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Lode Runner

 Level select: Begin game play and wait until the screen with the level number, score, and high score is displayed. Press Select + A to advance to the next level or B + Select to return to the previous level.... Read More

Bart Vs The Space Mutants

 Sound test: Position Bart on the right side of the "E" on the "Quik-E-Mart" sign on level 1. Shoot the "E" with a rocket. A Krusty face will appear to confirm correct code entry. Three bonus lives and the sound test option will be available. Highlight the sound test and press Start. Press Up or Down and press Start to hear various game sounds. Level 1: People to spray: There is a difficult item to find on the streets. Near the start you can see a phone box. Enter it and call Moe's Tavern (opposite). He will appear wearing a purple "dress". When Bart tells him a joke, he takes a psyke and dives at you. Spray him, then jump. At exactly 4:00, some purple wearing people will leave the theater. Spray them. There is a man near the statue of Jebidiah Springfield to spray. Level 1: Extra lives: Locate the invisible platform in the first level that is right next to the first store, about three inches away from the building to the left. It may be difficult to find, but will result in some letter... Read More

Sword Master

 Unlimited continues: Hold Down + Select and press Start at the title screen after using all continues. The phrase "Free Play" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Advance to level 7: Hold Up + Select and press Start at the title screen.... Read More

Adventure Island 3

 Level select: Press Down, Up, Left, Right, B, A, B, A at the title screen. Continue game play: Locate the fifth cave on the first island. Keep jumping just past the fifth skill to find a secret room. Collect the Hudson bee logo that is in this room. Hold Left and press Start at the game over screen to continue game play from the last level played with all items.... Read More

Back To The Future

 Bonus points: Jump and freeze at the end of each level. More points will be awarded for higher jumps.... Read More

Legend Of Kage

 Ten lives: Hold Select + Start + A + B on controller one and A + B on controller two. Power on the NES while those buttons are held. Release the buttons when the title screen appears. Then, hold A + B on controller one and B on controller two. While keeping those buttons held, press Start on controller one. Bonus life: Stand in a moat and kill seven ninjas with your character's sword. Catch the blue creature that appears to receive a bonus life.... Read More

Where Time Carmen Sandiego

 Last chance guess: Guess one of the clues if time is running out, since there is no penalty for issuing an incorrect warrant.... Read More


 Cheat mode: Have ZED collect the Megaton Bomb from the Idol Room and exactly 62 bombs. Then have ZED destroy a Spider Lurcher with the regular weapon and make position him so he is facing down. Press Select to display the "Sub Screen" and highlight the Energy Capsule. Hold Up/Left on controller two and press A(2) on controller one to enable cheat mode. ZED will now be able to use an unlimited quantity of any item. Level select: Enable cheat mode, then press Up/Left + Select. A number that corresponds to a game level will appear. Press the A or B select a new level. Disable collision detection: Press Start to pause game play. Hold Select + B and press Start to resume game play. ZED will be able to move through objects as long as Select + B are held.... Read More


 Sound test: Hold A + B on controller two and press Start on controller one at the title screen. Demo test: Hold A + Right on controller two and press Start on controller one at the title screen.... Read More

John Elways Quarterback

 Turbo play: Highlight "Normal Play/Reverse Play" on the play select screen and allow time to run out. Press Down to snap the ball, and press B to pass. The receiver will be able to quickly score with no interference. Repeat play: Before a bad play ends, press Start and use a timeout. The CPU will allow the play to be repeated. Keep possession: Kick a field goal as time expires in either the first or the third quarters. You will retain possession of the ball to start the next quarter. You may then score a touchdown making the drive worth 10 points instead of 7.... Read More

Rackets And Rivals

 Level passwords: The following passwords will start the game at the final match of each of the four tournaments. Match Password High School QX[Diamond]MJ!LH!JK?[Crescent Moon]GBXH University [Smiley]ZLDHZJ?[Crescent Moon]L@D%!NJL Sonasonic DQ@[Crescent Moon]K[Smiley][Crescent Moon]K?[Crescent Moon]L@@MYVK Palcom Cup [Smiley]ZLDHZJ?[Crescent Moon]L@DNPQJL... Read More

Kickle Cubicle

 Extra levels: Enter FbgJ IYAX or GdBM IABg as a password to play additional levels. Kid Niki: Hold A on controller two at title screen, until Kid Niki appears. Sound test: Hold A + B on controller two at the title screen and press Reset. Press A or B to select a sound and Up, Down, Left, or Right to play them. Preview first Boss: Hold Down and power on the NES. Press Up on controller two after the screen turns white. Special game: Hold Select and power on the NES. Press Up on controller two after the screen turns white. Suicide: Press Select during game play to end the current game if you become stuck. Level Password 1 HmnM LhBg 2 HPTZ hNDJ 3 JnCn hvcb 4 JQVP LrCH 5 KqGT hhCC 6 KRdv LNDV 7 LrFs LLCb 8 LSXq hfDG 9 Mtld hLCZ 10 NBqb nQCZ 11 NBqh hVCh 12 NVQK Lrcm 13 PChg nQCZ 14 PWMG LICH 15 QDgf nQCZ 16 QXJC LfCB 17 RZJH nnBg 20 NIEh VLBK 25 RXSh KKCB 30 TJBY EGCe... Read More

