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Star Trek: Borg

 Next Borg sequence Enter “hugh” during game. Next Borg sequence (when assimilated) Enter “obey” during game. Previous Borg sequence Enter “borg” during game.... Read More

Full Throttle

 Complete game Press [Shif + W during game. Submitted by Quinn Chovanec Play a mini-game Speak to the knife-wielding man in the bar. Vehicle showcase Do not touch anything at the title screen. A demonstration will load that showcases all of the vehicles in the game. Win fights on Old Mine Road Press [Left Shif + V while fighting bikers on the Old Mine Road.... Read More


 Music test Press J + B at the title screen... Read More

Bram Stokers Dracula

 Unlimited Continues At the title screen, quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right and begin gameplay, now you will never waste any continues. submitted by: Connor Delfs Level Select When the battle screan appears press DOWN, RIGHT, A, C, UP, LEFT, A. You should hear a laugh if you do this correctly. Do this three times then start the game. To skip levels press START and look in the upper left corner where the score is, this is where the level number will appear choose a level and press START to go there. Note: Level 1 is the end of the game, not the beginning. Odd, eh?... Read More

Blood and Magic

 Basal Golem Hold [Option] during game and type “acolyte”. Cleric Hold [Option] during game and type “father”. Druid Hold [Option] during game and type “wolverine”. Enchanter Hold [Option] during game and type “gremlin”. Full mana Hold [Option] during game and type “boost”. Full map Hold [Option] during game and type “fog? what fog?” Fury Hold [Option] during game and type “fatal attraction”. Gargoyle Hold [Option] during game and type “flying monkies”. Ghoul Hold [Option] during game and type “raise dead”. Gnome Hold [Option] during game and type “alaska”. Goblin Hold [Option] during game and type “jareth”. Griffin Hold [Option] during game and type “merv”. Guardian Hold [Option] during game and type “body guard”. Harpy Hold [Option] during game and type “mother in law”. Juggernaut Hold [Option] during game and type “microsquish”. Nymph H... Read More


 All inventory items Press [F5] + [~] during game. Reset ball timer Press [F4] + [~] during game. Restore health Press [F3] + [~] during game. Skip level Press [F1] + [~] during game. Win scenario Press [F2] + [~] during game.... Read More


 $10,000 Type “daddy warbucks” during game. Extra money Type “more money” during game. Funnel $750,000 into current fund Type “flush fund please” during game. Increase poachers Type “rattle them bones” during game. More animals roam in the park Type “cats and dogs” during game. Trees appear in camp Type “shiver me timbers” during game. Turn back the hands of time Type “in the beginning” during game. Unlimited money Type “win free money” during game.... Read More

Galactic Empire

 Unlimited resources Hold [Shif + Q + P while the story is scrolling on the screen to enable unlimited fuel, money, parts, supplies and time.... Read More

SimCity 3000

 $1,000,000 Press [Command]+[Option]+[Shif +C during game. Then type "money" in the console window. [send by:Josh Marks] A new petitioner offers $250,000 donation Press [Command] + [Option] + [Shif + C during game. Then type “call cousin vinnie” in the console window. All garbage buildings are available Press [Command] + [Option] + [Shif + C during game. Then type “garbage in, garbage out” at the console window. All ordinances are available Press [Command] + [Option] + [Shif + C during game. Then type “i love red tape” in the console window. All power plants are available Press [Command] + [Option] + [Shif + C during game. Then type “power to the masses” in the console window. All water buildings are available Press [Command] + [Option] + [Shif + C during game. Then type “water in the desert” in the console window. Birds fly around city Press [Command] + [Option] + [Shif + C during game. Then type “the birds” in the c... Read More


 Level 00 contains a bazooka, and a level warp. First, the bazooka. At one point in the level, there is a pit, which you have to jump down. You can jump across it, and onto a small ledge, but that seems pointless, until you shoot the wall right next to it a few times. teleport, and you'll find a small area with a couple missiles, and several grenades. Second, after the save game console, the ceiling looks a bit weak. Shoot the weak part, and then the section right next to it. It takes a couple shots, but the up arrow has to be completely visible for this to work. Jump up into the up arrow, and hold down left. Go into the tunnel, and you'll see 3 level end teleporters. The first is Level 01, second is Level 02, and third is Level 03.... Read More


 Extra Money and All Weapons For extra money and all weapons, enter your company name as "The Top". Submitted by Slayer Fast Research Just type in "Watch the Clock" as your company name to have increased research speed. Get infinite money Enter your company name as "rob a bank" and you will have infinite money. Level Select To choose your starting level, enter your company name as "nuk them". Start with a Fully Armed Team Go to Configure Company and enter your company name as "Cooper Team".... Read More

