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Nintendo 64


Dr. Mario 64

 Play as Metal Mario Successfully complete story mode with Wario on the normal, hard, or super hard difficulty setting without losing once. After defeating Rudy, you will battle Metal Mario. Defeat him without losing to unlock Metal Mario in "VS." modes. Note: Using the "Redo" option on the pause menu is counted as losing. Play as Vampire Wario Successfully complete story mode with Dr. Mario on the normal, hard, or super hard difficulty setting without losing once. After defeating Rudy, you will battle Vampire Wario. Defeat him without losing to unlock Vampire Wario in "VS." modes. Note: Using the "Redo" option on the pause menu is counted as losing. Change computer difficulty At the character selection screen in "VS." mode, highlight a character. Hold L and press A to increase the computer A.I. of that character one star to "Hard". Hold L and press B to increase the computer A.I. of that character two stars to "S.Hard&quo... Read More

Pokemon Stadium 2

 Mega powerful pokemon As soon as you get to the daycare, leave two pokemon there. Continue playing the game until you beat it.(all 16 gym badges) After you beat the game pick up your pokemon from the daycare.You will find out they gained 60-90 levels! It will cost a lot, but since you beat the game you will have a lot of money. Then you can get them more powerful by going to the battle tower for EXP. points, and if you win you get a lot of proteins, carbos, calcium, and other stuff. Then you will soon have two very powerful pokemon added to your collection. submitted by: Sarid_n_cheese Kanto Gym Leader tower: Successfully complete the Johto Gym Leader tower. Passing Earl's Pokemon Academy battles: Read the lectures, then pass his test. After that is done, and before battle, read the hint. It will tell you what you need to do in order to pass the battle with a star. For example, to battle Lass Nancy in round one, you need to use Pokemon with support moves, as Earl says in his hint for L... Read More

Looney Tunes: Duck Dodgers

 Animal sounds: Press B on Planet X, Transformation Zap to hear an animal sound. For example, when you are a chicken, press B to hear a crowing noise.... Read More

NBA hang time

 Rodman Quick Change: You can change Dennis Rodman's hair color by pressing the pass button when you select your team (and have chosen Dennis Rodman). Hidden Players:At the Match Up screen, use the A, bottom C and right C buttons to input these numbers. Hidden Players: Scottie Pippen - Enter name; PIPPEN and the PIN; 0000 Dennis Rodman - Enter name; RODMAN and the PIN; 0000 Shawn Kemp - Enter name; KEMP and the PIN; 0000 Grant Hill - Enter name; GHILL and the PIN; 0000 Anfernee 'Penny' Hardaway - Enter name; AHRDWY and the PIN; 0000 Mortal Kombat Editors - Enter name; MORTAL or KOMBAT and the PIN; 0004 More Editors - Enter name; MUNDAY and the PIN; 5432 Even more Editors - Enter name; MARIUS and the PIN; 1005... Read More

World Driver Championship

 All Tracks and Cars: Start a new game in championship mode and enter your name as "races the best." At the next screen appears press Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up. Change Car Color: Press Z at the car selection screen. Access all GT2 vehicles: In Championship mode, at the GT2 circuit menu, (Teams/Even Select, Save Game, Main Menu) press Z, Right, Z, Z, Z, B, C-Down, A, Right, Start on controller two. All Sydney tracks: Remove the memory pak from the controller. Then, start a new championship and enter "FROZENSKY" as a name. Accept an offer from one of the two teams. Once you have accepted, return to the main menu, and select a quick race. Choose one of the race modes, and you should have access to any of the Sydney tracks. Return to the main menu, and insert the memory pak. Load your current career to restore all of your game settings. Save your career. Then when the game is reloaded, all six variations of the Sydney tracks should still be available Mirrored Tr... Read More

San Francisco Rush 2049

 Cheat menu At the main menu, highlight the "Options" selection, then hold L + R + Z + C-Up + C-Right to display a "Cheats" selection at the bottom of the screen. Choose the "Cheats" selection to enter the cheat menu. Then, enter one of the following codes to enable the corresponding cheat function: All cars Highlight the "All Cars" option on the cheat menu, then press C-Left(3), C-Up(3), C-Right(3), C-Down(3). Hold L + R + C-Up + C-Left + C-Down + C-Right and press Z. -From: All parts Highlight the "All Parts" option on the cheat menu, then hold L + R and press Z. Release the buttons, then press C-Down, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right. Hold L + R and press Z. Invincibility Press C-Right, L, R(2), L. Then, hold C-Left + C-Down and press Z. All parts Hold L + R and press Z. Release the buttons, then press C-Down, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right. Then, hold L + R and press Z. Intermediate circuit Finish in first, second or third place on the... Read More

Indy Racing League 2000

 All cars and tracks in gold cup mode: Start a game in gold cup mode and enter "YOU DA MAN" as a name. Gallery mode: Start a game in gold cup mode and enter "WOODY COOKIES" as a name.... Read More

