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Wizards Warriors 2

 Have the Shield: Enter WBTRLZPBDPZW as a password. Have the Ironsword: Enter MQTRLZPBRDZZ as a password. Have Axe and Helmet: Enter RLTRLZPBMMZK as a password. Have all armor: Enter PJTRTGHTGLNM as a password. Level Password Air DDBMNWMBZZDJ Forest JJTRJZRZQMWN Water JBTRHMWQRRWW Fire KJTNJWQXRLTP Icefire Mountain WLTRMBRLNBKR Four Elementals TXXMNZGRRBKW End BDTRBTTNNGNT... Read More

Mega Man 2

 Birds: Select a starting level, press Start, then immediately hold A + B and press the D-pad in the direction of the displayed Boss. The stars in the background will change into birds. Longer jumps: Rapidly tap Start when jumping to remain in the air longer. Super passwords: Enter A5 B2 B4 C1 C3 C5 D4 D5 E2 as a password for all weapons, items, and four energy tanks. Enter A5 B1 B3 C4 D2 D3 E1 E4 E5 as a password for the maximum number of energy tanks. Quick Boomerang: Enter A1 E1 D2 C3 B4 B5 E2 E4 D5 as a password to obtain the energy efficient Quick Boomerang. The letters "P" and "Q" should appear to the right of the password. Defeating Quickman: The enemy robot clones operate on flat, uninterrupted rooms in the fifth Skull Castle Stage. Quick Man was specifically programmed for this room. His room in his own stage has two 2-stage rises. Due to this, he seems to run in place for about three seconds on the upside of a step or wall. Use this as an opportunity to deliver a few well-plac... Read More

Battle City

 Level select: Start a new game. Press A + B when the "Stage 1" message appears..... Read More

Isolated Warrior

 Game-Level Password 1-2 1227 1-3 0501 1-4 0705 1-5 9801 1-6 2687 2-2 3396 2-3 4126 2-4 7589 2-5 2168 2-6 0666... Read More

Flying Dragon Secret Scroll

 World championship tournament: Enter BAAA as a password. Elimination mode: Enter HFBT as a password. Training mode: Enter AASO as a password.... Read More


 Suicide: Pause game play and press B if your character becomes trapped.... Read More

Super C

 Ten lives: Press Right, Left, Down, Up, A, B at the title screen. Then, press Start for a one player game or Select, Start for a two player game. Sound test: Hold A + B and press Start at the title screen. Replay game with previous score: Complete the game once and return to the title screen. Press A, B, Start at the title screen to start the game again with your score intact and three lives. Replay game with previous score and lives: Complete the game once and return to the title screen. Press B, A, Start at the title screen to start the game again with your score intact and the lives accumulated in the previous game.... Read More

X - Men

 100 lives: Press B(5) at the title screen. The sound of a bark will confirm correct code entry.... Read More

Adventure Island 2

 Level select: Wait until Higgins is hit by the coconut on the title screen. Then, press Right, Left, Right, Left, A, B, A, B. Continue game play: Locate the fifth skull in the first cave on the first island. Walk past the skull, them up and down to discover a hidden room. Collect the Hudson bee logo from this room. Hold Left and press Start at the game over screen to continue game play with all prior items at the last level played. Using hammers effectively: Always use your hammers in a rapid fire sort of way. If they disappear and make a strange noise, jump at that spot. Your character will get an egg which contains a level skip, inventory item or bonus level. Collecting food: Stay low to the ground with the pterodactyl, as to collect food. Obtaining eggs from birds: Try to shoot most birds over the ground as some of them carry eggs.... Read More


