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The Horde

 Access All the Weapons Perform this trick during normal game play before you enter the Weapon Shoppe, as it's impossible to pause the game once you're in the Shoppe. Enter the code to credit yourself with 30,000 Crowns so you can make purchases, then press B, Right, A, Left, Left, Down, Right, A, A, Left. Cheat Mode To access any of these cheats, press and hold A + B, then press Up and hit Pause. After you enter your cheat code, unpause the game.... Read More

Game Guru

 Behind the Scenes Video To view a hidden video about the Game Guru's makers, patch the file GameGuru.CFG with the code "IHAVETHEVIDEO2". New Background To access a new background screen, apply the code "MLGTXXF" to the file GameGuru.CFG. Once applied, reboot the 3DO and enjoy the scenery. New Music For your listening pleasure, the makers have included some extra soundtracks. To hear them, patch GameGuru.CFG with the code "SONGx", where x is a number from 1 to 9.... Read More

Shockwave 2: Beyond the Gate

 End Current Mission Successfully During the game, shoot a laser. While the laser is visible, pause the game and press R, R, B, A, B, R, A, C, A, Stop. Then pause it again and press A, C, A, R, A, A, B, A, A, A, Stop. Invincibility Shoot a laser. While the laser is visible, pause the game and press A, A, A, C, R, Stop.... Read More


 Beetle symbols Glowing beetles will appear up to four times during the game. Once triggered, Laura will experience some disturbing flashback sequences. They are located in varying areas in the game and are only accessible after certain specific actions are completed. Laura's compact Select the compact from Laura's inventory to receive a pictorial hint to solve the current puzzle. This may only be done three times per game. Laura's father At varying locations in the game, Laura's father will speak to her. Laura's watch The game must be completed in two hours (real time). The watch in the inventory will keep track of the elapsed game time. The game begins at 3:00, and will end at 5:00.... Read More

Demolition Man

 Blood mode: Press RS, Up, Down, Right, Down, Up, Down, Right at the main menu, with the "Start", "Password", and "Option" selection. Blood will splatter on the screen to confirm correct code entry. Virtual sex bonus: Complete the game with one million points in blood mode with medium or hard difficulty to view a Virtual Sex scene between Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock. An easy way to accomplish this is to play the secret VRGN levels. To restore your health, pause the game and select a different level. To restore your health when fighting Wesley Snipes in the final level, pause the game and reselect that level. After one million points are accumulated, pause and enter the code for the game winning scene. After being congratulated by Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock will ask if you want to have sex. Answer "yes" for the Virtual Sex scene and the sequence will begin. Perform the sequence four times when asked "you want to do it again?" and Sandra Bullock will respond, "You are a ... Read More

Space Hulk

 Debug Mode Hold LS and press A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A at the Annex room with the two doors. An option menu will appear. Press X to exit the debug menu after the desired options have been selected. If cheats are used in the Campaign Missions, it will be kept in the saved game, with no opportunity to turn them off. Invincible Player Set to "yes" to allow the currently controlled terminator to be invincible. Invincible terminators Set to "yes" to allow all terminators to be invincible. Easy close assault Note that the terminators still may be killed even if this is set at "yes". Player always wins Set to "yes" to allow the current mission to be completed successfully, even if all objectives are not met or the squad is killed. No new stealers Set to "yes" to prevent the genestealer generators from producing reinforcements. Infinite freeze time Unlimited time for strategy mode. Infinite ammo Unlimited ammunition for all weapons. No jams or malfunctions Prevent bolters from... Read More

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

 Debug Menu Here's a hot trick that will let you view all the game's video clips as well as object stats, system flags, and tons of other info. To access, go to the "New Game/Continue Menu" and hold L, then hold P. If you've done this, the cursor should scroll through the available options. When the cursor lands on the Continue icon (while holding L + P), press A.... Read More

Return Fire

 Debug Menu Enter the WOLF password to begin a game. Then, anytime during gameplay, hold down Buttons L and R and pause the game. A debug menu will appear that enables you to have the flag in the first building and to play sounds from the game. Invincibility Start a game and go to the attack-craft select screen. Highlight your craft and press Button C. Hold down the top L and R buttons. While holding L and R, press and hold Buttons B and C. Continue to hold all four buttons and press the Stop button. This takes you to the Exit Game option. At this screen, continue to hold the four buttons and push Down on the directional pad. You'll hear a confirming sound. Do this for each craft you wish to make invincible. Level Select Start a new game and go to the map-selection screen. Keep pressing Up on the directional pad until you reach the Password entry screen. Enter the password WOLF. You can now pick any level in the game.... Read More


