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Nintendo 64


Aero fighters assault

 Change Colors: Press the R-Button at the plane select screen to bring up an alternate color scheme. Extra Pilot and F-15: At the title screen where it says "Press Start,"enter the following button combination: C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down. You will now be able to fly a new F-15 plane, complete with a new pilot.... Read More

Mario Artist: Talent Studio

 Control talent movies: Start one of the default talent movies. Press Z to trigger various effects and actions during the movies.... Read More

Charlie Blasts Territory

 Level passwords Level Password 2 4 Clubs, 5 Hearts, 10 Clubs, Queen Clubs, Queen Clubs 3 4 Clubs, 5 Hearts, 10 Spades, 9 Clubs, 4 Clubs 4 Ace Clubs, 7 Diamonds, 6 Hearts, 6 Spades, 2 Hearts 5 6 Hearts, 2 Hearts, Ace Spades, 5 Hearts, 8 Hearts 6 9 Diamonds, 10 Diamonds, Jack Diamonds, Jack Hearts, Queen Hearts 7 9 Diamonds, 10 Hearts, 10 Hearts, 7 Diamonds, 5 Hearts 8 Ace Clubs, 7 Diamonds, 8 Diamonds, 5 Clubs, 8 Hearts 9 6 Diamonds, 4 Hearts, 9 Hearts, 6 Hearts, Queen Clubs 10 7 Diamonds, 10 Hearts, Ace Hearts, 9 Spades, 6 Hearts 11 7 Diamonds, 4 Spades, 9 Diamonds, 7 Hearts, Queen Hearts 12 6 Diamonds, 4 Diamonds, 9 Clubs, 8 Clubs, 4 Clubs 13 5 Clubs, 9 Clubs, Jack Hearts, 6 Clubs, 4 Clubs 14 2 Hearts, 3 Diamonds, 9 Diamonds, 3 Diamonds, 2 Clubs 15 4 Clubs, 5 Hearts, Queen Spades, 4 Clubs, 8 Clubs 16 6 Diamonds, Jack Spades, 2 Hearts, Ace Diamonds, 6 Hearts... Read More

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000

 Cheats menu: Press L, C-Up, C-Up, C-Down, C-Up, C-Down at the main menu. Tricks: Hold the R button for the following tricks: Nac Nac = Z No hands no feet = Down Z No hands = Right/Left Z Side prone = Up Z Can Can = A Recliner = Down A Cliffhanger = Right/Left A Scorpion = UP A One foot Can Can = B Surfer = Down B Super Mac = Right/Left B Rodeo = C-Down Suran wrap = Down C-Down Toe clip = Up C-Down Fender grab = C-Left Backflip = Up C-Left Dirt bicycle: Press A, B, A, B, A, B when the race is about to start and when it does, your bike will turn into a 5 gear bicycle.... Read More

Razor Freestyle Scooter

 Cheat mode: Pause game play in circuit mode and press Right, Down, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right(2). End your run and characters and levels will be unlocked.... Read More

International Superstar Soccer 2000

 Big head mode Press C-Down(2), C-Up(2), C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, then hold Z and press Start at the "Press Start" screen. Tricks Hold C-Left to perform tricks with the ball. World All-Star team Win the Eurocup and save the game.... Read More

WWF Attitude

 Unlock all characters (By: At main menu hold R+L then hit Z Wrestle as Chyna Win the WWF title in challenge or career mode on the normal or hard difficulty level with Triple H. Wrestle as Test Win the WWF title in challenge or career mode on the normal or hard difficulty level with Chyna. Wrestle as Sable Win the WWF title in challenge or career mode on the normal or hard difficulty level with a female created wrestler. Wrestle as Shane Win the WWF title in challenge or career mode on the normal or hard difficulty level with a male created wrestler. Wrestle as Head Win the WWF title in challenge or career mode on the normal or hard difficulty level with Al Snow. Wrestle as Vince McMahon Win the WWF title in challenge or career mode on the normal or hard difficulty level with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Wrestle as Shawn Michaels Win the WWF title in challenge or career mode on the normal or hard difficulty level with any DX member (Badass, Road Dogg, X-Pac).... Read More

