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Spectre VR

 To change your viewpoint, type GOD or DOG while playing. Level Select At the title screen hold OPTION + P to reveal the level select option. Level Warp In any level with a transport gate use a spinner to spin the gate and then go in to it. This usually skips you 5 levels or so.... Read More

Star Wars: Rebel Assault II

 Display console window Press [Option] + V during game to display console window. Dancing Stormtroopers In Chapter 12: The Sewer, press C + T after your partner says, “That’s our way out of here, let’s go”. Then hold A until the next FMV begins. Dark Side mode Enable “Force mode” and “Yoda’s Power mode” cheats. Then type “joinme” at the console window. Press one of the following keys to activate its corresponding cheat. Cheat Code Super pilot status [Option] + S Take a screenshot [Option] + C Toggle debug mode [Option] + D Force mode Force mode Type “letgo” at the console window. Then press one of the following keys to activate its corresponding cheat. Cheat Code Decrease damage [+] * Increase damage [-] * Extra life [Option] + E Unlimited lives [Option] + L Passwords Press [Ctrl] + L at the main menu. Then enter one of the passwords below. Beginner Chapter Password 01 (none) 02 JABBA 03 ENDOR 04 LACHTON 05 BORSK 06 KROYIE... Read More

PGA Tour Golf II

 500 yard drives Type “abbacab” during game. Disable hooks and slices Type “exec” during game.... Read More

Per Oxyd

 Passwords Single Player Level Password * 01 11111111 02 24141965 03 06223874 04 27182818 05 91929394 06 11011299 07 01928374 08 01168742 09 10011990 10 17041963 Multi-player Level Password * 01 11111111 02 09111989 03 27182818 04 08150815 05 24559932 06 01020304 07 86754321 08 99999999 09 12345678 10 47382910 * Passwords for levels 11 – 100 are randomized but can be viewed using the “Reveal modifier” cheat. Reveal modifier Click on the “Pre. Oxide” logo to display passwords for levels 11 – 100. Reveal passwords Click on the coffee cup to display passwords for the first ten levels of the game.... Read More


 Reset high score Hold [Option] and select “Memory Info”. A menu item will appear that allows high scores to be reset. (Note: A display will also appear showing the total number of hours played since installation.)... Read More

Star Wars: TIE Fighter

 Play any Level with any Fighter Enter your name as BONUS at the registration screen. Go into the main room. You can now open the door to the upper right. Go in and you can play any mission using any Imperial fighter in the game!... Read More

Bardís Tail

 Unlimited gold At the statistics screen, pool the entire party’s gold to the first character. Remove him from the party, then load him again. Repeat for the remaining members of the party. Then, without saving, exit the game. Reload the game. Each member will have an amount of gold equal to the amount of the last pooled character.... Read More

Bubble Trouble

 9,000 points Pause the game and type “score”. (Note: Activating cheat will disable high scores.) Become invisible Pause the game and type “invis”. Display development team recommendations Hold [Option] and click on the “Double Trouble” title. Display human rights abusers Hold [Option] + [Command] and click on the “Double Trouble” title. Extra lives Pause the game and type “extra”. (The maximum number of lives you may receive is 8.) Hidden message Hold [Option] and click on the Information bar. Hidden startup message Set the Macintosh system date to October 31, 1996 and load game. Secret poem Press “X” at the main menu. Select level Press “L” at the main menu. Trap opponent inside a bubble Pause the game and type “catch”. (You will trap your opponents within a bubble for roughly eight seconds and then they will escape.)... Read More


 Level Password Level Password 01 (none) 31 51050 02 22399 32 67857 03 39026 33 84664 04 56013 34 35935 05 72820 35 52742 06 24091 36 69549 07 40898 37 86356 08 57705 38 37627 09 74512 39 54434 10 25783 40 71241 11 42590 41 22512 12 59397 42 39319 13 76204 43 56126 14 27475 44 72933 15 44282 45 24204 16 61089 46 41011 17 77896 47 57818 18 29167 48 74625 19 45974 49 25896 20 62781 50 42703 21 79588 51 59510 22 30859 52 76317 23 47666 53 27588 24 64473 54 44395 25 81280 55 61202 26 32551 56 78009 27 49358 57 29280 28 66165 58 4608? 29 82972 59 62894 30 34243 60 79701... Read More

X-Files: The Game

 Quick Exit From Gordans Hauling Warehouse When you get inside the Gordans Hauling warehouse get the payroll by turing left then it's the first door to the right. When you get trapped inside, search the room for a shovel on the floor, pick up the shovel. There is a refrigerator in the room with a vent beside it. Hit the vent with the shovel and you are home free.... Read More

Leisure Suit Larry 3

 Pass age check questions Press [Option] + X at age check questions. Any maturity level may now be selected.... Read More