 Quick Win in the TV Mini Game In the TV mini game where you have to zap out the color commercials, watch for the 3DO commercial which only appears for a few seconds. If you zap it, you automatically win the game.... Read More

Way of the Warrior

 Level Warp Enter these codes on the Names screen. GARDEN STAGE: TAJ MAHAL, JANUARY 1, 1901 TURBO WORLD: SPEED, AUGUST 8, 1980 ALLEY FIGHT: TUGAWAR, APRIL 16, 1964 PSYCHEDELIC CAVES: PARANOID MAY 5 1975 Nobunaga's Cool To see a cool Nobunaga who's wearing sunglasses on the rematch screen, use only buttons A and C during the last round to beat your opponent. Play as the Bosses At the Names screen, enter these names and birthdays: Kull: A Gavin, Jun 11 1970 High Abbott: J Rubin, Jan 6 1970 Now go to the character-select screen. The boss characters appear in invisible boxes in the lower right-hand corner. Playable Hidden Characters In the Versus mode, enter these hidden characters' names and birthdays: Gulab Jamun: Gulab, February 29, 1900 Major Trouble: Bad Boy, February 4, 1908 Voodoo: Evil, June 6, 1966 Black Dragon: Wyvern, March 9, 1927 Space Game The trick to play the hidden space game is much easier to do with two people. At the character-select screen, pick a character on Controlle... Read More

Guardian War

 Debug Menu While playing, hold Left Shift + Right Shift + C and let go. Then press Up, Down, Left, Right while the screen is paused. A japanese debug menu will appear from which you can become invincible, increase your strength, warp to a store that sells everything, etc. Here's an english translation courtesy of Chris Warren. Load Game - load a saved game or start a new one. Equip: examine and equip characters, similar to the Equipment option on the regular menu. Gems = 10000: increases your gem total by 10000. Can be used repeatedly to give yourself loads of dough. No Battles: prevents enimies from attacking you, although you can't attack them either. Can be toggled on and off. Coordinates: shows you X and Y coordinates of your location when in a location, and also your "coordinates on the main map. Can be toggled on and off. Free Movement: You can walk to (almost) any location on the map without clearing previous locations of enimies. Can be toggled on and off. All Attacks: You can ... Read More

Shockwave: Operation Jumpgate

 Bonus Level After you beat the game wait for the credits to roll. There will be an extra level called Cake Walk. Cheat Mode To enable cheat mode, pause the game while firing and press B, A, B, A, A, A, B, A, B, A, C, X. To make use of your new-found power, enter any of the codes below: SKIP MISSION: B, A, C, C, A, A, A, X INCREASE MISSION NUMBER: C, A, A, A, A, C, A, X SUPER MISSILES: C, A, A, B, A, X SUPER LASERS: C, A, A, B, A, C, A, X INVINCIBILITY: A, B, A, C, A, A, B, A, X SMART BOMB (HITS ENEMIES AROUND YOU): A, C, A, B, A, A, C, A, A, A, X REFILL WEAPONS: B, A, A, A, A, B, A, X DISPLAY PLAYER'S NAME: B, A, B, X DISPLAY PROGRAMMERS MESSAGE: B, A, C, A, C, A, X... Read More


 Practice Mode To practice almost any level, go to the Options menu and highlight "Exit", then hold X and press B, A, R, X. To practice level 25, go to the Options menu and highlight "Exit", then hold X and press L, A, X. Secret Levels On the Options screen, highlight "Exit" and hold X. Next press P, A, R, A, L, L, A, X and release X. In this mode you can skip levels by pressing the following buttons while playing: Code Effect R+A Skip ahead 1 level R+B Skip ahead 5 levels R+C Skip ahead 10 levels R+L Skip back 1 level... Read More