Age Of Empires

 Cheat mode: Press [Enter] and type one of following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The codes may only be activated in v1.1 and later versions of the game. Effect - Code Everyone dies - diediedie Resign game - resign Full map - reveal map 1000 food - pepperoni pizza 1000 gold - coinage 1000 wood - woodstock 1000 stone - quarry Remove Fog of War - no fog Transform villagers1 - medusa Commit suicide - hari kari Laser gunner2 - photon man Animal control - gaia Juggernauts may move on land - flying dutchman Instant building - steroids Win scenario - home run Kill player - kill<player's position 1-8> Rocket launcher car - bigdaddy Increased catapult range and effect - big bertha Priest 600 hit points, speed 6 - hoyohoyo Increased ballista range - icbm Catapults fire peasants3 - jack be nimble Faster chariot archers - upsidflintmobile Stealth archer, dressed as tree when still - dark rain Turn horse archers into black riders - black rider Nuclear missile troop... Read More


 Unlimited lives Type “ad astra” at the high score screen.... Read More

Age Of Empires 2: The Age Of Kings

 Cheat mode: Press [Enter] to display the chat window and type one of following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The codes can not be enabled in a multi-player game unless the host selects "Allow Cheats" check box when the game is set-up. Effect - Code 1000 stone - rock on 1000 wood - lumberjack 1000 gold - robin hood 1000 food - cheese steak jimmy's Full map - marco No shadows - polo Fast building - aegis Control animals - natural wonders Instant victory - i r winner Instant loss - resign Suicide - wimpywimpywimpy Tall, fast moving, useless villager1 - i love the monkey head Priests have 900 points - hoyohoyo Shelby Cobra car with twin machine guns - how do you turn this on Kill indicated opponent - torpedo Destroy all opponents - black death Saboteur unit - to smithereens Phrases: Press [Enter] during game play, then type a number from 1 to 30 and press [Enter] again to hear various phrases such as "Don't point that thing at me". Cheat mode (alternate): Enter ... Read More

A-10 Cuba

 Cheat Codes To activate a cheat, first enter the Flight Simulator and press [Ctrl] + S. Then enter its corresponding code below. Cheat Code Gain altitude (+500ft)* [Option] + [Tab] Gain altitude (+1000ft)* [Command] + [Tab] Return to cockpit 6, 1 *The ceiling is 20,000ft Fly Stealth Bomber To fly the B2, send the Warthog into a dive (not straight down). Shoot three rockets, barrel roll, and pull out of the dive just before crashing to the ground. If done correctly, you will survive the plummet to earth – but the shock waves from the resulting explosions will destroy the aircraft. Its replacement is an awesome Stealth Bomber. Literal Control Mode To direct aircraft with literal control (i.e, "up" is UP and "down" is DOWN), first enter the flight simulator and press [Command] + S. Then, using either the mouse or numeric keypad, direct the aircraft. Direction Shortcut Key Move backward* [2] Move down* [1] Move forward* [8] Move left* [4] Move right* [6] Move up* [... Read More


 Cheat Codes Enter these codes while playing. BREAKYOSAK -- Shotgun Shells CARRYMORE -- Bigger backpack CROTCHBOMB -- Landmines DAWHOLEENCHILADA -- Flamethrower,Napalm,Grenades and Missiles EXPLODARAMA -- Exploding weapons & ammo FLAMENSTEIN -- Flamethrower,Napalm,Molotov cocktails GIMMEDAT -- Gives All Weapons HEALTHFUL -- Full Health HESSTILLGOOD -- Resurrection IAMSOLAME -- Invincibility LOBITFAR -- Grenades,Molotov cocktails MYTEAMOUSE -- Character says "Do it for the gipper" SHELLFEST -- Rapid-fire Spray Cannon & ammo SHOTGUN -- More Shotgun ammo STERNOMAT -- Napalm ammo THEBESTGUN -- Rapid-fire Spray Cannon THERESNOPLACELIKEOZ -- Skip Level THICKSKIN -- Bullet-proof vest TITANIII -- Both kinds of Missiles CHTHOME -- Revive CHTPOS -- Kevlar vest and health FIREHURLER -- Flame thrower and fuel canisters... Read More


 Bypass Switches to Diablo's Room in Multiplayer Mode Use your telekenisis ability on the two skull levers at Diablo’s level. This will unlock the room without having to flip a dizzying number of switches. Duplicate items Place the item you want to copy on the ground and walk away from it, keeping it on the screen. Click on the item. (Your character will walk towards the object.) Click on any belt item as your character grabs the item on the ground. (You may have picked up the object anyway, but that’s okay.) Open your inventory and put the belt item into an empty space. If done correctly, that item should become the object you wanted to duplicate.... Read More


 Warp to next level Press [Delete] after your character dies.... Read More

Lode Runner

 Control monk Start game in 1P mode. Then click on the upper right corner of the game window. Player 2 may now control one of the monks. Press [Tab] to switch between monks. (Note: This cheat also creates bags of gold.) Submitted by Drew S Shoot fire Press O or U during game.... Read More


 Additional vehicle Pause the game and type “vvv”. Full ammunition Pause the game and type “aaa”. Full shields Pause the game and type “sss”. Heat-seeking missile launcher Pause the game and type “mmm”. Skip level Type “cheat” at the vehicle selection screen. Then enter a world <1-6> followed by a stage <1-5>. (Note: Stage 3 and 5 are bonus stages.) Unlimited lives Hold [Command] + [Shif + [Ctrl] after being hit.... Read More



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