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Burai Fighter

 All weapons: Enter LOBB or LTBB as a password. Level Eagle Albatross Ace Ultimate 2 BALL HEAD PALM FLAG 3 CAMP JEEP FALL JOKE 4 DOLL KING IDEA ONCE 5 EDEN LIME PLAN PALE 6 FACE MILD MONK GOAL 7 GAME NILE IDOL ICHI... Read More

WWF Wrestlemania Challenge

 Tag team commands: Begin game play in "Tag Team" or "Survivor Series" modes. Press Select + B to have your partner run outside of the ring and fight your opponent's partner. Press Select + A to have your partner enter the ring to help your character. Press Select + A + B when your partner is near the ring post to have him climb the post and jump into the ring. Trademark moves: Press A + B to do a wrestler's trademark move. Climb the turnbuckle: Get near the turnbuckle post and press A + B.... Read More

Rescue Rangers

 Regain lost life: Immediately enter the inventory screen after losing a life. Press A + B. The phrase "Start Again" will confirm correct code entry. Select your character and resume game play with no lives lost. Walk like an Egyptian: Leave the screen holding a box and hold the D-pad. When you get to the next screen, your character will not be holding the box, but he will continue to walk with his hands in the air above his head.... Read More

Mad Max

 Level select: Enter HUMU as a password to start at the Area 3 Arena or any earlier level. Note: To successfully complete the game, it must be started at the Area 3 Road War level or earlier. Skip Car Adventure: Enter MMAX as a password.... Read More


 Full power-up: Pause game play and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start for missiles, items, and shields. Note: This may only be done once per level. Continue game play: Quickly press Down, Up, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A after losing the last ship on level two or higher. Level skip: Destroy the ship that appears at the end of each level within five seconds to skip the next level. Sound test: Hold A + B and press Start at the title screen. Hidden message: Hold A + B then turn on the NES. The message "KONAMI ONE GRADIUS TEN" will be displayed.... Read More

Tecmo World Cup

 Argentina passwords: Opponent Password Cameroon (none) Japan 10311 France 30711 Russia 01511 Spain 22000 England 72111 Mexico 11511 U. S. A 42411 Brazil 62611 Holland 60211 Semifinal (Italy) 23211 Final (West Germany) 12811... Read More

Silent Assault

 Move screen: On level 8, destroy the sphinxes, move right to the end of the screen, then move back left. When the screen starts to move back, pause game play and press Left. The screen will move when the game is paused. Returning shots: On level 8, move as far as you can to either side of the screen and shoot your gun. The shots will appear on the other side of the screen. Walking in place: Hold Down/Left or Down/Right. If done correctly, you will walk in place. Moving when still: Hold Up/Left or Up/Right. If done correctly, you will slide along the ground.... Read More

Kid Icarus

 Modify shop prices: Press A + B on controller two while in a shop to raise or lower the prices. Continue game play: Quickly press B, A, B, at the game over screen before the title screen appears. Final password: Enter KidKid Icarus KidKid Icarus as a case-sensitive password to start at the final level will all items and treasures. Special passwords: Enter one of the following passwords to start at the corresponding level with the indicated status. Level 2-4, invincibility, unlimited feathers Enter ICARUS FIGHTS MEDUSA ANGELS as a password. Level 3-4, unlimited potions, many items Enter PAKING PAKING PAKING PAKING as a password. Level 4-1, many items Enter DANGER !!!!!! TERROR HORROR as a password. Last level, invincible, three treasures Enter 8UUUUU UUUUUU UUUUUU UUUUUU as a password. Last level, 9,999,999 points Enter AuW2e5 XcdF00 mt000G K50Wuu as a password. Level Password 1-4 0000eu 60j700 uG0004 1000J0 2-1 0000ys T0J300 m2001C H000aS 2-4 00008C i04400 mIG01D I0005F 3-1 0000mu w0K2... Read More

Rally Bike

 Ride faster: To go faster, hold Up + A.... Read More


 Location of money bags and treasure: Level 1 In the section with the water, break the far right block and kneel on the one below it. A money bag will appear. When you first enter the game, walk left until you reach the door. Normally the door pulls you in. If you jump the door a money bag will appear on the other side. Remember to jump over the door again. Level 2 On the first screen, climb the stairs, break the wall on the right, and enter the space that is created. A crown will appear. Level 2 (Second part, just after the Medusa heads disappear) Stand on the pair of blocks that are slightly above the rest for a few seconds without kneeling. A treasure chest will appear. Level 3 (First part). After climbing the stairs, go to the right edge of the lowest level of blocks and kneel. A money bag will appear. Level 3 (Second part) After climbing the stairs, kneel above the pair of blocks that are not reachable for a money bag. Passing the bats on level 6: To get past the bats, walk past th... Read More

