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Diablo 2

 Kill Strong Monsters in Town NOTE: Works only for Necromancer. Go to the Bridge leading out of Kurast in Act III, and you should see a robed figure named the " Dark Wanderer". As soon as he walks for a bit, he teleports away and summons a few beasts to bash your skull. Right now, lead all of the monsters to the bridge, but summon any monster excluding a mage, and they should fight the enemies while you are still in the protection of the town. Your beast should fight the enemies, while the enemies themselves do nothing. Unlimited Gold In single player, When you enter the red portal to Tristram, fight through the enemies and you should find Wirt's Corpse. If you click on his corpse close to 300 gold will pop out and a weapon, Wirt's Leg. Every time you die, you can return to his body and take the gold. However, Wirt's Leg is a special item and you cannot have two of them. The Secret Cow Level To get to the Secret Cow Level, you must have beaten the game on that difficulty, then go to the... Read More

Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith

 Infinite Force Power use code: UNLMTDPWR... Read More

Space Invaders: Invasion Day

 Play original Space Invaders At the 'Press Start' screen, and Hold L1+R1 & press X + O... Read More

Matrix Online, The

 Shogo reference: In the international district, there is a club named "Club Shogo". Shogo is an earlier Monolith game, a first person shooter, that was made before they were bought by Warner Brothers.... Read More



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