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Might Magic

 New items: Begin a game, create a part at the Sorpigal Inn, then select the "Camp" option. Use the "Trade" option to place all of the clubs into the lead character's inventory. Go to the Blacksmith's shop and buy any item except a club. Place the item in the sixth inventory slot. Select the "Use" command and choose the lead character. Press A when the "Equip" command appears. Select an empty slot in the inventory and press B. The screen will flash and the selected item will change. Repeat this procedure to change the item again. For example, a small shield will change into Bracers AC8, which will in turn change into Ultimate Plate Armor.... Read More

Power Punch 2

 Final battle: Enter HDKFGTFLGFTKCD as a password. Fighter skip: Hold A + B + Select and press Start when the picture of the next fighter appears.... Read More

F-117 A Stealth Fighter

 Cheat mode: Enter 4093CB1# as a password. Return to the main menu, highlight the "Theater" option and press Select. Press Up or Down on the world map to select any mission. Additionally, invincibility will be enabled when game play begins.... Read More

Baseball Simulator

 Remove CPU super skills: Use a time out when the CPU selects a super skill. Select the "Pitch Hitter" or "Relief Pitcher" options, then cancel. The CPU's super skill will disappear when game play resumes.... Read More

Cobra Triangle

 Bonus points: Spin when crossing the finish line to collect 1000 bonus points. Level 1: Extra life: In level 1, there is an extra life not far from the starting point. When you start the level, stay at the beginning and kill all the boats coming past you with the power numbers on back of them. Get as many as the numbers you can and build up you powers. Save enough time so you can get to the extra life. If you did not fill all of your Speed, Turbo, and Fire, get the extra life, die, and do this all over again. When you are done with this, you will always be able to get the extra life and be on your way all loaded. Note: The best weapon is the 3-way straight shooter. Defeating the red dragon: When facing the second to last Boss (red dragon), do not fire at him. Leave him alone and he will die all by himself within the time limit.... Read More

Q Bert

 Unlimited continues: Press Up + Select on controller one and Down + B on controller two. Then, press Left, Right on controller two.... Read More


 Play as girl with bonus weapons: Enter JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------ as a password to play as the girl and start at Ridley's Lair. Alternate game: Enter 999999 999999 KKKKKK KKKKKK as a password with no Varia suit and a different ending. Super jump: Hold Right on controller two and press A on controller one. Quit game play: Press Start to pause game play. Hold Up + A on controller two to display the current password. Play as Samus without her suit: Complete the first quest without dying and with all the items (ice beam as your gun weapon). Press Start after the credits have completed. If you have completed the game correctly, Samus will take off her suit in the ending. You will start with all your items you gained in the previous quest minus your missiles and suit in the next game. Refill energy easily: Go to a pipe that has enemies constantly appearing at ground level with no other enemies around. Just keep shooting and the enemies will fly into your bullets, leaving energy and other it... Read More


 10,000 credits: Dock at a space station and change your name to Cheater to get an additional 10,000 credits. This may only be done once and you will no longer be able to change your name. Note: Enter Betrug as a name in the German version or Tricher as a name in the French version of the game.... Read More


 Level select: Reset the NES system thirteen times, then press Select. Choose the "Continue" option and press Left or Right to select a starting level. Press Start to begin game play. Sound test: Hold A + B and power on the NES system. Alternatively, hold Start + Select + A + B at the game over screen. Release all buttons when the screen turns black. Continue game play: After losing the game on level 11 or 12, highlight the "Continue" option on the title screen, press Down, Up on controller two, then press Start on controller one. Alternatively, after the title screen re-appears hold Up + A + B + Select until "Continue" is highlighted, then press Start. Ship power-up: Hold A + B and press Start at the title screen. After six "6" power-ups are collected, all objects will transform into extra lives. Transform ship: Hold A + B + Select + Start when game play begins. Hidden message: Wait until the fairy stops moving during the ending sequence. Then, press A + B on controllers one and two.... Read More

Dragon Fighter

 Cheat mode: Press A(4), B(4), A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B when "Press Start" appears on the title screen. Text on the screen will turn red to confirm correct code entry.... Read More

Magic Of Scheherazade

 Sound test: Enter SOUND as a password. View ending sequence: Enter END as a password. Level select: Enter the desired level number followed by "W" as a password (1W, 2W, 3W, 4W, or 5W). Ignore the invalid password message and enter the two character password again until it is accepted. Note: Reverse the password (W1, W2, W3, W4, or W5) to begin game play at the desired level with less experience and money.... Read More

