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Brutal Sports Football

 Easy Win To kill everyone and win the game and go to the changing rooms take drugs. Then go outside and play a game of who can burn the most people with a flamethrower type HIGHASAPLANE.... Read More

Scorched Tanks

 All Guns, Ammo, and Shields When it's your turn to play. hold down the Right Mouse Button and the Z key. You now have 99 of everything.... Read More

P.P. Hammer

 Passwords Level Password 3 = EEABACWE 4 = TCUBCARE 5 = TBGASWBD 6 = EADAUVTP 7 = DWSWITSC 8 = SUIVRSGB 9 = STBWERUB... Read More


 Easy Money For easy money, press Shift and type "FUND". You'll receive $10,000 every time you do this.... Read More

Magic Island Dizzy

 Flight To fly, type "i can fly" while playing... Read More


 Cheats At the main menu select "About Gloom" then hold the "Help" key and press fire, the screen should flash (if not, try again). Now start the game as normal. During play press: 1-5 Extra Weapons/weapon power ups 0 Extra health Help Skip level... Read More

It Came From the Desert

 WEATHER HINT It's a good idea to constantly monitor the weather by ducking into the weather station each day. The main reason for this is that venturing out on a 70 degree+ day can be very dangerous. After day 6, though, traveling to the airport on one of the hotter days gives you a good chance to record the ants' noises. ICE AND THE HELLCATS It's been said that the most effective way to eliminate the problem posed by these pesky critters is to drive at them at full speed right in the middle of the road. This game of chicken will run them off the road, and allow you to pass. DAY 3 HINT Make sure that you're home on the morning of Day 3 (at about 8-9 am). At that time, you'll receive an unannounced visit from a stranger who will give you a useful tidbit of information.... Read More


 Cheat Start up the game (it doesn't matter what nationality and difficulty level you pick) and sail along until you find land. Send out your men and build a colony (it doesn't matter where). When it asks you to name the colony call it CHARLOTTE (in block capitals) and press return. A message should appear confirming that the cheat has worked. If so, not only will you have a vast amount of dosh and be able to see the whole map, but you can also enter the enemy colonys and reports and muck around with them.... Read More

Yogi Bears Big Clean Up

 Infinite Energy and More When the animated screen appears after the title screen, type "LETS LOOK AT WHAT YOU COULD HAVE WON". Next type "SUPER SMASHING GREAT" and press P to unpause the game and press the joystick button to start the game. This will give you infinite energy and will enable the following keys: F1-F5 Warp to corresponding level (1-5) 1-8 Gain object 1-8 TAB Open all exits... Read More

Chaos Engine

 30 Lives Use these passwords to play the game with 30 lives. 2 = #P0BK4SNVHP2 3 = G7#BKWFZBJ#W 4 = 51TD4M9JGMGT Easy Money To start with a lot of money, enter the password TTTTTTTTTTT. Mega Gold & Party Cheat For starting a single player game with a huge load of gold and different characters: Type as your single player password: option 1: TTTTTTTTTTTT (12xT) option 2: VVVVVVVVVVVV (12xV) option 3: XXXXXXXXXXXX (12xX) option 4: YYYYYYYYYYYY (12xY) Party Cheat: To get all powerups without having to buy them. In level 1-4 (i forgot exactly) In the first level where you get the party power kill all monsters in the area, and then run back to the cave you just passed by. This is found by moving to the bottom right of the location of the party cheat. Once you entered the cave, the party power will still be active, and wont run out. Player 1 will have all powerups, and player 2 will have all powerups exept speed, Which should be easy to buy since you got everything else now. Note: This cheat m... Read More

Frontier Elite 2

 Easy Money Buy an extra passenger cabin and then get a passenger. After you have done, try to sell your ship. You won't be able to, but keep trying as each time you do so your money will increase.... Read More

Desert Strike

 Passwords Level 2 : AQOHMHW Level 3 : ALTJHZH Level 4 : OTWWEZY The End : BIIIIRC Always power + 5 lives : TQQQLOM... Read More

Monkey Island 2: Lechucks Revenge

 Auto-win Press Alt and W to win the game.... Read More


 Invincibility On the first level there is a building with five objects. Collect them in this order: The Cake The Hammer The Earth (its a globe) The Apple (the goldish looking object) The Tap... Read More

Street Fighter 2

 Both Players Same Character To play a two player game as the same charecter you must first play a normal two player game. At any point in the game pause and type in 7 KIDS the next two player game you have you will be able to pick the same character.... Read More

Pinball Dreams

 Extra Balls When playing on any table, press Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Down, Up. You will get 20 extra balls.... Read More


 Hidden Weapons At the title screen, type "TOTAL WORMAGE" to gain all the hidden weapons. If you did it right, you will hear a sheep saying baaa and the title screen turns green. When Push Comes to Shove When it is your turn and you see someone near an edge, come up right behind them and press the left, then right arrows quick. If you did the code correctly, your worm should push the other one off the side!... Read More

Zeewolf 2

 Mission Codes Mission 6 = ourgan Mission 8 = jmargus Mission 9 = stag Mission 11 = kraken Mission 14 = station Mission 16 = gbull Mission 18 = statipause Mission 20 = doitnow Mission 23 = shipdeck Mission 25 = globoff Mission 26 = behave Mission 29 = maxfuel Mission 30 = pelpay Mission 31 = domino Mission 32 = steerdart... Read More


 Cheat mode Enter one of the following company names to activate the corresponding cheat (Enter as company name: 1 million credits - ROB A BANK 1 million credits, mission select, all weapons - COOPER TEAM Mission select - NUK THEM Speed up time - WATCH THE CLOCK Have all countries - OWN THEM 100 million credits, all items researched - MIKES TEAM... Read More

Pro Tennis Tour

 ADVANCE THROUGH RANKINGS Making the climb through the world rankings is not, in the virtual world, require the skills of Pat Rafter. In fact, you don't even have to win in order to pull this off! All you have to do is play f=the first set of any game and when the score screen appears, press the FIRE button and then ESC. A message will then appear awarding "Game, Set and Match" to your opponent. Regardless, you'll find that your world ranking will have advanced several positions. Keep performing this until you come across an opponent that you can beat legitimately.... Read More



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