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DVD Video


Friday After Next

 Premiere Party Go to the [Beyond the Movie] section, highlight the question mark on Mike's necklace and push [Up] on your remote control. It will highlight the ring. Press [Enter]... Read More

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

 DVD Production Credits Insert the second disc from the set and from the [Main Menu], highlight the [Visual Effects] entry. Then press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control to highlight the rail on the stairwell. Press [Enter] now and you get to see a number of credit screens with production credits from the DVD.... Read More

Terminator 2 - Extreme Edition

 Theatrical Cut On the [Main Menu] of disc one, highlight the [Sensory Control] entry. Press the [Righ arrow on your remote five times. "The Future is Not Set" should now appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on it and the menu will morph to give you access to the theatrical cut via seamless branching. Trailer for T2: Ultimate Edition On the [Main Menu] of disc two, highlight the [DVD-Rom] entry and then [Lef arrow with your remote. Click on the box to see a 2-minute trailer for the previous T2: Ultimate Edition DVD. DVD Production Credits Highlight the [High Definition] entry and arrow [Up]. Click on the half-circle for the disc production credits.... Read More

Dr Strangelove

 SEQUENCE Press Down at the main menu to highlight the globe. Press Enter to view a hidden sequence from the movie.... Read More

Shot in the Dark, A

 Original Artwork From the [Main Menu], arrow [Up] all the way to the title "A shot in the Dark". When the title lights up press [Enter]. You will see a hidden page with a black and white photo of the original film poster.... Read More

Red Planet

 Bonus Picture, DVD Credits Select the [Languages] section. Once on the [Languages] screen, click on [Continue]. You will be taken to a picture of AMEE along with the copyright information on the film and dvd.... Read More


 Bonus Outtakes On the [Special Features] side of the disc, highlight [Personal Documentaries], then click the [Up] arrow on your remote. The picture of dragonfly should be highlighted. Click [Enter] on your remote and enjoy hours of outtakes and screen tests.... Read More

Eminem Show, The

 Hidden Interview On the menu's first page, you can select one of the seats in the theater near the middle which will pull up another interview segment with Eminem.... Read More

Night Flier, The

 Hidden Commercial From the [Main Menu] click on [About the Film]. Advance to the last screen featuring Stephen King. Arrow [Up] once and his name will light up. Click on it and you’ll be transported to a 3D animated commercial of Kings work. Special Thanks At the [Main Menu], go to [Subtitles], push [Righ, this will highlight a HBO Home Video logo, press [Enter].... Read More

Once Upon a Time in China 3

 Behind the Scenes Go to [Special Features], then click on [Interviews]. Go [Lef on Tsui Hark, to the shadow of Jet Li.... Read More

Whale Rider

 Bonus New Zealand Movie Trailer Go to [Special Features], then go to [TV Spots]. On the [TV Spots] screen, scroll [Down] to the [Special Features] title and then press the [Righ arrow. Hidden text for [New Zealand Trailer] will highlight, select it. Hidden Audition Tapes Go to [Special Features], arrow [Down] to [Main Menu], then arrow [Lef. Hidden text [Audition Tapes] will appear, select it.... Read More

White Stripes: Under Blackpool Lights

 Bonus Clip From the [Main Menu] select the menu entry [The Songs]. On the following page highlight song number 21, "Let's Shape Hands" and then press the [Righ arrow key twice. This will give you access to a short clip of Jack and Meg inspecting the crew.... Read More

Girl Next Door, The

 Sex Education On the [Special Features] menu, highlight [Gag Reel] and press [Righ. Three X's will appear. Press [Enter] to see an amusing sex education video.... Read More

House of 1000 Corpses DVD

 Two hidden eggs reveal green screen video 1. From the Main Menu Push down until the Lions Gate logo appears under the house logo then push right on your DVD remote and See Otis, Baby, and Captain Spalding Dancing in front of a green screen. 2. On the special features menu highlight the Tiny F@#!ed A Stump and push left on to see Baby Captain Spalding and Otis Chatting and Eating in front of a green screen.... Read More

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

 Bloopers On the first disc, go to the [Options] menu and type [1138] using your remote control. On some player models you will have to press [10+], [1] and wait for the pause as the player accepts the input. Then press [3] and wait for the pause. Finally, press [8]. This will take you to some incredible bloopers from the movie, complete with DVD credits. College Campus Advertising On disc 2 select [Dex's Kitchen and Still Galleries]. When the next screen appears, select [To Dex's Kitchen]. On the next screen highlight the [Main Menu] option. Press [Lef on your remote to highlight a small poster on the wall behind Dex. Press [Enter] to view a series of "wanted ads" that were used on college campuses back in April 2002, to promote Episode II.... Read More

Grey Zone, The

 Bonus Trailers At the [Main Menu] scroll [Down] until the Lion Gate logo is highlighted and hit [Enter]. You will see the trailer for "The Grey Zone" followed by the trailer for "Eye of God".... Read More

Disney Treasures: Davy Crockett

 The Ballad of Davy Crockett Insert the second disc of the Limited Edition 2-disc set and select [Supplemental Material]. In this menu, highlight the menu entry [A Conversation With Fess Parker]. Now press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control and Davy's cap will be highlighted. Press [Enter] and you will be treated to a clip of Fess Parker singing "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" from an episode of Disneyland.... Read More

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

 DVD Production Credits Go to the [Main Menu]. Put the cursor down to [Jump To A Scene] but don't select it. Press the [Righ arrow on your remote (a small New Line Cinema icon in the lower right corner will be selected) and you will automatically be taken to the Special Thanks/DVD Credits... Read More

Hollywood Hulk Hogan - Hulk Still Rules

 Bonus Musical Sequence From the [Main Menu] of disc two, choose [Extras]. Press [Righ to highlight [Nex, then hit [Enter]. Press [Righ to highlight [Nex again, then hit [Enter]. You should be on the screen titled "Hollywood Hulk Hogan on..." with five choices below. Hit [Righ twice and the red and yellow "Hulk Still Rules" logo should highlight all in yellow. Hit [Enter] and you will be treated to "Mean" Gene Okerlund singing "Tutti-Frutti" on the WWF show Tuesday Night Titans with Hulk Hogan playing bass guitar. Un-Cut American Video Go to the [Chapters] menu on disc two. Get to the third chapter that has the options "WCW"... "NWO"... and "Back in the WWE", then highlight [Nex. Once [Nex is highlited, simply press [Up] on your remote. This will highlight the "Hulk Still Rules" logo. Now just press [Enter] and sit back and enjoy the uncut real American video clip from the late 80's.... Read More

American Psycho 2

 Hidden Trailers To access this egg, scroll all the way down on the main DVD title screen. You will see a faded "Lions Gate Symbol" at the bottom. Highlight it and press [Enter]. There you will find trailers for other Lion's gate films such as "Monster's Ball".... Read More



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