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Crystal Quest

 Additional lives and extended time Press [Tab] before entering a portal at the end of the level. Exit through the portal and allow some time to pass before entering it again. Before you enter the portal, press [Tab] again.... Read More


 5,000 additional bonus points Press [Caps Lock] during game and type “usmc”. 50,000 additional points Press [Caps Lock] during game and type “pernts”. Curve gun Press [Caps Lock] during game and type “nice box”. Destroy surrounding mushrooms Press [Caps Lock] during game and type “nuke em”. Eight lives Press [Caps Lock] during game and type “hector”. Enable high scores while cheats are activated Press [Caps Lock] during game and type “scumdog”. Hidden message Type “X” at the title screen. Invincibility Press [Caps Lock] during game and type “nala”. Machine gun Press [Caps Lock] during game and type “squish". Move through mushrooms Press [Caps Lock] during game and type “djarum”. Padlock Press [Caps Lock] during game and type “snapple”. Skip level Press [Caps Lock] during game and type “morrison”.... Read More


 Display a hidden message Press “X” during game.... Read More


 Cheat mode Type “raistlin” at the title screen. Then push one of the following keys during game to activate its corresponding cheat. Cheat Hotkey Skip level N Unlimited lives [Space Bar]... Read More


 Level Select Once you are at the title screen, press W and a message will pop up allowing you to select your level. NOTE:high scores will be deactivated when this code is active.... Read More

Secret Island of Dr. Quandry

 Enable Management To enable management enter the password ENIGMA.... Read More

Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds

 Feeding Time Mini-game The arcade console is to the right of the beach. Stage Show Click on the curtain (near the volcano) to begin an act. Starfish Math Contest Click on the yellow starfish near the junkyard.... Read More


 Passwords Level Password 01 STRT 02 FBWC 03 QP7R End K3CH... Read More

Doom II: Hell on Earth

 All keys and weapons with ammunition Type “idkfa” during game. All weapons with ammunition Type “idfa” during game. Chainsaw Type “idbeholds” during game. Press “1” to use chainsaw. Computer map Type “idbeholda” during game. Display coordinates Type “idmypos” during game. Full map Type “iddt” at the map screen. Reenter to display opponents and objects on map. (Hold [Ctrl] during a death match and type cheat four times to see other players.) God mode Type “iddq” during game. Invincible for 60 seconds Type “idbeholdv” during game. Invisible for 60 seconds Type “idbeholdi” during game. Select level Type “idclev<1-32>” during game. (Note: Levels 31 and 32 are not accessible in Nightmare mode.) Select music Type “idmus<1-32>” during game. Strength Type “idbeholds” during game. (Note: Cheat may cause the screen to go blank for 30 seconds.) Walk through... Read More

Ultimate Doom

 Cheat Codes While playing, type any of these codes and have a blast. Code Effect IDDQD God mode IDBEHOLDx Gain temporary ability. x can be: I=invisibility R=radition suit S=berserk A=automap V=invulnerability L=lightamps IDKFA Full health, ammo, weapons, armor and keys IDFA As above, but no keys IDDT While viewing map. 1x= all map 2x=more details IDCHOPPERS Gain chainsaw IDCLEVxx Warp to level 'xx' where xx is 01 to 19 IDMYPOS Displays your position and bearing IDMUSxx Music select. 'xx' is the level who's song you want. IDSPISPOPD Walk through walls!... Read More

Dark Vengeance

 Cheat menu Press [Esc] during game and select “Enter Cheats” option.... Read More

Adaptec Toast

 Christmas countdown Hold [Option] and click on “Selection” at the bottom of the window. Credits Select “About Adaptec Toast” at the Apple menu. Hidden options Hold [Al and click on the bar in the lower left-hand corner of the window to unlock new options including eyes, phases of the moon, and the US national debt.... Read More

Flashback: The Quest for Destiny

 Cheat mode Press [Caps Lock] at the main menu and type “kcabhsalf”. Alternately, press [Command] + [Space Bar]. Cheat mode enables Invincibility, Game Save/Restore, Full Speed menu items. Bypass all FMV sequences Enable Cheat mode. Then press [Delete]. Passwords (Easy) Level Password 1 QUENCH 2 GHOST 3 LEGEND 4 SPHERE 5 BULLET 6 DISRUPT 7 TRAUMA End OPAQUE Passwords (Hard) Level Password 1 ASPIRE 2 METHOD 3 SNARE 4 JUSTICE 5 FATHOM 6 DEGREE 7 REASON End OPAQUE Passwords (Medium) Level Password 1 HICK 2 FRGO 3 JERK 4 KOIK 5 KIMO 6 LEDUX 7 MORDO End OPAQUE Passwords (Normal) Level Password 1 CURIOUS 2 IMPACT 3 LETHAL 4 PERSIST 5 MORTAL 6 VERDICT 7 KNIGHT End OPAQUE... Read More


 Keep the Crew Happy Sailors are happiest when their share of the loot is more than a pittance. Therefore, before divvying the spoils, sacrifice part of your crew in battle. This will significantly increase each man’s share. (Note: Don’t slaughter all of your men or you may find yourself captured.) Seize control of Seafaring Vessels The easiest way to seize control of a seafaring vessel (particularly when you are out-gunned and out-manned) is to climb aboard and fight the captain on her deck. Women and Marriage Use your charm and charisma to win over the favor of townswomen. When you visit the town again, they will freely give you information that is otherwise hard to come by. Be content to just “Make Conversation” with perspective brides until you have gained considerable rank and reputation. Then marry into the governor’s family.... Read More


 Earn More Money! To get more cash, enter the Work building and wager $30 before selecting a question. Answer it correctly and accept the winnings before leaving. Repeat for more money.... Read More


 Paid training Create a seductive, female con artist and raise her charisma as high as possible. During the game, scour the town map for a shop that will raise her charisma even higher. Send her to the shop for additional tutelage. The shopkeeper will pay your character for instructions.... Read More


 Christmas mode Set Macintosh system date to December 25 to display Christmas ornaments on the title screen. Hidden song lyrics Press X at the main screen to view lyrics from a Red Hot Chili Peppers song. Select level Press L at the main screen to display a menu that allows you to choose the starting wave, number of lives and Turbofunk option. (Note: enabling cheat disables high score.)... Read More

Gopher Golf

 Move ball manually Hold [Command] + Q during game... Read More

Playmaker Football

 No kickoffs (Version 2.0 and higher) Press [Command] + R to run or [Command] + P to pass when your team is kicking off.... Read More

Prime Target

 All Weapons and Ammo While playing, type "0wpn" while holding the COMMAND and SHIFT keys. Invincibility For invulnerability, type "prime" while holding SHIFT and the SPACEBAR. Level Select At the main menu, hold COMMAND + OPTION and and click on "New Game." From there you can type the number of the level you want.... Read More



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