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Wetrix Wheel of Fortune

 Move water At the main menu, hold C-Up or C-Down to raise or lower a whirlpool of water. While holding either button, press the Analog-stick to move the whirlpool across the water. Different shapes Complete all modes except practice and multiplayer and achieve an "OK" rating. Once you get an "OK" rating on all the required sections, the background color will turn green. Select any game mode other than practice mode. Then you will see a little blue guy. Select him and push a button to change him into a duck. Now when you start a game, the tedrads will be triangle, rectangular, and square-shaped pieces. Floor select and change background color Complete all 16 practice rounds. Then, go to the options screen and there will be a new option called "Floor". This will let you chose from many different floor sets, such as the Mona Lisa and the American Flag. Also, this changes the background color of the title/options screens.... Read More

Legend Of Zelda: Majora`s Mask

 Advance time twelve hours Play the following notes on the Ocarina: C-Right(2), A(2), C-Down(2) to travel to the next time it will be 6:00. For example, if it is currently 6:00 P.M. on the first day and you play the song, you will go to 6:00 A.M. on the second day (twelve hours forward). However, if you play the song at 4:00 A.M. on the first day, you will go to 6:00 A.M. on the first day (2 hours forward). Slower time with normal movement rate Play the following notes on the Ocarina (The Song Of Time backwards): C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Right. Play the song again to return to normal. The Lens Of Truth When you get to Goron Town go to the part where there's a big gap and the owl, speak to him and he'll tell you that you have to cross the gap and to follow him. Feathers will drop on invisible platforms so guess what you have to jump from platform to platform to get the Lens of Truth. [send by:Simpe] Heal signs Destroy a sign, then play the following notes on the Ocarina (The Song... Read More

California Speed

 Five-Oh car Successfully complete the Sport Series. Predator car Successfully complete the Sport Series with the Five-Oh car Squirrel car Successfully complete the Light Series. Mountain Dew pick-up Successfully complete the Heavy Series. Semi truck Successfully complete the California Cup. Access Secret Cars and Trucks To get the secret cars and trucks listed below you have to beat different series to get the cars and trucks after you beat the certain series you have to wait untill you see the car that you beat the last stage with then it will move forward and the new car or truck will show nd now you can drive the new car or truck but if you didn't save it and you turn you n64 off you will lose the car(s) and truck(s) that you worked for: Squirrel: beat the light series Five Oh: beat the sport series Mt. Dew (truck): beat the heavy series Semi (truck): beat the California Cup... Read More

Gex: Enter the Gecko

 Reaching the Titanic level Go to the first main room and approach the arch. Climb the wall to reach the roof of the arch. Once on top, look for a floating square and jump on to ride to the Titanic TV screen. All remotes + 99 lives M758FQRW3J58FQRW4! First gate opened DPXMDGVXCVLCG5WFL Second gate opened C2G57FLRDQJV7FBTCN Third gate opened FFY>SJB5D5HCVJL8DV Fourth gate opened GFT>/M9BH56FBLMF2B... Read More


   Free Play: Enables free play (unlimited credits) in options screen. On the title screen, hit Left C, Left C, Right (on d-pad), A, B, Top C, Right C. Cheat Menu: Enables cheat menu in the options screen. On the title screen, hit (on the d-pad) Right, Right, Right, B, B, A, A. Cheat Menu Functions: Game Timer: Enables/disables the game timer. Easy Fatalities: Pressing HP+LP+HK+LK will trigger any Fatality. Player 1 Skill: Modify amount of damage player one takes. Player 2 Skill: Modify amount of damage player two takes. Level Select : Allows you to always play at the chosen arena. Play as Grox: On the Selection Screen, hit (on the d-pad) Down, Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Up, Left, Left and choose any character. Play as Exor: On the Selection Screen, hit (on the d-pad) Left, Down, Down, Right, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down and choose any character.... Read More

Yuke Yuke Troublemaker

 Adjust stage select display Press C-Left or C-Right to turn the display, or press R or Z to adjust the zoom. Select Yoshi's color in practice mode Select any course under "Trial" mode. Select the desired Yoshi and press Start, then press Start + Z. Press B and being practice mode with that color Yoshi. Mario Paint theme song Enter the "Time Trial" menu and listed to the game theme eight times. Suicide Press Z + L + A + B. Restore Yoshi Locate and get a white Shy Guy. Complete the current level and enter the character selection screen for the next level. Select the Shy Guy to restore one of the dead Yoshis. Note: If no Yoshis have been lost, the white Shy Guy will not appear. Special message Collect six melons in a row during a mini-game to get a heart fruit. Eat the fruit to create a letter made from coins at the end of the mini-game. If you use the letters in the order of appearance by level, they spell the following phrase: "YOU ARE YOSHI'S GREAT PARTNER". Mini-eggs Shrink in "Piranh... Read More