Code Name Viper

 Location Password Area 1 028336 Area 2 059879 Area 3 232766 Area 4 040471 Area 5 545034 Area 6 525956 Area 7 081620 Area 8 081629 The Ring Leader 132227 Last Boss 745765 End 217298... Read More

Caesars Palace

 Alternate endings: To view the ending, just cash out at the desk. All the endings are the same, showing you leaving Las Vegas in a vehicle. However, the vehicle you leave in depends upon how much money you won. $0: Bus. $1-$9,999: Taxi. $10,000-$19,999: Green car. $20,000-$69,999: Orange car. $70,000-$139,999: Limousine. $140,000 or more: Red sports car.... Read More

Tecmo World Wrestling

 Sound test: Hold Up/Left + A + B and press Select at the title screen.... Read More

Paperboy 2

 Week three: Enter 4796 as a password. Save lives on jump: There is a house that has a dog that runs through a broken part of the fence. There is also a jump at that location. To avoid crashing when trying to make the jump, hit your brakes when you are about to pass it You should now see a care approaching. After it passes, go on the street and return to the sidewalk.... Read More

California Games

 BMX special moves: Press Back or press Jump + D-pad to perform special moves. Discus Throw extra points: You can get a lot more points if you dive to the left and catch the disc. It is more difficult, but can earn much more points. Easy BMX points: Note: This trick requires a controller with a turbo feature. Begin a BMX race and intentionally move slowly. Hold B while turbo is enabled to quickly bounce the bike up and down to accumulate points. Quick BMX stopping: Press Select to quickly stop your bike.... Read More

Goonies 2

 All items, no Goonies: Enter H4O N4<> '7R 3''E as a password. All items and Goonies: Enter K'O N248 4SR "OOS as a password. Various passwords: Hammer, Key Holder, Magic Locator Device, Bomb Box, first Goonie Enter C[Arrow lef& 5K[Arrow lef& [Arrow lefG9 56AY as a password. Hammer, Key Holder, Magic Locator Device, Bomb Box, 1st Goonie, Candle, Glasses, Fire Box Enter 45M H2[Arrow lef[Arrow righ [Arrow lefO9 966F as a password. Hammer, 2 Key Holders, Magic Locator Device, Bomb Box, 1st Goonie, 2nd Goonie, Candle, Glasses, Fire Box, Football Helmet Enter D6" H"65 AOH D&6B as a password. Hammer, 3 Key Holders, 2 Magic Locator Devices, Bomb Box, 1st Goonie, 2nd Goonie, 3rd Goonie, Candle, Glasses, 2 Fire Boxes, Football Helmet, Diving Suit, Waterproof Vest Enter J8" ?[Arrow down]89 8WL &MA2 as a password. Hammer, 3 Key Holders, 3 Magic Locator Devices, 3 Bomb Boxes, 1st Goonie, 2nd Goonie, 3rd Goonie, Candle, Glasses, 2 Fire Boxes, Football Helmet, Diving Suit, Waterproof Vest, Ladder, Jum... Read More

Casino Kid 2

 Status Password Start with $1,000,000 8110!000L4 After Jynia Nagule , $300 5G0G0 00C74 After two poker dealers, all blackjack dealers, $12,400 E0QC0 CXCC4 Last roulette game, $41,570 CAHC1 YXFJL Against King Las Vegas (USA), $154,470 CRDV5 YYYGG Against King Las Vegas (USA), $1,000,000 811D????B8 Easy roulette wins: Place the indicated bets after the dealer makes one of the following statements. Dealer statement Bet Rie Lenka (China) "I may hit 00, or I may not." 00, 1, or 27 "How about the Black or the Red?" Black "Try Twelve" Odd and second 12 "Have you tried Twelve?" Odd and Red "Listen to me carefully, Kid." Even and third 12 "What I say is very helpful!" Red and 3rd row "Watch the Wheel, not the layout." 0, 2, 28 "I'll hit the first twelve" Third 12 "Try the Even or the Odd" Even "Think Kid, think!" Black Paul Kieton (England) "I don't like black cars" Black "Well, well, well" Second 12, red and even "I can read you very well" Third row, red and even "Teasing? No way!" 0, 2, 28 "D... Read More

Super Mario Brothers

 Continue game play: Hold A at the game over screen. While keeping that button held, press Start when the title screen appears. Alternatively, hold A and press Start(2) at the title screen or hold A + B and press Start at the game over screen. Fireworks: Hit the flagpole at the end of a level when the last digit of the timer is 1, 3, or 6. Fire while small: Go to any Boss level, except for the final level. Make sure that Mario is big when reaching the Boss. Jump on the little axe object so you hit the Koopa (Boss) and the axe at the same instant. You will flash as you were hit but will remain as Super Mario. On the next level, get a mushroom and it will actually make Mario small. Finally, get a flower and Mario will have firepower when he is small. When you are about to get hit by any enemy and are big Mario, jump onto a flower. This will turn you into a small Mario with fire power. Play as big Mario and have fire power. When you get to Koopa (Boss), get hit by him and touch the ax at t... Read More



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