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Dark Forces

 All items Type “launlock” during game. All items and restored health Type “lamaxout” during game. All weapons with ammunition Type “lapostal” during game. Automatically jump when at a wall or ledge Type “lapogo” during game. Detailed map with item and opponent locations Type “lacds” during game. (Reenter to record your footsteps.) Legend Symbol Object Blue square Ammunition Blue triangle Shield units Grey triangle Slain opponent Orange triangle Dynamic scenery Yellow circle Android Yellow dot Static scenery Yellow triangle Living opponent Display coordinates Type “ladata” during game. Faster game Type “laops” during game. Freeze opponents Type “laredlite” during game. Submitted by Jason Tate Full ammunition Type “labrady” during game. Immune from attacks Type “laimlame” during game. (Note: Your character can die by falling.) Insect mode Type “labug” during game. Invincibility a... Read More


 Earthquake Select the laser and fire it on the lower middle section of the airfield. When the correct location is hit, an earthquake will destroy everything on the ground. Nuclear difficulty Hold [Option] and select “Difficulty level”. Nuclear missiles Locate and shoot down a plane, destroying it before it plummets to the ground. A prompt offering nuclear missiles will appear. To fire a nuclear missile, hold [Option] while firing a missile. Super shield Select the machine gun and shoot the parachutist twice. Then shoot him once more before he reaches the ground. UFO Enable “Nuclear missiles” code. With nuclear missiles, enable the “Nuclear missiles” code again. A UFO will appear while the second set of nuclear missiles is being fired. Unlimited ammunition Hold [Option] and select “New Game”. Release when the weapon level inside the toolbox reaches 999,999.... Read More


 Cheat codes Type one of the following codes during game to activate its corresponding cheat. (Note: Cheat codes do not work in multi-player mode.) Cheat Code 25 of each item indiana All keys locksmith All puzzle pieces sherlock All weapons and full armor nra Answer albouy Change character class ** shadowcaster<0-2> Display coordinates where Display frame rate ticker Display kill counter kills God mode satan Map mapsco No weapons conan Pig mode deliverance Proposal arnold Restart level init Restore health clubmed Run script * puke<01-99> Select level * visit<01-31> Select music track * [~]<01-31> Slay all monsters on level butcher Sound test noise Type three times and die! martek Walk through walls casper * Enter a value within the given parameters. ** 0=Fighter, 1=Cleric, 2=Mage Cheat codes (demo) Type one of the following codes during game to activate its corresponding cheat. (Note: Cheat codes do not work in multi-player mode.) Cheat Code 25 of each item braff... Read More

Bedlam 2

 Bonus features and items Type “Godlives” at the title screen.... Read More


 Continue playing after losing game Click “New Game” option after losing. Cancel the option. Then raise funds by liquidating assets (i.e., selling real estate and corporate stock) and by bank loans. Stock tips Buy your stocks on June 30 - the day before dividends are paid.... Read More


 Cheat mode: Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a hex editor to edit the "persist.dat" file in the game folder. Go to hexadecimal offset $47. Change the $02 value at that location to $07. Save the file and start the game. Press [F1] to display the diary screen, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Repeat code entry to disable the code. Effect - Code Press [F8] to change characters - shapeshifter Invincibility - liveforever One hit kills - touchofdeath Cannot be knocked down - canttouchthis Ammunition and health - fatloot Breakable objects - glassworld Win level - winlevel Lose level - loselevel Super ammunition - superammo AI controlled characters fight each other - reservoirdogs Gatling guns mode - roughjustice Daodan power mode, more damage - chenille Godzilla mode, become giant - behemoth Fists Of Legend mode - fistsoflegend Ultra mode, tougher enemies - killmequick ... Read More

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

 One hit kills Press “0” while hitting an opponent. (Note: IQ points will not be added, nor will boss characters be affected.)... Read More

Theme Park

 All Rides and Shops Start a new game and enter your name as HORZA. While playing, press C for money, or Shift-Z, Ctrl-Z, Apple-Z for all rides, shops, etc.... Read More

Wolfenstein 3D

 Cheat Codes To activate a cheat, enter its corresponding code below. Cheat Code All items ILM All keys SEGER All weapons and ammo BURGER Invincibility* LEDOUX Invincibility and ammo* XUSCNIELPPA Level select GROAN Restore health PEACOCK Reveal secret areas on map APPLEIIGS or (JESUS) Skip level (+1) MCCALL Upgrade ammo capacity (999 shells) WOWZERS * To disable invincibility type: IDDQD. View Development Team When the iD Software logo appears, press B to view the development team.... Read More


 Gatt power-up Type “masterblaster” during game. Restore health Type “makemefull” during game. Sniper grenade Type “biggrenade” during game. Suicide Type “kill” during game. Twister Type “twistandshout” during game.... Read More


 1,000 credits and increase resources in territory by an additional 100 units Hold [Ctrl] + [F1] and type “make it so” at the command prompt. Complete current research project Hold [Ctrl] + [F1] and type “ghoti” at the command prompt. Debug mode Hold [Ctrl] + [F1] and type “chineese buffet at the command prompt. (From the Debug menu you can view AI and monster statistics as well as toggle God view.) Display “Not Authorized” message Hold [Ctrl] + [F1] and type “sage rat” at the command prompt. Maximize population in territories Hold [Ctrl] + [F1] and type “frodo” at the command prompt. View ending sequences Hold [Ctrl] + [F1] and type “touche” at the command prompt.... Read More