Super Robot War 64

 Bonus robots: Use a Transfer Pak with the Game Boy Color game Super Robot Wars Link Battler to unlock Zambot 3, Goshogun, Gundam F91, and Vina Gina.... Read More

Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker

 Flight mode Pause the game and press Up, Down, Left(2). Defeating the Joker When you reach the Joker, equip the Defensive Suit. After that, constantly ram him with the Shield Punch. He should go down after about fifteen hits or less. Level 3: Block toxic breath You eventually encounter snake enemies with toxic breath that does severe damage to your health. However, if you have the Defensive Suit the breath will stop at the bat-shaped shields and will not affect your health. Level 2: Skip robot Boss Play level two (Wayne Enterprises) and after about two to three elevators, defeat all the enemies to get the key. Then, walk past the elevator. You should find two more easy enemies guarding two metal creates. Defeat the enemies, break the crates (you must have the Offensive Suit) and go through the door. You will find a room with a bull enemy in it. If you have the Nimble Suit with you, Double-Jump onto the cabinet in the room and collect either an extra life or a full health bonus. After y... Read More

Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding

 Cheat mode: Enter the sound options menu and adjust the following settings as indicated. Then, highlight the "SFX Vol." option and press the indicated button(s) to activate the code. Note: Only a single code may be enabled at one time. Cheat Speech Music Vol SFX Vol Music Test Button(s) Art boards On 5 1 3 C-Left + C-Up BOSS board Off 6 3 4 C-Up Midway board On 8 4 5 C-Left All players Off 4 1 2 C-Right + C-Down Little Bob (Tiny) On 7 7 5 L Naked Dude (G) Off 6 4 6 C-Left + C-Right + R Easy tracks On 7 2 6 L Normal tracks Off 3 5 6 R Hard tracks On 5 2 4 Z Long credits Off 2 2 3 C-Up + Z Stunt credits On 1 3 7 C-Down + Z Mirror tracks On 7 6 6 L + R Night mode On 2 8 5 Z + C-Up Grow Off 8 7 5 Z + C-Left Ant On 1 6 1 Z + C-Right Board only Off 7 5 2 Z + C-Down Midway mode On 2 4 3 Z + L Light Off 5 1 6 L + C-Up + C-Left Canada On 4 0 7 Z + C-Up + C-Left Ghost 1 On 4 6 5 L + R Ghost 2 Off 0 8 3 R + C-Up + C-Down Ghost in replay cycle On 8 8 7 L + R + C-Down No Board On 0 8 4 C-... Read More

Mystical Ninja 2: Starring Goemon

 Alternate costumes: Unlock four player mode, then go to the "Prediction" house to access new costumes for each character. Control ending screen: Highlight the "Try Again" option at the game over screen, then repeatedly tap A to move the hula hoop faster. Double coins: Wait until night to get two coins from an opponent that would normally only have one coin. Four player mode: Insert controllers into all four ports and begin game play using controllers one (and/or two). Collect forty-four hands from various levels. Then, press C-Right + Start on controllers three and four. Goemon's Great Adventure Note: This game is also titled Mystical Ninja 2: Starring Goemon. Unlimited items: Begin the game and go to the upgrade store. Purchase any desired item, then go to the save location and save the game. Reset the game. When the game is resumed, you will have all your money plus the item that was purchased. This may be repeated to get an unlimited number of items.... Read More