 End level: Begin game play and reach the first wall. Then hold Down for approximately two seconds and jump to advance to the last level. Invincibility: Begin a new game and immediately press B, A, B, Start, Up, Down. Your character will now be able to pass through all opponents except for Bosses. Play Bosses on hovercrafts: Enter BBA1357912 as a password. Play Bosses without hovercrafts: Enter A2A4A6A8A0 as a password. Level Password 1-1 17597 1069B 1-2 772FB B469B 1-3 58E8B 11F91 2-1 361B7 C9185 3-1 7955E BFC1E 3-3 696B3 BA491 4-1 C9646 47D1E 5-1 5F5A4 90D9B 5-2 07A50 8D614 6-1 0CB01 5E88F 7-1 C519D 33814 7-2 217B1 5719B 8-1 0A21D 2D814 9-1 6FD8D C660A 9-2 6F769 32C0A 9-3 99363 B4585 10-1 482F8 B9A1E 11-1 34D30 26EOA 12-1 CA249 BDD85 12-2 568A8 E2D85 12-3 DF44E 0BB00 End 5C2B5 C8A1E... Read More

Blue Shadow

 Super lightning attack: Hold B for a few seconds, then release the button to shoot a lightning bolt that will hit most opponents at the current location. Note: This attack uses a large amount of energy.... Read More

Marble Madness

 More time: Begin game play in two-player mode with a single player. Bonus time is awarded to the player that completes the course first. Since player two is not a participant, player one will always collect the bonus time.... Read More

Dick Tracy

 Level Password 2 207-119-060 3 164-003-201 4 036-224-136 5 007-215-047... Read More

Black Bass

 More fish: Enter HBMAX as a name to catch more fish. Class B: Enter TSVWDEDODIBPUYGC as a password. San Lake: Enter 0YHEXZ0TZXHNTMUQ as a password.... Read More

Doki Doki Yuenchi

 Level Password 2 BLNK 3 MMC! 4 PHXY 5 GTRS 6 BCHK 7 HSVX 8 VZLJ 9 FMWS 10 QPGL 11 MZS... Read More

Shadow Of The Ninja

 Super attack: Hold B for approximately five seconds without being hit. A powerful lightning attack can be executed when the screen turns red. Note: This will use approximately one half of your character's total energy. Sound test: Press A(4), B(4), A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B after selecting the number of players at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Hold A + B on controllers one and two, then press Start on controller one. Level select:] Press A(4), B(4), A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B after selecting the number of players at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Enter one of the following codes, then press Start on controller one to start at the corresponding level. Note: To start with invincibility, hold Down on controller two in addition to the other buttons.... Read More

Bubble Bobble

 Level select: Enter DDFFI as a password, and select the one player continue round option. Press A or B to select a new starting level from 1 to 112. Super Bubble Bobble graphics: Enter HCICD as a password. Expert mode: Enter BBDAD as a password. A sound will confirm correct code entry. The monsters in each level will change and make the game slightly more difficult. Ninety-nine lives: Enter BACCF as a password. Borrowing lives: Begin game play in two player mode. Press Start, Select when a player runs out of lives to borrow a life from the player that is still active. Two player help: Pause game play and press Select to get help from player two. Best ending: Surround the enemy in the final level with bubbles, then press Start, Select, Start to bring a second player into the game. Then, pop the bubbles to see the "Happy Ending". This will also enable the sound test option.... Read More


 Level Password 1-2 9946 1-3 8472 1-4 5535 1-5 1929 2-1 7390 2-2 6501 2-3 5340 2-4 1536 2-5 3328 3-1 9537 3-2 8777 3-3 2037 3-4 5289 3-5 4174 4-1 3500 4-2 3642 4-3 4412 4-4 8379 4-5 8182 5-1 8004 5-2 5529 5-3 4524 5-4 4797 5-5 9376 6-1 1553 6-2 7850 6-3 5669 6-4 9381 6-5 9374 7-1 4653 7-2 5012 7-3 8831 7-4 9457 7-5 6098 8-1 9617 8-2 5036 8-3 6297 8-4 8629 8-5 8397 Ending 1992... Read More

Baseball Stars 2

 Super pitcher: Build a custom team that earns more than $60,000 per game in league mode. Select the "Make Team" option from the main menu and choose "Strong Pitchers". The last pitcher on the new team will have a pitch skill maximum of a single digit or an arrow and a digit. Each of his attributes may be set to 15 points.... Read More

Treasure Island Dizzy

 View credits Locate the platform on the left side of the sunken ship. Jump on the platform and move to the right side. Press B to view the credits.... Read More



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