Top Gear rally 2

 Max championship points in support van At the title screen, press L, C-Up, Left, L, L. Bouncy cars At the title screen, press C-Up, C-Left, R, Up, Left. Hi-rez mode At the title screen, press C-Left, C-Left, Left, L, L. Note: This code requires the 4MB RAM expansion pak. No damage or failures At the title screen, press L, Z, Start, Up, Up. 100,000 sponsor credits in support van At the title screen, press L, Z, Start, L, L. Speed-based aspect ratio At the title screen, press Z, C-Left, L, Up, Right. Speed warp view At the title screen, press Z, C-Left, R, Up, Right. Fat world At the title screen, press Z, C-Right, L, Up, Right. Thin world At the title screen, press Z, C-Right, R, Up, Right. Upside down world At the title screen, press C-Up, Z, Start, Up, Down. Bouncy cars At the title screen, press C-Up, C-Left, R, Up, Left. Large tire At the title screen, press C-Left, Z, R, Down, Down. Wobbly tire At the title screen, press R, C-Right, Start, Down, Z. Hi-rez mode At the title screen, ... Read More

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

 How to Get Action Nukem Mode Just beat the game once and go to the cheats screen and you'll have Action Nukem Mode. Another way to get Action Nukem Mode is to go to the Title Screen {Were the Press Start option is]. Press C-Up,Up,C-left,Right,C-down,Down,C-Right,R,A,B. After doing this you should hear a horse sound press start go to the cheats option go to game-type and Acton Nukem is on. Action Nukem is the bomb because it can kill anything in one hit. Cool Huh? [send by:TrueCrisis] Debug mode When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen, press C-Up, Up, C-Left, Right, C-Down, Down, C-Right, R, A, B. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. The "Cheats Menu" will be available but will have no cheats active (unless they were previously activated or earned). Once you start or load a game/level, text will appear in the upper/left hand corner of the screen. Use controller two to control the debug options. Press Start to cycle through the various li... Read More


 Get 100 white marks: Build any house on a block. Don't up-grade it. Build a hippie commune on the same block. The council will then tell you to upgrade the house, by up-grading the house you receive 100 white marks.... Read More

Southpark 64

 All cheats when the main menu comes up go to the cheat menu. then type in " bobbybird" and press end. then, while playing, press start and go to cheat menu. and turn on all the cheats you want. submitted by: alex All characters in multi-player : Enter OMGTKKYB at the cheat menu. All Weapons: Enter FATKNACKER at the cheat menu. Unlimited Ammo: Enter FATTERKNACKER at the cheat menu. Invincibility: Enter the password ASSMAN at the cheat menu. Level Select: Enter the password THEEARTHMOVED at the cheat menu. Skinny Mode: Enter the password VEGGIEHEAVEN at the cheat menu. Big Head Mode: Enter the password MEGGANOGGIN at the cheat menu. Pen and Ink Mode: Enter the password PLANEARIUM at the cheat menu. View Credits: Enter SCREWYOUGUYS at the cheat menu. Bonus Characters: Enter each code in the cheat menu... Read More

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Basball 2000

 Bonus stadiums Press C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Right (x2), Z, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, Start at the stadium selection screen. Player statistics Press C-Up (x2), C-Down (x2), C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, Start at the status screen. Delete saved game Turn on the game with a controller only in port two. Then, press Up, C-Up, Down, C-Down, Left, C-Right, Left, C-Right, Start.... Read More


 surface 1 glitch First turn on invisibiliy in the cheat folder. go to select mission folder and choose the first surface mission after completing all the objectives except "enter base via ventalation tower" get attention of a few soldiers without killing them. Then, find the ventilation tower and shoot all the locks two times until the grate falls through. stand near the edge of the entrance without falling in. the soldiers sould follow you up the ladder of the vent shaft and will move about you for a while. After a few seconds they will fall through the grate into floor below, they may wander there for a second, but they will soon return to where you are. If you shoot them while they have fallen their body will suddenly jump up to you and then dissapear submitted by: joe Secret In the level "STACKS" go in the basement with the glass walls. Walk around that area until you find a wall area that is a lighter color than the other walls. Open the door and you should get body armor in one o... Read More

mario Artist: communication kit

 Omake Section There are a number of pre-made movies, characters, backgrounds, animations and 3D models hidden on this disk that can be used in Talent Studio, Paint Studio or Polygon Studio. To uncover the hidden media, simply click on the left side next to the bottom menu item. A new menu option called "Omake" (bonus) will now appear. You can also directly load the media from the other Paint Studio programs by choosing the respective directories.... Read More

