F4] Toggle scrolling [Command] + S Unlimited bombs * [Command] + 8 * 1P mode games only.... Read More

Pool of Radiance

 Continue game with new characters Create a party and complete the first three to five missions. Enter a town and locate a training room. Train characters, then remove (do not delete) all members of the party. Quit game and restart program. Add new characters. The new party will start where the older one left off. Duplicate items Enter a town and locate a training room. Save the game. Create a temporary character and remove (do not delete) one of the regular members of your party. Add the temporary character to the party. Place the item to be duplicated into the temporary character’s inventory. Remove the temporary character from the party and replace with the regular member. Remove all characters from the game. Then reload the saved game. The item will be in both (temporary and regular member’s) inventories. Quick money Create one permanent and six temporary characters. Form a party with the six characters. Funnel the party’s gold into the permanent character’s inve... Read More

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now

 Cheat codes Slowly enter a (case-sensitive) code during game to activate its corresponding cheat. (Do not include the spaces between words.) 5 Recovery Vouchers -- PILL POP Afterburner -- HOT ASS Angry pedestrians -- LARGE ONE Bonus armor slot -- THATS A LOT OF ARMOR Bonus armor slot (x2) -- STRONG BONES Bonus offensive slot -- THATS A LOT OF OFFAL Bonus offensive slot (x2) -- NASTY BONES Bonus power slot -- THATS A LOT OF POWER Bonus power slot (x2) -- FAST BONES Bonus slot all around -- THATS A LOT OF SLOTS Bonus slots all around -- LOADS A BONES Bounce mode -- JIG A JIG Cloaking device -- GO TO INFRA RED Credit bonus -- WET WET Damage magnifier -- STUFF IT UP Damaged body -- CLANG CLANG Disable pedestrian AI -- LEMMINGIZE Disable timer -- STOP SNATCH Dismember -- OH MESSY MESS Drugs -- BLOODY HIPPY Drunk driving -- EVENING OFFICER Explosive pedestrians -- TWAT OFF Extra armor -- O SO STRONG Extra armor (x2) -- O SO STRONG SO STRONG Extra everything -- O SO VERSATILE Extra everything... Read More

Leisure Suit Larry: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards

 Pass age check questions Press [Option] + X at age check questions. Any maturity level may now be selected.... Read More

Ninja Warriors

 Cheat codes Enable [Caps Lock] and type one of the cheats below during game. Release [Caps Lock] to activate cheat. Cheat Code Bouncing enemies SKIPPY Enemies leap off screen A SMALL STEP FOR MAN Enemies walk backwards MONTY PYTHON Exploding Ninja body parts THE TERMINATOR Slow motion * STEVE AUSTIN Unlimited lives CHEDDER Upside-down mode KYLIE * Press S to toggle slow-motion mode.... Read More

Command & Conquer

 Build Anywhere To build anywhere just build sandbags from one of your buildings to where you want to build, and build next to the sandbags. Don't forget to sell the sandbags when you're done with them. This is also how to build across bridges. Easy Money This is more of a bug than a cheat, but it works. When you sell three refineries right after each other, the money you get keeps going up till the end of the mission. You can get as much as $20,000,000 if you're lucky. Infinite Minigunner This cheat is called the Infinite Minigunner cheat: Sell any building, but before the selling animation sequence is over stop the sell, the building remains on its place, but all your minigunners are out. Sell Units and Vehicles Build a sand bag and move the unit as close to the sand bag as you can. Click on the sell button. Move the cursor over to the sand bag. Move the twirling dollar sign as far away from the sand bag and toward the unit as you can. While its spinning near the unit click to sell hi... Read More

Power Pete

 Level Skip While playing, press and hold N and click the mouse button. Submitted by Noel Arias ( Rabbit Map If you are having trouble finding those little critters in Power Pete, press the "R" button to display a map of where each rabbit is in the present level you are playing.... Read More


 Additional time Pause the game and type “echo”. Advance to next tier Pause the game and type “icenine”. (Note: The balls you have collected will be removed.) Bosco, the land-shark Pause the game and type “land”. Five extra lives Pause the game and type “mana”. Free magnet Pause the game and type “onyack”. Glass ball Pause the game and type “circles”. Laser cannon Pause the game and type “srv”. More power Pause the game and type “ride”. Nuclear ball Pause the game and type “plat”. Ooze ball Pause the game and type “cuniberti”. Sentry ball Pause the game and type “optic”.... Read More



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