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Tiger Woods PGA Tour

 Unlockable: Courses EA Sports Favorites: win $5 Million Emerald Dragon: win $1 Million Fantasy Specials: win $15 Million Greek Isles: win $1.5 Million Mean8teen: win $10 Million Paradise Cover: win $2 Million The Hustler's Dream 18: beat The Hustler in the Legend Tour Tiger's Dream 18: beat Tiger Woods in the Legend Tour Legend Compilation #1 - Defeat Ben Hogan in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation#2 - Defeat Gary Player in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation#3 - Defeat Seve Ballesteros in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation#4 - Defeat Arnold Palmer in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation#5 - Defeat Jack Nicklaus in legend tour mode.... Read More

NBA Street Showdown

 Own The Courts mode Create a tall player with good "Block," "Power," and "Rebound" abilities. If you create a point-guard like player, it will be exceedingly difficult to complete defensive and shot-blocking challenges.... Read More

Soukyuu no Fafner

 Extra Bonus After you beat the game you get the option Omake added to your main menu. It has the options: Album (view scenes from the game you have already seen), BGM player, and Free Play (lets you retry any of the missions in the game). Look carefully at the Free Play menu list, because after the main list of 12 missions, there are some b missions shown, which are any side missions you unlocked.... Read More

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

 "Sorry no Cheats or Hints Yet"- We will soon submit the Cheats or Hints for this game !!!- Found any Cheats or Hints for this game then please send them..... Read More

Gretzky NHL

 Unlocks Everything Use SHOENLOC as your password to unlock Everything in Gretzky Challenges Unlock your character without spending any points In season mode, go to the unlockables section and unlock the player you wish to use. When leaving the screen, do not save the Gretzky Challenge Data. Then, draft the player you unlocked to the team of your choice and save your season. Then, go back to the Gretzky challenge section and load up your old Gretzkey Challenge stats (or you can just reboot the PSP). You will have your points back, and the player you unlocked will still be shown as locked. However, he will still be on your team roster. Unlockable Options Press start on the Gretzky Challange Unlockables screen to access cheat entry. Unlock Perfect Aim Option - THREAD THE NEEDLE Unlock Perfect Slap Shots Option - SLAP THAT PUCK Unlock No Skate Fatigue Option - CAFFEINATED Unlock Big Boards Checking Option - ALL ABOARD Bonus Gretzky Challange Points Press start on the Gretzky Challange Unlo... Read More

Twisted Metal: Head-On

 Cheat mode: The following codes are entered during game play in single player mode. They have no effect in multi-player or online modes. Killer weapons: Press X[2], Up[2], L + R during game play. Invincibility: Press Right, Left, Down, Up, L + R during game play. Infinite weapons: Press Triangle[2], Down[2], L + R during game play. Mega guns: Press X, Triangle, X, Triangle, L + R during game play. Mini game in Greece Get onto the large ship and you'll find a path that leads to the bottom of the ship, go either dirextion but don't go on the lift, instead try going towards the other side of the ship and you'll see the teleporter that takes you to that levels secret mini game. Secret mini game in Big Blue Stadium level In one of the cornors is a glass window, shoot it and enter, inside is another set of windows, shoot them out and inside is the teleporter to the mini game. Secret mini game in Egypt Blow up one of the statues and a secret passageway is behind it. Follow it and it leads to ... Read More

Gran Turismo 4 Mobile

 "Sorry no Cheats or Hints Yet"- We will soon submit the Cheats or Hints for this game !!!- Found any Cheats or Hints for this game then please send them..... Read More

Virtua Tennis: World Tour

 Cheat mode The codes must be entered on the main menu while holding the Left shoulder button and by pressing the following buttons/directions. When the code is entered correctly, a tone will sound. If you enter the cheat again, the code will be disabled. All racquets and clothing available in the Home screen Right, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up Begin World Tour mode with $1,000,000 Up, Down, Left, Down, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle Earn $2000 every week in World Tour mode Up, Down, Right, Down, Triangle, Square, Triangle Sepia mode (Everything is shown in brown and white) Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Left, Left Unlock all stadiums Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Square, Square Unlock the players King & Queen Up, Down, Up, Down, Square, Triangle, Square Master and King Playing the arcade mode on normal difficulty and without loosing a round, and at the end you will play against the Master or both the Master and the King in doubles.... Read More

Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower

 EX Options Hold [L] and choose the "Option" selection at the main menu. Completion bonuses Successfully complete the game 100% to unlock the introduction sequences from the arcade games and pictures in the "Art Gallery". Shadow In Arcade Mode Highlight "?" and press start 5 Times then press any P or K Oboro Bishamon In all Modes highlight Bishamon, Hold Start and press any P or K Marionette In Arcade Mode Highlight "?" and press start 7 Times then press any P or K... Read More