Major League Baseball

 Special team selection: Hold Down/Left + Select + A + B and press Start at the title screen. Use the "1 Player Set" and "2 Player Set" options that appear on the next screen to select a team. Enter the bleachers: Start a two-player game and allow runners to reach all bases. Have the runner on second run back to first base, and the runner on third base run back to second base. The player with the ball can enter the bleachers from the top right side of the field.... Read More

Dig Dug 2

 Level select: Hold Select + A + Start. Continue game play: Press Right after losing your last life to resume at the last level played.... Read More

Ikari Warriors

 Continue game play: Press A, B(2), A at the game over screen after losing during one of the first three levels of the game. This also can be done on controller two at any time for a second player to enter the game. Level select: Quickly press Up, Down, A(2), B, Left, Right, A, B, Up, A, Down, Right(2), Left, B, Up, Left, A, Right, B, Left, Right, A, Left, Up, A, Down, A, Right, Left, A, Start at the title screen. The phrase "Stage 1" will appear next to the airplane landing screen to confirm correct code entry. Press A or B to change the starting level. Double tank: Position both players on a tank and press A on both controllers. Double helicopter: Position both players on a helicopter and press A + B on both controllers.... Read More

Mega Man 3

 Slow motion: Hold Up on controller two. Freeze opponents: Hold Up + A on controller two. Note: This has no effect on the eight robot Bosses from Mega Man 2 that are found after defeating the eight robot masters. The code will freeze you but the Boss will continue to attack. Super jump: Hold Right on controller two. Suggested opponent order: Magnet, Hard, Top, Shadow, Spark, Snake, Gemini, Needle, "Spark", "Shadow", "Gemini", "Needle" Super password: Enter A3 B5 D3 F4 blue, A6 red as a password for all weapons, items, nine energy tanks, and no Dr. Wily Robots. Dr. Wily level: Enter A1 A3 B2 B5 D3 F4 blue, A6 E1 red as a password. Walk through pitfalls: Hold Right on controller two. This allows Mega Man to walk through or jump out of pitfalls without dying. It is especially helpful in the Dr. Wily Robot level. Note: When jumping out of the pitfall, the jump is twice as large as the super jump. Note: This will only work if the pitfalls are fairly long. Invincibility: Hold Right on control... Read More

Power Blade

 Easy Boss kill: Enter the Boss room in level 1 or 3. Immediately detonate a super bomb and pause game play. Resume the game after a few seconds, and the bomb will kill the Boss Sound test: Hold Up/Right on controller one and A + B + Down/Left on controller two. Press Start on controller one while all buttons are pressed. Level Password 2 B2712209 3 G3784JD2 4 6843D12F 5 IBJ39FK4 6 J23KGBBK 7 77KDIOGJ... Read More

Bases Loaded 2

 Super passwords: Enter one of the following passwords to play as the corresponding team with a 50-0 record. Team Password New York CMDUIID Los Angeles SCTLRYQ Boston CNDUIIE Kansas IANOXXG Jersey XSQQUVO Omaha ASFWGGH Philadelphia FICCJDE Texas GRYYMEM Miami BNGXFHF Hawaii XBQQUVW Washington D.C. CRDUIII Utah WDPPVUV World Series passwords: Enter one of the following passwords to begin game play with the corresponding teams in the World Series. Game Password Los Angeles vs. New York MLOSSOM New Jersey vs. Los Angeles JTTPTWD... Read More

RBI Baseball 2

 Play against Team Tengen: Enter one of the following passwords to use the corresponding team against Team Tengen. Team Password Toronto F00MB6AP Detroit R00MB6AP Minnesota SI0MB6AP Cleveland V00MB6AP Boston J00MB6AP Seattle SA0MB6AP California SU0MB6AP Oakland SE0MB6AP... Read More

Tiger Heli

 Continue game play: Hold A + B at the game over screen. Alternatively, hold A+ B and press Start at the game over screen.... Read More


 Expert mode: Highlight a difficulty level and press B + Select. Slot machine mode: Press Start to display the mode screen. Hold Select and press A to change the mode to "Slot". A slot machine will appear after a two player game is completed and change the number of tokens available. Flip opponent's chips: Press Select, A, B(2), A, B, A(2), B, Up, Down, Select(2), Start.... Read More



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