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Nintendo 64


Zelda no Densetsu: Majora no Kamen

 Advance time twelve hours Play the following notes on the Ocarina: C-Right(2), A(2), C-Down(2) to travel to the next time it will be 6:00. For example, if it is currently 6:00 P.M. on the first day and you play the song, you will go to 6:00 A.M. on the second day (twelve hours forward). However, if you play the song at 4:00 A.M. on the first day, you will go to 6:00 A.M. on the first day (2 hours forward). Slower time with normal movement rate Play the following notes on the Ocarina (The Song Of Time backwards): C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Right. Play the song again to return to normal. Heal signs Destroy a sign, then play the following notes on the Ocarina (The Song Of Healing): C-Left, C-Right, C-Down. Hints: Infinite rupees Note: The following trick requires a Bomb Bag, Bomb, code for observatory (you can use the front door but the back door is better), the Ocarina Of Time, and the Song Of Time. As an adult buy the Bomb Bag at the Bomb shop (50 coins?), then buy a Bomb or get t... Read More

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2

 Fat boxer At the character selection screen, press Right(2), Up, Down, Right, R(2), L. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Thin boxer At the character selection screen, press Right(2), Up, Down, Right, R, L. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Undead boxer At the character selection screen, press Left, Up, Right, Down, R(2), L. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Big gloves At the character selection screen, press Left, Right, Up, Down, R, L. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Champion costumes Successfully complete championship mode to unlock the champion costumes.... Read More

Quake 2

 Twists level Enter "FBBC VBBB FBBC VBF7" as a password. Change Colors To change the colorscheme, enter the password "s3tc00lc0l0rs???". Low Gravity To reduce the game's gravity, enter the password "s3tl0wgrvity????" Unlimited ammunition: S3TI NF1N 1T3S HOTS Alternate colors: S3TC 00LC 0L0R S??? Secret Level Go to "Options" and load "set up". Make sure you do not have a memory card in the controller. Enter "FBBC VBBB FBBC VBF7" as a password. This will make you start off in a level with a par time, and a rocket launcher. Level Passwords: 02 - PGBR VK?B 65BH Y3HD 03 - 1KLS DN5H 7NBF DWRQ 04 - 2KLR SDRY ?VV4 YQ8X 05 - VK3T 7LFC 94B7 D3R3 06 - WK3H QNBW NLV5 XGL3 07 - TK7P 6LLP KWGY XD4V 08 - ST0N QPX4 2WGY JXTS 09 - R??P 7NY4 2WGX 99TX 10 - Q??K BBBV NBQ1 7GCV 11 - P64? ZM5B ?BM0 5YH6 12 - N664 SQ63 XB?K B7LF 13 - M682 M7QT 1215 8098 14 - L669 H8MD G8XB JNYV 15 - K681 X8CL H01K 1PF5 16 - J6?0 BT5M NRZ2 QXLL 17 - H6?0 XXFW PHV1 77... Read More

Snowboard Kids

 To Play As Shinobin Get a gold cup in Ninja Land. You can then play as Shinobin, a ninja. Secret Course Code At the main menu the one that says Start Lession/Option, carefully enter the following: Press Down, Up on the analog, Down Up on the D-Pad, then Down C, Up C, L Button, R Button, Z Button, then Left on the D-Pad, Right C, Up on the analog joystick, B, Right on the D-Pad, Left C and then press Start. A confirmation sound will sound when entered correctly. Get a boost at the stat of the race/coming off a lift Hold forwards and tap A, at the start of a race, and when just about to be dropped off by the lift for a little boost. Unlock Special board 1 Complete the game, then purchase for 80 000g Special board 2 Obtain a decent score in the trick game (around 2000 points) then purchase for 100 000g Unlock Special board 3 Obtain Silver Pass, then purchase for 1000g... Read More

Kyojin No Doshin 1

 New Year's Day message Set the game date to January 1. Begin a game and get a high score to display a New Year's message on the high score screen.... Read More

F-Zero X

 Strategy Alternate colors: Select yourself a ship, then press R or Z at the statistics screen. Mini-racers: Hold L + R + C-Up + C-Down + C-Left + C-Right at the ship selection screen. Larger Racers Hold L + R + Z + C-Up + C-Down + C-Left + C-Right at the ship selection screen. All tracks, ships, and difficulty levels: Press L, Z, R, C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, Start at the mode selection screen. Preview ship: Select a ship, then press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, or C-Right at the statistics screen. Joker Cup tracks: Win the Jack, Queen and King Cups under the "Standard" difficulty level. A Joker Cup, with six bonus tracks, will be available for play. X-Cup tracks: Win the Jack, Queen, King, and Joker Cups under the "Expert" difficulty level. The X-Cup is a group of six tracks that are randomly generated. Master difficulty level: Win the Jack, Queen, King, and Joker Cups under all three difficulty levels. View lead time: Press L during the GP race to view the time betwe... Read More

