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Dame Was Loaded, The

 Paying the landlord Give the betting slip to the barber. He'll ask you if you want to make a bet. The odds are 25:1. You will now have enough money to pay the landlord. Proposing to Frankie Give the ring to Frankie after rescuing her. She will respond that she has to think about it. Stop in to see her before going to the police with the diamonds and show them to her. You'll receive a kiss and she will accept your proposal afterwards.... Read More

Red Faction

 While playing the game hit the [~] key and a window will pop-up. Enter the following codes: Code Result vivalahelvig - God Mode bighugmug - All Weapons & Ammo heehoo - Fly Mode Suicide - kill camera1 - Change Camera camera2 - Change Camera camera3 - Change Camera Easter Egg On CD2 in data/movies there's a hilarious Bink Video .exe file. HINTS: Lobby: Secret roof area: Go to the second level of the Lobby multi-player level and grab the rocket launcher. Walk over to the edge of the balcony and start shooting up towards the wall facing the lobby itself. After enough shots you will dig a tunnel to the roof. Walk through and jump right up. You can shoot out the glass and snipe people down on the second level. There also is a Fusion Rocket Launcher that you can grab. Lobby: Hidden items: Go to the four corners on the first level of the lobby after you have obtained the rocket launcher in the muti-player level. Use the rocket launcher on the four corners to find health, enviorsuits, a fusionr... Read More

Quake 3 Arena

 Unlock All Cinematics From a dos prompt in your Quake3 directory, type: quake3.exe +seta g_spVideos ""tier11tier22tier33tier44tier55tier66tier77tier88"" Unlock All Levels at Skill 1 Bring down console and type: /iamacheater Unlock All Levels at Skill 100 Bring down console and type: /iamamonkey Hidden Sarge Skin Bring down console and type: /model sarge/krusade In order to use the following cheats in multiplayer mode, the server must have cheats enabled (ie: /devmap +map [name]) God Mode Bring down console and type: /god All Weapons Bring down console and type: /give all You can also use the following codes with the /give command: allammo armor battle suit bfg10k flight gauntlet grappling hook grenade launcher haste health invisibility lightning gun machinegun medkit personal teleporter plasma gun quad damage railgun regeneration rocket launcher shotgun Cheat Mode for Q3DemoTest: Load Q3DemoTest, open the console, and type /spdevmap [map name] Use the one of the fol... Read More

Redneck Rampage

 Type in the following codes during gameplay: RDALL-Give everything (keys, ammo, health etc) RDBETA-Message "Eat me!" RDCLIP-Toggle Noclipping Mode ON/OFF RDDEBUG-Debug mode ON/OFF RDELVIS-Message "Elvis Lives!" RDGUNS-Get all guns (the ; and ' keys cycle through the weapons) RDHOUNDDOG-Message "Elvis is dead!" RINVENTORY-Get all inventory RDKEYS-Get all keys RDMAXX-Message "Maxx rules" RDMONSTERS-Toggle No Monsters ON/OFF RDMOONSHINE-XXX Moonshine mode ON/OFF RDRAFAEL-Message "For your grandpa!" RDRATE-Shows framerate RDSHOWMAP-Showmap ON/OFF RDSKILL#-Change skill (# = a number between 1 to 4) RDUNLOCK-All locks toggled... Read More

Alawar Snowy Puzzle Islands

 Cheat Codes While playing, type any of the following cheat codes: IAMGIVEUP - Always Get Hints... Read More

Riot Police

 "Sorry no Cheats or Hints Yet"- We will soon submit the Cheats or Hints for this game !!!- Found any Cheats or Hints for this game then please send them..... Read More

Take Command: 1861 The Civil War

 "Sorry no Cheats or Hints Yet"- We will soon submit the Cheats or Hints for this game !!!- Found any Cheats or Hints for this game then please send them..... Read More