Ready 2 Rumble

 $500 Rumble mass nutrition cheat When you are tring to bulk up your rumble boxer and are short on cash but want to give them the big stuff, try this. First, when you are training your boxer go over to the rumble aroebics. Quickly press Left and then the A button. If you've done it correctly you should have gotten your mass nutrion for the price of a rumble aerobics training lesson-$500. Cheat Codes To activate a cheat, select Championship mode and enter its code as a gym name. Then exit Championship mode and select Arcade mode. Bronze Class boxers -- BRONZE Championship Class boxers -- CHAMP Gold Class boxers -- GOLD Silver Class boxers -- SILVER... Read More

Rakuga Kids

   Alternate costume colors Press the various Punch and Kick buttons while choosing a fighter on the character selection screen. Fight as Inoz Accumulate over two hours of total game play. Then, hold L while choosing Mamazo at the character selection screen. Fight as Darkness Accumulate over five hours of total game play. Darkness will now be selectable at the character selection screen. Extra options Accumulate over ten hours of total game play. An "Extra options" selection will appear on the options menu.... Read More

Mario Kart 64

 Turbo start: Press A to accelerate at the instant between the dimming of the second light and the flashing of the blue light at the start of the race. Performed correctly, your kart will rapidly accelerate ahead of the other racers. Note that accelerating too soon will result in a spin out. Banana peel recovery: When a banana peel is run over, immediately hold the brake for one second, then accelerate to avoid skidding or losing a balloon in battle mode. Drafting: Align your kart behind the next racer. Wisps of air will appear from the sides of your kart. The small speed increase that your kart will gain should be enough to pass the racer that is being followed. Mini-turbo slide: Hold R to slide around a corner, and press the Analog-stick to steer in the direction of the turn, then to the opposite direction. The smoke from your kart will change from white to yellow if done correctly. Continue to hold R and repeat the steering motion with the Analog-stick to change the smoke from yellow... Read More

Bomberman: The Second Attack

 CPU characters in battle mode At the battle mode character selection screen, hold Z and press A to use the CPU characters. Music option Successfully complete story mode to unlock the music option. Battle royal mode Win the gold cup in survival mode to unlock battle royal mode. King and knights mode Win the gold cup in battle royal mode to unlock king and knights mode. Key trial mode Win the gold cup in king and knights mode to unlock key trial mode. Score attack mode Win the gold cup in key trial mode to unlock score attack mode. Alternate title screen Successfully complete the game to change the title screen to display one of Pommy's different levels with a blue background with clouds. Hints: Guardian Boots In Starlight, after you get the lightning bombs, return to the start. Enter the next area. Push on the middle left, where a golden statue used to be. You should enter a room. Lightning bomb the platform to get the Guardian Boots. You can now permanently kick bombs. Guardian Gloves ... Read More

Banjo Tooie

 Cheat mode Enter the witch's head on Spiral Mountain to find Cheato. One cheat will be revealed for every five Cheato pages that you find. Other cheats are revealed by finding the various mystery eggs hidden throughout the game. The cheats are entered in the Mayahem Temple near Wumba's Wigwam. Note: Grenade eggs are required to enter the temple. Spell out one of the following cheat codes inside the temple to activate the corresponding cheat function: Effect - Code Level select - CHEATO JIGGYWIGGYSPECIAL Double feather carrying capacity - FEATHERS or CHEATO SREHTAEF Double egg carrying capacity - EGGS or CHEATO SGGE Unlimited eggs and feathers - CHEATO NESTKING Unlimited air and health - HONEYKING or CHEATO KCABYENOH All mini-games, Bosses, and movies in replay mode - CHEATO PLAYITAGAINSON Banjo moves faster - CHEATO SUPERBANJO Enemies move faster - CHEATO SUPERBADDY Music test unlocked in Jolly Roger Bay jukebox - JUKEBOX or CHEATO XOBEKUJ Unlimited health - CHEATO HONEYBACK Unlimited ... Read More

Mario Golf

 Password screen: Highlight the "Clubhouse" option at the main menu, then press Z + R + A or A + L + R . Note: This does not work in the PAL version of the game. Every character and course. Note: (this does not unlock the mario star course or the 4 GBC hidden characters.) At the press start screen, press down(2) left(3) right(3) (on the D-pad)then press C-down(2) C-left(3) C-right(3), and you should hear a sound that we've all heard in Mario Kart 64. submitted by: Brian Caulfield Nintendo Power tournament: Enter KPXWN9N3 as a password to play a tournament at Toad Highlands. Note: The shadow with the "?" indicates that any character can be selected. Another password will be displayed after completing the tournament. The ten character password is not actually a password for the game, but is for a promotion in Nintendo Power magazine. Nintendo Power Summer Scramble tournament: Enter FJQ49LJA as a password to play a Speed Golf event at Mario's Star course with Donkey Kong. The lowest time w... Read More

Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage

 Wall Of Bones Wand Once you reach the Chaos Island, stay on the beach and follow the shoreline. You will see a large hill. Climb over the hill and go past it to find a treasure chest (there is also a large warp gate nearby). Inside the treasure chest is a Wall of Bones wand. You can use this wand to kill the Marquis. Short cut to Erromon Go to the abandoned Chaos camp where you get the sword and follow the trail north until you reach a path. Then take that path to Erromon. Free Battle Axe and Armor When you talk to Brenna outside the castle and have an extra space in your party, tell her it is too dangerous. She will give you a free Battle Axe and Idem Scale. Free Inferno Flask In the town outside Gwernia castle, there is a house with a lean-to built on. Inside is a bag with an Inferno Flask, a powerful item for Godric, or anyone with Alchemy. Free Strength Spell Return to Oriana's after starting for the Mirari city. She will relate a tale and give you the spell of Strength for free (i... Read More

NHL 99

 Cheat Codes: Enter these codes on the password screen. BIGBIG -- Big players BRAINY -- Big heads FAST -- Faster gameplay FASTER -- Even faster gameplay FLASH -- Makes cameras flash FREEEA -- Enables 2 new teams, EA Blades and EA Storm PULLED -- No goalies VICTORY -- View ending sequence Goal Sounds: After scoring a goal you can make some various sounds that are heard after goals. When the instant replay starts, hit Z to hear different sounds. Keep hitting it until you hear the sound you like and hold the button. This causes your opponents rumble pak to rumble continuously.... Read More

Scooby-Doo! Classic Creepy Capers

 Cheat codes: Enter these codes while you are playing, controlling Shaggy: Level skip: Hold L and press C-Up, C-Down, C-Up, C-Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Right, Left, Right, Left. Unlimited courage: Hold L and press C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, C-Up, C-Down, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Down.... Read More

NFL Blitz Special Edition

 To enter cheat mode Press Turbo (default is Z), Jump (default is B), and Pass (default is A) to change the icons below the helmets on the versus screen. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad or Analog-stick in the indicated direction to enable the code. The name of the code and a sound will confirm correct code entry. Example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, Jump(2), Pass(3), Left. Code - Effect 0-0-1 Down Show field goal % 0-0-1 Right Punt hang time meter 0-1-0 Up Late hits 0-1-2 Down No CPU assistance1 0-2-1 Right Show more field1 0-3-0 Down Fog on 0-3-2 Left Fast turbo running 0-4-0 Up Huge head 0-4-5 Up Super blitzing 0-5-0 Right Big football 1-0-0 Up Use team plays 1-0-1 Left Arizona Cardinals playbook 1-0-2 Left Atlanta Falcons playbook 1-0-2 Right Hide receiver name 1-0-3 Left Baltimore Ravens playbook 1-0-4 Left Buffalo Bills playbook 1-0-5 Left Carolina Panthers playbook 1-1-0... Read More

Bomberman Hero

 All Cheats When Bomberman is in his headquarters press Up, Down, Right, Up, Up, Down, A, B, C-Left, C-Right then hold A for five seconds. A list of cheat options should appear. Gossick World Get all 24 Other-Dimension Bombs and a 5 on every stage (Bomber Star through Garaden Star). Slider Race To get the first ??? on the options screen, get all 5s on all the stages (Bomber Star through Garaden Star). In the Slider Race, you race a snowman on your Bomber Slider with the best time recorded. Golden Bomber To get the second ??? on the options screen, get 5s on all the stages (Bomber Star through Garaden Star) and beat Gossick. In this mode a gold card will turn Bomberman into Gold Bomberman. The best score from three stages will be recorded. Millian's Treasure Hunt To get the third ??? on the options screen, get 5s on every stage (Bomber Star through Gossick). In this mode, a ship returning from Garaden Star filled with treasures blows up and scatters 24 treasures around all six stars. You... Read More

Powerpuff Girls - Chemical X-Traction

 Bonus Passwords Unlock all characters/levels - BUTTERCUP, ACE, BUBBLES, MOJO, FUZZY. More health - ACE, FUZZY, BLOSSOM, BLOSSOM, BUBBLES.... Read More

Star Wars Episode1 Racer

 Auto Pilot (By: Luke Enter your name as rrtangenabacus then go into the game, at the start press R then Z then all you need to do is hold A and it will auto matically steer for you!! Race Without Podracer (Jason Huff -Press and hold L and enter the name RRNOPOD -While pressing Z for every letter,and when you race in the last Cirquit you will race without a podracer. Floating Glitch (By: Brian Joe To make a character float, go into the last OOVO 4 level, the Gauntlet. Invincibility makes this cheat a whole lot easier. In the air chamber, pull back on the analog stick and hold the B button. You will, at the end of the chamber, slow down to 37-38 M.P.H. After that, you will float out of the air chamber. You can float throughout the whole level by holding B and pulling back. If you hit an obstacle, go from side to side, and you will eventually float out. For All Cheats (By: Luke First start a new ga... Read More



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