Carmageddon 64

 Quick start: Press C-down before the race starts to start before the countdown ends. All Cars: At the enter name screen enter CRASHBURN you should hear an aplause if entered correctly.... Read More

Paper Mario

 Defeat Goomba King easy Start by making Mario hit the tree next to him to defeat the Goomba Bros. and damage Goomba King. Make Goombario use Tattle on Goomba King. After Goomba King attacks Mario use a Fireflower on him and make Goombario attack. After Goomba King attacks Mario again, just attack and you should beat him with 8 or 13 HP left! [send by:DJ Sidney] Easy Star Points In Flower Fields (Chapter 6), there are a lot of enemies called Crazee Dayzees. But in a certain spot you can find an Amazee Dayzee which gives around 40 starpoints, and you can fight it as many times as you want! When you get in flower fields, go to the bottom right path. Give the flower a yellow berry to open the gate if you havn't yet. Go across the platforms to a small patch of flowers next to a tree. There will be two crazee dayzees in the patch. But there is a chance that one of them will be shining gold. Keep leaving the area and coming back until you see a gold one, and attack it. It is an amazee dayzy. ... Read More

Automobili Lamborghini

 All cars: To get all the cars, at the Main screen, press the R button 6 times. You should now be able to select every car in the game! Reversed tracks Complete championship mode under the "Novice" and "Expert" difficulty levels . Hidden cars Complete one of the following series with the corresponding setting to enable a bonus car. Porsche 959 Arcade Basic series (Novice) Ferrari 512 TR Arcade Pro series (Novice) Bugatti EB110 GT Normal Championship series (Novice) Ferrari F-50 Arcade Basic series (Expert) Dodge Viper GTS Arcade Pro series (Expert) McLaren F1 Normal Championship series (Expert) Short cut On the race with the castle and dirt road to the side, there will be two rock formations that your car drives under. Immediately after driving under the second formation, make a hard left turn. If done correctly, your car will pass through the wall and reach the short cut.... Read More

Premier Manager 64

 Lots of money in 4 player mode Start a 4 player game. Choose the 4 best teams of your choice. When you start the game you can buy and sell any player from the 4 teams you chose at any price you wish. eg: sell your worst player for $13,000,000,then buy their best player for $0.00 Hints: Make a good team Start a game in four player mode and select the four best teams. After the game begins, buy and sell any player from any team at any price. Sell your bad players for a high price and buy good players from the other teams at a low price.... Read More

Air Boarder 64

 Bonus characters: A bonus character will be unlocked after completing one of the following goals: Earn an "A" rank on each level and track in "Street Work" mode. Earn a "S" rank on each level and track in "Street Work" mode. Complete each level and track in "Time Attack" mode within the time limit. Earn a "Perfect" rank on each level and track in "Coin" mode. Bonus boards: Unlock all four bonus characters. Then, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A at the board selection screen. The following four bonus boards will be available Ika-Chu (Double jumps) Father (Longer air time) J-B (Press A + B for turbo jump) J-Arm: (Extra turbos)... Read More

Battle Zone: Rise of the black dogs

 Free satellite: On the Main Menu, press and hold the Z Button while entering the following: B, C-Left, C-Down, A. Note: The Infinite Ammo and Infinite Armor codes must be done before this will work. Infinite ammo: On the Main Menu, press and hold the Z Button while entering the following: L Button, R Button, L Button, R Button. Infinite armor: On the Main Menu, press and hold the Z Button while entering the following: Up, Left, Down, Left. Unlock all levels: On the Main Menu, press and hold the Z Button while entering the following: C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left, Start. Note: The Infinite Ammo and Infinite Armor codes must be done before this will work. Free buildings: This eliminates the need to collect scrap metal to build your buildings. On the Main Menu, press and hold the Z Button while entering the following: A, B, A, B. Note: The Infinite Ammo and Infinite Armor codes must be done before this will work. Unlock all Levels Press and hold Z at the menu and hit: C-Up, C-Right, C-Dow... Read More

Excitebike 64

 all levels go to cheat menu and type alltheway and then you will have all levels!!!! [send by:Kevin] Hold L, C Right, C Down, and the A button at the main menu, then enter one of the following codes: MOWER - Invincibility XLURIDER - Transparent rider BLAHBLAH - Big Head mode SHOWOFF - Stunt Bonus INVISRIDER - Invisible riders IMGOINGNOW - Debug mode MIDNIGHT - Night mode YADAYADA - Mirror mode TRICKSTER - All stunts PINHEAD - Small head mode ROTCOLS - Weird colors PATWELLS - Beat This! mode UGLYMUG - Developer team photo in credits Unlock Hill Climb: Finish 1st in the Gold Round of the Amateur Season. Unlock Soccer: Finish 1st in the Silver Round of the Novice Season. Unlock NES Excitebike: Finish the Tutorial Mode by completing all the stunts. Unlock 3D NES Excitebike: Finish 1st in the Challenge Round of Pro Season.... Read More

