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Magnum Kiki Ippatsu

 Unknown: Enter 0621 as a password. Note: This password is revealed after the final Boss is defeated. Please any information regarding this code. The true final Boss: When you defeat the final Boss in level 5-8, if you have not found the key in an earlier stage you will go all the way back to level 5-1. You will find the key by shooting at crates in levels 5-1 through 5-7. If you uncover the key, shoot it and your score will be displayed in gold instead of the usual white. Now when you defeat the Boss in level 5-8, you will be able to open the door to the true final boss, El Nino.... Read More

Tiny Toon Adventures

 Three extra lives: Finish any level with a number of carrots that is divisible by 11 (22, 33, 44, etc.) Return to the main map to face Duck Vader. Hit Duck Vader three times to collect three extra lives.... Read More

Mag - Max

 Robot parts: Shoot the gray houses that appear to be invincible to damage to receive robot parts.... Read More


 Easy rank increase: Hail all friendly ships that are encountered and ask for news. Eventually, a Letter of Marque from that nation will be collected. Repeat this keep increasing in rank. Crew happiness: Get to 40 years old. The crew will always be happy no matter what the size for some time.... Read More

Bucky O Hare

 Level Password Blinky M7KZ3 Blinky Comes Back 5NJZJ Deadeye Duck 67KIJ Deadeye Is Saved M7K2J Jenny Joins In 68L!3 Captured Again MRX24 Salvage Chute MRW[Triangle]l Magna Tanker M!L2X Willy M7LAK Escape! MRM[Triangle]X... Read More


 Unlimited continues: Hold A + B + Select and press Start at the game over screen.... Read More

Donkey Kong Jr Math

 Easy answers: Wait at a math problem and the number to be collected will begin to flash.... Read More

Racket Attack


Bram Stokers Dracula

 Avoiding the bride(s): Stay in the center of the screen and when you see the direction the bride(s) are facing, avoid them. Defeating Shadow Dracula: Each time Shadow Dracula appears from hiding, jump up or down from the ledge and throw two rocks at him. Defeating: Werewolf Dracula: When Werewolf Dracula appears, avoid his attack and wait until he charges again. Quickly throw a rock at him and jump over him. Continue this until he is defeated. Defeating Young Dracula: When he first appears, kneel and start throwing as many rocks as possible. Then, run away from him when he casts his hypnotic spell. If you run out of rocks and they are on the other side of Dracula, when he casts his spell jump over him to collect the rocks.... Read More

Ninja Gaiden

 Sound test: Hold Left + Select + Start + A + B when the phrase "Tecmo Presents 1989" appears. Continue to hold all buttons until the title screen appears in full. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to display the sound test screen. Press Up or Down to select a sound, A to play a sound, and B to stop a sound. Note: Hold Down/Left + Select + Start + A + B when the phrase "Tecmo Presents 1989" appears in the European version of the game.... Read More

Rolling Thunder

 Level Password 1-1 7567651 1-2 4023399 1-3 6426099 1-4 3009912 1-5 1450064 2-6 8511502 2-7 6609809 2-8 6127306 2-9 3495242 2-10 6765136 3-1 6692956 3-2 4516110 3-3 6396857 3-4 4249741 3-5 6916079 3-6 7236972 3-7 8774494 3-8 2205789 3-9 6252184 3-10 6983701 4-6 7236972 4-7 8774494 4-8 2205789 4-9 6252184 4-10 6983701... Read More

Star Soldier

 Super laser: Hold Up/Left + A + B and power on the NES. Continue to hold those buttons, then press Select, Start. Press Select during game play to enable the super laser. Full weapons: Press Select(10) at the title screen. Then, hold Down/Right on controller two and press Up, Left, A, B, Start(2) on controller one. Press Select to switch between the five shot weapon and the laser.... Read More


 Continue game play: Hold Up + A and press Start.... Read More


 Level passwords: Enter ADAML as a name, then enter one of the following passwords to play the corresponding level. Level Password 2 TPJ 3 PTS 4 PYT 5 PUQ 6 TMN 7 PUW 8 DNP 9 HZI 10 DRF 11 HRG 12 PGT 13 PKM 14 HSJ 15 TOS 16 QPD 17 YTU 18 UPV 19 EDO 20 QYH 21 EUQ 22 MUZ 23 QEK 24 QVH 25 ENE 26 QVZ 27 QFW 28 YOL 29 QWM 30 MOV 31 QSW 32 VPH 33 VTM 34 VXJ 35 ZHG 36 RYX 37 ZUQ 38 RMV 39 JUS 40 VZX 41 RVM 42 FFJ 43 NZW 44 FOL 45 VKY 46 RSV 47 RSO 48 SLX 49 WLU 50 OTF Ending OXG... Read More

Tecmo Baseball

 Final game: Enter 1G36 as a password.... Read More

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project

 Cheat mode: Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Start at the title screen before the demonstration starts. Note: For two player mode press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Select, Start. Level select, extra lives, and sound test options will now be available. Auto turtle selection: Press Down(5) at the character selection screen, or Down(10) at the same screen for two player mode. After a turtle is defeated, the next turtle will automatically be selected randomly. Alternately, rapidly tap Left, Right repeatedly at the character selection screen. Save energy: Repeatedly press A + B when low on energy to keep it from going down faster.... Read More

Super Spike Vball

 Super spike: Set up for a spike, then quickly tap B. If done correctly, your hands will flash. Hit the ball while it is in the air to execute the super spike.... Read More

Bionic Commando

 Skip introduction: Press A + B to skip the messages at beginning of the game and immediately display the map. Level skip: Hold Start and press A + B during game play. Unlimited continues: Press A at the game over screen. Collecting continues: Intercept the convoy trucks and collect the eagle icons that some enemies leave behind. Each eagle is equal to one continue.... Read More

Bill Teds Excellent V G Adv

 Level Password 2 555-6929 3 9807 4 2760 5 4731 6 555-5864... Read More

Blades Steel

 No goalies: Hold A + B and press Start on both controllers. Intermission control: After the end of the second period, an intermission with two spaceships may appear. You can control the smaller ship and shoot down the larger ship. Easy victories: After getting a good lead, allow the CPU to score. Then, take the puck behind your goal. The CPU players will not be able to get it. Simply allow the clock to run out for an easy win. When leading the score with only a short amount of time, try skating around in circles in your own end. Your opponent should not be able to get the puck before the clock runs out. Penalty shots: Skate around in front of your opponent's net in the middle and try to get hit. The referee should award you a penalty shot. If your opponent is in front of your net, do not hit him.... Read More



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