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Nintendo 64


Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

 Unlimited Gold Skelitas Ok, Remember the spider family in Kakarico village? (Please excuse my poor spelling, i havn't played for quite a while) First after getting the boomerang, the storm song and the bombs, go to the Castle, as a child. After swiming through the moat, and getting back on dry ground, you should see a tree near two plants. Go by the tree and play the storm song. A hole should appear. go down and you should see several walls. Bomb them until you find the one with a gold skellita spider behind it. Kill it with the bow. Now DON'T get the token that it leaves behind. Stand right next to the teleporter that will take you back up and equip the boomerang. I usually go to the side opposite the skelleta. Now here is the trickey part. Throw the boomerang so that it gets the token and before link gets the boomerang reaches Link step onto the platform. The message that tells you should appear but not finish. If it finishes you didn't time it quite right . Make sure you don't save ... Read More


 Play as Reptar To play as reptar do this on the character select screen hold L + Z + UpC + Down C +Left C + Right C. This Cheat/Hint submitted by Thomas Boyle on Monday, September 27, 1999 at 01:16:47 Extra Level At the title screen hold Z and press R, A to get the password screen. Now to get to Angelica's Temple Level press Z, A, A, B, r, L at the password screen... Read More

Montezumas Return

 Passwords Passwords ELEPHANT Unlimited livesSUNSHINE Walk through doors... Read More

Yakouchuu 2: Satsujin Kouru

 End game bonus: Successfully complete the game and save. Start a new game and you will be able to play a new plotline when you reach the Pandora.... Read More

Wild Choppers

 Level select: Press C-Up(7) when "Press Start" appears on the opening screen. Debug mode: Hold Z and press Right, Left, Up, Down, A, B, Start when "Press Start" appears on the opening screen. Shoot down the President: Press Z + C-Up + C-Down during game play, then fire a homing cluster at an enemy plane. Power chopper: Hold L + R + Z and press Start at the main menu before selecting a chopper. Chopper preview: Highlight a chopper on the chopper selection screen. Press L to display the statistics screen. Press the Analog-stick to control the rotating model of the chopper. Alien weapon: Complete level 7 under the expert difficulty level. Then, fight on the moon to purchase the alien homing plasma weapon. King 10: Locate King 10 in level 7, defeat him, then complete the mission. Stingray: Locate Stingray in level 7, defeat him, then complete the mission.... Read More

Donkey Kong 64

 Engaurde The Swordfish Get Lankey and go to the bottom of K. Rool's castle. Go inside you should be in Gloomy Galeon. Then go past all of the army into the water go straight into the door. If you go down far enough you will find a box with Engaurde the swordfish on it. Swim into it. Then after you take pictures of 6 fairies you can go to the mystery barrel and move the joystick up or down until it says Endgaurde Arena. Push A and you can turn into Endgaurde and swim into the stars that say DK inside of them to raise your points. submitted by: Matthew Hess Refill health: To refill your health jump in a Tag Barrel to change your character when you come out your health will be full. Get Camera: use Tiny and shrink to go into the stone building shaped like a fairy to get the camera to be able to photograph the fairies Extra Levels: Get 40 blueprints and take them to Snide to get 8 new bonus levels - Batty Barrel Bash, Beaver Bother, Big Bug Bash, Krazy Kong Klamor, Kremling Kosh, Peril Pat... Read More

WCW Nitro

 All Rings[All codes below were sent by Beaux Walton] At the title screen press c-left, L, c-right, R, Z. A sound will confirm a correct code entry. The new rings include Graveyard, Spaceship, Circus, Hive, Turbo, Wunderland, Boudoir, Hall of Mirrors, Rec Room (this is my favorite! you get to wrestle on a pool table!), Psychodelic, Disco, Jungle, 1984, Quark, and Texas. All Secret Characters - Method 2 While at the screen where it says "Start" or "Options" press: Right-C, Right-C, Right-C, Right-C, Left-C, Left-C, Left-C, Left-C, R, R, R, R, L, L, L, L, Z. If the code was entered correctly you will hear Macho Man say, "Oh Yeah" Big Hands At the mode selection screen, press L seven times then press C-Left 17 times. A tone will confirm the code. Big Head Mode At the title screen, press C-Right(7), R, Z. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. A tone will confirm the code Big Heads, Hands and Feet At the title screen, press R seven times, then press C-Right, Z. A tone wil... Read More