Myth II: Soulblighter

 Kill selected animal Hold [Command] + [Shif + [Option] and click on any animal. Lose level Hold [Ctrl] + [Keypad Minus] during 1P game. Magic Alric Powers - Have Alric Fly Press 123, and press YELL button: say "ghandi is my friend" Secret Level - “Limbs, Heads and Smoking Craters” Exit Level 20: “Murder of Crows” through the northeast corner. Secret Level – “A Long Awaited Drinking Party” Prior to completing Level 3: “Down A Broken Path”, kill the three frogs in the northeast corner. Select level Hold [Left Shif and select “New Game” option to choose any campaign except for “Limbs, Heads and Smoking Craters” and “A Long Awaited Drinking Party”. Win level Hold [Ctrl] + [Keypad Plus] during 1P game.... Read More


 Water Scepter The Water Scepter is located in the lost city of Atlantis. To get there, you must have the oil can and the 68000 chip (I think). Find the pearl in the captain's cabin in the sunk galleon, then find the giant oyster and offer it the pearl. It will scoot over to reveal the tunnel leading to Atlantis. Next to Neptune's Throne is a trident. Pick it up. The scene adjacent to Neptune's Throne has a hatch which will lead you down into a room with a pump in it. Go down into the room and close the hatch. Click on the pump to activate it, and the room will be drained of water. (If you don't close the hatch, you'll get the message that "pumps whir but the room is still full of water.") Use the oil can to remove the rust from the airlock, then open the airlock and enter. A robot will greet you, asking you to drop your wet diving gear before you see the queen. It will then direct you to another hallway, where it will ask why you came to Atlantis. Simply respond with "sc... Read More

Apache Longbow

 Cheat mode Enter “lyn wins” as a name to enable Cheat mode. (Note: Cheat mode need only be activated once per game.) No fuel Enable Cheat mode. Then press [Option] + V. Overtorque Enable Cheat mode. Then press [Option] + T. Refuel Enable Cheat mode. Then press [Shif + V. Toggle terrain-following radar Enable Cheat mode. Then press [Ctrl] + T. Turbo prop Enable Cheat mode. Then press [Ctrl] + [Option] + [Shif + [Tab]. Unlimited ammunition Enter “flamdwyn aiobhell” as a name.... Read More

WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness

 Cheat Codes While playing, press ENTER, then type any of the phrases below. a bomb -- BLOW EVERYTHING UP! glittering prizes -- 10000 Gold, 5000 Lumber, 5000 Oil valdez -- 5000 Oil deck me out -- Upgrade everything every little thing she does -- Upgrade mages all the way! tigerlily -- Master code for WARPING. Type level next (orc12, human3, etc.) it is a good day to die -- God Mode unite the clans -- Level skip noglues -- Disable magical traps (runes, ect.) make it so -- Fast build hatchet -- Two chops to harvest lumber there can be only one -- Quick ending showpath -- Reveals map, not in multiplayer on screen -- Reveals map, works with multiplayer ucla -- Displays "Go Bruins" on screen day -- Displays "fief" on screen netprof -- Laser show fastdemo -- Makes demo scenes at main menu start faster disco -- Play funky music (for "Beyond the Dark Portal") you pitiful worm -- Instant defeat never a winner -- Removes victory sequence and lets you continue playing... Read More

Damage Incorporated

 All access cards Press [Ctrl] during game and type “axes”. All grenades Press [Ctrl] during game and type “horse”. All weapons with ammunition and restored health Press [Ctrl] during game and type “asiag”. Alternate field of view Press [Ctrl] during game and type “phish”. Area extraction zone Press [Ctrl] during game and type “ext”. Complete mission objectives Press [Ctrl] during game and type “qed”. Display locations on map Press [Ctrl] during game and type “blue”. Enemies and items appear on map Press [Ctrl] during game and type “godeye”. Enemies appear as green dots on the map, while items are white dots. Field of vision is 170 degrees Press [Ctrl] during game and type “vomit”. Flame thrower Press [Ctrl] during game and type “tozt”. Freeze opponents Press [Ctrl] during game and type “klatu”. Full armor Press [Ctrl] during game and type “arm”. Infrared vision Press ... Read More


 Face the final boss Enter “mst3K” as a password.... Read More


 Skip level Press [Shif + [Esc] during game.... Read More


 Invincibility on mainland Hold [Mouse button] + [-] during game. Shower Hold [Mouse button] + [Enter] during game. Unlimited ships near mainland Hold [Mouse button] + [=] during game.... Read More

Blood Bath

 Enter: badass - full weapons & ammo flrup - unlimited ammo & auto-matic reload ether - slow-motion mode gtnx - advance a level hollywood - immortality At anytime during game type sgtrock for all guns and god mode... Read More



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