 Self Destruct To self destruct, and blow up your tank instantly, press all of the C buttons (yellow buttons) at once. Make sure you press them at the same exact time, or it won't work. This counts as a death. submitted by: Anonymous Goliath Switch-Auto Tank When you are on a mode where you have a base and the PC or a friend has a base, you can switch to your Goliath instantly. This works I think in all armies, yet some only let you to move on the track, while others let you take the Goliath anywhere. Anyway, to switch to Goliath, I think you should press either the left C button, or one of them at least. Press the same button to go back to your tank. When you leave your original tank, it will shoot enemies from where it is automatically. submitted by: Anonymous Invincibility: Enter MSTSRVV as a password. Note: Only the tank you control will be invincible; watch your Goliath tank. Unlimited lives: Enter LVFRVR as a password. All weapons: Enter PLVRZM as a password. Unlimited ammunition:... Read More


 All multi-player characters At the "Press Start" screen, quickly press Up, Down, Down, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, then hold C-Up and press Start. You will hear the sound of a gunshot, if you entered the code correctly. Note: This code must be entered before demonstration mode begins. Infinite ammunition in story mode For pistol ammunition, press B to reload. Trial mode At the "Press Start" screen, quickly press Up, Down, Down, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, then hold C-Down and press Start. You will hear the sound of a gunshot, if you entered the code correctly. It will allow any level in the game to be played. Note: The code must be entered before demonstration mode begins. Sudden death mode At the "Press Start" screen, quickly press C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Down, C-Up, C-Down, then hold L and press Start. You will hear the sound of a gunshot, if you entered the code correctly. Note: The code must be entere... Read More


 Cheat menu On the high score screen after you run out of lives type in A, B, A, B, Select, Start. Return to the main menu to access the new CHEAT menu.... Read More

Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition

 Extra levels: Press L, Up, R, Down at the title screen. A creature will appear in the bottom right of the screen to confirm correct code entry. Select puzzle mode, then choose the new "Another World" option. Alternatively, press A, Up, B, Down at the title screen. Play as Bub: Press Z + L + R + A at the game selection screen. Level skip : Press Z + L + R + A during game play. Bonus characters: Select "Puzzle Mode". Then, press Left(2), Up, Down, L, R, L, R, L + R at the puzzle selection screen. Bub, Bob, and the Boss characters may be selected... Read More

Mario`s Time Machine

 Password: 5h?jvc.........................Last boss... Read More

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

 Deflect Ganondorf's super attack When fighting Ganon(Before he is the monster)he might try to hit you with a super magic attack. If he does, charge your sword for a spin attack, when ganon fires wait until the beams are just in rane of your sword and unleash the attack [send by:Chris R] Easy way to kill a wolfos to easily kill a wolfos, jus wait for it to attack, it will take 2 swipes at you. Wait until the second swipe then hit it with your sword when it exposes its back. If done right one hit will kill it. [send by:Chris R] Hidden pictures Go to where Zelda is met for the first time. Then, look into the window on his left, as you enter. Pictures of Yoshi, Princess Toadstool, Mario, Bowser and Luigi can now be seen. Look from different angles to see them all. Throw something into the window with Mario to receive 20 rupees. Throwing something into the other window will result in a lit bomb being thrown back at Link. Fun songs Besides using the Ocarina for songs Link is supposed to play... Read More

Nintendo 64 hardware

 Recalibrate controller: Make sure the Analog-stick is centered. Then, hold L + R and press Start... Read More

Monster Truck Madness 64

 Unlimited Hover Go to 'CHEATS' and type in HVR PNK submitted by: PitBull87 Aztec Valley track Successfully complete a circuit on the easy difficulty setting. Alpine Challenge track Successfully complete a circuit on the medium difficulty setting. Death Trap track Successfully complete a circuit on the hard difficulty setting. Horn While driving, press Down to use the horn. Note: There are many different type of horns that are randomly assigned at the beginning of a race. Sound effects While driving, press Up to hear "Yahoos", burps, and farts.... Read More

Base Wars

 End a game quickly To end a game quickly, watch the HP of your opponents. If it gets below 100 then he will die if he gets hit by a fast pitch or loses another battle. Once three opponents die they will forfeit and you win. To do this even faster, use one of your best players (one that has a laser sword or laser gun) and continually run of the base when the computer has the ball to go to the battle mode. If you beat the same robot over and over they will die very quickly.... Read More



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