Harvest Moon 64

 Getting Friends Married Baker Guy: give him alot of milk and frequently visit him. On mondays go to the mountain and see him. He will marry Elli. Gray: give him wool and eggs... mostly eggs...also try to do it in the spring or summer. He will marry Popuri Harris: give him tomatos and potatos. find him anywhere. He will marry Maria Kai: Give him berries and fish every day. He will marry karen.. He will take a long time. never go to the beach in the day time. Or karen will leave. Cliff: Give him flowers and mushrooms. Also be nice to him. He will marry Ann. Also do it before he leaves. submitted by: amy kong Free medals When you bet at the Dog Race and Horse Race 1st.Set everybody to 99 G(you'll need 30,000 G to bet on everybody but if you don't have that much it will stillwork) 2nd. PushB to get out of the menu.When you check your money again you will not of lost any money but you will still get the medal's Easy medals To get easy medals in a horse race save the game the day before and ... Read More

Rally Challenge 2000

 Semi Trucks: Use the code : C-Right, Left, Left, C-Left, C-Right, Up, Down.... Read More

Legende of Zelda:Ocarina of Time

 Often missed Rupee Right when you get the Lens of Truth in the Well use it and go behind the chest to see an invisible chest open it to get a gold rupee. [send by:Mike] Infinite bottles first get an item in a bottle (i'd go for a bug or fish) and let it out.Then swing the bottle at it inn mid-swing pause and put a worthless item in (ie.Claim Check after you get the biggoron's sword,deku nut)the spot where the bottle is the item will turn into a bottle Warning:don't save if it is something important. [send by:Mike] Play sword instead of Orarina Have a fish in a bottle and drop on a set of stairs (like in Kakiriko Village). Jump of the stairs and hit B. If done correctly Link should have his sword in his mouth. It will play but its pitch is weird. Note: This dosen't always work on the first try. [send by:Joey] Hidden pictures Go to where Zelda is met for the first time. Then, look into the window on his left, as you enter. Pictures of Yoshi, Princess Toadstool, Mario, Bowser and Luigi ca... Read More

Gex3: Deep Cover Gecko

 Turn into DracuGex without code Just before you enter the level "Clueless in Seattle" you will find a painting of DracuGex. Look at it with Up-C. you will then turn into DracuGex for 30 seconds. This will help you get the bonus and paw coin across from you. Vault Cheats The following cheats must be entered in the vault after you have collected all the SECRET! keys. One life- triangle, circle, star, square, square, cross Timer on/off- square, square, diamond, circle, cross, cross (you can also go to "extras" after you press start and turn the timer on or off) Invincibility- square, star, triangle, square, triangle, diamond Level select- square, circle, circle, triangle, cross, cross Ten lives- square, cross, circle, circle, triangle, square SFX screen- square, triangle, cross, star, square, cross(can also be found in the "extras" screen) TRANSFORMATION CODES: The following codes turn you into the indicated person until you leave Gex's HQ. Cuz- square, diamo... Read More

NFL Quarterback Club 2001

 Cheat Codes Enter one of the following codes at the cheat menu to activate the corresponding cheat function: Rugby mode -- RGBY More fumbles -- BTTRFNGRS More injuries -- HSPTL Big football -- BCHBLL Flubber ball -- FLBBR... Read More

Wave race 64

 Racing on a dolphin At the Main Menu, choose Start Mode and choose a waterscooter and the Dolphin Park. While racing, take each ring and perform all stunts. If this went well, you will hear a dolphin sound. Now, on the normal difficulty level, choose Championship mode. Take the warm-up option. If you choose the waterscooter, then hold the joystick DOWN and press A until you start the race. Get points[Diablo] After you do a trick off a ramp press start and you will rack up awesome points!... Read More

Chopper Attack

 Alien Disruptor Beat level 7 on expert mode to get the alien disruptor. Cheat Menu When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, hold Z and press Right, Left, Up, Down, A, B, Start. Different Views in Chopper Select Screen Go to a chopper but don't pick it yet. Hit the L button. There should be a screen with statistics and a rotating picture of your chopper. You can now use the analog stick to control the chopper's rotation. Level Select At the "Press Start" screen, press C-Up seven times. Presidential Bailout While playing, press Z + C-Up + C-Down, then launch a homing cluster at your opponent. If it hits, you will see the president jump out of the plane Debug mode Hold Z and press Right, Left, Up, Down, A, B, Start when "Press Start" appears on the opening screen. Chopper preview Highlight a chopper on the chopper selection screen. Press L to display the statistics screen. Press the Analog-stick to control the rotating model of the chopper.... Read More



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