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 Password: 0Z6SZD[Skull]V... Read More

Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden

 Play the Mini-game While the opening "Dragon Ball Z 2" is moving, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up, Right, Left, A.... Read More

Battle Toads in Ragnaroks World

 5 LIVES On the Title screen, hold Down, A and B, then press Start. If you have to continue, do the code again to continue with 5 players.... Read More

Avenging Spirit

 Expert Mode At the Title screen, press Up + A + B. Level Skip Pause gameplay and press A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A.... Read More

Star Trek Generations: Beyond the Nexus

 STAGE 2 PASSWORD---harriman STAGE 3 PASSWORD---demora STAGE 4 PASSWORD---soren STAGE 5 PASSWORD---veridian STAGE 6 PASSWORD---ogawa STAGE 7 PASSWORD---farragut... Read More

Elevator Action

 Predict What's In ? Doors, Shoot Out Lights Predict What's In ? Doors: Control what's in those "?" doors. Walk into a ? Door with any of these digits in the hundreds spot on your score and get the following. 1 Or 2 = Shotgun 3 Or 4 = Machinegun 5 Or 6 = Pistol 6 Or 7 = Grenade 8 Or 9 = An Extra Heart Note: If you need extra points wait outside the door for the pansies in top hats. Shoot Out Lights: If you have a Machine Gun or Pistol when you go down the elevator shoot one bullet so it skims the ceiling and if there are any lights in the way it will fall and the lights will dim several times before coming back on and if there are and people in the path of the falling light they will be killed. [send by:Bern ]... Read More

World Heroes 2 Jet

 Cheat mode: Press Right, Left, A, B, Down, A, B, Up at the Takara logo, before it fades. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Super attacks may now be used at any time, Zeus may be selected as a character, and fighting styles may be selected in training and tournament modes. Fight as Zeus: Press Right, Left, A, B, Up at the Takara logo. Jet mode: Press Up(2), Select, A, Down(2), Select, B at the title screen. A sound and new logo shade will confirm correct code entry. Power refill: Press Left, Down/Left, Right, Down/Left, A, B when power is low.... Read More

Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition

 EXTRA PUZZLES Press A, Up, B, and Down on the Title screen to access more puzzles. If the code is entered correctly, a small figure will appear in the corner of the screen.... Read More

Addams Family 2

 Passwords Rescue Granny MP7VB Rescue Gomez MS5VB Rescue Wednesday M73VT Rescue Uncle Fester MH49K... Read More

Batman Rise of Sin Tzu

 Level Codes Bat Cave - BBBBBW Chinatown - BBBBHV Gotham Rooftops - BBBBM6 Gotham Chemicals - 5MQZRN Gotham Sewers - 5V2MRN Dock 47 - H6T73P... Read More

Barbie: Secret Agent Barbie

 Unlock Everything Enter TTTTTS as a password.... Read More

Addams Family

 Max Energy After losing a life quickly hold Down + A + B + Select then press Start.... Read More

Fire Emblem

 Unlock Bonuses Beat the game once to unlock all of the Extras in the menu. This includes Tactician Rating, Sound Test and Movie Gallery. Unlock Hard Mode To unlock Hard Mode, beat the game once. Unlock Hector Mode To unlock Hector Mode, beat the game once.... Read More

Final Fantasy Legend 2

 SOUND TEST On the Title screen, simultaneously press Select, B and Start. Change the number by pressing Left/Right , and listen by pressing the A Button. MORE SOUND EFFECTS On Title screen, select "Continue." Move the cursor to the save file with a party over level 57, then press B to return to the Title screen. Hold Select, B and Start to access the Sound Test and press A to listen to the sounds. The number of sounds you can listen to will equal the total levels in your party.... Read More

Faceball 2000

 LEVEL 01 TO 10 WARP When you get the flashing section of wall at the end of the 1st level, turn 180 degrees and fire at the wall. The wall will disappear revealing a clue item that will warn you that you are nearing the warp. Move forward and shoot the next wall to reveal another flashing wall. Walk into it to warp to level 10! LEVEL 10 TO 20 WARP As soon as you see the Level 10 exit, turn around 180 degrees and fire at the wall. A new exit will open up that takes you straight to Level 20!... Read More


 INVINCIBILITY On the Menu screen, press ABB ABA ABA ABA A. The word Start on the screen will change to Cheat. LEVEL SKIP After entering in the Invincibility code, start your game. While playing, hold Select and press Start. You will immediately warp to the beginning of the next stage.... Read More

Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter

 Game Shark Codes Note: You must have a 2.1 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes in a Game Boy Color system. No Reload - 01055BC1... Read More

Gobs Of Games

 Game Shark Codes Note: You must have a 2.1 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes in a Game Boy Color system. Dot Boxes And Triangles Codes Box Modifier - 01??0FD1... Read More

James Bond 007

 PLAY THE CARD GAMES Instructions: Start a new game and choose an empty file. For your name, enter one of the following names to play the card game. CARD GAME - BLACKJACK Name - BJACK CARD GAME - BACCARAT Name - BACCR CARD GAME - RED DOG Name - REDOG... Read More


 Level Passwords 2 KPGXH4T8 3 CMQZB6R1 4 JWDLF7K5 5 TGNDX3V9 6 HFSBD2M6 7 QZJRL1W4 8 BPXCV7Z3 Bonus SDLFT8G2 9 RWHJX9Z5 10 MVNGB4C6 11 KCQTD3W1 12 TBPRG5H8 13 QFCMX2B9 14 VDHKS6L7 15 BNJHZ1R9... Read More



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