WCW vs. nWo Revenge

 Unbeatable scott steiner! when you play as scott steiner in a tag match and do the stiener recliner (when your opponet is laying face down go to there head and press the "A" button) the cant make him release the hold! they kick but it has no affect! unbeatable stiener! submitted by: tim Punching bag person While playing the game in any mode. The best way to do this code is to make you'r opponent bleed And tire Then grab them And push Left on the directional pad and B submitted by: R.J. A move when you spirit meter is on special hold a and flick the joy stick up. [send by:Karna mangrola] Sweet Trick (Oscar Guetierez Its me again this is another sweet trick. when you are in a match and your opponent makes you hit the ground push and hold the anolog control stick down and you will be able to play dead.this will confuse your opponent. Cool Trick (By: oscar guetierez) Well this is a really cool trick. in the nitro or superbrawl arenas if your battling in the entrancway t... Read More

Supercrosss 2000

 Unlock All Bikes...the easy way Go to the cheat menu and put this code in: ALLBIKES... Read More

Gauntlet Legends

 Cheat mode Enter "MESSIAH" as a new character name to activate all codes. Level select Enter "LOCK UP" as a new character name. Level 99 character Enter "GASAWAY" as a new character name. Bonus levels Enter "CRAZY" as a new character name. Maximum combo power-ups Enter "ICE" as a new character name. Play as Sumner Exit through the secret door in the last level of The Trench. Collect all coins in the bonus level to unlock the Sumner at the character selection screen. Play as Minotaur Go to the Cliff level in the Mountain Kingdom. Find all switches, then go to the area with the exit. Do not step on the exit portal. Instead, head down until you see a trapdoor with a star and crossbones. Step on it and you will be transported to a room with many coins. Collect all coins to unlock the Minotaur at the character selection screen. Play as Falconess Go to the bonus level in the Castle Tresurary World. Collect all coins to unlock the Falconess at... Read More

Blast corps

 Move against any buliding so that the front of your vehicle is touching it. Press the Z-trigger. Your driver will yell, alerting you that he can't get out of the vehicle. Keep the Z-trigger pulled and the building in front of you will blow up. This trick is easier to do with some vehicles than with others. The Dump Truck is the easiest. Ghost Car: Finish the Race Course as dictated by the game. Attempt the course again using a different vehicle and you'll race a ghost car. Quick start: Press Accelerate when the last beep is heard as the light is turning green. Bonus courses: Successfully complete all missions and find all six scientists to access two bonus courses. The objective of the first bonus mission is to clear a town of all objects in order to allow a space shuttle to make an emergency landing. The objective of the second bonus mission is to clear all buildings off the Moon. A third bonus mission is accessible only after a perfect score is achieved. Extra Bonus courses: Complete... Read More

Resident Evil 2

 Super Stamina For limited invulnerability, mix the green, blue and red herbs in that order. You MUST mix the herbs in that order, or they will not work. Green and Blue MUST be mixed together first, then you add the red herb. Alternate costumes For alternate costumes, first get the special key in the first scenario, by getting to the police station without picking up any ammo. Then get the box of handgun ammo off the desk near the computer. Go back outside, and down the stairs you will see a zombie, wearing camouflage pants and a yellow vest, who normally isn't there. He'll take about 30 shots before going down. When he finally does, search him to get the special key. Take it to the save room where you develop pictures, and inside you'll find a locker that the key will open with a change of clothes waiting inside. Play as Hunk and Tofu Hunk: The fourth survivor is a bonus game mode that features another playable character named "Hunk." Hunk is one of the soldiers who tried to ... Read More

Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue

 Play as Titanium Ranger Rescue the Titanium Ranger in level 7, then complete the rest of the game. Wait for the credits to finish and save the game. Load the saved game, then start a new game and the Titanium Ranger will be unlocked. Megazord Arena characters Defeat various enemies during the episodes to unlock the same characters in the Megazord Arena. Megazord Arena special attack Charge your power meter, then press C-Down for a special attack in the Megazord Arena.... Read More

Virtual Pro Wrestling 2

 Abdullah The Butcher: Enable the "First Blood", then win a match by causing your opponent to bleed first. Andre The Giant: Win the Battle Royal in Royal Road Succession mode, then win the next special match. Bruiser Brody: Complete July in Royal Road Succession mode as Hansen, then win the next special match. Dory Funk Jr. And Terry Funk: Win the Fan Day Appreciation Tag Tournament in Royal Road Succession mode, then win the next special match. Jumbo Tsuruta: Win the Triple Crown Title match at the Tokyo Dome in Royal Road Succession mode, then win the next special match. Mil Mascaras: Complete July in Royal Road Succession mode as any Jr. Heavyweight class wrestler, then win the next special match. Steve Williams and Terry Gordy: Win the Real World Tag League in Royal Road Succession mode, then win the next special match:... Read More



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