Neon Genesis Evanselion

 Normal Difficulty Setting Finish the game using Easy difficulty to get the Normal Play mode Check Sound Finish the game using the Hard difficulty to get the sound check Get Model & Hard Mode Finish the game using the Normal difficulty... Read More

South Park Rally

 Cheat mode: Successfully complete championship mode without using any tokens. All tracks, cars, skins, random checkpoints, speech test, and other cheat options will be unlocked. Cheat Sheet option: Win the Rally Days 1 race without collecting any pick-ups. All skins: Collect the three hidden pick ups in the Valentine's Day race. The first two are located at each tower. The third is found behind the Skater picture in the jungle. Play as Bebe: Lose the Cowdays race without getting any health power-ups. Play as Big Gay Al: Win the Pink Lemonade race. Play as Cartman Cop: Hit Chicken Lover five times with the salty balls in the Read A Book Day race. ( Play as Damian: Win the New Year's race and be the only racer to touch the millennium key. Play as Death: Win the race Halloween race after only dropping off four candies at a time. Play as Grandpa: Win the Halloween race. Play as Ike: Collect the hidden power-up on top of the airplane in the Memorial Day race. You will nee... Read More

Mario Party 2

 Win 100 coins First you have to go to the bowser space. After that you need two land on a red square. the next time you get a 10 land on a blue square and win the game 100 coins will be rewarded to you!!!!! [send by:Charlie] Bowser Land: To get Bowser Land, you must complete every other board with any character and have a superstar on each. Mini-game land extras: Purchase half the mini-games from Woody in Mini-game land to receive the mini-game arena. Beat Bowser land for more arena modes. Also, purchase all the mini-games from Woody to get the mini-game coaster. Mini-game coaster mode: To get the mini-game coaster, just purchase all of the mini games. This mode allows you to play all of the mini-games in an adventure. All together, there are nine worlds. Purchase item mini-games and battle mini games: Successfully complete the mini-game coaster under the normal difficulty setting to get the ability to purchase item and battle mini-games. Complete it under the hard difficulty setting f... Read More

Space Station Silicon Villey

 Space Walk In Fat Bear Mountain, you can walk in space using the following steps: (1) Kill pretty much everything in the level; (2) Bring the bear and the racing dog in front of the entrance to the sheep's dipping pool; (3) While using the bear, put the racing dog's body in front of the small cliff; (4) Using bear frenzy, jump on top of the dog and onto the cliff, which you can easily access with a racing animal; (5) Become the dog and jump over the ramp, which will put you on the cliff with the bear; (6) To your left, there is another cliff which you cannot get up. Put the dog's body right in front of the cliff and repeat Step (4); (7) When you are up there, walk close to the wall in a diagonal fashion and soon you will find a wide gap in the wall, and you will be able to space walk "your way back to Earth." Finally, to make sure you are walking, turn around and use the second-person view. You will see that the area has become smaller, and you are in the middle of space. Gol... Read More

Sim City 2000

 Bonus map: Press C-Up(2), C-Down, C-Left(2), C-Right(2), C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, Start at the title screen to start at special state map with $5,000,000.... Read More

WCW vs. nWo: World Tour

 To get secret characters, go to League Challenge and do the following: Diamond Dallas Page: Defeat the heavyweight or cruiser weight division on WCW. Macho Man Randy Savage: Defeat the single division on NWO Wrath: Defeat the heavy weight or cruiser weight division on DOA. Glacier: Defeat the single division on Independent. Black Widow: Defeat cruiser weight division on World Wide Wresting. Joe Bruiser: Defeat the heavy weight division of World Wide Wrestling. Tear Mask off Masked Wrestlers: Pick a wrestler that has the eye gouge move (such as Erik Bischoff) and do it repeatedly. Sooner or later the masked wrestler will be unmasked. Do Your Opponent's Moves: To execute one of your opponent's moves, get your opponent in a strong grapple (hold down A) when your Spirit Meter is flashing "SPECIAL", and press A + B simultaneously. Quick Win: While playing against the computer, pull them out of the ring on either the left or right side, and while they are down run across to the opp... Read More

