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Jimmy Connors Tennis

 Passwords: Enter one of the follow passwords to start at various tournaments later in the game. DM*X T[Ball]*W BWB2 *7BQ *VTZ *Q*P *P*T *T*M *WMZ FZ*W v[Ball]*W BWBH B7BV *6*8 *2*[Ball] *[Ball]*5 *[Ball]*T *W3T [Ball]*B1 VRBW B2B3 WKCV *6*C B2*[Ball] *[Ball]*o *[Ball]*T *597 1*B6 VXV9 VDVC X5DV **BC B2*[Ball] *[Ball]*F B[Ball]*T *WFC 2*B6 B6V7 WWW3 DCF[Ball] TNBC BBB7 *7*F B7*3 *M2[Ball] Advanced mode passwords: Note: After entering a code you must enter ADAML as your name. Location Password Vienna, Austria XV37KVTMMNSM Brussels, Belgium 5W37KVTMVNSG Toronto, Canada 1X37KVTMZNSB New York, USA VZ37KVTMKZRV Paris, France NP37KVTMTZRN Hamburg, Germany RR37KVTMKNRD Athens, Greece 4S37KVTMMNPN Rome, Italy RT37KVTMVZPF Tokyo, Japan 4K37KVTMNTNL Hilversum, Netherlands 5L37KVTMWTND Auckland, New Zealand TM37KVTMPNMT Madrid, Spain TN37KVTMPZMK Stockholm, Sweden LF37KVTM4ZLR Moscow, Russia LG37KVTMLTLK London, England (Wimbledon - last match) LH37KVTMNJKS... Read More


 Gray puzzle: Repeatedly press A at board 3 or higher to keep your piece on the gray square. A puzzle will eventually appear.... Read More


 Level Password 1-1 55VC 1-2 5FP7 1-3 5L3B 1-4 5TJ5 1-5 5WCL 1-6 51RW 1-7 5V7V 1-8 5PZ3 1-9 53BC 1-10 5JM7 2-1 5C5B 2-2 5RF5 2-3 57LL 2-4 5ZTW 2-5 5BWV 2-6 5M13 2-7 FFV7 2-8 FLPB 2-9 FT35 2-10 FWJL 3-1 PRC5 3-2 P7RL 3-3 PZ7W 3-4 PBZV 3-5 PMB3 3-6 P5MC 3-7 PF57 3-8 PLFB 3-9 PTL5 3-10 PWTL 4-1 P1WW 4-2 PV1V 4-3 (Unknown) 4-4 3JP7 4-5 3C3B 4-6 3RJ5 4-7 37CL 4-8 3ZRW 4-9 3B7V 4-10 BMZ3 5-1 LCBB 5-2 LRM5 5-3 L75L 5-4 LZFW 5-5 LBLV 5-6 LMT3 5-7 L5WC 5-8 LF17 5-9 TTV5 5-10 TWPL 6-1 T13W 6-2 TVJV 6-3 TPC3 6-4 T3RC 6-5 TJ77 6-6 TCZB 6-7 TRB5 6-8 T7ML 7-1 J1LW 7-2 JVTV 7-3 JPW3 7-4 J31C 7-5 CCVB 7-6 CRP5 7-7 C73L 7-8 CZJW 7-9 CBCV 7-10 CMR3 8-1 C57C 8-2 CFZ7 8-3 CLBB 8-5 CW5L 8-6 C1FW 8-7 CVLV 8-8 CPT3 8-9 C3WC 8-10 CJ17 16-10 MB1V Final Gravnic password: Enter WT15 as a password to start on the final level (8-10) of Gravnic.... Read More


 Continue game play: Hold A + B + Select + Start and rapidly tap Up/Right at the title screen. A countdown timer will appear in the life power window after all lives have been used. Press Start to continue game play at the last level played. Double points: Enter ASS as initials at the high score screen.... Read More

Batman Return Of The Joker

 Level Password 1-1 LPRZ 1-2 MDRR 2-1 NMLL 2-2 NWKL 3-1 LGZQ 3-2 GPTW 4-1 GNXF 4-2 KHCN 5-1 QGVN 5-2 WBZT 6-1 FFHG 6-2 CKQG 7-1 GPZT... Read More

Dragons Lair

 Thirty lives: Enter BATS as a name on the high score screen. Finding Singe: Use the following exits after leaving the elevator to find Singe. After the hallway: Exit 2 After the mines: Exit 3 After the reaper: Exit 1... Read More

Ghosts N Goblins

 Level select: Hold Right and press B(3). Release Right and press Up, B(3), Left, B(3), Down, B(3), Start. A number and letter will be displayed. Press A or B to select a new starting level and press Start to begin game play. Bonus message: Complete both quests, then press A, B, Up, Down, A, B, Left, Right.... Read More

Dance Aerobics

 Level Password 1 5 2 3 3 9 4 7 5 4 6 8 7 10... Read More

Mighty Bombjack

 Level skip: Enter a "Royal Palace" room at the end of a level, where the bombs may be collected. Take one bomb, then find the bomb that will explode. Collect all the other bombs, and take the lit bomb last and leave the room. Game play will resume at the next "Royal Palace" room. Bonus points: Collect all the lit bombs in a "Royal Palace" room in order to collect a 50,000 point bonus.... Read More

