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Commanche 3

 All weapons Type “bigone” during game. Cheat menu Display any drop-down menu. Then hold [Backspace] and type “klye”. A new Cheats menu will now be accessible. Enable all cheats Type “givemeall” during game. Restore all systems Type “hurry up” during game.... Read More


 Display joke window Pause game and type “JOKE”. Modify ocean level Hold [Option] in the Edit window. Then select “Raise/Lower” land tool. Additional options should appear allowing you to change the sea level. More money Type “fund” while the mouse pointer is in the toolbox. Plants and animals are extinct Type “erad” while the mouse pointer is in the toolbox. Random altitudes Type “rand” at the map window. Robots Place an atomic bomb in a city of the Nanotech Age. The robots will escape and live as separate life forms. Submitted by Imperial Beano Smooth coastline Type “smoo” while the mouse pointer is in the toolbox.... Read More


 Cheat codes Enter one of the following codes to activate its corresponding cheat. (Note: Cheats only work on the first level.) Cheat Hotkey All weapons [F12] + [F2] Instant victory [F12] + [F4] Refuel jetpack [F12] + [F5] Restore health [F12] + [F1] Shield [F12] + [F3] Cheat mode Jump on a Pteranodons and let carry you into the stratosphere. When the ground disappears from view, you will be awarded all weapons with 999 units of ammunition, a full jetpack and shield and 100% health. (Note: Use the jetpack to return to ground level to avoid falling into the lava pools.) Free ride Find a T-Rex, a low-flying Pterodactyl, or a Tricerotops and jump onto their back. (Note: Stay away from the head or you will die.) Pass lava safely You can cross the lava safely by walking along the edge of the surrounding mountains. Refill jetpack Double-jump off the face of the mountain with your jetpack. If done correctly, a shield will appear while your pack is being refilled.... Read More

Killing Time

 200% health Type “scoobysnack” during game. 28 Molotov Cocktails Enter “EDGE” as a name. 5 Anhks Enter “STRYDER” as a name. All keys Type “opensezme” during game. All weapons with ammunition Type “whoopdang” during game. All winged vessels Type “bodybags” during game. Commit suicide Type “garylake” or “idkfa” during game. Flame-thrower with canisters Enter “MADDOG” as a name. Invincibility Type “iamapoophead” during game. Shotgun with ammunition Enter “BURGER” as a name. Two pistols Enter “JONH WOO” or “CHOW YUN FAT” as a name.... Read More


 Disable Ultra-Food sources Type “food” during game. Display a funny joke Type “joke” during game. Display message, “You are now $10,000 richer” Type “fund” during game. Mountain tool increases soil quality Type “weiss” during game. Plants germinate throughout the world Type “seed” during game. Rocks become walls Type “wall” during game. Selected species gives birth Type “baby” during game. Strange noises Type “just” during game.... Read More

Deer Hunter

 Attract bucks with doe scent Type “dhdoeinheat” at the overhead map. Deer are deaf and have a poor sense of smell Type “dhstealth” at the at the overhead map. Larger deer Type “dhbigdeer” at the overhead map. Then select “Colorado” as your hunting area. Location of deer is revealed on hunting map Type “dhbambi” at the overhead map. Buck icons will appear on the hunting map.... Read More

Descent 3

 All weapons, energy and shields Type “ivegotit” during game. Chase view Type “byebyemonkey” during game. Cheat codes (demo version) Enter a code to activate its corresponding cheat. (Note: Cheats may not be enabled in network play.) Cheat Code All weapons dumpiebest All weapons, energy and shields blimpiebest Chase view longchimp Cloak mightyaphrodite Display frame rate frametime God mode qeziresr Invincibility yummyfunyon Permanent cloak aphrodite Slay all enemies in mine freeitup Strange textures weirdtexture Cloak Type “testicus” during game. Damage vehicle Type “tuberacer” during game. Destroy all bots Type “deadofnight” during game. Display frame rate Type “framelength” or “frametime” during game. Full map Type “treesquid” during game. Invincibility Type “burgergod” during game. No shields or energy Type “gowingnut” during game. Skip level Type “moreclang” during game. Str... Read More


 Change morale, education or crime Press [Command] + L during game. Cheers and applause Press [Command] + [?] during game. Mass driver accident at Rebel Colony Press [Command] + K during game. Select disaster (CD version only) Press [Command] + E during game. Unlimited resources Press [Command] + R during game.... Read More