Mortal Kombat 4

 1. Go to the Main Menu. 2. Access the Options. 3. In the Option Screen, highlight the "Continues 3" option. 4. Hold the Run and Block buttons for 10 seconds or until the Secret Menu appears. Automatic fatalities: Enable the "Cheat option" code, then turn on the "Fatalities 1" selection. Then execute an uppercut from anywhere on the screen. Automatic level fatalities: Enable the "Cheat option" code, then turn on the "Level Fatalities" selection. Then press Down + High Punch when close to your opponent at the "Finish Him" prompt. Note: The best place to execute the level fatality is the level with the big fan. Automatic endings: Enable the "Cheat option" code, then turn on the "Endings" selection. To see a character's ending without defeating all the fighters, enter arcade mode and defeat just one character. Fight as Goro: Successfully complete the game with Shinnok and save the game. Enable the "Cheat o... Read More

Knockout_Kings 2000

 Big gloves For big gloves, pause the game and press C-Up, C-Down, C-Up, C-Up, and C-Down (you should here five bell rings if entered correctly). Big head For a big head, pause the game and press C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right (you should hear five bell rings if entered correctly). Big Head Mode It seems every game has to have one of these now-a-days. Pause the game and then press C-LEFT, C-RIGHT, C-LEFT, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT Cheat Codes To activate a cheat, pause the game and enter its code. (The bell confirms correct entry.) Note: To deactivate cheats, reenter.) Easy training points In career mode, go to Muhammud Ali and select him. Then, after every match go to training and keep pressing c-up next to the trainer. You will get 30 hits quickly! How to use the super punch To use the super punch you must first make sure the glove in the upper corner is flashing then you must press A, B, and R(power button), at the same time and in what direction you want. Regain health during a figh... Read More

Bushido Blade

 Access Katze: If you beat Slash mode without dying once you can access Katze (The gun toting mini-boss) in Versus mode. Get to the bosses: In order to skip all of the normal characters and go straight to the sub bosses you must: First, cripple your first opponent so that he/she CAN NOT walk. Then run to the manhole that you would normally jump down after defeating the last normal opponent. By doing this you should be able to skip through about 3 or 4 fights. Note: Rumor has it that if you do the above and beat all the bosses without continuing, you get to see your character's secret ending!!... Read More


 Cheat menu: Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Result - Code: Level skip - stlevel Level select - ststage Kill all bad animals - stanimals Save game - stsave Load game - stload Change to Tarzan - sttarzan Change to Jane - stjane Change to Turk - stturk Brighter colors - stcolour... Read More

Army Men: Air Combat

 All helicopters and levels: To get all helicopters and levels just put in R, C-Left, Right, Up in the password screen. Level Passwords: 02 - Up, Down, Left, Right 03 - Up, Down, Left, Up 04 - Down, Up, Left, Right 05 - Down, Up, Left, Down 06 - Down, Up, Right, Down 07 - Left, Down, L, Up 08 - Left, Down, L, Down 09 - Left, Up, L, Down 10 - L, Up, Left, Down 11 - L, Up, Left, Up 12 - L, Up, L, Down 13 - L, Down, Up, Left 14 - R, C-Left, Up, Right 15 - C-Down, L, Down, Down 16 - R, C-Left, Right, Up... Read More

Twisted Edge

 Bonus Boards To earn the following hidden boards, finish first on all races: XXX6, Top Gear Rally, and Midway. To earn the Bucky Board, complete the Stunt Challenge Mode. To earn the Flower Board, place first in all 3 of the courses in the first round of competition mode. Grabs Press B, R, or Z after jumping and hold the stick in any direction. Hold one button at a time to complete different grabs. Hidden Boarders Finish first overall in the various difficulty stages of the Competition Mode to earn the hidden boarders Ben, Nieno, Tok, and Boreth. Jump Start Watch carefully when the race begins. Just after the word "Go" disapears, press UP twice. If done correctly you should get a jump start and be ahead of the other racers. More Bonus Boards and Mirror Tracks You must have all levels open completely, and the best record on each track on each difficulty has to be beaten. (ex. you must beat the track records on say, polar paradise, on easy, medium, and hard). A ghost should appear on the... Read More

Top gear rally

   Pixel Mode: During gameplay hit: B, Left, Right, Up, Left, Z, Right Rainbow Mode: During gameplay enter: C-down, Z, B, Up, Up, Right NOTE: This mode could cause sickness or nausea, be careful... Change Car Color: You can easily change the color of your car in Top Gear Rally (including bonus cars). Before you select your car, hold down the right and left shoulder buttons and all four C buttons -- all at the same time -- and press either up or down on directional pad. Pressing up will change the car color to white, pressing down will change the color to black. After you have done that you have the choice of changing the cars to different colors by holding down the right and left shoulder buttons, up or down on the directional pad and pressing any C-Button.... Read More



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