Ikari Warriors 3: The Rescue

 Continue game play: Start a two player game. Hold Up/Right and press A on controller one after player one loses the game to continue.... Read More

Little League B B Champ Series

 Status Password Texas, round one DYCUT8 C3VEY9 SAVYVT 69TM Texas, round two DYCUT8 C3VEY9 SAXYVT 09TM New York, round one CYU9F7 DDFBUX DSDWNV ELCM New York, round two AYS9F7 DDFDUX DUBYLX EKCL Spain, round one XXXY9X 8CV6RS RB8EJU L29Y Spain, round two XXXY9X 8CX0TU RDE8JS L38W Restore pitcher's energy: Call time and replace the current pitcher when he tires. Then, call time again and replace the new pitcher with the original pitcher, who will have instantly regained all of his energy.... Read More

DragonBall Z 3

 Automatic level gain: Get Gohan, Goku, Trunks, Vegita or any other character that can go SSJ. Fight long enough, make their health get to the 1 to 6 range, then switch characters. Fly around and get a full healing card and they will automatically gain a level.... Read More

NES Open Tournament Golf

 Retry shot: Reset the NES console before the next shot is set up. Enter the same options that were used in the previous game, then continue.... Read More

Dragon Warrior 3

 Unlimited money: Leave the castle and travel to the "Adventurer's Hall of Registration". Create a list of soldiers, then go downstairs to the "Eatery". Enlist three of the soldiers, sell their equipment, then remove them from your party to collect 400 gold. Repeat this procedure to gain unlimited funds. Start with eight combat spells: Begin game play and immediately visit the King in Aliahan. Create characters in the town until prompted to remove one. Leave the town to lose all gold, but gain eight combat spells. Orb Locations: Red: House of Pirates Green: Tedanki Yellow: New Town Purple: Jipang Blue: Navel of Earth Silver: Shrine of Necrogond Hint: Finding more Books Of Satori: Randomly defeat the Blue Beaks. They can be found directly east of the Shoals.... Read More

Mike Tysons Punch -out

 Extra bout: Enter 135 792 4680 as a password, then press A + B + Select to access "Another World Circuit". Busy signal: Enter 800 422 2602 as a password to hear a busy signal. Note: This was Nintendo's customer service phone number. View credits: enter 106 113 0120 as a password, then press A + B + Select. Regain energy: Repeatedly tap Select after a round ends to regain energy. Note: This may only be done once per game. Lose half your energy: Hold Select + Down before the first match to lose half your energy. This code only works on matches after you beat Bald Bull for his title or after using the 777 807 3454 password, and only before the first match. You cannot use the "Regain energy" trick in round two or three if you first use this code. Although this code is not very helpful, but it may be fun for someone who wants an extra challenge. Defeating Bald Bull (Major Circuit): When the fight starts, he will spin his fists and try to punch you. Dodge his punches and occasionally hit him... Read More

Trolls On Treasure Island

 Level passwords: The following passwords will start you progressively further into the game. You must enter your name as ADAML. Note: A "0" in the passwords is the number zero. The last password will start the game with all the levels completed. You can revisit any level in the game, but if you want to see the short ending message, start with the level 32 password, then complete the last level, Rubik's Tomb. Level Password 5 DZD2K5 6 L5LW1V 7 XB1K2N 8 K4P10T 9 GXG8M3 10 NVNT71 11 0P4Q3M 12 VN7HJQ 13 N7NTK5 14 BXB41V 15 5L9-2N 16 6N7C8L 17 2P3HZQ 18 XJW1FH 19 9NC53M 20 JX4B7W 21 2TG8GQ 22 8P3C1V 23 F0J22N 24 9Q6J0T 25 0-ZRM3 26 YR5-71 27 LXM73M 28 RYQ0JQ 29 2R5-K5 30 Q5RX0R 31 CYG6RB 32 ZGYQ0T 33 6K7FM3... Read More

Over Horizon

 Change characters: Hold A + B and press Reset during game play. The title screen will change to confirm correct code entry. Sound test: Hold Up + Start + Select and press Reset at the title screen,... Read More

Blue Marlin

 Sound test: Hold Start + Select at the title screen and reset the NES. Level select: Enter C3C3C3 755XCQ L955HQ 3F2PP5 LLTTZKP or 7ZV2JH GGF65X .8XXGL STS4XP NMLLZZW as a password. Start at Hawaii-3: Enter 63CX.F-WSHJK PFTT.4 6PPPPWWWWLH5 as a password. Finding blue marlins: Follow the seagulls to find a blue marlin.... Read More

Cosmic Epsilon

 Level select: Press A, B, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down(2), Up(2) at the title screen. Continue game play: Hold Select and press Start at the game over screen. Then, press Start at the title screen.... Read More



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