Shanghai: Triple-Threat

 Passwords Feeling threatened? Here's a complete set of passwords for Arcade Mode: Classic Shanghai Stage 1 --- Stage 16 T56 Stage 2 D33 Stage 17 W89 Stage 3 G66 Stage 18 Z1C Stage 4 J99 Stage 19 C4F Stage 5 M2C Stage 20 F7I Stage 6 P5F Stage 21 I0L Stage 7 S8I Stage 22 L3O Stage 8 V1L Stage 23 O6R Stage 9 Y4O Stage 24 R9U Stage 10 B7R Stage 25 U2X Stage 11 E0U Stage 26 X5! Stage 12 H3X Stage 27 A80 Stage 13 K6! Stage 28 D13 Stage 14 N90 Stage 29 G46 Stage 15 Q23 Stage 30 J79 The Great Wall Stage 1 --- Stage 16 U67 Stage 2 E44 Stage 17 X9A Stage 3 H77 Stage 18 A2D Stage 4 K0A Stage 19 D5G Stage 5 N3D Stage 20 G8J Stage 6 Q6G Stage 21 J1M Stage 7 T9J Stage 22 M4P Stage 8 W2M Stage 23 P7S Stage 9 Z5P Stage 24 S0V Stage 10 C8S Stage 25 V3Y Stage 11 F1V Stage 26 Y6? Stage 12 I4Y Stage 27 B91 Stage 13 L7? Stage 28 E24 Stage 14 O01 Stage 29 H57 Stage 15 R34 Stage 30 K8A Beijing Stage 1 --- Stage 16 V78 Stage 2 F55 Stage 17 Y0B Stage 3 I88 Stage 18 B3E Stage 4 L1B Stage 19 E6H Stage 5 O4E Stag... Read More


 Cheat Codes Go to the Options screen and enter the following pad tricks: Effect Code Upside-Down game Hold R and press A, C, B, Right, B, C, B, A Free mobility Hold L and press B, B, C, Up, C, C, B, A Sky view Hold L and press B, C, C, Left, A, C, B, A Basement view Hold R and press A, C, A, Right, B, B, C, B Immediate Hall of Fame Hold L and press A, Pause, A, Pause, B, B Camera Cheat Hold R and press C, B, A, A, C, B, A Debug Mode Hold R and press A, B, B, Up, C, C, B, A Unlimited Fuel Hold R and press C, B, C, Up, B, B, C, A... Read More

Phoenix 3

 Game Guru Codes These codes require a Game Guru. To use, patch any Phoenix 3 save file. 999 Lives UMFUXJKVF 999 Rounds HMFUXXVXF 999 Grenades NMFUXJVXF All Weapons on Planet This code will give you all five weapons on the planet! All Weapons Available On Planet LPIUXNGUXDXCWXF UUXOHUXMFUXTVXF RLEIVXF All Weapons in Space This code will give you all the weapons in space levels, the Hyperion is here but cannot be used until the last level. All Weapons Available In Space JUXKXXF JWXIXXF IUXOHUXMFUXFXXF MLEWWXF... Read More

Off World Interceptor

 Get $9,999,900 Cash On the Options screen, select Sound, then press A, B, C six times, then L. A drilling noise confirms the trick. Begin the game, and your cash window shows $9,999,900.... Read More

Psychic Detective

 Playing Tips No matter what happpens in the game the main character still gets arrested. After he is released go with Moki, and when Max arrives read his pscyhe (a half faced icon on the right side/ middle portion of the screen). Right after that MAX will psychically hurt you (not enough to kill). Select the RUN option then you will find a friend of the main character. Visit MADAM M to obtain info on playing the boardgame later on. If this scenario does not work, then wait until the beginning of the third disk and choose to face MAX directly and read his psyche again. A kite will appear as the cinema moves along. Select the kite later on as a playing piece (so far the most powerful piece is the kite). DO NOT select the cigarette at all as a playing piece (or any other pieces that symbolize pain toward the main character).... Read More

Wolfenstein 3D

 Cheat Codes To enter these codes, pause the game then move the cursor to the NEW GAME option and press C. Code - Effect GREG - Invincibiliy, all weapons and keys NOKITTY - God Mode BURGER - All keys FENLEY - Full ammo KICKBUTT - All weapons LOGICWARE - Show secret doors on map... Read More

Daedalus Encounter

 Orbs: Hold LS + RS + X and press A at the menu screen. Your character will have possession of all but one of the orbs. All scenes: Hold LS + RS + X and press C at the menu screen. Use the Jump To option from the Menu Screen to play any scene in the game. Data pattern code: Hold LS + RS + X and press B at the menu screen. All of the patterns in the game are now available under the Data function.... Read More



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