Dynasty Warriors

 Sound test Successfully complete the game using a character from each kingdom. The "Sound Test" selection will now appear at the option screen. Unlock characters Just simply complete Musou mode with the said characters to unlock the right chracter. Other: Lu Bu - Diao Chan - Zhang Jiao - Meng Huo - Zhu Rong Complete Musou mode with any default Other character. Other: Yuan Shao - Dong Zhuo Complete Musou mode once with one character from each kingdom Shu: Jiang Wei - Huang Zhong - Wei Yan Complete Musou mode with Liu Bei Shu: Zhuge Liang - Lui Bei - Pang Tong Complete Musou mode with any default Shu character. Wei: Cao Cao - Cao Ren - Sima Yi Complete Musou mode with any default Wei character. Wei: Zhang He - Zhang Liao - Xu Huang Complete Musou mode with Cao Cao Wu: Da Qiao - Xiao Qiao Complete Musou mode with Sun Ce. Wu: Sun Jian - Sun Ce - Sun Quan Complete Musou mode with any default Wu character. Wu: Zhou Tai - Huang Gai - Lu Meng Complete Musou mode with Sun Jian... Read More


 Unlockable: Bonus Stages Place first on the high score boards for each stage. Each one has it's own bonus stage. All Levels Select 2 player mode and enter hg? as your initials. Exit and start 1 player and hold L + R and press select at the world selection screen to unlock all levels. Hold L + R and press select again to lock the levels.... Read More

Dead to Rights: Reckoning

 Supercop unlockables All cheats and skins are unlocked by playing on Supercop difficulty. Super Deformed Mode - Beat Pink Starfish mission Infinite Ammo - Beat Train Yards mission Infinite Adrenaline - Beat Back Streets mission Incredibly Fit Dog - Beat Under Rink mission No Damage - Beat Rooftops mission All weapons - Beat Villa mission Fists of Flame - Beat Old Church mission Cabal Boss Skin - Beat Dockyards mission Maxine Skin - Beat The Mansion mission Unlock Infinite Adrenaline Complete stage 5 Unlock Incredible Fit Dog complete stage 6 Unlock Super Deformed Mode complete stage 2 Unlock Infinite ammos complete stage 4 Supercop mode (hard difficulty) Beat game in Normal Normal Challenge mode Beat game in Normal Play Multiplayer with one disc It's simple. First, the host must create a game. Choose all the settings, etc, and actually start the game. Then, pop out the UMD, and give it to a friend. Your friend simply loads up the game on his PSP, and then joins your game. This can work... Read More

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee

 Easy Loyalty Select Challenge mode and pick match play (doesn't work with tournaments). When it is your turn press select and start to give up. Keep doing this for 3 matches and lose. You will get loyalty points even when you lose the match. Keep doing this to max out all the chatacter's loyalty. Unlock all characters In single player mode, swing and miss your first two shots. Then hit the ball three times perfectly, if you do this correctly; all characters will be unlocked. Tease your opponent During Match Play, when its your opponent's turn press:UP, DOWN, X, O, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, L, R, LEFT or RIGHT Manual Replay Mode Get to Senior level in challenge mode Autumn Pagoda Coarse Get to Beginner level in challenge mode Olive Coast Coarse Get to Mid-Rank level in challenge mode Golden Desert Coarse Get to Senior level in challenge mode Unlock 5th loyalty heart for a character Get a Super Win against them vs a regular win(get a -3 before the match is over) Unlock Easy Mode for Challenge Mo... Read More

Death, Jr.

 All weapons While holding L and R press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, X, O More Scythe Moves Once you collect four Weapon Widgets, pay Smith and Weston to unlock "More Scythe Moves". Then, use the following combinations: Circle Spin: SQUARE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE Dive Attack: X, X, SQUARE Powerful Combo Hit: SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE Uppercut: SQUARE, SQUARE, X Cheat List Pause the game while playing and hold the PSP's L and R buttons and enter the associated key sequence. All weapons: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, CIRCLE Invincibility: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, SQUARE, TRIANGLE All Upgrades: DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, CIRCLE Porable Ammo Dump: TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, X, X, SQUARE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, DOWN, RIGHT Death Jr Codes While the game is paused, hold L and R and enter the following: Warp to Final Battle stage: Down, X, Down, X, Down, X, Down, Triangle, Up, X Warp to The Basement Down, X, Down, X, Down, X, Down, X, Up,... Read More

Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade

 Running low on HP If you don't have any potions to heal and you are running low on HP, then press "Start" and choose to "Recall To Aven" then you can go to the merchant to buy some potions or what ever else you want and then you can go back to where you previously were. (By pressing "Start" then choosing Recall To where ever you where) This works anywhere, BUT the real bosses! Submitted by: Sachiel Preserving your health potions This may be an obvious tip for some of you, but I didn't think to do this initially. When you're in a heated battle with several enemies that surround you and whittle your health down quickly, or perhaps you're fighting a tough boss, you don't have to waste your health power ups. Just pause (hit "start") then choose "Return to Aven". This will take you back to the city where you'll be safe and you can wait a few minutes for your health meter to gradually refill itself on its own. You can also take the opportunity to sell of your excess junk to the merchant. The... Read More

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

 Unlock extra weapons When an enemy drops a weapon that you don't have in your inventory, pick it up, and make sure to finish the level while still holding it. When you start a new level the weapon will be permanently added to your inventory. Submitted by: Hardy Unlock Various Dual Handguns If you start a mission with only a handgun equipped, at the end of the mission you will be rewarded with that same handgun in its dual form - 2 of the same gun that can be equipped at once, only needing 1 weapon slot to hold. You can use this method to unlock a dual version of each of the standard handguns in the game. Get custom weapon for each character Clear every mission in the 1-player story with a character to unlock that character's personal custom weapon. You can get a weapon for every character in the game, and any weapon you unlock can be then used by the other characters as well. Tachikoma Minigame and Movie Viewer Beat the game with any character and unlock a SpyHunter like minigame that ... Read More


 Unlock Onikage story mode Beat Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin and Tesshu story modes Unlock Special Mission 'Illusion' Beat Onikage story mode, under Gallery mode Unlock Special Mission 'Tenchu' Beat special mission 'Illusion', under Gallery mode Unlock Characters Bear - Beat Onikage story mode Echigoya - Beat special mission 'Tenchu' Jinnai - Beat Tesshu story mode Jonosuke - Beat Ayame story mode Juzo - Beat Rin story mode Kenpo Bozo - Beat Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin and Tesshu story modes Kunoichi - Beat Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin and Tesshu story modes Kuroya Jo-Kunoichi - Beat Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin and Tesshu story modes Kuroya Jonin - Beat Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin and Tesshu story modes Merchant - Beat special mission 'Tenchu' Mifuyu - Beat Ayame story mode Monk - Beat Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin and Tesshu story modes Mr. D - Beat special mission 'Illusion' Ninja - Beat Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin and Tesshu story modes Ninja dog - Beat Onikage story mode Onikage - Beat Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin and Tesshu story modes Polic... Read More

Burnout Legends

 Special Vehicles Play through the game on World Tour. Firetruck - Get Gold on all Crash Events. Gangster Boss - Get Gold in all Race events. Cop Racer - Get Gold in all Pursuit events. Unlock Assassin Cars Assassin Compact Car - Get 15 Takedowns Assassin Coupe Car - Get 60 Takedowns Assassin Muscle Car - Get 30 Takedowns Assassin Sports Car - Get 100 Takedowns Assassin Super Car - Get 150 Takedowns Unlock Muscle cop Awarded for bronze in harbour town or sunrise valley pursuit Unlock Classic legend Awarded for gold in big sure shore legend face-off Unlock Ledgend j-muscle Awarded for gold in airport 1+2 legend face-off Unlock Dominator muscle Awarded at 25.000 burnout points Unlock Tuned muscle Awarded for 20 gold medals Unlock Assassin muscle Awarded at 30 takedowns Unlock Randome Muscle collector Awarded for gold in harbour town eliminator Compact series Unlockables Note: the Compact collector car varies from each UMD disk. Compact cop - Awarded for bronze in silver lake or airport T1... Read More

NBA Live 06

 Unlock Northwest Division Vintage Jerseys Get at least silver medal in all of the Tier 2 competitions in Superstar Challenge Submitted by: Sachiel Unlock Atlantic Division Vintage Jerseys Get at least silver medal in all of the Tier 1 competitions in Superstar Challenge... Read More

Ridge Racer

 Unlockable Movies and Pictures Requirements To unlock the Intro Movies for the other Ridge Racer games, as well as the Ridge Racers car artwork, you need to complete specific Tours as follows: Ridge Racer 4 Intro Movie - Complete EX Tour 33 Ridge Racer 5 Intro Movie - Complete EX Tour 34 Ridge Racers 2004 E3 Demo Movie - Complete EX Tour 35 Rave Racer Arcade Intro Movie - Complete EX Tour 36 Machine Design Collection 1 - Complete EX Tour 37 Machine Design Collection 2 - Complete EX Tour 38 Machine Design Collection 3 - Complete EX Tour 39 Unlimited Nitrous (Single Race and Time Attack only) Hold Select and press OK on the Request Confirmation page. Reverse Track To play on a reverse track, drive forward at the starting point until you get to fifth gear. Then, make a "U" turn and drive towards the wall. If done correctly, you will hit sixth gear and the wall will disappear. The track will now be in reverse. Infinite Nitro When choosing 'OK&' at the car and track confirmation screen (the... Read More



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