Pax Imperia

 Efficient construction If the ship you are building is larger than the factory’s capacity, then its construction will take more than one turn. So before you build your ship, shop around. Each planet differs in shipbuilding ability.... Read More

Absolute Zero

 Select level Set the system date to November 5, 1995. Begin a game and save it as “Magazine Review”. Reset to the current date and restart game. All levels will now be selectable. Skip level Type the quote from the author of the current scenario at the mission selection screen. (The quotes can be found in the credits under the heading “Addenum”.)... Read More

MechWarrior 2

 Bonus Mechs Change your character’s name to one of the names below at the “Star configure” screen to access additional mechs. Bonus mech(s) Player Name Battlemaster, Elemental and Tarantula Enzo Elemental * Calvin Tarantula * Hobbes * Cheat will place Mech between Dire Wolf and Fire Moth. Cheat codes Hold [Ctrl] + [Option] + [Shif and type one of the following codes to activate its corresponding cheat. Cheat Code Bounding spheres michelin Disable heat tracking coldmiser Disable time compression key unmeepmeep Enable time compression key meepmeep Free-floating external camera * tinkerbell Invincibility blorb Jump jets flygirl Nuclear weapon enolagay Successful mission icanthackit Rearview camera becomes front camera front or tlofront Time expansion zmak Toggle mission time limit hangaround Unlimited ammunition cia Unlimited jetpack power mightymouse Unsuccessful mission idkfa View MW2 Sim Dork’s web pages dorcs X-ray vision ** xray * Press C to disable cheat. ** Use ... Read More


 Cheat codes Type “dipstick” during game to enable Cheat mode. Then type one of the codes below to activate its corresponding cheat. Cheat Codes All weapons and full armor rambo All keys skel Chaos Device ** gimmie j# Chicken mode cockadoodledoo Cycle through map details ravmap Display frame rate ticker Full map map God mode quicken Morph Ovum ** gimmie h# Mystic Urn ** gimmie d# No weapons idfka Quartz flask ** gimmie c# Ring of Invulnerability ** gimmie a# Restore health ponce Select level * engage<1-3><1-8> Slay all monsters on current level massacre Shadowsphere ** gimmie b# Suicide iddqd Time Bomb of the Ancients ** gimmie g# Toggle weapon power shazam Tome of Power ** gimmie e# Torch ** gimmie f# Walk through walls kitty Wings of Wrath ** gimmie I# * Enter a value within the given parameters. ** Specify the number of artifacts you wish to have.... Read More


 200% health Open the chat window and type “spork”. 200% health and diving suit Open the chat window and type “cousteau”. Akimbo guns Open the chat window and type “bunz”. All items Open the chat window and type “satchel”. All keys Open the chat window and type “keymaster” or “tkeys”. All weapons Open the chat window and type “tguns”. All weapons and items Open the chat window and type “montana”. All weapons with ammunition Open the chat window and type “idaho”. All weapons with unlimited ammunition Open the chat window and type “lara croft”. Ammunition for current weapons Open the chat window and type “tammo”. Character is drunk Open the chat window and type “jojo”. Commit suicide Open the chat window and type “kevorkian”. Commit suicide by jumping into a raging fire Open the chat window and type “mcgee”. Display frame rate Open the chat window and... Read More

Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition

 View endings Beat the game in 4 or more stars difficulty to view the character you as play as's ending. Balrog's Charge Punch Go to the OPTIONS screen and configure your controller so that only one PUNCH button is on. Now with Balrog, you only have to charge one button to do his turn punch! Change Color When you pick a character press the start button and it will change the fighters color of costume. Configure Controller Here's an easy way to configure your controller without using option codes. Go to the Character Select Screen and pick your characters in a one- or two-player game. After you choose your characters, press and hold Start. When you fly onto the stage, a configuration screen will appear. Disable Normal Moves in One-Player Mode This trick requires a six-button controller. While the Capcom logo is displayed, press Down, Z, Up, X, Z, Y, B, C or Down, C, Up, A, A, B, B, C. When the game begins, you'll only be able to use special attacks. Normal punches and kicks won't work. D... Read More


