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DVD Video


Fiddler on the Roof

 Find the play version of the movie. Using the 'Special Features' side of the disc, go to "The Stories of Sholom Aleichem" and highlight it. Press right to see a yellow fiddler on the roof appear. Press enter to hear a third story which was originally in the play version of "Fiddler on the Roof".... Read More

Queer as Folk: Season One

 Hidden Deleted Scene On disc 6 of the Queer as Folk Series 1 Box-set, select the [BONUS FEATURES] option from the [Main Menu]. Under the heading [MEET THE FOLK], there are 3 options. 1. Characters, 2. Actors and 3. Production Team. Select [CHARACTERS] and you'll see all the main character's names. Select Michael Novotny. The option [Video Clip] will be highlighted. There will be a heading on top of the screen that reads "Michael Novotny THE BOY NEXT DOOR". You'll find that if you press the [Up] arrow on your remote, the heading MICHAEL NOVOTNY will be highlighted as an option. Hit [Enter] to view a deleted scene of Michael... Read More

Queen: Greatest Video Hits 2

 Alternate Versions There are two alternate versions of "Who Wants to Live Forever", one hidden on each disc: On disc one, when the picture sleeve for "Who wants..." appears on the screen, press [Enter] on your remote. This will automatically take you to an alternative video of the song featuring both the band and scenes from the "Highlander" film. On disc two, at the [Main Menu], select [Hot Spaces]. From that menu, move the cursor to [Play All], press [Up], [Lef, [Righ. This will play another version of "Who wants..", this time with the living members of Queen, and two young vocalists.... Read More

Tupac Resurrection

 Hidden Picture From the [Main Menu], go to [Special Features]. Go to [Remembering Tupac] and then highlight Jasmine Guy's menu entry. Arrow [Righ with your remote to highlight Tupac's picture. Click on it to see Tupac's grave site.... Read More

WWE - Divas Undressed

 Bonus Footage On the [Main Menu] of the disc, highlight the [Extras] menu and press [Enter]. Next, scroll [Down] the list until you get to [Torrie vs. Stacy], highlight this selection and press the [Righ arrow button. You will then see a brief brawl between Torrie Wilson (in her bra and panties) and Nidia backstage. Go to the [Extras] menu. Scroll [Down] and highlight [Trish vs. Terri]. Once you highlight this, press the [Lef arrow button. You will then see a scene with Nidia making out with WWE announcer Michael Cole.... Read More

Shallow Hal

 Tail Demonstration In [Language Selection], press [Down] to [Captions & Subtitles], highlight [English] and then press [Lef. This will highlight the shadow behind Jason Alexander, press [Enter]. This will take you to a quick demonstration of the "Tail" by the special effects team.... Read More


 Practical Joke Piece Go to [Predator Special/FX]. Press [Down] until [Main Menu] is highlighted. Press [Lef on remote once and there will be an icon highlighted. Press [Selec. This will show a short feature on a practical joke. Hidden Documentary on Toilet Runs Insert disc two. Go the the [Photo Gallery]. Cycle through to the sixteenth photo (a shot of Hawkins with his glasses on his head). Use your remote to highlight the predator targeting triangle on the right hand side. Click on it to get an hilarious hidden documentary about the cast having to run to the toilet between shots after drinking the water in Mexico! Hidden Featurette Insert disc two. Press [Enter] on [Inside the Predator]. Select the first featurette. Press [Up] (you should see the laser cursor move up into an empty space near the page title). Press [Enter] and another featurette on Jesse Ventura will begin.... Read More

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

 On the main menu page, arrow down until you highlight the New Line Cinema logo. When you press enter, you will be taken to the DVD's production credits that are shown over an extreme close-up of someone eating spoonfuls of corn. Once the credits are done, the footage of the person eating is repeated, over and over again.... Read More


 DVD Thanks On the [Main Menu] of the disc, click to the [Righ, the new line logo will be highlighted, click on that to see the "Thank You" section.... Read More

Thir13en Ghosts

 Scenes from House on Haunted Hill First, go to the [Special Features] menu. When it comes up, Go to [Ghost Profiles]. After Cyrus is done talking to you, select the object that is a jaw bone. Cyrus will start telling you about the "Jackal", and in it you will see several scenes from the movie "House on Haunted Hill". Both movies were produced by some of the same people.... Read More

Grapes of Death

 Special Thanks On the [Main Menu], immediately press [Righ and you will highlight the tiny Synapse Films logo in the bottom right corner. Press [Enter] and a list of special thanks will be shown.... Read More

Mr. Deeds

 Musical Score Select [Special Features] and go to the bottom of the menu. Move [Up] until the [Dave Matthews Video] is highlighted. Press the [Righ arrow twice and the sticker on the suitcase will be highlighted. Press [Enter] to see a short clip about the musical score.... Read More

Ali G Bling Bling

 Trailers On the Main Menu highlight the G it should turn gold. Press Enter and get a mini Ali G film trailer.... Read More

Ali G: Ali

 Hidden Sketch At the main menu, if you press up as far as you can to the glowing "G" you will be treated to a sketch starring a new character: A homosexual Austrian investigative journalist who tries to interview far-right skinheads at an "Evil" convention.... Read More


 Trailers On the Main Screen, select Trimark logo to access restricted audience trailer for Cut and all audience trailers for Attraction and Blood Surf.... Read More

Behind Enemy Lines

 Bonus Footage From the discís [Main Menu] go to [Special Features]. Here, select the [Pre-Vis Ejection Sequence] and then press the arrow [Up] button on your remote. This will highlight the star at the top of the screen. Press [Enter] and youíll get to see some unedited footage of Owen Wilson goofing off with the crew on the back of a truck.... Read More


 Gnome Pictures To access the gnome pictures, go into the [Station] option from the title menu. Go as far [Righ as possible and then point [Down] until the screen disappears and the gnome flies upwards. This will then give you a map of where the gnome pictures were taken.... Read More

Animal Farm

 The Animal Rules game solution Select the following rules in order in the "Animal Rules" game and press Enter to complete the game. Select the first rule to view the "Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy" and "Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend" rules. Select the next rule to view the "No animal shall wear clothes" rule. Select the "No animal shall sleep in a bed" rule to view another sequence. The rule will now change to "No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets". Select the "No animal shall kill another animal" to change it to "No animal shall kill another animal without cause". Select the "All animals are equal" rule to change it to "All animals are equal but some are more equal that others".... Read More

Independence Day (ID4)

 Explore The Alien Ship On disc 2, go to the [DATA CONSOLE]. Click on the red light on the PC to insert the disk into the computer. The monitor will display this message "Access: 7-4-Enter". Go back to the [MAIN MENU] and enter the ship by entering the numbers 7 and 4 and then pressing [Enter] on your remote. You have less than 10 seconds to complete the sequence. If you were successful, you will find yourself inside the alien craft. Note: Some remotes may require you to press the "+10" once before the "7", some may require you to press it 7 times, or some may not require you to do it at all.... Read More

Shark Tale

 Hidden Bonus Go to Dreamworks kid's menu and press Enter. Find in the menu Rock the Reef and press Enter. Click on Sykes Jukebox and go all the way down were it says more>>> then press Left. The belt buckle of sykes the puffer fish will light up. Press Enter.... Read More



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