 Cheat Menu To unlock the cheat menu, hit [Esc] as the game starts. Then, at the blank screen, select File and Preferences. From here you can turn on/off game attributes such as invulnerability and unlimited weapons. Christmas in Space Before you play Star Wars: X-Wing, set the date on your computer to December 25. Then enter the main room on the Independence and SANTA CLAUS will be in the crowd!! Level Select (Historical Missions) To unlock level select, enter the word MACTOPACE as the username. Skip Training Go to the proving ground and stop. Then turn around and go to the beginning of the last set of loops. Turn around and go through and it'll say you completed one training level keep doing this until you've done them all Unlimited Ammo and Shields Type WIN during flight for unlimited ammo and shields. Make sure CAPS LOCK is on while entering the code, but turn it off afterwards.... Read More


 Build armor class (version 1.0) Get a bag and some armor. Then put the armor on and enter the bag. Take the armor off and put it back on again. Repeat to build your armor class. Double armor class (demo) At the beginning of the game, put on your armor in the Inventory room. Then take it off and leave the Inventory screen. Return and gather it up again. Unlimited attack points With ammunition in hand (not the weapon), enter combat mode and “shoot” an opponent. (The response, “Did yo mamma teach you that move?” confirms correct entry.)... Read More


 All keys and weapons with ammunition Type “idkfa” during game. All weapons with ammunition Type “idfa” during game. Chainsaw Type “ichoppers” during game. Press “1” to use chainsaw. Computer map Type “idbeholda” during game. Display coordinates Type “idmypos” during game. Full map Type “iddt” at the map screen. Reenter to display opponents and objects on map. (Hold [Ctrl] during a death match and type cheat four times to see other players.) God mode Type “iddqd” during game. Invisible for 60 seconds Type “idbeholdi” during game. Select level Type “idclev<01-32>” during game. (Note: Levels 31 and 32 are not accessible in Nightmare mode.) Select music Type “idmus<01-32>” during game. Strength Type “idbeholds” during game. (Note: Cheat may cause the screen to go blank for 30 seconds.) Walk Through Walls While playing, type idspispodsd and you can walk through... Read More

Star Trek: Starship Creator

 Unlimited credits Export a fully equipped ship. Then import it. (The ship will be assigned a new number.) Select the import ship and de-commission it to receive credit for all upgrades and equipment aboard.... Read More

Battle Beast

 Commit suicide Type “yoyoyo” to display the prompt. Then enter “eatee”. Disable clock in bonus rooms Type “yoyoyo” to display the prompt. Then enter “ofovh”. Fight all characters Type “yoyoyo” to display the prompt. Then enter “erhne”. Fly in bonus rooms Type “yoyoyo” to display the prompt. Then enter “erhtrr”. Fly in lab Type “yoyoyo” to display the prompt. Then enter “oaoaeioa”. Open bonus rooms and doors Type “yoyoyo” to display the prompt. Then enter “aofreoio”. Release tadpoles in lab Type “yoyoyo” to display the prompt. Then enter “oivnnfof”. Three round fights Type “yoyoyo” to display the prompt. Then enter “itihfo”. Weaken Toadman Type “yoyoyo” to display the prompt. Then enter “erhyhrly”.... Read More

Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter

 Alternate credits Type “bghunter” at the Credits screen. Attract animals Type “bgurine” at the map screen. Change weather Type “bgweather” during hunt. Faster tracking Type “bgtrack” at the map screen. Infra-red vision Type “bgpredator” during hunt. More animals Type “bgnoah” at the main menu. No gun movement Type “bgsniper” during hunt. Only bears Type “bgyogi” at the main menu. Only elk Type “bgelabong” at the main menu. Only moose Type “bgbullwinkle” at the main menu. Only sheep Type “bghorns” at the main menu. Rocket launcher Type “bgbarbecue” during hunt to carry a Disemboweler 2000. Show all animals onscreen Type “bgshow” at the map screen. Trophy-sized animals Type “bgsteroids” at the main menu. View blood trails Type “bgvampire” at the map screen.... Read More

Duke Nukem 3D

 Cheat Codes To activate a code, quickly type its name preceded by the initials “DN”. For example, to activate Allen Mode, you would type “DNALLEN”. Code Effect Allen Displays, “Buy Major Stryker” message Ammo Full ammo Beta Displays, “Pirates Suck” message Cashman Press [Spacebar] for money Clip Walk through walls Coords Display coordinates Cornho Toggle God Mode Debug Activate Debug Menu Ending View ending Hyper Consume steroids Inventory Give everything but weapons Items All items (including keys) Keys All keys Kroz God Mode Major Infinite fuel for Jetpack Monsters All monsters disappear, reappearing upon re-entry. Rate Display frame rate Scottyab Level Skip, where a is the Episode and b is the level # Showmap Reveal entire map on Map Screen. Skillx Change difficulty, where x is between 0 and 4 Stuff All Items Todd Displays, “Register Cosmo Today” message Unlock Toggle door locks View Toggle third person view Weapons All weapons with ... Read More


 Player-test mode (version 1.0) Press [Shif + [F5] during game to enable mode. Then push one of the following keys below to activate its corresponding cheat. (Note: Player-test mode disables function keys [F1] – [F6].) Cheat Hotkey Battle index and global topography [F9] Development profile of each civilization [F7] Display world map [F10] View power graph and replays [F8]... Read More


 Additional box of TNT Type “1ambubus” during game. Extra lives Type “1amcheater” during game. Kill everything on screen Type “1ampesticide” during game. Select level Hold [Ctrl] + [Option] + [Command] while selecting players. Steal an extra life from another player Type “1ammybrother” during game.... Read More



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