James Bond Jr

 View credits: Enter 888888 as a password. Sound test: Enter 012345 as a password. Level Password 2 033481 3 258600 4 320370 5 (Unknown) 6 1813 7 2242... Read More

Tecmo Super Bowl

 Control coin toss: If the CPU selects "Heads" during the coin toss, quickly press B before it decides whether to return or kickoff. If done correctly, the CPU will always kickoff to your team. Sound test: Hold B and press Left at the title screen. Press Up or Down to select a sound. All Buffalo play-offs: Make sure that one team does not clinch a division title until after the last game in the 17th week of the season. When the game ends, a screen with the winner of the division title will appear. Reset the NES while that screen is displayed. The play-offs should show Buffalo both in the NFC and AFC. Avoiding tackles: Note: This runner's maximum speed must be above 13 for this trick to work. Get past all the defensive players. When your player is close to being tackled, start moving up or down while still running toward the endzone. When the defense is just about to tackle your player, or he is about to step out of bounds, start moving in the opposite direction. The defense should slow ... Read More

Bill Eliotts NASCAR Challenge Nintendo

 Last race: Enter RVHC/Q9J4MBSJ.!VKXXK!/DXKFFFFBR7K! as a password.... Read More

Laser Invasion

 Nine fighters: Highlight "Players 3" on the option screen. Press Right(3), A(3), Right(3), A(3). Then, press [Right, A] eighteen times. Finally, press Right(3). A sound and the appearance of the number "9" next to "Players" will confirm correct code entry.... Read More

Kick Master

 Level Password 2 F[Diamond]?LGZQFKT4G 3 SJ?S8P[Diamond][Club][Spade]K3L 4 BW6Q5K[Spade]j2n9[Diamond] 5 VW6S9KFK3T[Spade][Diamond] 6 3QD[Club]8Q6W6JD? 7 Q8GW[Spade]9WM8G[Diamond]F 8 [Spade]8GWG99N9[Club][Diamond]F Quest 2 2[HearLDZ2DKQZGD... Read More

Image Fight

 Level select: Hold A + B on both controllers, then press Start + Select on controller one.... Read More

Pugsleys Scavenger Hunt

 Status Password Fester rescued 182M Fester rescued, 2 life hearts C82C2 Fester rescued, 3 life hearts 982F2 Fester rescued, 4 life hearts 182M- Fester and Wednesday rescued, 4 life hearts 282M1 Fester, Wednesday, and Gomez rescued 662K1 Fester, Wednesday, and Gomez rescued, 4 life hearts 262M? Fester, Wednesday, and Gomez rescued, 5 life hearts, 5 life hearts 662K1 Fester, Wednesday, Gomez and Granny rescued 6R2KK End of game: Enter 6R2KK as a password. Enter the middle door on the first floor of the mansion, that is now unlocked. Proceed through the level, defeat Nasty Judge, and rescue Morticia to complete the game.... Read More

Jackie Chans Action Kung Fu

 Level select: Reset the NES three times during the title screen, then press Up(2), Down(2), Up, Down, B, A on controller two. Level select, ninety-nine continues: Intentionally lose the game and wait until the title screen appears after the game over screen. Then, press Up(2), Down(2), Up, Down, B, A, Start on controller one, then press B on controller two. Press Up or Down to select an new level, then press B on controller two to begin game play.... Read More

Micro Machines

 Always qualify: Complete the qualifying race, then hold Up + Select + B until the screen changes color. Then, press Start. The phrase "Qualify - 6 Lives" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Extra life: Jump off the folder, pause game play while in mid-air, and resume. An extra life will be available when the next race is lost. Easy win in Sandy Straights: Drive in reverse until the first bend near the water. Pause game play and the lap counter will decrease. Resume game play and cross the finish line to win. Turbo acceleration in Sahara Straights: Drive until reaching the footprint in the sand. Stop at the bottom part of the footprint, pause, then resume game play. Easy win in Handyman's Curve: Drive into the spout of the large oil can in the lower left of the track. Pause game play twice to win. Sticky Grip in Potted Passage: Follow the green pipe into the plants, then drive into the small space. Pause and resume game play for Sticky Grip.... Read More

Final Fantasy

 Bonus puzzle game: Enter the ship, hold A and press B(55). Arrange the tiles in order from 1 to 15 to collect 100 Gold. Display map: Press Select + B. Dragon Warrior reference: Find the three tombs located next to the white magic shop in Elfland. The tombstone farthest to the left reads: "Here lies Erdrick" "873-866" "R.I.P." This is a direct reference to a character in the game Dragon Warrior. Easy level up: Northeast of the port town of Provaka is a two space wide peninsula with enemies from the Northern Continent. They offer a lot experience and are difficult to defeat unless you are around levels 12 or 13. Adamant location: The location of the Adamant needed for Excalibur is in the tower in the sky -- you need the chime and the cube. Go in the tower and continue to the place with eight ways to travel. Go in the bottom left diagonal and fight the enemy that guards it. Open the treasure chest to get the Adamant. Invisible guard in castle: In the first castle entered in the game, Cast... Read More



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