 Display console window Press the tilde key [~] during game to display the console window. 4x damage Type “impulse 255” at the console window. All keys and weapons with full ammunition Type “impulse 11” at the console window. All weapons with unlimited ammunition Type “impulse 9” at the console window. Beat Shub-Niggurath When you enter the room with Shub-Niggurath you'll see a spiked ball if you play through the level. When it goes through Shub-Niggurath, walk through the teleporter on the walkway. Commit suicide Type “kill” at the console window. Console Commands To enter these codes, press the Console button (~) and type these codes at the prompt. I believe the numbers are default values, but the submitter wasn't clear on this. SV_NOSTEP, 0, You cant climb stairs SV_IDEALSTEPSCALE, 0,8, Sets how much you pitch when you walk in stairs SV_AIM, 0,93, ? SV_STOPSPEED, 100, The time it takes to stop SV_FRICTION, 4, Sets friction SV_GRAVITY, 800, Sets... Read More


 200 random things are added to island Pause game and type “catsndogs”. AT disaster Save your island as “duhdun”. Then reload saved game. Agents will work for free Save your island as “marksanchovypizza”. Then reload saved game. Change plant life into earth tiles Pause game and type “paveme”. Display alien message Pause game and type “hialiens”. (To remove the message, type “sdi”.) Drug-peddling village Save your island as “jennerdrawgoodpictures”. Then reload saved game. Earthquakes Save your island as “quakerattleandroll”. Then reload saved game. Enable all cheats Save your island as “al’sfetish”. Then reload saved game. Heavy machinery increases by 100 Save your island as “simonchickenb”. Then reload saved game. Increase EMUs by 10,000 Save your island as “iaintestedtico”. Then reload saved game. Increase building materials by 1,000 Save your island as “deesextrapix... Read More


 simant EGGS - Lay eggs with your ant ERAD - reduces the health of the yellow ant. FRED - shows endgame sequence. FUND - tells you that ten thousand dollars is worthless. HOLE - creates additional ant nest holes. JEFF - adds a black ant colony to every house and yard tile. JENN - gives unlimited health to the black colony. JOKE - shows jokes. JUST - adds ten fertilized queen ants for placement. MICK - causes the spider to walk backwards. OOPS - gives the red ants ten fertilized queen ants for placement. QEEN - adds a queen to the nest when underground. RAND - gives full health to the yellow ant. SUSI - gives unlimited health to the yellow ant. WILL - enables you to always defeat red ants. RED RULES - Lots of Red Ants BLACK RULES - Lots of Black Ants submitted by: sam... Read More

Out of this World

 Level Password 01 LDKD 02 HTDC 03 CLLD 04 LBKG 05 XDDJ 06 FXLC 07 KRFK 08 KLFB 09 DDRX 10 HRTB 11 BRTD 12 TFBB 13 TXHF 14 CKJL 15 LFCK Secret message Open the GIF file FILE0146 in a graphics program.... Read More

Oxyd Magnum

 Level Password 001: Primitive Land 12315524 002: Out the Door 98242163 003: Hover Room 89693796 004: Cracks 12343596 005: Swamp of Balls 93255867 006: Try it Again 07659199 007: Jam 96549204 008: Land of the Doors 31222519 009: What’s That?! 63343665 010: - Meditation - 40222617 011: Marbles & Mountains 44598444 012: Laser Room 35787325 013: Moving Puzzles 68099940 014: Black or White 88815926 015: Where is it? 13236967 016: Pull Me! 24629215 017: Slide 49344163 018: Who’s that Ball? 11076228 019: Flipper 65670965 020: - Meditation - 27763196 021: Laser Room II 30124217 022: Swampland 70220598 023: Black Holes 65870799 024: Snowland 20527223 025: Beacons on Ice 06002006 026: One Ways 94254906 027: Hover Doors 86510660 028: Land of the Impulses 86993842 029: Yin-Yang 98493601 030: - Meditation - 04496947 031: Hooper Balls 62087948 032: Bodyguard 64526776 033: Follow the Light 58468944 034: Plus and Minus 14213476 035: Curling 76231232 036: Light Passengers 27333386 037: Ti... Read More


 Map codes Press [Ctrl] and click on the globe at the New Game screen. Then enter one of the following map codes to begin a game with the corresponding feature(s). Cheat Map code Green power has balanced resources Hothor Most of the hills maps Scotland Most of the tundra and desert maps Dune Red power large coal and iron resources Pippin Red power has balanced resources Kidasticks... Read More



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