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Times Of Lore

 Before defeating Clerics: Enter JGTnn fWbgl ZkXHV PVJkZ LH as a password.... Read More


 Book on pedestal In the room with the corridor, there is a little book on the pedestal. Do not take that book -- it will cause a sudden death by opening the floor. The book however can be opened. It will release a ghost but you will still be alive.... Read More

Wrath Of The Black Manta

 Switch skills during game play: Press Select during game play and change skills as if you were at the start of the game. Note: This cannot be done while fighting a Boss. Secret walls: Shoot five to ten times at each wall in each position to find secret rooms. Energy refill: Enter rooms that do not have a kid in them and defeat all the enemies to get your energy refilled.... Read More

Bump N Jump

 Continue game play: Hold Select on controller one and A + B on controller two at the game over screen. Then, press Start(2) on controller two while all buttons are still held. Extra fuel: Rapidly tap A while in the Repair Shop. 50000 bonus points: Complete any level without hitting any other cars.... Read More


 Full inventory: Enter 8zs L4B W4K fyM 6JW 5Kq as a password. Location select: Enter oBH jq2 xgI 5ve iNw g5f as a password. The game will start at level 16, near Nockmaar. Press Select to display numbers in two white blocks. Hold B and press Up or Down to select the first number. Hold A and press Up or Down to select the second number. Press Select after both numbers are entered to jump to a new location. Location Coordinates Gates of Nockmaar 0, 18 Tavern of the Travelers A, 9 Tir Asleen F, 19 Dew 13, F Newlyn 1A, E Po's house 13, 3 Twins Tower 8, 3 Thunder Cabin C, 10 Abang's room 18, 1B Bavmorda's guard 0, 13 Bavmorda 11, 1B Status Password Start game at experience level 16 yjs L4B vHg 2Ui JIX 4fm Start game with all items 8zs L4B W4K fyM 6JW 5Kq Experience level 9 e7u 7M8 ?42 1Iy YBe urk Experience level 11 ftT ZAs zAf eXh JQr 6H3 Experience level 13 Xg8 QTT opf KUh JQD kQK Experience level 14 05P j84 78p VLm QJW 5JN Experience level 16 6oF nJJ r7N itL 5I1 R!v The Castle... Read More


 [Cheat mode: Hold Up/Left and reset the NES system. Quickly press A + B + Select, A + B + Select while the screen remains blank. A configuration screen with level and difficulty selection features will appear. Level skip: Pause game play, press Up/Left, A + B + Select. Your jet will fly away and complete the level when game play is resumed. Additional time: Get a valid password, then reset the NES. Enter the password, but change the first number to the amount of desired days, from 0 to 60, plus 40. Final level: Enter 88 60 72 as a password.... Read More


 Extra cars: Collect enough letters to spell "NINTENDO".... Read More

Galaxy 5 0 0 0

 View credits: Press Left, Up, B, Left, Up, B at the game over screen after using all continues. Extra money: Note: This trick requires a cartridge. Enable the following code: GXNXSVSN to allow your ship to be repaired for free. When it gets fully repaired, put the damage back up. Your money will increase each time you do this. When you take the damage off, the money will not go back down.... Read More

Captain Planet

 Level Password 1-2 763 754 2-1 955 783 2-2 637 511 3-1 148 574 3-2 786 565 4-1 920 272 4-2 799 274 5-1 344 551 5-2 829 443 End 506 210... Read More

Gauntlet 2

 Disappearing walls: Stop moving for several minutes. The doors and walls will disappear from the current location.... Read More

Duck Tales

 Bonus level: Attain a score between 70,000 and 79,999 points. Then, accept a lift back to Duckburg with Launch pad to stop at a bonus level on the way.... Read More

Mission Impossible

 Level Password 2 HMPR 3 KMVW 4 XDGJ 5 TVJL 6 QBYZ... Read More

Tom And Jerry

 Unlimited mice: Press Right(2), Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, B, A, Select, Start(2) at the second title screen (where Tom and Jerry are displayed in sunglasses). Extra lives: Use the following trick to earn up to nine lives. In level 2 (Pipes), keep shooting the sleeping crabs which never move. At 50,000 points, you will get one bonus life. Repeat for more lives. You can do the same thing in the fire level by getting the spitting can and shooting the fire continuously.... Read More

Freedom Force

 Alternate ending sequence: Destroy the enemy hideout four times in a row.... Read More

Crash N The Boys Ice Challenge

 Play as Dodgeball team: Enter 4728 as a password. Music test: Enter 7031 as a password. Opponent Password Nekketsu Baseball Club 2437 Nekketsu Kendo Club 6088 Yurigaoka Female High 4994 Hanazono American Football Club 6342 Tanibana Roller Team 7153 Shirogane High School 8368 Bamba Industries 6562 Shitennouji 0508 Daizetsuzan... Read More

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

 Bonus sequence: Allow the credits to complete at the end of the game to play a small bonus sequence.... Read More

Vice Project Doom

 Level select: Hold A and press reset on the NES system. Press A on controller two to select a level, or B on controller two to select a stage. Press Up or Down to change the level and stage numbers. Hold B and press A to begin game play at the indicated game level.... Read More

Ghoul School

 Invincibility: Collect the Spring Shoes and Towel, then go outside of the gym. Equip the Spring Shoes and Towel, enter a locker, and hold Up. Enter the "Equip" screen, and equip the Shoes and Bat. When game play is resumed, your character will remain in the locker, but may move freely. Although enemies may be attacked, your character will be invincible. Note: Falling will still be harmful. Bonus room: Collect the Spinal Zap and gain access to the elevator. Enter the elevator from the first floor and push "Up". Push "Down" when the indicator arrow is between "1" and "2". Repeat this until the indicator arrow remains between the first and second floors to enter room "00".... Read More

Mega Man 6

 Super password: Enter B6 D4 F2 F4 F6 as a password to begin game play with all weapons and items. Beat helper: Collect the letters B, E, A, and T during game play to unlock Beat. Level Password Flame A1/2/3 B1 F5 Blizzard A1 B4 C3 D4 E6 Plant A1/4 B1 C2 F5 Tomahawk A6 C4 D2 E1/5 Yamato A6 B3 C4 D2 E5 Knight B3 C4 D2/6 E5 Centaur B5 D4 F2/4/6 Wind B6 D4 F2/4/6 Dr. Wily B2/6 D4 E5 F2 Finding the Energy Balancer: Begin game play at the Tomahawk Man level. Reach the path that splits into an upper branch that leads to a left ladder, and a bottom branch that leads to a right ladder. Move along the upper branch of the path, climb the ladder, jump on to the ladder above the spikes, hang on the lowest rung, then use a Rush Power blast to destroy the cracked block. Enter the new opening to find the Energy Balancer.... Read More

Adventure Island

 Continue game play: Locate the hidden egg at the end of level 1. It can be located by jumping directly upward at the edge of the cliff just before the "G" sign. Smash the egg and collect the Hudson bee logo. Hold Up + A + Select and press Start at the game over screen to continue game play at the start of the last level played. Alternatively, hold Right and press Start to continue game play. Island select: Allow the game to reach the title screen, then reset the NES console. Then, press Right, Left, Right, Left, A, B, A, B when the title screen appears again. Alternatively, press Down, Up, Left, Right, B, A, B, A at the title screen. View next Boss: Kill the first Boss and pause game play as he leaves the screen. 1000 point bonus: Locate the red flower in level 1-4. Shoot the coyote that attacks from behind twice while jumping to display a power-up in the form of a Nintendo controller. Get the controller to collect 1000 points. Bonus level: Get to the middle of level 1 where some kind ... Read More



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