Carnivores: Cityscape

 Cheat Codes While playing, press F1 or ~ for console. Type one of the following cheatcodes. Cheat Code - Result please refresh - Recover Health please god - God Mode please open - Open All Doors please fly - Flight Mode please ghost - No Clipping Mode please giveall - All Items please killall - Kill All Enemies please invisible - Invisibility... Read More

Screamer Rally

 Simply type the following cheat code at the main menu: TRAMO - All Tracks CARBO - All Cars LEALL - All Leagues  ... Read More

Imperialism 2: The Age Of Exploration

 Unlimited ammunition: Press [Up] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Lef [Righ [Lef [Lef [Aim] at the main menu. Balanced resources: Hold [Ctrl] and click on the globe at the new game screen, then type Pippin. The red country will begin the game with balanced resources.... Read More

Quake 2: The Reckoning

 Cheat Codes Type the folowing codes in the console: god - God Mode (on/off) notarget - No Target Mode (on/off) noclip - No Clip Mode (on/off) kill all - Kill All (including yourself) sv_gravity - Set gravity (800 normal, 0-750 is less, 850 or higher is more) cl_blend 0 - Blend into walls (1 to disable) cl_footsteps 0 - Silent footsteps (1 to enable again) cl_entities - Removes all except walls (for you only) cl_forwardspeed # - Set running speed from 100-500 (200 normal, run 300) cl_gun 0 - Gun view off (1 to enable again) give all - Give all items give weapons - Give all weapons give [item] - Give an item (see item list below) map [mapname] - Level Select (see map names list below) Item names: ionripper, phalanx, trap, mag slug, dualfire damage. Map names: The Swamps - xswamp, Sewers - xsewer1, Waste Sieve - xsewer2, Outer Compound - xcompnd1, Inner Compound - xcompnd2, Core Reactor - xreactor, The Warehouse - xware, Intelligence center - xintell, Industrial Facility - industry, Outer... Read More


 Load the game and wait until the high score screen appears. Type commander and press Fire. Wait approximately two seconds and press [F10] to enable cheat mode. Your ship will flicker to confirm correct code entry. During cheat mode, your ship will be invincible, and have unlimited expansions and smart bombs. Additionally, one of the following keys may be pressed to activate the corresponding cheat function. High score will not be recorded while cheat mode is enabled. Effect Key ------------------------------------------- Other six levels of expansion [F1] - [F5] Level skip [F8] Toggle cheat mode [F10]... Read More

Lego Bionicle

 Mini-games Enter one of the following names to activate the corresponding mini-game. Name -Mini-game: V33 - Kopaka 5MG - Pohatu 8MR - Onua 3LT - Lewa 4CR - Tahu 9MA - Gali... Read More

FIFA 2002

 Cheat mode: Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "soccer.ini" file in the "game folder. Add one of the following lines to the file to activate the corresponding cheat function. Effect Line All World Team, All Americas Team, All Asia Team and All Europe Team CHEAT_UNLOCKED_TEAMS=1 Unlock tournaments UNLOCK_TOURNAMENT=1 Aggressive tackle cheat AGGRESSIVE_TACKLE_CHEAT=1 Equal team stats CHEAT_EQUAL_TEAM_STATS=0 Random teams CHEAT_RANDOM_TEAMS=1 CPU Demo mode DEMO_MODE=1 Windowed game WINDOWED=1 Cheat mode (alternate): Access the following cheat options at the rewards screen that must be unlocked during game play. Big Melon Win the European Champions' Cup. This cheat gives all players big heads. Crazy Ball Win the EFA Trophy. The ball can move in a crazy path when it is passed. Stay N Play Win the European Championships. The ball will always rebound from the touchline. They All Fall Down Win the... Read More


 Cheat Codes While playing, press [Enter]. Type any of the following codes in the box and press [Enter] again. Code - Result: VIEWALL - Show Map BABKI - 50,000 Resources VICTORY - Win Mission QWE - Press [P] for Effect... Read More

Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome

 To use these codes, press ENTER while playing, type in the desired code, then press ENTER again. STORMBILLY Gives you a powerful robot CONVERT THIS! - Gives you a very powerful priest BIG MOMMA - Sportscar with a nuke launcher POW - Baby on a tricyle with a super gun KING ARTHUR - Turns the eagle into a dragon (no effect on the game) POW BIG MAMA - BabyPrez (Baby on trike) GRANTLINKSPENCE - Turns animals into Animal Kings. DIEDIEDIE - All opponents die RESIGN - You resign REVEAL MAP - Reveal the whole map PEPPERONI PIZZA - Gain 1000 food COINAGE - Gain 1000 gold WOODSTOCK - Gain 1000 wood QUARRY - Gain 1000 stone PHOTON MAN - Creates a nuke trooper GAIA - Lets you control the animals, but not your men HARI KARI - Commit suicide FLYING DUTCHMAN - Catapult ships can go on land NO FOG - Removes fog of war STEROIDS - Buildings and people are created instantly BIGDADDY - Fast car with a rocket launcher KILLX - Kill player X HOMERUN - Win the current scenario BIG BERTHA - Heavy catapults are... Read More

Re-Volt [Car & Track Cheat]

 Cheat codes Enter these codes on the name wheel. carnival-all cars changeling-change car mid-race(page up or down) drinkme-smaller cars joker-opponents cars look like your model in mutiplayer games makeitgood-enables in-game editors sadist-select weapons in game with right shift tracker-unlock all tracks tvtime-enables F6 and F5 cameras in game urco-ufo selectable Unlock Clock Carnage mode To unlock Clock Carnage Mode, obtain all the stars in the Stunt Arena Mode... Read More

King Of The Road

 Cheat mode Press [Pause/Break] to pause game play. Then, type slallcheats to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes in brake mode to activate the corresponding cheat function. Code - Effect sllottery - 50,000 and one license slroads - All roads unlocked slmap - All hidden containers on map visible slrepair - Press [Backspace] for free repair slrecover - Press [Ctrl] + 5 for a free recovery slfillup - Unlimited fuel mineoff - No mines slturbine - Press [Ctrl] + 1, 2, 3, or 4 for more thrust in various directions... Read More


 Cheatcodes Enter debug mode and type one of the following console commands. Some of these commands are flags, as in they must be followed with a 0 or 1. NAME GOD GIVEALL EXIT SHOWWEAPON SERVER FOV MSENSITIVITY MAP JOIN MSMOOTH TPP PLAYERPREDICTION CAMERAINTERPOLATION HUDSIZE QUIT FRAGLIMIT CROSSHAIR TIMELIMIT SPEEDMETER BULLETTIME POS ROT DIDELTASCALE WEAPONSPECULAR USEDINPUT Various Cheats To insert codes, press the tilde key (~) to bring down the console. These codes only work in daydream or insomnia modes. PKGOD - toggle 'god mode' on/off PKALWAYSGIB - toggle 'excessive gibbage' on/off PKAMMO - full ammo PKDEMON - toggle 'demon morph' on/off PKGOLD - lots of gold PKHASTE - toggle 'haste' on/off PKKEEPBODIES - toggle 'bodies will never disappear' on/off PKKEEPDECALS - toggle 'decals will never disappear' on/off PKPOWER - full ammo/health PKWEAKENEMIES - toggle 'enemies get 1 hp' on/off PKWEAPONMODIFIER - toggle 'weapon modifier mode' on/off PKWEAPONS - gives all weapons WEAPONSPECULA... Read More

Colin Mcrea Rally

 DARKSIDE - drive all stages at night BACKAGAIN - drive all the tracks backwards (Finish to Start) FREEWAY - dnlock all stages PASSEDOUT - give Nicky control WHITEOUT - race all tracks in fog PRESSFAST - pedal power CHOIRBOY - give Nicky a squeaky voice SPECIALED - replay transition mode ROCKETMAN - turbo boost BIGGUNs - double power TURNBACK - forklift steer ALIENGOO - jelly car... Read More



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